Rebels Want Lightning Dead In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

By Sato . January 4, 2013 . 1:55pm

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is set in a soon to be doomed world, known as “Novus Partus”. There will be four continents in this world, each with a different and unique setting. One of the key continents is known as the Capitol of Light, Luxerion.


The people of Luxerion are quietly waiting for the end of the world, according to a Famitsu interview with the game’s development staff. However, not all of the citizens of Luxerion are content with sitting idly by. There’s an organization of people that are against the Liberator—ie; Lightning—and the followers of Bhunivelze, and are actively striking out against them.


This organization isn’t aware of Lightning’s identity, but they plan to lure the Liberator out by any means possible, and are the cause of a series of ongoing murders in Luxerion.


The people of Novus Partus have actually been living for 500 years since the conclusion of Final Fantasy XIII-2, but none of them are actually aware of it. The cycle of life has been put to a stop, without new life being born, and the people who question this phenomenon are quickly weeded out.


Lightning is going to be the only playable character in the game, and with that in mind, Square say that one of the biggest questions asked by fans is: “What happened to the rest of the characters from the previous games?”


To answer that question, the supporting cast will be appearing throughout the story in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The NPC, Chocolina, will also make a reappearance, and will have a bigger role to play in this game than she did in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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  • Tales_of_Master

    “Rebels Want Lightning Dead In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII”

    Someone tell me where I can go to join the rebellion XD

    • negineBIT

      C’mon, why such hate? =A=

      • Niermyico

        We want change! lol

        • QBninja

          Change for what may I ask?

          • A change of diapers. The 500-something year old babies can’t hold on much longer!

          • Learii

            hm let see…
            bring world map back inculde airship
            real-time battle system (tired of the ATB system)
            bring back the armors robots in FF 6

          • Real time RPGs have boring, cut-down graphics.

          • Syn

            Tell that to star ocean and type-0, they never got the memo

      • Unlimax

        Don’t .. Just don’t tell me you want more Sequels for her .. or for “XIII” D: !

        We want KH3 .. We want a new Sequel for Parasite eve .. we want Square to localize FF Type-0 , we want Versus to be done .. THAT’s ENOUGH HUMANITY , At least let me have some faith in the gaming industry for the last days of the current gen .. or the upcoming gen .

        • Herok♞

          Oh course we want more titles for Lightning liek OMG she is da greatest thing since food. But seriously I am fine with this being the last game even though I am a fan(I know its surprising they exist). about the other games KH3 will come when it comes I am in no rush for the end of the series, people hated the 3rd birthday and I don’t think square can make more games, Type-0 is meh, I played the demo and I was unable to continue because I had no ranged characters so screw that game it wasn’t that fun but I will buy it if it gets localized to show support but I won’t be heartbroken if we never get it and Versus is over hyped times infinity, we have seen one two trailers, the game will be done when its done, there is no point in whining about other teams doing other games instead of versus, which is a problem the fanbase really needs to work on.

          • Steven Higgins

            KH3 isn’t the end of the series, just the current storyline. And I’m kind of getting annoyed with all the XIII sequels. Maybe if they’d been more spread out it wouldn’t be so bad but they’ve been releasing a new one every year. KH does the same thing but it’s not as bothersome to me. Maybe because they’ve all been building up to something so they don’t feel so tacked on. FFXIII hasn’t really expanded on the characters so much.

          • LightZero

            And as a result the story of KH became more convoluted with each new game. I really wish KH would end with KH3 or at the very least Sora’s and gang story. It’s clear to me that Nomura is making it up as he go. I just hope for the next saga the story is better organize and planned out for the KH fans sticking around. I know that I’m done once the Xehanort saga ends.

      • Protosin

        Uh, because Versus still isn’t out.

    • Dear A, after thinking about the whole “Backstory” over and over again and trying really hard to make sense of all of this. I would very much appreciate an invitation as soon as the rebellion contacts you. xD

  • Herok♞

    I wonder how murders are possible since people aren’t supposed to be able to die anymore.

    • Luke

      People can die, just not of old age

    • Zal_Yagun

      Luxerion’s People do not grow old, nor will they die from disease, they are Timeless, but not deathless. lives can still be ended by a cold blade.

      Essentially it is similar to the Mortallity of the norse gods, unable to die from the passage of time, but can be slayed. Unlike gods, these people do not realize the 500 years that have passed, living their lives out same way…Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?

      • If no one grows old, have you ever wondered how many diapers have been changed for old baby Tommy?

        • Memory reset?

          • i don’t know about that, but Muscle Memory, in particular, is indeed a Cruel Mistress.

        • Zal_Yagun

          May Etro have mercy on those souls…
          Oh, Then best Case is Lightning Returns having a Good finale, or best they find a end to the diaper hell at 13 days time.

    • Aaron Brasher

      Time merely stopped, but the action of dieing can still occur.

  • Paradox me

    I’ve never seen a series progress in such a strange way. If you had shown me Final Fantasy XIII and this, not in a million years would I guess that they were somehow connected.

    Even as someone that doesn’t despise the Final Fantasy XIII series with every fiber of my being, it feels so mismanaged and disjointed, like they’re completely winging it as they go along (I know it wasn’t planned as a series from the start).

    I’m keeping an open mind with Lightning Returns solely because the gameplay mechanics sound interesting, but thank God this will finally be the end of “Lightning’s Saga”.

    • After the Lightning Saga, the Thunder Chronicles will begin. It will be about this girl with a Giant Mallet and her “not-mischievous” Half-Giantess Stepsister.

  • ..Why in the hell do they want to kill the person that is supposed to rescue them…?

    • Farid Belkacemi

      They don’t believe in Lightning’s god so in other words they don’t think Lightning will be able to save them (all). As simple as that I guess.

    • d19xx

      They’re obviously not fans of FFXIII…

    • Ethan_Twain

      Because they didn’t get the handy developer preview cluing them in to Lightning’s status as as a divine figure and a definite good guy.

      Misunderstandings happen :)

    • It’s not the first time

  • ronin4life

    Is that what we are calling SE fans now?

  • I don’t think they want to as much as I do. ._.

  • suppaguy

    “The cycle of life has been put to a stop, without new life being born”
    hmm no preggo?

    • AnimusVox

      Lol that’s a good point. Light is going to be the only person who can get pregnant.

    • CirnoLakes

      Time for me to write an otome game based upon this!

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    Chocolina getting a bigger role? Why?

    • Suicunesol

      Chocolina is a fan favorite, because.

      • She’s like something from a lame Family Guy joke like that beaver in the episode when Peter plays golf with OJ Simpson.


          I think she is a fan favorite because the WTF moment when you realize she is the chocobo who was living in Sazh’s afro.

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            I wasn’t even checking this article out, but you’re comment was at the side in the recent comments. ARRRGGHH…. I’ve been spoiled… oh well

          • To be fair, you are in a thread abt FF13-2 sequel….

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            Nah, I wasn’t checking the article out, the comment appeared on the site of the website

          • AnimusVox

            It’s still kind of weird lol

      • LightZero

        Dem racks :p

        I don’t mind Chocolina. She’s good on the eye. It just the voice that sometimes gets annoying.

  • Please tell me the Rebellion is led by GILGAMESH. I don’t know why but that would be hilarious.


    Yay, bigger role for Chocolina! Man, I hope all her dialogs are voiced. I just love her voice. It was amazing how in FFXIII-2 she would talk when you start shopping and after you are done shopping she’ll add something funny with her heavenly voice. See you later Chocogator! Isn’t she just beyond kawaii.

  • xAKUM3TSUx

    What happened to my party of 4 :'(


      Ummm, in the fridge? I mean, after VI the party size was reduced and only temporary brought back to 4 in FFIX and The Four Heroes of Light if you count the spin-off.

    • AnimusVox

      The rebels got them.

  • Is there any place where I can join the rebels?!

  • Totally pulling of a SMT Devil Summoner thing here.

    “Rebels Want Lightning Dead In Lightning Returns”
    Okay, get in line Rebel-tachi. The people who still remember the Cloud Trailer back then have the right to do that first. You can put the pieces back together when they’re done.

    “The people of Luxerion are quietly waiting for the end of the world”
    We did that twice last year and the end of the world was rather … disappointing. It makes me want to wish them the best.

    Joking aside, this one seems like a hard nut to crack actually.

    “Lightning awakes in Novus Partus as a liberator of souls chosen by Bhunivelze.”
    So a sleeping god who was (according to SE) supposed to sleep eternally now chooses Lightning (while still sleeping), who on the other hand already stood in for Etro (the goddess who was abbandoned by Bhunivelze with no powers and then killed herself) to be the soul guide/liberator for the humans… which were actually shaped/created by Etros blood and chaos. So that the chaos and the gate to the unseen world would do…what?
    Does that mean that Bhunivelze does not resent his “mother” anymore and regrets that he killed her in his strive for power over the mortal world?…

    That is the moment where I am once more inclined to give up in trying to understand what’s going on…

    • Ehren Rivers

      On the subject of Bhunivelze specifically, he was supposed to sleep until the ‘end of time’ (Literally the end of XIII-2) or until Lindzei woke him back up. He was searching for the door to Valhalla because he realized that the world of Gran Pulse would eventually die someday, and he believed that it was a curse left on the world by his mother.

      Because the world didn’t become immortal when he killed Mwynn, he thought she must still be alive on the Other Side. (The creation myth mentions this is just the nature of the world, but Bhunivelze refused to believe it) It’s likely that upon waking up Bhunivelze discovered that the death of the current world was inevitable, but was not (as he believed) the end. The most curious thing here, I think, is why Bhunivelze even cares what happens to the humans.

      • Ah thanks for your kind reply and also sorry that it took me some time to answer. *bows*
        Well basically this enables Square Enix to do multiple choices for the ending of the actual game. It might be quite interesting to see what they choose.
        For example:
        Since Lightnings previous objective of the novel was basically a way to de-crystallize Fang and Vanille, so they could live happy with their new Family for once, they could chose to make Light indeed some kind of Liberator.
        Since they already pointed out that this game will have a – happy ending – in the previous interviews.

        It could also be that Lightning was (unintentionally) right all along and that the Fal’Cie indeed view the creaton of Etro as some kind of cattle or pets. (Nobody would want their pet (or food) to die)

        On the other hand he could also think of the fact that the end of this world would mean the end of his “world” and rulership.
        Or he joined Barthandelus in search of the Creator, thus it would mean that he needed L’cie to actually do the job (if the creator of all is not Mywnn herself).

        Most of the possible choices would imply that he means to use Lightning on his end, which would make the entire speech of her being free and not bound by fate pointless. But some of the possibilities would make quite interesting twist. :)

        • Ehren Rivers

          The Maker that Barthandelus and Orphan referred to is suppoesd to be Lindzei, the youngest of the three fal’Ce Gods created by Bhunivelze. Lindzei is the parent of all of the Cocoon fal’Cie, and the crafter of that sphere. Pulse created the fal’Cie of Gran Pulse, and Etro’s sacrifice created humanity.

          Bhunivelze created them, and Bhunivelze is the child of Mwynn. However, nothing is mentioned about if Bhunivelze or Mwynn were the ones who created the world or if they are part of a race of higher beings.

          In the end, though, I believe that the team is simply taking a kinder spin on Bhunivelze than what appears in the creation myth of the FNC. You have to keep in mind that Bhunivelze doesn’t appear in almost any human record in FFXIII, and that the FNC is just a loose jumping-off point for the three game-lines of the collection.

  • OK, I will do the roll call. All Wings check in!

  • I have read, and am happy that they mentioned that we will find out what happened to the other characters of the XIII series.

    Also, 500 years is a long time to not realize something lol

    • Maybe its like Shin Sekai Yori?? Memory hijinks.

  • alixraen

    Welp, not the first group of people who want her dead.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Could this group be representing GameFAQs?

      • Symbol de Au

        I’m sure they count but virtually everything on the planet wanted her dead in the first game so…

        • Except the Islamites, but that’s what some G-FAQers say in this game’s boards.

  • Serah was once Toriyama’s favorite character and look what happened to her. I fear for Lightning.

    • Nah, he wouldn’t let Miss Cloud share the same fate. In fact, I’m sure there will be a fourth game on the line! Right before a couple dozen more DLC expansions for LR:FFXIII.

      • Yeah this is Lightning’s final journey. Not her last adventure. :P

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    So Lightning will travel to continents but she only has 12 days? How does she travel so fast?

    Good luck organizers. Taking down the Goddess’ warrior will not be easy.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      She puts on bunny hood and sunglasses

      • I wonder if her new gunblade triples as wind instrument, like Tommy’s Dragonzord-summoning Dagger Flute, and use it to control the time flow with it. Or, use it to summon some more mecha.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Silly Rebels, the only way to stop Lightning is to wear rubber uniforms.

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      Samuel Jackson is also the only one in the galaxy who once stopped Lightning WITH A LIGHTSABER!

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        If he joins the Rebels, Lightning is doomed lol

      • AnimusVox

        Or the jedi knight from the 1st ‘Old Republic’ trailer. I think any legit Jedi/Jedi knight could stop Lightning.

        • OatMatadoQuatro

          No wonder they say Luke is “nothing more than words”

  • d19xx

    “Rebels Want Lightning Dead In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII”

    Where does the line starts?

  • Ethan_Twain

    Well this is a little different. Most Square RPGs are about fighting the institutions of the world (Evil Empire/Evil Gods/Evil Cycle of Death and Rebirth, whatever). That was also true in FF XIII. I’ll be interested to see a Square RPG presented from the perspective of the authority figure who has responsibilities and an assigned role to play.

    Last RPG of theirs I can think of where you played as a cog in the machine rather than fighting against the man would be… Valkyrie Profile?

    • That is indeed what this game is taking it’s vibes from!

  • yalissa

    I just want closure on all the other characters. That’s the only thing I want right now. And more Sazh. Can’t go wrong with more Sazh.

  • sarukah

    Can I make a request of Siliconera? Can you please not put whole plot details in the titles of each article regarding this game? I really don’t want to know the entire outline before I actually get to play the game. If there was just some way you could tone it down, otherwise I won’t be visiting the site until the game comes out so I can fully enjoy it.

    • Wait what


  • Zero Shift

    ““What happened to the rest of the characters from the previous games?”
    To answer that question, the supporting cast will be appearing throughout the story in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.”

    SE strikes again with the vague answers! No, that doesn’t even answer the question, it merely avoids the question and attempts to be mysterious. Although the way that it is written, did a member from SE even say that, or was that just speculation from the writer of the article? Nonetheless, it doesn’t change how SE always use vague pointless answers whenever they are asked a question to practically anything.

    • Wait what

      You expect them to spoil the game before it’s released? They said the characters will be in the game, so play the game to find out what happened to them. What more of an answer did you expect? They might as well tell us the entire plot.

      • Zero Shift

        I was pointing to the fact that whenever they answer a question, it’s very vague and rarely touches on the question. The other characters will obviously make a return, what I (and probably the person who asked the question) was aiming at was what role will they play. Things like these are generally touched on in previews and news releases for most games. Where in there did you see me ask SE to spoil the game and tell us the entire plot? That was just you being a smart ass to my comment. I only pointed out at how SE always uses vague answers and dodges questions, you can’t tell me you haven’t noticed that whenever they are asked something in an interview.

  • StaticDestroyer

    Guess I must be a rebel then.

  • harpdevil

    The rebels aren’t the only ones who want Lightning dead, dear god make FFXIII end already!

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Waiting for a new Final Fantasy game is like waiting for a new movie with Seagal. You know what to expect…and I definitely don’t want to see any more drama-filled cutscenes with boring characters. As long as Tales of series are still being localized, my RPG soul is satisfied. And honestly, I would rather see a new Suikoden, Wild arms or Grandia game for the home consoles.

    And thank God, Persona 5 is in development so that is something to look forward to. ^^

    • CirnoLakes

      Tales and Shin Megami Tensei(of which Persona is a sub-series) are pitting for the title of “jRPG flagship” right now. That is for sure. Many people don’t want to change, since they grew up with Final Fantasy VII. But times are changing. And I just can’t see Square Enix even being RPG industry leaders again anytime soon.

      I don’t know that we should be invading Final Fantasy articles with it, though. I don’t see anything in this particularly damning of Final Fantasy. Aside from the insistence of continuing the Final Fantasy with the perhaps biggest hatedom more than any of their other games.

      I think that most people decided whether they like this universe or not when they first bought Final Fantasy XIII. Even if the new games have made vast improvements, looking at the sales of Final Fantasy XIII-2, and the backlash against XIII, I would say it left a bad impression in most(though it as a franchise, does have its fans).

      Though I too never really warmed up to the Nova universe, and still do not own Final Fantasy XIII-2 even though I pre-ordered multiple copies of Tales of Graces f. This does seem at least sort of interesting what they’re doing with Lighting.

      A religious intrigue story DOES sound interesting and certainly a departure in settings from previous installments of Final Fantasy XIII. Also, one of the first things I was disappointed in about Final Fantasy XIII wasn’t just the extremely limited gameplay, but the fact Lighting wasn’t really turning out to be a ‘true’ female main character. This installment seems to be actually making a female main character. Though there could be better female main characters possible than Lightning. I do say it could have promise taking out of her last settings and into this one. And allowing the game to focus on her own story!

      It’s not something I would buy first thing or anything. And I don’t like the universe. And I would prefer to finish XIII-2 before playing this. But it at least does have some intrigue for me.

      In fact, as much as the term “Lighting Returns” made me immediately cringe upon first hearing it. The more I happen to hear of the premise, the more it sounds like it could be the best “Final Fantasy XIII” game.

      • saxophone15

        I’m sure the Tales of series is good (I’m looking to get into that) and Persona seems to be pretty good so far, but I still enjoy Final Fantasy quite a bit. It’s funny you mention it’s time for change (and maybe it is), but Final Fantasy seems to be the one that has changed the most…which keeps things fresh for me. The Tales of series seems to keep pretty much the same battle system and Persona 3 to Persona 4 was a pretty similar experience. I could be wrong though and Persona 5 comes out completely different from the previous entries.

    • LightZero

      Honestly, I’m not concern about P5. I’m more interest in SMT4 and Soul Hackers. Unlike some FF fans that are jilted, I actually prefer plenty of jrpgs over the FF series. I never really saw the FF series as the pinnacle of the jrpg genre. It’s still one of my favorite series, but I’m more of a Chrono and Xenogears kind of guy when it comes to Square. Xenogears and both P2s are the kings IMO.

    • Guest

      SMT could be much better if Atlus decided on releasing something actually new and good instead of milking on done products, considering me being a Atlus’s fan longer then Tales Studio’s fan. Tales studio proved that they really do improved while not changing the core, with Xillia 2 having a beautiful story, great gameplay and characters with main character having over 100 attacks .

      I started out as a FF’s fan, but lately I play FF games only for the sake of completing them.

  • Can you stop putting spoilers in the title of the news stories? I’d like to play this game and actually experience some surprises.

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      Well that was just part of the premise. I wouldn’t consider it spoiler unless they talk about the climax or ending.

  • Even the game’s characters want this to end.

  • Kamille

    what a freaking mess! It sounds even worse than FF13-2’s story and that’s saying a lot… And Lightning looks totally like a dominatrix now.

    -Kamille Bidan

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      That coming from the guy who punches people every he finds annoying because he is gender insecure and has adultphobia?

  • I wonder how those people managed to live for half a century without realising it. Did the goddess destroy all calendars in Mundus Partus?

    • Symbol de Au

      “Half a millennium”/Random correction.

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh. On the one hand, having your heroine fight for a God that WILL technically “kill” everyone and have her fight a force that tries to prevent said God from doing it’s thing is a pretty interesting concept. There is a lot of ambivalency and potential drama you can mine from something like that, since it’s really not clear on a first glance who’s in the right, if there even is a right to start with.

    But then I read that nobody has aged in 500 years and yet people have somehow NOT noticed this and those who do disappear in some kind of weird conspiracy and I just… cannot understand why you would ever do that. One step forward, one step back FInal Fantasy XIII-3.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    so the good guys are the rebels?
    any body wanting to finish off Lightning and her reign of shallow, non interesting, over glorified by square-enix character is a good guy in my book!

  • Settsuo

    If it’s one thing i’m anticipating, it’s that soundtrack.

  • Heartless ㅤ

    I’m a rebel and yeul noel it.

  • Setsu Oh

    let me guess, those rebels are religious, right? why else would they try to kill her when she tries to-wait for it- save the world? aaaaah japanese rpgs. when will u learn.

  • Tianyu Wei

    wtf… Lightning the only playable character…? That’s beyond retarded…

  • Natheren

    I must be a rebel then cause I can’t wait to see Lighting and anything related to FF XIII gone, except for the nonexistent Versus XIII of course.

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