Atelier Ayesha Reaches Europe In March, Does NOT Have Dual Audio [Update]

By Yusouf . January 15, 2013 . 10:00am

Update: Despite what Tecmo Koei EU’s Twitter says, we have just received a note from the developer that Atelier Ayesha will not have dual audio for the EU release. We will have more information about Atelier Ayesha’s US release later today.

Atelier Ayesha will be released in Europe on March 8th, 2013, as revealed by Tecmo Koei Europe today.


Like its predecessors, Atelier Ayesha will feature dual audio tracks, but in-game text will be English-only. We’ll update you with U.S. release details once they’re made available.


In addition to Atelier Ayesha, dates for other Tecmo Koei games that are due to release for Europe in Q1 have also been shared. Here’s an image from Tecmo Koei Europe’s Twitter account that summarises their key releases:



As indicated by the image above, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus will be released on March 1st, while Dead or Alive 5 Plus will be released on March 22nd.

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  • CycloneFox

    Great news!

  • DesmaX

    March, yeah?

    Hm… Hope it takes some more time to release in the US, I’m going to buy Neptunia Victory in march

    • Nann

      I don’t think its official, but amazon US marks it to be released on March 5. Weird Since nisa opens preorders for games like half a year before they actually release them.

      • DesmaX

        It would be weird if NISA released 2 games on the same month

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Guess I’m importin’

  • SirRichard

    A few days before my birthday, that’s rather nice of them. Here’s hoping for even some retailer specific little bonus, NISA were getting better about that over here.

  • Alex Sargeant

    Amazing! It’s just like the old Atelier Iris days. I hear this one doesn’t have a countdown timer like the last trilogy did, which I find really interesting. I’ll be checking out at least four of them, which is pretty damn good for two months.

    • grevlinghore

      It does. I played the Japanese version, and the game just suddenly ended on me when I got to around 3 years of in-game time.

      • CirnoTheStrongest

        If you don’t accomplish something then the game ends early on you. Just like in the Arland series. From what I understand the True End is a real pain to get and has to be done within the first year.

        • grevlinghore

          I can`t imagine how that would go down oO
          I mean, you couldn`t waste one turn on backtracking, and you`d be very limited in how much stuff you could boil together in the alchemy pot, as every product requires time to make D:

          But then, I`m not an expert on these games, I just decided to try Ayesha for fun.

    • puchinri

      I don’t remember about Marie and the Salburg games (or any other later ones – I’m assuming though), but I got the feeling that some form of timer was normal for them. Or, at least, there will be ways in which they put a timed aspect on you.

      • aquagon

        All of the Atelier games, excepting for Judie, and the Iris and Mana Khemia subseries, have always had a time limit in a way or other, so this is no more than a logical extension of something that has been present in pretty much the entire franchise.

        • puchinri

          Ahh, okay, I thought so. It made sense and from what I remembered of the stories, there should have been a timed aspect.

  • Learii

    i hope this game didn’t come to u.s in march because i be playing tales of xillia

    • Both events are mutually exclusive, so I don’t know how they will have any effect on one another. Also, Xilllia will probably come out after Ayesha, considering no release date has been released for it.

    • Ladius

      Xillia still hasn’t a western release date, I hope we will get it in March but it could very well be released later.

  • Amagidyne

    Awesome! I’ve gotta say I wasn’t expecting it to arrive in the EU quite so soon. Looks like a refreshing change from the Arland series too, so I’m really looking forward to it^^

  • If they throw in a soundtrack, I’d make this a day one purchase, for sure.

  • Nann

    oh.. Dual audio confirmed.
    Now I just need a limited edition for this in NA and I’ll be satisfied.

  • Lookin forward to that U.S. release date =)

  • ivanchu77


  • puchinri

    Huh. So are they doing the translating in both territories? Or just one?

    Depending on what the LEs are (if there will be any in either region), I might just order from EU.

    Yikes. . . well then. So, no JP audio at all? I was fangirling very early in over a few of those voices, so it’d be a huge bummer not to hear them in some version of the game.

  • TheSwordUser

    My wallet might shed a tear or two…though frankly, I’d rather play Totori or Meruru first. I’ve yet to experience Atelier series properly.

    • raymk

      The story doesn’t follow the other 3 games.

  • WHAT? No dual audio? They’d better clarify fast : original or english? Careful Tecmo, there’s a good and a bad response, depending on which you either win or lose my money.

    • raymk


  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Ugh. No dual audio puts us right back where we were before. Is it in English or Japanese? Half the fanbase is going to freak out over one not being there. I know I’ll be on the side that’ll be really disappointed if there’s no English dub and then there will be many who will really disappointed if there’s no Japanese. Dual audio is really the way to go with this.

    I would hate for this to become a Japanese audio-only download title in the U.S. It’d be such a step down for one of my favorite series.

    • DesmaX
    • raymk

      It has both Japanese and English audio the script is just in english only. Also will a mod please change the article heading already?

      • Atelier Ayesha will not have both English and Japanese audio in the EU. We just received word from NIS America that the tweet from Tecmo Koei is incorrect, which is why we updated the post.

        • DesmaX

          … Oh

        • raymk

          Crap oh well.

          • Also “mods” don’t change posts. Siliconera isn’t a forum.

          • raymk

            I wasn’t talking about user post, just the article heading.

          • Yes, and that’s an article. A mod wouldn’t change that because Siliconera isn’t a forum and the reason why it was changed was because of the update from NISA.

          • raymk

            I get ya now.

        • Romored

          What does NISA have to do with TK Europe? Maybe TK have licensed the Japanese voices for Europe. It wouldn’t be the first time that an European release has another voice track (Rhythm Heaven on Wii was also like that).

          • You’ll find out later today, but consider this all of the Atelier games in the past were localized by NISA and distributed by TK Europe.

          • Romored

            Yes, but this time GUST is a first-party for TK, they’re not just distributing. They could have gained particular privileges.

          • We realize Gust is first party for TK. I can’t say anymore without getting in to trouble so you’ll see later today.

          • Ladius

            Thanks a lot for clearing up the issue regarding Ayesha’s publishing deals, I’m curious to know what NISA has to say about this situation.

  • kroufonz

    I’ll just wait and see
    as long there is still japanese voice i am fine.

    why the hell they didn’t say anything for the US release yet?

    • raymk

      The U.S release will more than likely come out before the Europe release for this. It seems Europe always has a release date first for most games but U.S gets it first(see fire emblem awakening)

    • We’ll be able to tell you about the US release later today.

      • kroufonz

        nice, it’s about time

  • Dyne

    If the USA release gets the Dual audio then they can go to hell
    if not, then they can go to hell any way.

    I bet it something to do with them not wanting JP players to import the game.

    • raymk

      Nope that wouldn’t make sense because the game has been out in japan.

      • Dyne

        ah well, unless it something like they have to pay the jp voice actors more, then i got no idea (only said as Person 4 A got lock so no one could import it)

        • raymk

          I don’t know either, I’m just hoping that the U.S at least gets a disc release that’s all I ask at this point. My HDD can’t handle anymore games and I like my physical copies.

  • Niyari

    So the release date on Amazon is incorrect? Normally they don’t put specific release dates.

  • ワン スャレ

    Darn! I haven’t even started on Meruru yet!
    I planned to marathon both Totori and meruru last summer, but I didn’t get to Meruru and now this….
    Maybe I’ll buy the vita version of both, lately I don’t have access to my ps3 anymore.

  • *No dual audio. I can dig it!

  • Oh, my heart… is in so much pain by the news. The acquisition of GUST made me think that Europe would benefit from it. I was wrong. :(

  • ivanchu77

    English or japanese voices then?

  • Saculogir

    Ouch, poor Europe…
    I really hope the same thing doesn’t happen when it hits stateside :(

  • FetusZero

    So with NISA’s latest Prinny Bomb, it confirms that Tecmo also publishes the N.A. version.. that’s great.. it just means there likely won’t be dual-audio and likely won’t be a limited edition. The only good thing is that NISA announced it in Prinny Bomb, meaning they probably take care of the localization.

  • “…we have just received a note from the developer that Atelier Ayesha will not have dual audio for the EU release.” Does this mean English only or Japanese only?

  • margherita mastropaolo

    i can’t wait to play this

  • Visa Vang

    YESH!! Ahem… Yes!! Limited Edition Pre-order, HERE I COME!!

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