Hexadrive Worked On Not One But Two Metal Gear Solid Games

By Ishaan . January 6, 2013 . 1:30pm

The 3rd Birthday developer, Hexadrive, have been keeping themselves busy. As previously reported, in recent years, Hexadrive have worked on games like Okami HD, E.X. Troopers (PS3 version), and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D.


Snake Eater 3D isn’t the only Metal Gear game that Hexadrive have been involved with, however. According to the studio’s product page, they also worked on Metal Gear Solid Social Ops, Konami’s stealth/card collecting game for iOS and Android.


When Konami released Metal Gear Solid Social Ops in collaboration with GREE, the game got off to a strong start, raking in over 100,000 downloads in a week. You can read more about the game here.

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  • I know spinoffs and re-releases are nothing new but the last 5 or so years things have really gotten out of hand. It’s not just Konami but I can’t even keep track of how many MGS games released in the last 5 years… certainly many times more than the 5 years before that.

    I’m just so sick of Snake and Kojima trying to shove Raiden down people’s throats. He will NEVER be an interesting character.

    • You’re sick of [Snake] shoving Raiden down people’s throats? What.

      Raiden is my favourite character btw, as is Kojima’s favourite. In fact, I didn’t truly start to care for the series until after Rising was revealed. That says a lot about his character considering Snake alone wasn’t sufficient enough to get me interested.

      Also, just because a title isn’t numbered doesn’t mean it’s a spin-off. Peace Walker and Ground Zeroes are just as involved with the storyline as MGS3 is. Snake Eater shouldn’t have even been a numbered entry in the first place since it’s a prequel.

      • Luis Camargo

        Nothing against Raiden, but Rising is a very different spin-off, just like Metal Gear Acid was. The game can be great, but the gameplay is very different from your standart MGS game. The story can be canon or not, it will depend what Kojima decides to do with the story after MGS4.

        Also, Snake Eater is a prequel and why it shouldn’t be numbered ? Hell, many people consider MGS3 to be the best MGS launched. Gameplay, story, characters, boss battles are everything top-notch.

        For last, if you start caring about this series after Rising was revealed, I suggest you give a chance to MGS HD Collection and MGS1 to see how MGS truly is. I love Platinum games and I hope Rising will be a great game, but that game should not define what the series is all about.

        • I’ve played them all. MGS4 is my favourite. I started in 2009 after Rising was revealed. Fast-forward time to December 2011, and MGS Rising was revealed to have been cancelled and revived as a forsaken action game. I was devastated.

          I don’t love PlatinumGames. I have lost hope for Rising. :(

          Just to be clear, I was not talking about Revengeance in my earlier post. It was the original Rising that got me interested in Metal Gear Solid, and I never considered it to be a spin-off until PG got involved.

          If Snake Eater should be numbered, then why weren’t Peace Walker and Ground Zeroes as well? They are all true entries in the series directed by Kojima. In fact, Kojima Studio actually removed the number from its title in the 3DS remake.

          • Luis Camargo

            I see, you were looking foward to the original Rising before Platinum Games was involved. Being fair, Platinum Games are great at making beat-them-up games, something that Kojima Productions doesn’t have much experience doing (ZoE I guess could be the closer thing). I expect to be a fun game at least (as Bayonetta was)

            In the 3DS port of MGS3, I guess the 3 is supposed to be a play with words to go along with the 3D. Kinda like the 64 in most games in the N64.

            About Peace Walker and Ground Zeroes, I don’t think a numbered entry will do much difference here. Peace Walker is a terrific game and even better that it adapted the MGS formula to the handheld. Many small missions that could be done in 10-15min but you could also play it for hours.

            Ground Zeroes perhaps may be renamed to MGS5. I still have my doubts about that “The Phantom Menace Trailer” and what it will mean for Ground Zeroes.

          • The Phantom Menace haha. XD

            You meant to say The Phantom Pain of course.

            I’m sure Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D is a reference to its past title, but it’s still technically no longer a numbered entry since “3D” is after the subtitle, not the franchise title.

            It’s just my personal belief that prequels shouldn’t be sequentially numbered, even if they are worthy.

          • Helepythia

            If I recall correctly from Koji-Pro’s (english) podcast, they said PW was named MGS 5 during development. Don’t remember the reason for dropping the number though.

          • Armane

            You were only interested in MGS because of a tech demo? That’s probably the worst reason I have ever heard for getting into a series. Never mind the fact that the only reason you would have anticipated it was because you weren’t a fan of the games in the first place. A stealth ninja game should not be MGS+cutting gimmick that they couldn’t even work into gameplay. They made the right choice shelving it, and when Platinum said let’s revive it, they made an even better choice. MGR:R is the game Rising was trying to be and is the first MGS since 2 that I have actually looked forward to. /platinumfanboyrant

            I still don’t get how KojiPro couldn’t figure out how to make a stealth ninja game though. They made ZOE, was it really such a leap to put that on the ground and add some stealth?

            “If Snake Eater should be numbered, then why weren’t Peace Walker and Ground Zeroes as well?”
            Because numbering Snake Eater was forced on Kojima. Same as using the Solid name. At least that’s the impression I got from interviews at the time.

  • gogogoldberg

    What is the general opinion of The 3rd Birthday at this point? I love the gameplay of E.X. Troopers, but I have never played a Parasite Eve game and have heard Aya’s portrayal in The 3rd Birthday is….poor.

    • If you can look past Aya’s potrayal and the nonsensical story—which is pretty easy to do, IMO—T3B is amazing. It’s easily one of the best portable shooters out there. The Overdive system is a load of fun and you’ll find yourself having a lot of close calls and narrow escapes. If you’ve never played a Parasite Eve game before, chances are you’ll like it even more.

    • It’s my top PSP game ever. I personally didn’t have a problem with Aya’s protrayal, but the gameplay and atmosphere are just fantastic.

    • IMO the gameplay of 3rd birthday is really good and have good replayability, the story is passable, you can just ignore the story and just enjoy the gameplay

      • gogogoldberg

        Thanks for the feedback! I will have to pick up a copy at some point.

    • Göran Isacson

      The story is headspinningly stupid and everything that they did with the main character makes my skin crawl, but as far as gameplay goes it’s pretty fun. If you can bear the plot and ignore everything but the gameplay I’d say it’s bearable… but I dunno if I would really recommend a game that DOES try to tell a story and fails so utterly, even if it’s fun to play because you still have to suffer the story to get to the fun parts. I’d recommend sticking to other games that are all about fun gameplay that either has no story or has good stories, but that’s just me being picky. If you’re not as picky as I am, it could be worth your while.

    • LaserVision

      It’s a pretty game. But the story is terrible and while the Overdrive system is fun, your AI partners are so stupid that you have to Overdrive babysit them or they WILL kill themselves in fights. That does affect your ranking (I didn’t bother trying to get high marks) but is incredibly frustrating. Aya’s portrayal is really aggravating because it seemed like writers’ knew what people liked most about her and trashed it for the sake of it’s incoherent story. Still you might like it better if you haven’t played the series and it’s pretty cheap nowadays so you might enjoy it.

  • I hope Hexadrive can get started on the 4th Birthday soon. I’m eagerly waiting for a home console announcement. I can’t wait for the series to finally come to the PS3 and be a full-blown game. I want more Aya (well Eve Brea)! The only bad thing about the 3rd Birthday to me, was that the story was a little confusing. I’ve noticed that Square-Enix has been using time travel in a lot of their games lately: The 3rd Birthday, FFXIII-2, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. If they could take out that element and come up with a solid based story then it would be more successful and less confusing.

    • Unlimax

      Biggest PE fan here .. I respect their industry but i wish Hexadrive wont touch T4B .. Sure T3B was a good looking game for the PSP but Honestly i don’t want them to repeat the same mistake, Hexadrive is only good at TPS games .. Whatever the opinions of others or differences in tastes .. I just wanna see this game being made by Square staff only no matter what the result is i just wanna see a new one with full square production .. and i mean by “only” the professional team who already work on PE1 and 2 .. My only wish here is to see this game coming to PS3 , My goodness I’ll be the happiest man in the world if this happens .

      ( Just wish square bring back the Canceled game from 2003 : Parasite Eve : Rebirth .. unfortunately this is not going to happen )

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