DmC Devil May Cry Filled My Dark Soul With Light

By Kris . January 19, 2013 . 4:30pm

Don’t think of DmC as Devil May Cry 5. It’s not. The gameplay isn’t the same as DMCs 1-4, and the removal of lock-on, lower gravity, and the redesigned style rank system that will only drop its level grade if you get hit have seen to that.


If you go in expecting an expansion of the combat in DMC4 (which I still consider the pinnacle of combat in action games), you’ll be disappointed and find a lot of your old muscle memory will fail you. This is not DMC5. This is DmC. And if you’re willing to open your mind to that, you’ll find that it’s a damn good game.


DmC Devil May Cry is a very different take on the DMC mythos. Dante is now a half-angel/half-demon Nephilim, Vergil uses computers more than he uses his katana Yamato (which he bizarrely mispronounces), and Mundus is a banker who actually has a bit of a personality. DmC’s world is full of sleaze, corruption, and paranoia, with a demon world lurking beneath and infecting the human one. Demons have managed to work their way into society and lurk in the background, keeping the humans docile.


I actually found myself drawn in by the way that the story was presented. While not exactly Shakespeare, it was a step up for me from DMC4’s teen-angst-punctuated-by-a-thirty-something-man-who-acts-like-a-child melodrama (I’m still mad about how ludicrous Dante was in that game, but that’s a story for another day), and it set each level up pretty well.


As for Dante, he’s not as obnoxious as some of the dialogue you may have seen on the Internet would have you believe. He’s still as flippant as ever, making terrible puns about the fights he’s in, and basically joking around with his enemies mid-fight. While I know that they’re not in the same universe, his humor reminds me of a younger, slightly more profane version DMC1’s Dante. He’s not completely over the top, but he’s still more playful than you might expect someone facing off against demons would be. There’s even a callback to DMC1’s “flock off, feather face” line. I ended up liking Dante much more than I expected to by the end of the game.


That said, considering that I thought Ninja Theory’s last collaboration with Alex Garland—Enslaved: Odyssey to the West—had great writing, I was surprisingly disappointed by that element of DmC. Garland didn’t write the script this time around (he was probably busy working on the fantastic Dredd movie), but he’s the first named credit in the game’s intro sequence, so I was still hoping for a little more than I got. DmC almost feels constrained by its 20 missions. While the world is interesting and the game offers little hints at why we should care about its characters, I wish we could have seen more of everyone. It feels like the game was more ambitious and cut down partway through development.


Even the dialogue is kind of uneven. I adore some exchanges, like Vergil explaining to Dante why he learned how to hack:

Vergil: “Guess I channeled [the feeling that his life wasn’t as it seemed] into hacking—and you? How’d you find release?”

Dante: “Killing demons and getting laid… but that computer stuff sounds good, too.”


But every once in a while, dialogue like this happens:

Phineas: “You found your inner devil alright… But you have yet to discover your full potential.”

Dante: “Mainly, I just wanna kill the demon king named Mundus.”


However, even with a bum line of dialogue here and there, I actually found myself intrigued with DmC’s story. I even found myself starting new stages late into the night to see how things would play out. It’s an improvement over most of the genre (and most of the series), even if it’s a step down from Ninja Theory’s  previous work. But still, the story isn’t what you come to a Devil May Cry game for, so let’s talk about combat.


Surprisingly, DmC’s greatest achievement is its combat. Before everyone links me the one-hit SSS video, hear me out.


Back in 2010, like everyone else, I figured that Ninja Theory would never be able to make anything that approached the brilliance of DMC3, so I was rather skeptical when I heard about the reboot. That having been said, it’s not immediately apparent just how good the combat in DmC Devil May Cry is. If you go into the game trying to play it like the previous games, it’s incredibly jarring. Lock-on is gone, its former location (R1) replaced by a dodge button, as is the old location of Devil Trigger (L1). Stinger (which for the uninitiated will make Dante lunge at a targeted enemy) is now performed by double-tapping forward and pressing triangle. Launchers (for the most part) are mapped to circle. Sure, there are still different combos depending on whether you pause a beat after the second attack, but even Dante’s standard sword Rebellion has one more hit in its standard combo than DMC3 and 4 do. It’s very different, but a point will come when things start to click.


Within the first three levels, the game eases you into the new combat, which involves two forms—Angel and Demon. Hold L2 to use Dante’s Angel Form, which will provide access to the faster, wider-reaching weapons in the game, as well as the Angel Lift, which allows you to latch onto enemies and zip towards them. Also increasing Dante’s mobility are the slow air-dash Angel Glide and the teleport-like Angel Dodge, which gives you a teleport to escape tricky situations or return you to the enemy you just dodged with two taps of one of the dash buttons.


Meanwhile, R2’s Demon Form is less aerially focused, giving you access to slower and heavier demon weapons, the “demon pull” which will pull enemies towards you, and the infamous Demon Dodge, which will give you a damage boost (and corresponding style rank boost) on your attacks for a short while.


Those are the basics, but it’s when the game gets a bit more complex that it gets fun. By the end of the game, you have three guns, two angel weapons, and two demon weapons that you can swap between on the fly between the two triggers and the d-pad. This allows you to do things like… stick an enemy with four timed explosive needles from the “Kablooey” gun, launch them with demon axe Arbiter’s ranged launcher, hold them airborne with Dante’s pistols, Ebony & Ivory, before re-launching them mid-descent with a shot from the shotgun Revenant, then following them into the air with an angel lift, using angelic scythe Osiris’s secondary air combo to lift them even higher into the air, swapping over to the angel chakram/glaive/shuriken thing, Aquila, and using its secondary air-combo to pull your enemy (and unfortunate souls nearby) directly in front of you in a group, and finally detonating the Kablooey needles and damaging all the enemies you just grabbed all in less time than it took you to read this sentence.


Each weapon has its own distinct uses, whether it’s the Eryx’s (the gauntlets) ability to charge a launcher that can send practically any enemy airborne or the Aquila’s ability to lock enemies in place with a single spinning blade (“Round Trip”, for those with fond memories of DMC1), and the sheer amount of flexibility you have at any given time can almost be overwhelming. It’s absolutely joyful, especially on harder difficulties.


More than any Devil May Cry before it, DmC is based around crowd control. That doesn’t mean that comboing away at a single enemy is a thing of the past, but you now have a number of moves with a wider attack radius. Even Dante’s new gauntlet weapons (the silly-looking Eryx) are capable of releasing shockwaves that emanate out from Dante’s position.


In an attempt to counter this, DmC has a number of color-coded enemies. Blue ones are only weak to angel weapons, and red ones are only weak to demon weapons. Guns won’t work on them, and Rebellion will simply bounce off. While having two of each type of weapon later in the game makes these fights more bearable, I found myself simply Devil Triggering through situations like this, which launched enemies, gave me more attack power, and disabled their weapon resistance for an all-too-brief time.


Even with the annoyance of the color-coded enemies, fighting through a big skirmish stringing combos together in DmC Devil May Cry is awesome, especially because the game isn’t afraid to throw multiple “tough” enemies at you at once.


You might cut through a wave of fodder enemies only to be greeted by a shield-generating Witch, a heavy buzzsaw-weilding butcher, and the most challenging enemy in the game (and one of the best in DMC history, in my opinion): the Drekavac. Drekavacs teleport, block bullets, and can even parry you mid-air-combo. Managing one of these in the middle of a chaotic battlefield is a blast. Fights like these are where the true joy of the game comes out. You’re constantly working on keeping your style meter up, using demon dodge to boost your attacks, and balancing crowd control and single-enemy combos. It’s a thing of beauty.


Food for Thought:

1. The upgrade system in DmC is based on DMC4’s Proud Souls system (wherein you could buy and return skills to customize your moveset), but with a few tweaks. For one thing, instead of acting as a separate currency like Proud Souls did in, you gain white orbs while fighting and they fill up a gauge. When that gauge is full, you get one upgrade point to be used as you see fit. This seems to dole out upgrades at a much more generous rate than the rather stingy system in DMC4 and allows you to try before you buy it (which was coincidentally one of my favorite things about Bayonetta).


2. I didn’t write about the game’s boss fights because they’re not much to write about. Most of them are giant-sized enemies, more setpiece than battle. That said, some of those setpieces are pretty cool.


3. There is a surprising lack of backtracking and asset reuse for a Capcom game. You only fight each boss in the game once, a first for the series!


4. Combichrist’s additions to the soundtrack make it my favorite in the series. It sounds like DMC3 but hookier.


5. Getting a good rank at the end of a stage is much easier in DmC than in previous games. Getting an S in this game is kind of like getting a B in DMC3… On the other hand, it’s nice that you don’t have to do all the orb hunting that DMC4 wanted you to do to get a good completion rank, because you only have to collect the collectables once.


6. The PS3 version of the game runs fine in combat, but has a few framerate drops, audio glitches, and odd shadowing issues in cutscenes.


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  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Yeah everyone is too busy comparing it to what it used to be that they’re not looking at it in its own right. I’m super pumped for the PC version.

    • That’s what happens when a game is part of a franchise. This game may have been great if it was its own IP, but it’s not, and as part of a series, it needs to match-up or exceed it’s predecessors; sadly it did neither.

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        It exceeds both DMC1 and 2 in the gameplay department, thats for sure. Besides, its not DMC5, its a reboot. Its starting its own thing. Its not its own IP, but if you look at the game in its own right, the complaints become minor and you’ll begin to enjoy it.

        • Of course it’ll be better than DMC1 and 2. It SHOULD be better, those (and 3) are both from a previous generation and set the bar for future games. And again, like I said, it’s still part of the franchise.

          It doesn’t need to continue the story like a DMC5, but there are specifics that need to be kept consistent and DmC hardly did any of that aside from the names.

          I’m not saying DmC is a bad game, it’s a decent action game. I’m saying it fails as part of its franchise. Reboots don’t start with clean slates they still need to at least work from the base material that started the franchise. That’s what makes a franchise a franchise.

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            I’d disagree in that it doesn’t start with a clean slate. I think it does(sorta), which is the whole point of a reboot. You take core elements of what it once was and take it in another direction. For example, The Tomb Raider reboot is turning out to be almost nothing like what old Tomb Raider used to be.

            Either way, I’m not saying that people can’t dislike the game. There are those who are just endlessly comparing it, forgetting that it is a reboot and even better than some of the games that were released previously in the franchise. When its better than 2 of the 4 games released, I’d say its a worthy mention.

  • Joom

    This is a very good write-up. I’m debating with myself to go ahead and buy the ps3 version even though I already have it pre-ordered for pc ($37 GMG).

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Whoa, did you use a coupon?

      • yeah he did GMG25-XTYYZ-POSL1 25% I think. Preordered the PC version myself.

        • Naux

          I’m getting it for 29€. :p

        • FitzpatrickPhillips

          Sahweeeeet. Pre-ordered. So glad I didn’t do it earlier, haha.

    • Naux

      I bet that the PC version will be alot better, also considering how there are alot of performance issues with the PS3 version.

  • scratchbach

    I’m actually really excited for the PC release. I’ve only played a little of the original DMC, but this looks neat.

  • Crevox

    Walk into this game expecting an action game, not a Devil May Cry game.

    You will have fun.

  • SolidusSnake

    The combat system is absolutely amazing. Removing lock-on makes combat a lot faster, more flexible, and more fun (sorry DMC purists) in my opinion, and the surreal visuals have to be seen to be believed.

    This might just be the best damn game to come out this year. I don’t think Revengeance will be able to top this judging by its demo.

    • Naux

      Hmm, hoping that Revengeance is gonna be good, though. :X

      • SolidusSnake

        I’m sure it’ll be great. The demo was a lot of fun! Though, this combat system is gonna be hard to beat. My main worry with Revengeance is a return of Bayo’s annoying “press X not to die in cutscene” nonsense.

        • Naux

          Yeah, that is exactly what I was worried about. When I saw that the game had a few sections similiar to Bayonetta, I was like “Hmm, do I really support this kind of semi-cutscene-ish combat system?”
          But then I saw some other gameplay videos showing other combat scenarios and I think it’s gonna turn out satisfying enough.

    • Drew Attridge

      Removing lock on isn’t a point in DmC’s favour. Consider this: what do we GAIN by removing lock on? You can play earlier DMC games without using lock on and you’d get on just fine, but using it gave you more options for using moves. By removing it, it only limits what the player can do in the game. You can’t gain something by removing something.

      • “You can’t gain something by removing something.”

        Eh… not strictly, and certainly not as a rule of thumb; although don’t take it that I’m calling it an unproductive element. I’m just saying removing the lock-on did evidently simplify the combat for many people, which is a sensible decision when you’re rebooting a game, the old audience is theoretically out of the predictable picture and you have to invite a new one.

        • Keyanf

          So why reboot it and not make a new IP if you aren’t even going to get the old fanbase?

          • The one that can (theoretically) give the answer is Capcom. But I will at least say that taking a different direction under the same franchise name is by no means a new incident in the industry.

          • Blitz Krieg

            Not being something new doesn’t mean that it won’t rightfully piss off the old fanbase.

    • Valtiel Ikari

      don’t know about that, in older entries, I could do crowd control when not in lock on, then lock on on specific enemies when only one was left, or go agaist a specific enemy that was more dangerous and then crowd control the rest, how I at least played older Devil May Cry games, lock on=specific enemy elimination, no lock on=crowd control, so basically this game just took out the variety the franchise offered in combat. But that just me, still could have included it for people that felt more confortable whit it, there really wasn’t a valid excuse for removing it.

  • Oni123

    Love this game! I was on and off about getting this because like a lot of people i wasn’t keen on new Dante… After having playing it now all i can say is long live new Dante! =)

  • It improved on nothing ;/ game is too short, and I do not like the new characters personalities. Sure it might be fun to play somewhat but there are much better action games around. They shouldn’t try to pass something that isnt DMC off as a reboot. Its a 7/10 game stand alone, but it doesnt justify a 60$ price tag in the least. If you buy it at that cost you best give the game a 6/10

    • The story of the franchise shouldn’t have been rebooted either, it wasnt the time for that. And the gameplay is weird, controls are weird, I really dont care about lock on but … its to simplistic.

      • SolidusSnake

        The last game had Dante as a gay cowboy. If that doesn’t call for a reboot, I don’t know what in the hell does. Not that I have anything against gays or cowboys, btw.

        • Oh come off it already. Reboots come when the material for the story is lacking. Apparently half the industry has forgotten this.
          Movies also get rebooted and get falsely advertised way to bloody much these days

        • puchinri

          He has always been gay in that he’s always been shipped with many different males, but if you mean gay as in happy? Yeah, but it was also refreshing to actually see him bridge the gap between older personalities and the one in three.
          (On that note, what would be wrong with him being a cowboy? I assume that’d be the real problem more than the gay part; which would be really awesome and surprising and progressive.)

        • ToshiChan

          I’m sorry, Jake Gyllenhal and the late Heath Ledger would like to have a word with you about that derogatory comment.

      • Wachaki

        The gameplay is weird at first, but the game eases you into it (As the reviewer above stated) And every action game may be simple. It’s up to you whether or not you want to complicate it. All the Devil May Cry games give you this option (even DmC!) you just got to do it yourself.

        • Well lets be honest here , the combat isnt as high strung as it used to be and the utility isnt as diverse. There were a lot of different ways you could fight, in DmC it was simplified to 4 types of streams.Not to mention weapon usage was more about how you used it as opposed to what works on this enemy doesnt work on another.

      • Ha. As far as DMC4 is concerned, it practically encouraged a reboot. The story wasn’t all that good especially with the points Kris already made. It only added more elements while disregarding previous ones. How did Nero really get his demonic arm? Never shown. Is he Vergil’s son? Never shown. Was he a demon to begin with? If that was the case, why’s everyone baffled hearing that Nero NOW has demonic power? How was Yamato retrieved by the Order? Why does Dante wear too much leather? Why did Lady take Sparda? Why are we still giving the story too much credit?

        Besides, what makes you think Capcom (without cooperating with Ninja Theory) would WANT to make a DMC to end all DMC’s in terms of story? There are already unanswered questions within the all-too-simple lore, so the real ending will just be open ended no matter WHICH game ends the series (DMC5, 6, 7, whatever).

    • So basically: “I don’t like this game but I won’t give any concrete reasons for it other than that it sucks. Please everyone believe what I have to say.” :P

      • AkuLord3

        he actually gave reasons and he said its a fine game if it wasn’t attached to DMC title…idk where you saw just hate

        • “It improved nothing” and “It isn’t DMC” and “It doesn’t justify $60” aren’t reasons. Sorry. People are gonna have to step their game up now that this game has some serious cred. Try harder, guys! :P

          • … Im sorry I didnt know I had to repost all my issues with the combat system every single bloody time I share my opinion.

          • Come on Ishaan stop acting like people always have something to prove. I’ve already gone into great detail about my gaffs with this title when the 89/100 started to hit the fan.

          • Kaihedgie

            If you have something to prove by convincing us it’s not as great as we think it is, then please do tell us. You’re the one clicking on the links and expressing your dislike for the game when no one is forcing you to come here in the first place And not all of us saw your rant

          • I dont write rants. I just told you Im not interested in convincing you of anything, I am interjecting into the ongoing conversation and sharing my opinion that is all.

          • Kaihedgie

            You came into this thread expressing your dislike and saying that the points made in this review are wrong just because you say so. You darn well better expect some resistance. Otherwise, people will simply write off your complaints as nothing but hot air

            If you didn’t want to argue in the first place, you simply should have not commented at all. Your points, whatever they were, were made before this topic began. And please no, don’t bring up the “freedom of speech” thing, because I see it comin’ a mile away. I’m not telling you you’re not allowed to say anythin’, rather I’m saying you shouldn’t waste your time repeating yourself

          • Oh no the review is pretty on point, I just don’t think the game is all that great and I certainly did not enjoy it. And if you payed attention to whats going on around you would see more of my comments.

          • Kaihedgie

            We all cannot be bothered to read every single thing that’s posted on here so you’re going to have to respond to me and from the looks of it, you haven’t really stated your reasons why you disagree with this review.

          • Uhh yeah I did. You also are the one who wants a discussion if you cant be bothered to read whats on the article then what the hell are you doing here? I read everything. You dont even have to look that far to find my “reasoning”. Your faulty logic be damned.

          • Valtiel Ikari

            dude, stop being a flammer, seriously mods, why do you guys most of the time never call attention to flammers when they like the game? makes this thing look so incredible biased.

          • Kaihedgie

            You complain about flamers when we have people mass-downvoting everyone with a positive opinion about this game

          • Valtiel Ikari

            I’m not mass downvoting anybody, the dude said it was just an OPINION, he thought it was OK, but since it’s bears the Devil May Cry name it doesn’t live up to the franchise so it en up being not so great of a geme it could have, and you are bugging him to explain himself as why he doesn’t like it while he actually did, and I’m just asking where are the mods to call your attention while I seen people get banned for less just because they wherent on the “like” side. Thats all, don’t far fetch it.
            and BTW, no, I’m not traying to be rude, nor to start something I’m just concerned in a situation that seems unfair an uncalled for.

          • MogCakes

            If you’re trying to make a point, then yes, you do.

          • Well Im not trying to make a point here am I? I only gave the reader enough information so that they could understand my own views on the title to a degree. Read as intended please. I have no interest in starting a debate

          • MogCakes

            I’m not starting a debate with ya. This is the comments section and is meant for discussion – it’s a given that you will be asked to back up why you think one way or the other.

          • Which I actually gave reasons to, I am not obligated to give you an in depth reasoning when all I am doing is interjecting.

          • Now if I was looking to start a discussion then I’d present my argument, However I am not interested in engaging you in a forum of discourse.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Yet here our customers want the discourse, not the same interjections and web taglines they heard two years ago. This was never DMC from the start, it was DmC, and continuing to base the hate off of that just no longer has traction.

          • Well yes, Im just a little tired about talking about DmC. And if you just move your eyes a smidge bit lower you will see I have expanded a bit more upon my particular viewpoint.

          • MogCakes

            So basically, you want people to agree with you, but you expect everyone to take your words at face value. lol

          • vormeob

            People have posted plenty of more concrete feedback, a veritable history of complaints could be found on your own site, and yet here you cherry pick the less substantial comments like this and choose to act like a typical forum scrub on your own website. For shame.

          • I don’t read every single comment that’s posted on the site and neither does anyone else. This present discussion is happening now. If people want to participate in the ongoing discussion, they’ll need to bring their reasoning with them. I don’t think that’s asking for much.

          • Speak for yourself Ishaan, I read the majority of the posts every time i read an article. I dont go back and read the new ones most of the time unless I really like the article and the discussion but I go back and read

          • I can’t be bothered to rummage through older article to find those so called concrete feedback. Let say whatever happen in an article stay in the article. Even if they explain themselves already and prefer not to repeat themselves in a new article, just don’t post.

          • Valtiel Ikari

            He did say he thinks it’s just OK, not awesome like the article says, it was just an opinion, he is not forcing any one to any thing. The last line was surely an hyperbole to enphasise his opinion.
            Seriously, whe get it, you love NT, you love this new fresh take, but why are you being aggressive whit a guy that just said that is not his cup of tea?

    • We’re all entitled to our opinions. Now please excuse me while I enjoy some more DmC.

      • MPHavoc

        “We’re all entitled to our opinions.”

        The most profound statement about this game I’ve heard since the release. ^_^

    • Herok♞

      I bought it at $60 dollars and I say you have “nine” upside down.

  • Tales_of_Master

    I pretty much agree on everything in this article. I love the old series, but I never thought of DmC as a sequel or as the game that will take the original’s place, so it was easier for me to accept it. I agree that the story could’ve been much more, and the bosses could use some work.

    The combat however is way better than I thought it would be. It’s definitely simplified, but that’s exactly what Capcom wanted, so I don’t understand the people who blame Ninja Theory as if they make the game the way it is out of malice.

    I don’t plan on getting the game, but in the future one it hits 20$, I’m definitely picking it up, since I had a lot of fun with the demo.

    • They happen to be mad at Ninja theory because Tameem is a giant hypocrite . And they said some things that caused people to question their skills as combat developers.

      • MPHavoc

        Are you talking about when he criticized how people would respond to Classic Dante’s look in real-life if they met him?

        • No I am referring to when he said gamers shouldnt be stimulated with sex. In the game Dante is rutting with a stripper, dropping the F word every other minute and a bunch of other nonsense.( None of it looks particularly atheistically pleasing regardless.) He practically called Lady and Trish whores.

          • puchinri

            That is incredibly ugly and gross (towards Trish and Lady) and very hypocritical and not cool (the rest). I really don’t doubt any of that, because I was pretty floored by some of the stuff he said early on, but if possible, could you source that in some way, even if it’s just a vague date or if you saw/heard it in a video or whatever? (I would like to read/watch/hear that myself.)

          • I found the article in a forum, gotta go look through its archive

          • puchinri

            Ahh, okay. Thanks.

  • Got it, played it, finished it. The gameplay was actually pretty fun with all the variety of weapons and enemies to fight, the level designs and boss fights were pretty creative and I’m glad the game’s not padded by having to go all the way back from the beginning of the game and hogging most of the action via cutscenes (I’m looking at you, Devil May Cry 4). Music rocks too.

    All that said, Dante himself wasn’t really that interesting aside a few jokes and insults he makes to his enemies. Lilith is ugly as hell, even uglier than the succubus and that’s saying something. The narrative is a bit self-indulging with graffiti visuals we see during Vergil’s exposition.

    I’m looking forward to playing the game in Son of Sparda difficulty once I get the DMC3 Dante costume and hopefully we’ll find out what the heck “Vergil’s Downfall” is all about.

  • Kaihedgie

    I’ll be sure to get this when my bday rolls around next month :3

  • MrTyrant

    I’ll give it an 8/10 for trying at least.

    But mind you that DMC 4 Dante was great. Bizarre and awesome.

    • Nee Nee

      8/10 simply for trying? Wow.

  • Curan_Altea

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many dislikes for comments speaking positively for a game before.
    I’m still waiting on the PC version (PS3 wasn’t doing it for me) but I liked the demo.
    This is my favorite review for this game I’ve read thus far. Good job Kris.

    • Kaihedgie

      This happens in every DmC thread, unfortunately.

      Not a great display of maturity for a fanbase of a series rated M

    • neetyneety

      Probably some haters who are still buttsore even after all this time. Honestly, if you really did just open your perspective and looked at it as its own action game, then you’ll see its merits.

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      I have never seen so much negative reaction. To sum up:
      “1-The game sold badly? Of course it did, cause it sucks!
      2-The game sold well? Only tools think sales equal quality!
      3-The game got bad reviews? Duh. Game sucks ass, and it sh*ts on everything that’s DMC.
      4-The game got good reviews? Obviously, Capcom paid off all gaming outlets – everyone knows that!
      5-Gamers hate the game? Awesome! Let’s go to Capcom’s website, and scream at them!
      6-Gamers like the game? Bunch of fantards. They don’t know what “true DMC” is really like! ”

      Youtube even has a guy who took a lot of time to make a Tameen account to comment in every DmC related video. Talk about dedication.

      • Kaihedgie

        Not to mention almost all DmC videos are heavily downvoted.

        EDIT: You’re suppose to call them Crapcom to hurt their feelings XD

        • MPHavoc

          The Youtube walkthroughs are scoring immense likes, though.

          I think my only problems with this game are the lack of variety with some of the enemies’ attacks and tactics, and I felt the Mundus fight could’ve had a few more stages to it ala DMC1(like battling Mundus’ true form within that pocket dimension alongside Vergil after incapacitating his construct). Other than that, I enjoyed the game for what it was. Especially the Vergil fight at the end.

          As for the DMC vs DmC, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Just look at it in the same light as the Megaman franchise and its differing reiterations of the character. At least Itsuno has plans to continue with the original series while helping NT with their version instead of dropping it (unlike certain other series I want to strangle Capcom over).

  • AkuLord3

    Find it funny that boss fights aren’t mention seeing how in Action games they’re usually the most epic thing to get u pumped then again seeing 3 of them (only 6 in the game i believe? don’t remember) that’s pretty sad. But yeah its an Ok game…if you ignore the title

  • ErhmagerdWerds

    This article pretty much sums up my feelings on it entirely. I enjoyed the game way more than I was expecting to! But I also understand that some people are just not going to like it, or give it a chance simply because it’s different- which is the entire point of a reboot. I’m a huge fan of the original DMC series, and hope that the original universe does continue, which it can, because despite what people seem to think, a reboot does not, in any way, destroy the original universe. However I also really would like DmC to continue because I liked this game so much that I think if they polished out the flaws that were there (like, the actual flaws, not the “different”-ness) the next game could be amazing.

    • There’s quite a bit I’d change about the game. I wont even touch on the combat or the difficulty but please give the enemies more diversity in the way they fight.

      Number one being Dante, the whole overuse of the word Nephilim and *Fuck*, everything that’s supposed to have sex appeal but looks off in one way or another. The story, the dialogue. I’d make each level longer and less linear more integral and actually have it interact more with Dante, the worlds not really trying to kill you either. Its supposed to be edgy and all that crap but Mundus just looks … underwhelming.

      • ErhmagerdWerds

        Ah yeah there’s stuff I’d change too, tho it’s more of a polish than anything. Very few games get things 100% right on their first entry and even if this is spiritually tied to a franchise it really is a new game series. There are some naggling rough edges, but nothing as game breaking as people are making them out to be.

        I had no problem with the characterization that was there, I would have liked more and more exploration of the characters and world, but the new Dante , while not being the same character, was still the same archetype and recognizable enough. I had no problem with the cursing, I’m quite sure I’ve said F*ck more times in the past hour than Dante said in the entire game and I certainly wasn’t trying to be edgy or harrrrdcore. Some of us just have potty mouths. It happens. And demons didnt even kill my mother.

        I personally loved the world from an aesthetic standpoint, the claustrophobia of the world closing in was a very unique tool I thought. I would have liked to have seen more of that work into the gameplay too tho, like besides being squished between buildings. I felt like that was a lost opportunity to include some more interaction but really, like I said it wasn’t gamebreaking to me, just something that would have been way cooler if it was there.

        I think the Mundus fight was the one time I felt truely let down, it was over before I knew it. But I mean, come on, we all knew he wasnt the last boss anyway. It would have been kind of cool if the fight was so long you started to doubt yourself about that tho.

        As for things not being sexy, well, that’s really up to personal opinion. I loved old Dante, more than was probably healthy, but I wouldn’t kick new Dante out of bed either. Was Lilith sexy? Were the demons sexy? Hell no. But they weren’t supposed to be, especially Lilith. Having sex on screen doesn’t mean the character has to be sexy, neither does being an enemy female. The demons were designed to be really grotesque in this game and I loved that. I’m personally tired of pretty demons in games that are just some hot dude/chick with horns slapped on. They were gross, and that was great to me. But I realize a lot of people will totally hate that, because any game that chooses a distinct visual direction and aesthetic is going to polarize their audience.

        Overall I think that’s what this game is, like the actual game not even the game people think this is without playing it. It’s very much a like it or not game. But so was Skyrim and that didn’t make that an awful game, just a game people either “got” or didn’t, and it’s okay to get it or not get it, like it or not like it, but treating the other side like they’re idiot douchef*cks is just balls out nuts to me.

        DmC wasn’t a perfect game, but from the positive reviews I’ve read no one’s saying it is. Lots of not perfect games can still be hella fun.

        • Like I said I’d give the game a 7/10, I think people are just mad that the reviews were clearly not as critical as they should have been. Sexy demons? No.
          But honestly do you want to see nasty things having sex? NO XD wasnt that pertinent to the story or characterization either. Yeah the level design was nice. Honestly though I would prefer it if demons didnt look like a bunch of shit that is smooshed together unless its a bunch of shit smooshed together.

          • ErhmagerdWerds

            Lilith having Mundus’ baby was like a KEY part of the plot and characterization tho. Did I enjoy seeing two ugly mofos grinding nasties? Uh, no. But it wasn’t really played as “Oh man this is going to be so hot” I mean I’m sure someone thought it was anyway tho lol, I think the point of the demons being grotesque in all aspects (including nasty grinding) is just going to be one of those things some people will like and other people will be like “Well crap, I did not need to see that.” I’m just glad we never saw all of Lilith’s sags sagging everywhere because oh god unsee.

          • Kehahahahahah ya damn skippy , prying eyes need NOT see XD. I doubt anyone wants to see that really… lets they be a depraved one.

          • ErhmagerdWerds

            Oh you know it’s already Rule 34’d somewhere, the internet has dark dark places.

          • CoughTumblrCough

          • i feel your sorry , pal !

  • isotrex

    I’m actually playing this game, and honestly, it’s good.

  • And i really love how this pic was made before DmCs launch, lets hope they failed at predicting MGR reactions

    • Oh, im not going to forget to post this one.

      Anyway dont take it badly siliconera, i realize you are more honest than most of this other pages, but let also take into account that sometimes pages dont need to be coerced, pressed, or bought, sometimes they just go with the dominant flow.

      And when common sense fails who can you trust.

      • The catch here being that “fans” have no common sense. :)

        Feel free to link to whatever bile you want! Deep down, people know the truth. :P

        • you’re on a roll here huh?

          • We all knew this day was coming. Time for the winning team to cash in their gloating rights. :P

          • What gloating rights? the same ones as with KOTOR? or dragon age 2? or mass effect 3?

          • Richard N

            Probably the joy that despite all the negative images for DmC you’re posting Ishaan is still enjoying the game and no amount of random internet board debating can change what he enjoys.

            But please, continue.

          • Well, I highly enjoy stuff like Godzilla vs Megalon but realize that the film is pretty terrible.

            DmC may be a fun game but I severely doubt it is 10/10 material. A rental from a red box? Sure. Full price? Naw.

          • Just want to point out that Kris was the one that wrote the playtest, not me. He’s our stylish-action games expert and he’ll be the one covering Metal Gear Rising, too. :)

            (I wouldn’t gloat in my own playtest this way, hahaha.)

          • MPHavoc

            To be perfectly honest, the sheer amount of vitriol on both sides is looking unseemly at this time.

          • No vitriol from me. Just joy and satisfaction. :P

        • “Feel free to link to whatever bile you want!”
          Thanks you very much sir! thats what im going to do!

          • Valtiel Ikari

            This, pretty much this! And does Vergil seriously kills a pregnant women and him and Dante brag about it!? well, what happened to capcom coming to NT because westerners could make deep, meningful stories and NT being the prime example of it? what happened to the awesome writting skills NT fans say NT have? what happened to “whe came to Ninja Theory because whe want to make THE BEST Devil May Cry game, both in gameplay and story” capcom CEOs said in a interview?

            yeah, I think I’ll move from “rental” to “not getting near this s¡!t”

          • MPHavoc

            Okay, there’s this small thing called context.

            Lilith and her demon child were killed by Vergil since he did not want to deal with Mundus’ heir competing with him for dominance over humanity in the future. Dante,when he witnessed the sniping, was positively pissed at Vergil for killing the child, who just responded that he did what he had to. Later, Dante taunted Mundus about the death of his child (which he was very reluctant to do) as part of Vergil and Kat’s plan to lure Mundus away from his fortress while Vergil destroyed the Hellgate in his office, which was providing him with unlimited power.

            Really, if you want to know what happens, just go look at the Walkthroughs or the cutscene video movies. Don’t go by second-hand information.

          • Valtiel Ikari

            OK, thanks for clearing that out, still seems a bit exesive, and feels more like something a villain would do.

          • Herok♞


            Vergil was the Villain so its not surprising he would do that.

          • Guest

            Why do you want him to bare witness to demons doing the nasty?

        • Anyway ishan can you tell me why you (or maybe it has been an error of the page) have erased my previous post? the one with…….ah you know what? i will post it again, feel free to delete it if the previous one appears again

          • The image wasn’t showing up.

            edit: Also, if you’re going to link to a bunch of stuff, could you consolidate it into one comment? It keeps the comment section from getting too spammy. Thanks!

          • riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight……i believe you,kinda.

        • Locklear93

          To be fair, Ishaan, while I absolutely admit that most Metacritic bombings are the result of fans being outraged about this or that and applying a zero rather than judging fairly, I’ve never yet seen a Metacritic score that low for a game that didn’t genuinely displease a lot of gamers. First to mind are Mass Effect 3 and Diablo 3. The former was a genuinely good game in MOST respects, up until a completely abysmal end, and the latter is such a huge pile that large amounts of the “improvements” have been pared back to be more in line with Diablo 2.

          tl;dr: Metacritic bombing like that is almost always an excessive reaction–but it’s also almost always spurred by SOME legitimate complaint.

          As for me, I’ll use the article intro to express my sentiments. “Don’t think of DmC as Devil May Cry 5. It’s not.”

          Fair enough. What I want from a game with Devil May Cry in the title, though, is Devil May Cry. I’m not going to waste energy on vitriol–but I’m also not going to give the time of day to a product that isn’t what I want, when there are plenty of games out there that are.

          • Agreed, 100%. Metacritic scores aren’t at all representative of the full extent of discussion regarding any game.

            Personally, I think scores suck and so does everyone else on Siliconera’s staff. They potentially affect how you write your review and require you to justify why you gave the game the score that you did, which limits the kind of things you can talk about and basically leaves less room for more interesting essays on the merits or flaws of a game.

            In this case, though, I think it’s the discussion (excluding the end score) that speaks for itself. Everywhere… on Metacritic, YouTube, other websites and even in these very comments, you can see that the majority of people who are down on this game are down on it for being different and not being “DMC5”.

            I know my comment came off as smug (and to be completely honest, I did intend it that way) but I was referring to the fact that this game has serious positive buzz to it.

            Sometimes, when something is good, you can just tell, you know? For example, X or Y site could give Deadly Premonition a crap score for bad graphics, spotty controls and so on, but we all know it means nothing. DP has different goals from most games and succeeds at what it wants to do marvelously. And so does DmC, by the looks of it.

            Thanks for responding to my comment btw. This discussion needed to happen. I’m glad I got the chance to explain myself a little better. :)

          • Naux

            Well, I am just going to assume, that at the end of the day, everyone present in this comment section is reading the reviews as well, to try to inform themselves about what kind of controversy is happening about certain games. I mean this review is a picture-book example. You read the review, then you look at the comments. Profit.

          • In a perfect world, yeah. Sadly, I think a lot of people (not gamers who actually care about the discussion, but a mix of casual players and other misc. folk) just scroll down straight to the scores and make their decision based on those. :(

          • Locklear93

            You’re quite welcome for the reply. And you’re completely right that the majority of people complaining about the game are doing so because it’s not Devil May Cry 5. I clearly said that’s why I have no interest in it (well, part of it–I also don’t care for New Dante coming off like a punk instead of a badass).

            Where we differ, I think, is that I feel that’s a fair complaint. I realize that new IPs are scary things, and that it’s safer to stick to an existing one, and just change it around a lot. The thing is, as the article above makes clear, it’s NOT like Devil May Cry 1-4… so why call it that and pretend? It’s an action game with a number of similarities, to be sure, but from my perspective, slapping a Devil May Cry coat of paint on that is simply the wrong way to go.

            Is the correct response the behavior we see in DmC threads? I don’t really think so. At the same time, I don’t think it’s actually unfair for people to look at Not-Devil-May-Cry-5 and say, “This isn’t what I want from “Devil May Cry.” I also don’t think it’s unfair for people to look at the new characterization and say, “Wow, I hate these guys. Not interested.” Devil May Cry may never have put narrative first (…there’s an understatement), but when a game has an established universe, that IS part of the experience–and I don’t think it’s unfair for gamers to be displeased enough by a change in one part of the experience to simply not care if the rest of that experience is good.

          • Again, I agree 100% that everyone is allowed their own opinion. But the fact of the matter is that people who dislike the game for not being DMC5 are failing to present their argument in a clear manner.

            I think if someone just came out and said, “OK, you know what? I wanted DMC5, and since this isn’t it, I’m not interested,” that would be totally cool. That’s an honest and entirely fair stance to take.

            The problem is, people instead are choosing to say, “This isn’t DMC5, and for that reason it’s a terrible game and everyone who likes it is wrong or being paid off by Capcom.” That’s utter nonsense, and those are the kinds of arguments that turn DmC discussions into the poop-flinging fests they’ve become.

          • Locklear93

            That’s fair. It could be misinterpretation on my part, but the tone of some moderation in DmC threads has felt to me like “It’s not DMC5” was not being treated as a valid reason. In any case, the “poop flinging” and accusations of bribery are ridiculous. Everyone knows only Atlus does that, to distract from region locking in P4:A.

            …you’ll give me a 30 second head start before unleashing the hounds, won’t you?

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I’ll cover ya with today’s special news leak.

            In P5, Igor will prove to Capcom, Square, CH/IF and the world exactly what a greedy SOB looks like when he makes every demon fusion a RMT.

          • I… I don’t think I’ll need to unleash any hounds. I can hear the horde of angry region-free fans already stampeding your way at the merest mention of a region lock. It was nice knowing you, Locklear. T^T

            (Thanks again for the talk, by the way. I genuinely really appreciated this discussion. DmC talks are so venomous all the time. It’s really, really nice to be able to have a civil talk about the game with someone on the other side of the fence!)

          • Locklear93

            You’re welcome again. :) I enjoy my hyperbole as much as the next guy, and in a conversation with friends where I’m less concerned about conveying whys, I absolutely would just spout off. I DO call the new Dante “White Trash Dante.”

            There’s a difference, though, between venting and discourse, and while both have their place, discourse is signal, and venting falls squarely under noise–and we’re in agreement that DmC threads have a bad enough signal to noise ratio without my help. ;)

          • If you want to have a more in-depth discussion about the game, you can always hit up Kris. He wrote the playtest and he should be home in a bit to check if people are calling him mean names because he liked the game. :P

            Kris is a super hardcore DMC fan. The type that actually sits on YouTube and watches other people playing to pick up combos and whatnot, haha.

          • Locklear93

            I’m less a “hardcore DMC fan” than a hardcore universe fan–of any universe, in general. I only played 1, 3, and 4, and only beat 4. I’m not sure how much there is to discus in depth, since he likes the game (which is his prerogative), and I’ve dismissed it out of hand. There are times I’m open to changing my stance, and times when all I can offer is to convey my position clearly, for the sake of mutual understanding. In ANY game series I like at all, the integrity of the universe is of critical importance to me–beyond gameplay, even. Reboots have a VERY uphill battle with me, and this isn’t just a reset; it’s a total re-imagining.

            What I’ve seen of Dante’s character, I find repellant. Dante was a fairly stock “badass” trope before, but it was decently executed. I liked the universe presented in DMC 1-4. Replacing Dante with someone I consider to be a total asshole, and resetting the world without attention to making it feel like starting over in the SAME world, under different circumstances, basically makes DmC a non-starter for me. I mean, I’m certainly open to hearing Kris’ take on my opinions, but I can’t see either of our attitudes on DmC actually changing. Good guy, though, I’m totally with him on his misgivings about Motoko Kusanagi’s new character design. <_<

          • Urgh, yeah. Motoko’s new design is something I’m not keen on myself. I’ll obviously still watch the new anime, since I love Ghost in the Shell, but Stand Alone Complex will always be my favourite version of that franchise.

            I actually got into GITS via Stand Alone Complex, so when I went back to check out the original manga, I was shocked by how ugly I found the art work in comparison, hahaha. The movies based on the manga universe are nice, though.

          • Locklear93

            My first exposure to GitS was the original movie, back in the late 90s, maybe 2000. It was one of the first DVDs I ever bought. I think I saw GitS 2: Innocence after 1st Gig of SAC, and was fairly stunned at just how alien it felt by comparison. I’m hoping the new anime won’t feel quite so off, outside of Motoko’s design.

            I’m actually pretty okay with the original manga art, but it probably helps that I saw Dominion Tank Police (also by Masamune Shirow) very early in my getting into anime. At least, not counting watching Voltron and Robotech as a kid in the 80s… but those are just abominations. <_<

          • I never watched Voltron, but I did watch Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, which I believe was by the same folks, haha. God, I used to love that show. <3

          • PS: Come join the more fun discussion in Open Thread. :P


          • MediaMindControl

            I remember day one on gamefaqs, where there was a topic called ” i think i’m the only true fan of this series that loves this game” not a troll topic either. tons of fans were enjoying it and I thought, hey that’s great to hear. New character design aside i’m sure.

          • Calintz YT

            >But the fact of the matter is that people who dislike the game for not
            being DMC5 are failing to present their argument in a clear manner.

            Or you just don’t care to hear it regardless of its clarity.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            When the ‘clarity’ is proclaiming hatred for or name calling another human being because of the game one chooses to develop or play, more than a little room to be troubled by such assumptions is left.

          • Locklear93

            I don’t know; he seemed perfectly content to hear me say I won’t even try the game when I expressed it the way I did. Even thanked me, twice. Ishaan and I disagree more than we agree, I think, but presenting my distaste as I have has never really gotten him to come down on me.

          • KingRuff

            OK, you know what? I wanted DMC5, and since this isn’t it, I’m not interested. Took the words right outta my mouth.

          • MediaMindControl

            Wanted to note that I came to this article to read siliconera’s opinion cause for the most part, you guys write very solid reviews and I like to see what other gamers think when they play a game. All the fan arguments and disapproval doesn’t concern me though, as I am not a fan of the series nor do I expect anything from DmC reboot. pleasing fans has got to be the most annoying thing you can be asked to do as a creator of any craft. Personally nothing about this game inspires me to pay money or spend time playing it.
            I am generally uninterested, although I do like to read about the experiences, so thank you for providing that service. Opinions are cool, they are easy to make, but hard to back up with rational reasoning, cause apparently emotions get in the way.

          • Robgoro

            It doesn’t help that, when it comes to a numerical scale, 1-10 tends to be condensed into 7-10; and there’s virtually no criteria explaining what a tenth of a point means. When it gets right down to it, you’d find anyone hard-pressed to find a reason why 9.6 is better than a 9.5.

            People have been conditioned, though, into scrolling down the page to see what the “final verdict” is when, in reality, the entire experience of a game can’t really be quantified in such a way. The criteria for different numbers varies from person to person, so you’re left with the responsibility of reading around, comparing experiences and getting to know what personalities like what types of games.

            Then again, I wouldn’t expect anything critical of DmC to come from Kris! ;)

          • Oh trust me, Kris is plenty critical of DmC! It’s the fans that truly love a series that are its harshest critics. What it boiled down to for Kris is that he really liked it for being a different take on his favourite game. I suppose it’s like how a comic book fan would love Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, or even the Arkham games :)

            But yeah, I agree that the numerical scale has very little meaning nowadays. I distinctly remember when GameSpot did away with their decimal scores and changed it to increments of .5 instead. At the time, I thought it made a lot more sense, because yeah, what is the difference between an 8.4 and an 8.5?

          • Blitz Krieg

            Personally i use the 5 Star system:

            1 Star – Bad
            2 Star – Mediocre
            3 Star – Good
            4 Star – Very good
            5 Star – Excellent

          • shion16

            dmc fans are too stubborn.
            Metacritic user scores? Tech comparisons with dmc4 ?
            Most of them havent played the game.I dont care their scores.
            Scores are just numbers,they dont say how fun a game really is
            and DmC is so much fun .

        • Calintz YT

          >The catch here being that “fans” have no common sense. :)

          If everyone is a fan of something wouldn’t that mean no one has common sense?

          • Come on, you can’t be that oblivious to what he really meant. We’ve heard of various complaints from old DMC loyalists from start to (post-)finish. Few made sense, most didn’t.

            What I’m about to say is quite likely going to be hard to take in, but: If you want first-hand evidence of how most gamers have barely any understanding of fair criticism, there’s no better place to look than user reviews – and not just on Metacritic. We’ve seen it with Skyward Sword not very long ago; DmC is just a negative analogue of the similar situation.

      • I was waiting to see when someone was going to make this comparison, I noticed this earlier in the week when DmC came out and actually started to make the comparison myself. My thing is that you can’t always take the opinions of publications or the general public on separate merits all the time, you have to experience it yourself especially with an open mind. I do not care for Call of Duty let alone Battlefield. Have I played them? Of course? Do I feel they add anything to their respective genre? Not really outside of graphics maybe, and it varies between the two.

        That said, I own games that have been panned and had mediocre scores on the basis that I wanted the game and I will intend on keeping the game, most recent would be Neverdead and is probably going to be followed by most of Grasshopper Manufacture and Platinum Games back catalogs even with me seeing videos and the like for them. It’s a matter preference and trying to be transparent as possible about what the game will be like as possible.

        Also a lot of times, the publications are trying to rate gameplay and controls first and foremost, graphics and story tend to be secondary but are still important. If anything, Anarchy Reigns most definitely has the superior story, gameplay would end up going to DmC, but to be fair DmC is single player only while AR has multiplayer, which is where it had points taken off by publications due to the unbalance nature of the game mechanics, especially between characters.

      • Robgoro

        Never underestimate the number of passive aggressive meta critic users.

        • MediaMindControl

          People still use metacritic? that is like using yelp! I can’t stand Yelp emailing me to subscribe to get good reviews for our family restaurant. Wow that first post, about the 1/10 from IGN felt real, like something they would say.

      • shion16

        thats the funny part of metacritic
        you can submit an user score without even played the game

    • Wow when was that made? While I do agree that may be the outcome. DMC was made by a westerner developer this time right?

      • No Ninja Theory isnt western

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Huh? Last I checked they were UK based. Western developers aren’t just those in the states.

          • Wait what there in the UK?

          • Locklear93

            “Ninja Theory Ltd, was formed in Cambridge England, in November of 2004,
            by Nina Kristensen (Chief Development Ninja), Mike Ball (Chief
            Technology Ninja), Tameem Antoniades (Chief Design Ninja) and
            Non-Executive Ninja, Jez San OBE.”


          • Exkaiser

            Were you perhaps confusing them with Team Ninja, creators of Dead or Alive and the modern Ninja Gaiden games?

        • ReidHershel

          One of the most common mistake is gaming history….like ever.

    • puchinri

      I really, really hope the MGR reactions will be the exact opposite. ;u;

    • shion16

      since when overpowered is a bad feature in a game?
      I mean…..Asura wasnt weak in Asura Wrath and Dante in the first games was a pizza lover Neo

    • enorka miho

      Wait… Did those people really give MGR such a bad comment even before its out??? And DMC has such a high score? Seriously?? I mean.. they are both reboot with different direction (maybe not as much for MGR) yet it seems like the expectation for MGR is way higher? How could they?!!

      Irks me when people go calling DMC fans stubborn heads with no sense.. But.. here they are condemning MGR when they were clear to be something new for the franchise in the first place? I.. am speechless..

      • Dude no, its a pic made in 4chan/reddit/”whateverinternetholecamefrom” that is supposed to mock videogame journalism and their reactions, the image was done before the game came out.

        • enorka miho

          oh.. i see.. sorry bout that.. hehe…

      • you don’t say ! Now that some scheme you can see clearly here !

        • enorka miho

          hahaha.. sorry for taking things too seriously.. I was.. trolled.. yea… :(

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    PC release means good things for modders

  • Istillduno

    If it calls itself Devil May Cry, it should live up to the Devil May Cry series, it’s common bloody sense.

    If you market an orange as an apple don’t be suprised when people take a bit and tell you your apple tastes like **** and they hate what you’ve done to apples.

    • Kaihedgie

      Please…for the tenth time, stop using food for analogies. It simply doesn’t work

      • That’s what I thought but didn’t really want to say since I knew someone would eventually point that out.

      • puchinri

        Why not? I think that worked kind of well, but it wasn’t perfect. I do think they could have used a better food analogy. (Maybe a comparison of Mexican or Chinese food that you get in the US compared to the actual countries?)

        • Kaihedgie

          Why does it always have to be food? You eat food, and it doesn’t last :U

          • puchinri

            But we also consume games! And. . . well, only in really violent or neglectful cases do they not last.

            I think food works for me because I’m a foodie, and since food and games are two loves of my life, they go well together for comparison purposes.

    • ErhmagerdWerds

      Except they didn’t? All of the lead up marketing and information to the release clearly showed how different the game was going to be from the original series. That’s why everyone was all Grrrrr!mad. If they had bait and switched no one would have been angry till the demo released and SURPRISE! this game is like, totally different from what we adverted– but yeah, that didn’t happen. People have been angry over the changes since the first promo image. If that wasn’t enough to tell you you werent buying an apple then maybe you just dont know anything about fruit.

      • Istillduno

        Oh come the hell on, the name is still Devil May Cry, the characters are still named after Devil May Cry characters, Capcom and Ninja Theory were trying to use the name to sell this POS from the beginning and are still probably hoping that your average casual gamer who isn’t following game blogs/magazines ect. will be going “Hey theres a new Devil May Cry out” and buying it based on the better series of games.

        And yes when they keep telling us their rotton bloody orange is the apple and don’t just do what they did when they changed what would have been RE4 into the origional Devil May Cry and give it it’s own IP if it doesn’t belong in the series anymore then people will get pissed off, just like I’m sure we would have done if we had been told RE wasn’t about survival horror anymore and was now about comboing enemies stylishly with swords and guns all those years ago.

        • People aren’t that stupid. People know the difference between Joel Schumacher Batman and Christopher Nolan Batman. People know the difference between Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies and Amazing Spider-Man. It isn’t rocket science, man.

          • ErhmagerdWerds

            Wow, I was typing up a Star Trek analogy but you totally beat me to it.

          • SerendipityX

            People know the difference but they probably expect/want more of the same. I experienced this with the Amazing Spiderman and JS Batman.

            Edit: Pretty much what happened with DmC, we all know that its different but “most” wanted/expected DMC 5

          • ErhmagerdWerds

            Expecting two different directors, or studios, to make the same product is kind of unrealistic. I mean they’re both super hero movies sure, but Lady Gaga and Carrie Underwood are both “blonde singers” and you probably wouldn’t expect their cds to be interchangeable. (Though expecting both to be crap is a totally valid response I suppose) In the age of the internet there’s so much information out before a product releases that I think the onus is on the consumer to do a quick google search before buying. Making any uninformed purchases on assumptions, not limited to gaming, is probably going to end in a sad face purchase. Sure you might be pleasently surprised but the odds are not in your favor.

          • I wouldn’t say “most” wanted it. I mean, realistically speaking, how many people that play Devil May Cry games are hardcore fans who sit there counting frames and complaining about movesets being changed? DMC4 sold 2.5 million and I’m willing to bet the vast majority of people who bought it were just folks looking for a solid action game.

          • Curan_Altea

            Complaining about moves and the framerate just gives them an excuse to blindly hate something. I loved DMC4 despite the many issues I had with it. At the end of the day it was still a great action game.

          • Same. I like DMC4 a lot more than 3, but maybe that’s because I’m not really one of the “hardcore” fans. I found the Devil Bringer in DMC4 super useful for maintaining combos and I actually had to stop playing the game after you switched to Dante because losing the Devil Bringer threw me off completely.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          That’s kind of an odd comparison since what became RE4 pretty much did move that series from survival horror to killing enemies stylishly with guns.

          Again, when folks move the argument from “I don’t like this game” to “the average gamer who ends up liking this is an uneducated idiot”, you are going to lose a lot of respect for your opinon.

        • Then someone should have told Capcom not to make Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter since it obviously had characters named after Breath of Fire characters even though it was clear it was going to be a different take on the series well before it was released.

          • Or every BoF game since the first since, you know, they had the same character names with different settings and different ways in which they’re written. There’s a different Ryu every time. Only similarity was that they all had dragons in it. Sound familiar?

          • Final Fantasy series and quite a few other games, but the case with games like Breath of Fire that reuse the same protagonist with the similarly named characters (i.e. the Legend of Zelda series) in a somewhat different setting should not be completely surprising, however the reason I mentioned Dragon Quarter is because it was a vastly different take on the story setting and gameplay of the other BoF games as it’s set up like a Roguelike and the characters are in a dystopian like setting. Like Isshan and others gaming community wise who are trying to be reasonable is, some folks should not have been surprised it was going to be different when it was said from the get go it was, annoyance by it or not, and it should and how I feel about it it should be treated as just an alternate version of the Devil May Cry series. It’s not as though it is unprecedented for series to be like this, heck look at all the sub-series and spinoffs Shin Megami Tensei has from the core series.

          • Bravo, sir/madam! Some people really need to consider the creative rights of developers.

            (And before someone comes in with with a smartass comment like “Swearing/etc. is creativity?”: That’s not the context I’m talking about to begin with.)

          • Sir Mr. Drakos. -monocle-
            It pretty much goes into the comments Garyuu and I made later about the series that do spinoffs, sub-series, or reiterations of their games sometimes using the slightly different variations of characters with the same names along with some locations and the like. In some instances it will be fine as long as a lot of major changes aren’t made, but as soon as you do it’s going to offend some folks.

          • MogCakes

            Can’t please everyone.

      • Naux

        This, sir, this is POETRY!

    • MrRobbyM

      If you’re gonna pull crap like this at least make it entertaining for the rest of us and give us something to back up your argument.

  • undergroundz

    Even here people are trying to cover up that DmC is not living up to expectations when compared to DMC4 battle system and characterization?
    I am a little dissapoint… to say the truth.

    • If you go in expecting an expansion of the combat in DMC4 (which I still consider the pinnacle of combat in action games), you’ll be disappointed and find a lot of your old muscle memory will fail you. This is not DMC5. This is DmC. And if you’re willing to open your mind to that, you’ll find that it’s a damn good game.


      I actually found myself drawn in by the way that the story was presented. While not exactly Shakespeare, it was a step up for me from DMC4′s teen-angst-punctuated-by-a-thirty-something-man-who-acts-like-a-child melodrama (I’m still mad about how ludicrous Dante was in that game, but that’s a story for another day), and it set each level up pretty well.

      Try reading next time. Both combat and characterization in comparison to DMC4 were covered. :P

      • “which I still consider the pinnacle of combat in action games”
        Bayonetta is better.

      • “it was a step up for me from DMC4′s teen-angst-punctuated-by-a-thirty-something-man-who-acts-like-a-child melodrama”

        That’s pretty damn hilarious considering DmC’s dialogue is full of vulgarity and childish insults.

        But I guess people have opinions, even if they’re poorly made.

        • Uh… not exactly. There are a few pretty vulgar parts, but beyond that, the dialogue isn’t that bad. (Certainly nowhere near as bad as the “opinions” Capcom and Ninja Theory were subjected to.) I can only assume Capcom oversold the “edginess” in the demo.

      • Dante’s still pitiable in this one. He’s craven and vulgar

  • Blitz Krieg

    This game happened because Capcom hit the jackpot with DMC3’s Dante.

    You see? They couldn’t make Dante young and cuhrazy as in DMC3 again, and when they tried with Nero people wanted to eat them alive because he had a personality trait that the japanese (and now americans) considered “cool” at the time: Angstyness.

    And they found rejection again with DmC, not only because angstyness but because its characters and its world were tailored to look like a summer american blockbuster made for twenty-something cum-guzzling apple-workshipping hipsters.

    In DMC4 the main character was an angsty inferior version of Dante, had a boring submissive love interest (Japan seems to love these kind of bitches), and the main antagonist was impossibly generic.

    And in DmC the main character is Tameem’s Gary Stu, has a terribly bland love interest (you could just bet they made her as generic as possible so fangirls self-insert onto her) and the main antagonist is the personification of what hipsters that went to Occupy probably think the root of all evil looks like. Plus the retarded final fight and ending.

    Combat is easier and less complex and varied than DMC4, that alone makes it an inferior hack n slash. However, it still is solid and thus i might buy it when it’s cheaper.

  • This game is pretty great, whether it be boss design(well, design in general), combat, humor, really everything. my only complaint is that i beat it in a little over 10 hours, but at the same time, im still excited about playing it on other difficulties and unlocking costume options. I have played the other DMC titles and was never as entertained as i have been with this one.

    Also good, unbiased review!

  • SerendipityX

    I’m still confused at what this game is supposed to be. “Its not DMC 5.” “Its a reboot.” “Its just DmC.” I still feel like this could a have been a great, new ip since I have no interest whatsoever in the previous DMCs.

    • Naux

      I feel the same actually. If this game would have been marketed as a complete new IP, people wouldn’t be bitching about it as much, as they do now.
      I only played DMC4, and while I did think the combat was pretty fun, I don’t think it is better than DmC… and that only being a comparison with the DmC demo version. That’s my opinion on it.

      • SerendipityX

        I’m not an action/hack-n-slash fan at all but the awesome color scheme immediately caught my eye. I never cared for the previous Dante but this new Dante didn’t catch my attention either. Absolutely nothing pulled me in outside of “pretty colors”.

      • My problem with the game is not that it isnt DMC5, its that there are
        much better action titles that dont have the games issue, and for a
        60$ game 8 hours of core time isnt worth it.

    • puchinri

      This. I still think it’s supposed to be a reboot? But I stand by my opinion that it should have been a (entirely new) IP. If it had to be connected to DMC though, I think it should have been a spin-off (like E.X. Troopers is to LP). I mean, even aside from the character changes, everything drastically changed to the world leaves little room to return to if they could have. It would just work better as something new, or something barely related.

    • Ferrick

      agreed, i think it would’ve been able to avoid flames from most DMC players if it had a different name

  • Flandre Scarlet

    I’m not sure how you disliked DMC4’s supposed “teen-angst-punctuated-by-a-thirty-something-man-who-acts-like-a-child melodrama” story but are totally fine with “teen-angst-punctuated-by-a-20-something-man-who-acts-like-a-child-melodrama” that is this DmC’s story.

    Actually, most of the cast of DmC act like children.

    • Valtiel Ikari

      I know right? seems really contradictory.

    • It’s not very hard. I don’t think one is better than the other, but DmC does build a world environment for its characters, even if not a very detailed one. We get to see the scope of the characters’ existence on a basic level. To me, that’s more than enough world- and reference-frame-building than I saw in DMC3.

      • Fr33Kingdom

        And the very notion that it’s not the same as the old devil may cry kind of already means that someone out there could like one and not the other….

  • Exkaiser

    I must say, I rather enjoy this article’s title.

    • Here are some of the other titles that we were debating before we settled on this one:

      DmC Devil May Cry Playtest: Tough Crowd (Since the game is about crowd control)

      DmC Devil May Cry, But Tameem Is Laughing With Joy (Obvious trolling! Sadly, that’s not how we (t)roll…)

      Devil May Cry… But I Did Not (this one almost made it in but we decided to go with the final title)

      • Naux

        Lol at the last one.

  • Rancid

    I like this game. :3

  • Naux

    PC version going pretty cheap if you look it up on google. Cheaper than GMG if you guys wonder. Maybe all this negative propaganda from DMC fanboys made this pricedrop happen. If yes I am thankful.

    • Valtiel Ikari

      your’e welcome XD

  • Isaac Newton

    Reviewers gives DmC a high ratings while on normal gamer gives it a meh ratings sometime I don’t want to believe in reviewers anymore D:
    Or maybe DmC will become Deadly Premonitions 2 LOL

    • Herok♞

      I am certainly not a reviewer but I would give DmC a high rating, and with something like this their are really no normal gamers because everyone has a different level of involvement with the original work

  • Göran Isacson

    I almost wet myself with disappointment when I saw that you got angry that Dante got ridiculous in DMC4. He was ALWAYS ridiculous, and playing up that goofy camp was the franchises true appeal to me. Granted, when he did outright STUPID things like neglect destroying demon gates during his trek and take the long way around after Sanctus got awakened instead of just head right into fighting the darn thing, then I got frustrated. But his interactions with Angus and such? That MADE the darn game.

    As for this… eh, I’ve played up until the Succubus mission and have to admit, I’m getting kinda despondent at how boring everyone is. I am waiting for that moment like in Enslaved when Monkey hands Trip the controls to his death-collar, or when Pigsy… well, that would be end-game spoilers. But suffice to say that while stories have seldom been STRONG in DMC games, they have at least been entertainingly outrageous. here the characters only offer an occasional chuckle and the story’s not much better and it doesn’t even have the good taste to offer me something outrageous.

    BUT. I do admit that it’s nice to play the fights now that I’m unlocking more weapons, even if I thought there would be more weapons than the two that’ve been shown so far. And the story COULD always get better the further in the game I get… though I must aks- DOES the Osiris ever actually get useful? To me it seems like once you’ve got your hands on Aquila you’ll never need to switch back to the scythe for any practical reason.

  • Must be a low traffic week on silicon.

  • Richard N

    Here’s to a DmC 2!

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Which is better? DMC2, DmC: Devil May Cry, or The Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s Revenge? If someone could give me the answer it would make my month.

      • Richard N

        You know I’ve never understood why so many people liked Nightmare Before Christmas. Maybe it’s because I didn’t watch it as a child and it got really overhype. Either way, didn’t work for me.

        That’s fine though different strokes for different folks.

      • Herok♞

        DmC: Devil May Cry by a mile.

  • Guest

    One sentence with my pure honest shout.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      But he was only involved with the first one… kind of sad “his” series was taken away from him. iirc he also said if he were to make a DMC2, the protagonist wasn’t going to be Dante.

    • Blitz Krieg

      He knows better. He won’t go back to Japan’s EA.

  • Nice review! I’m glad you managed to keep it civil. I’ll probably pick it up when it’s under $20 on a steam sale.

  • epy

    Nice review. I borrowed the game from a friend and gave it a shake. The game itself is above average. The combat is fun and engaging albeit a little too simple. I love the art direction and I feel it is the game’s strongest aspect. I couldn’t get into the music, dunno, instead of getting me pumped it was making me go “Geez, shut up!!” and lowering the volume. I hated the characters however. With the exception of maybe Kat, I wanted to punch everyone in the face. The game also tries way too hard to be edgy and is also… vulgar. I don’t see how people think this is mature. DMC has never been mature, but it wasn’t trying to either. This is what a 15 year old would think is mature.

    The game itself is solid, but I still don’t see what is causing reviewers to go nuts about it. Is it that everyone thought it would suck so much that it caught them by surprise? In any case, I still hope that this game does not dictate the future of the series. I would rather have fun with cool, goofy Dante than having to put up with edgy Dante when killing demons.

    • finally , someone speak what i want to hear the most , ” a normal gamer would think when play DmC ” . Sorry to say i don’t trust the critic at all , what i trust is the normal people play game itself . The ” I hated the characters however. With the exception of maybe Kat, I wanted to punch everyone in the face . The game also tries way too hard to be edgy and is also… vulgar.” is really what i think about new DmC . “The game itself is solid, but I still don’t see what is causing reviewers to go nuts about it.” that too is true . Maybe because it’s a reboot that they go nut all over ? The game is good , but a 10/10 ? Not possible ! Not there are so many action game out there have way better combat and story plot !

      • Guest

        >Sorry to say i don’t trust the critic at all , what i trust is the normal people play game itself .

        What you are really saying is “I refuse to listen to anyone who doesn’t agree with me.”

        • did you see my cm there ” a normal gamer would think when play DmC ,what i trust is the normal people play game itself ” it’s the people who play the game know it’s value . you don’t need to be a director to know a movie is good or bad , you don’t need to be a Novelist to judge a book goo or bad , just being a normal human is enough .The critic only a guild , you don’t expect to listen to them on everything , you know ! I hear the people play the game said then with my experience i have my final judge .

          And here you said ” What you are really saying is “I refuse to listen to anyone who doesn’t agree with me.” ”

          i make my point there The game is good , but a 10/10 ? Not possible ! Not when Darksiders 2 only have highest score is 7.5 ( or 4 star ) and in my opinion Darksider 2 is better than DmC ! See ?

          Maybe you think i’m a hater and to be honest i not font with DmC , but hey , I pull out my reason , and you ? you even worst than the hater ! Nothing said and booooom -i became :”I refuse to listen to anyone who doesn’t agree with me.”-yaoming face-


    From the livestreams i watched, i think this game ain’t so bad at all.. sure it has flaws but it still seems like a fun game from my perspective. :P

  • Spider-Man

    I’ve watched all the cutscenes online. I have no interest in buying this game. Story seemed rush. I did get a few chuckles at some of the scenes though. Donte isn’t as bad as people make him out to be. The vulgarity was awkward to sit through, though.

    In terms of Dante’s character, his sudden change from DMC1 to DMC4 was a big turn off. He was nothing but a glorified DMC3 Dante. I prefer DMC2’s mature Dante compared to the goofy DMC4 one, honestly.

    DMC3: Young, cocky, reckless, but matures after his ordeal with Vergil.

    DMC1: Mature, cool, calm, but still taunts his enemies from time to time, but is mostly serious.

    DMC4: Mid-life crisis or something. Any character development he gained from the first game is long gone. Nothing but a former shell of what he used to be.

    DMC2: Serious, quiet, but still kind enough to help those in need and has somewhat dark humor. Dante was like his usual self in the DMC2 novel, where he went to a parallel world, but he was forced to kill Trish from that world, and after that, DMC2 takes place.I guess killing her messed him up, being she looks like his mother and all.

  • Lamashtu

    I would mostly agree with this article, this review being (in my opinion) one of the few honest positive reviews of this game throughout the internet.
    But I would still dare to say that two points mentioned at the end of the article as minor “food for thought” are major let-downs for me and many others.
    Specifically, completely lackluster bossfights which present no challenge at all, especially compared to harder later-game enemies, and godawful music which is nothing but random power-synth noises.

  • DesmaX

    I dunno, between DmC and Metal Gear Rising, I’d rather buy MGR (Lackluster bosses kills it for me)

    But nice review, I’ll try to pick this one up on a Steam Sale

  • GuyAlpha

    I don’t like DmC because:

    Slow gamelplay. It’s slow enough to the point where it’s just boring to me. Faster paced games are more of my thing. I also hate that some enemies are only affected by a specific weapon, which limits your options. Enemies also seem like they take forever to attack

    Boring Platforming sections. The platforming sections really do nothing for the game and they are everywhere and it’s the same thing every time. You just jump/double jump into grapple hook/glide. It’s not challenging. It’s not interesting. imo

    Bad Writing. It’s just embarrassing. Dialogue feels like bad fan fiction. “The world is your bitch and so am I.” “and I’ve got a bigger dick.” The game is riddled with these types of lines and they aren’t funny or witty, just bad.

    This is just the gist of how I feel about the game. I just wish it could be quietly forgotten like Final Fight: Streetwise or Bionic Commando (2009).

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    You consider DMC4 the pinnacle of action games? What about Bayonetta? Slick combat system + boobs. What else do you need?

    • Lets not forget transforming into panthers :D

      • Ferrick

        or the poses and the latex suit :D

        • Elvick

          It’s hair, not latex…


          • Ferrick

            sheesh, way to be a buzz kill

    • MrRobbyM

      Honestly? Less boobs, more flailing penises.

    • Sebastian Lothian

      A game that focuses on action instead of a balance between the two.

  • ToshiChan

    I borrowed it off a friend and played for a good bit, and while I found the combat and platforming to be well done, perhaps amazing, once you ignore the fact that it’s a reimagining and not DMC5, I was on the opposite side to this review’s take on the story. I found the story abysmal. While characters like Mundus get more character, I found myself more annoyed by them the more I listened to them cut scene by cut scene. I couldn’t get into the new Dante’s character in the demo with his fuck you off with Poison and her vomiting at me, and this continued into her defeat where Mundus finds out while pounding his demon mistress. This and the supposedly edgy take the game was trying to take with the spray painting magical glyphs totally set me off. I suppose the social commentary the game was trying to make works for some people, but I was put off by it. If I wanted satire on CNN and other facets of our world, I’d watch the Colbert Report… not play Devil May Cry.

    I guess if you’re into that kinda thing, enjoy the game. The combat is fun and different, and admittedly it feels clean. I just can’t do it with this story and what it tries to be with it. It’s not for me, but go for it if it’s your thing.

    • Platforming would have been useful if the world was actually trying to kill you. It would have fixed the games lack of tension.

      • ToshiChan

        Yeah, from the news of the game before I played it I felt like the world was going to attack me more than it tried to. I was rather disappointed by that.

    • puchinri

      Well, I guess it’s official. Someone need to make a Colbert Report game. I’ll vote for Platinum or Suda51+GHM.

      But yeah, agree 100% with everything else.

      • ToshiChan

        Him fighting a bear in an epic boss battle to the death.

        • puchinri

          Yes! Oh my goodness, there is so much that could go gloriously with a game like that. . .

  • Isaac Newton

    His review reminds me of how awesome Bayonetta is.

  • Manuel Antony Marcano

    This is one of the first reviews that isn’t based on trying to convince me its just like DMC of old. Thank you, so far this is the best review I’ve seen.

  • OkamiKing

    Well not going to speak for Ishaan (Guy who didn’t write the article but is getting down-votes nonetheless)

    But I think what everyone at one point should do is play the game. I HATE IT. But I played it. Honestly, I’m scared my “Dante” won’t come back in my lifetime. Oh well. But you know what, this isn’t him. This was made by some people in Europe calling themselves Ninja’s for some reason and made it for a new audience. If the audience they wanted for liked it, thats them. As a consumer you can only have so much power and opinion, but is it really worth to differ a sale or two just because you don’t like the game? I may be a hypocrite myself in some cases as I wouldn’t recommend the game to my friends (Key word friends). But until everyone or atleast people interested/hating it plays the game, they can form their own opinion. Reviewers are consumers people. If they like the game and decide to give it a high score. Let them. But once you forget that this is their opinion and not yours (Especially if you hadn’t played the game). You can’t really do much. The game is out. Didn’t get cancelled. Its going to be there. *Sigh*

    Point for those who don’t like wall of text: Play it. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. THERE IS A DEMO OUT THERE FOR PETES SAKE! THATS WHAT THEY ARE THERE FOR!

    • MrRobbyM

      Thanks for not giving DMC fans a bad rep.

    • Kuro Kairi

      Also I’d like to add, that you should play it if your interested, but instead of buying it you should buy it used or rent it if you feel its not worth the money and support, if you do then by all means buy it. Capcom is a company and as much as they try to respond to feedback the real feedback to them is the sales, and the worth of the game on the market, and according to this they decide the future of the series. So its important to speak to them with your money. Its already known that one consumer can influence from hundred to tens of thousands of units sold. So if you don’t like a game the last thing you should do is buy it because others will follow, if you want to play it there are other ways. If you like it then you show your support by buying it.
      Its really worth to differ a sale or two.

  • margherita mastropaolo

    i’ll answer to this review using a one liner from the game protagonist
    f^ck you
    in all seriousness,i rented the game because i wanted to try it first hand and well…
    it was awful especially,the writing,capcom and nt screwed up big time with this

    • MrRobbyM

      Well we’re all glad you shared your opinion because a lot of people think the exact opposite. More so the last sentence.

      • GuyAlpha

        I also agree that the writing is terrible. The Succubus cutscene would be prime example of this.

  • I decided to buy it anyway so I got it from Best Buy since they had an offer that if you bought this game you could get RE6 for $10 so I went and did that. I have to say I found the game (DmC) a lot of fun, has the best dodge that I know so far I look forward to checking out the Vergil DLC.

  • MrRobbyM

    202 comments last I checked.


  • brian yep

    Part of me wants this to actually connect into main DMC in some way, maybe by having him grow up and age into old Dante.
    Making it a prequel, and not so embarrassingly asinine.

    • Valtiel Ikari

      the Devil May Cry novels pretty much completely neglect for the events here to happen in that continuity

  • Ferrick

    not going to bother stating my negative reviews on this game, instead i’m just going to give a tie breaker for those who’re in the edge of getting this game and having second thoughts (or the reverse), so take a look at a few of these first before you decide to blow $60 on DmC;

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I’m quite sure DmC is not the only game where someone has gone out of their way to glitch things and shoot a video of it. Don’t much see how those will impact folks enjoying normal playthroughs.

      • Ferrick

        “Don’t much see how those will impact folks enjoying normal playthroughs.” What if i told you that some of those glitches can happen even on normal playthroughs and would need a restart to pass through

        and what if i told you that these glitches were present in the demo and have been reported lots of times but was never fixed, yeah doesn’t impact folks on normal playthrough eh ?

        And what if i told you that the local gamestore in my area no longer accepts returns for DmC solely because of the large amount of complains of game breaking glitches

        • Elvick

          I don’t see your point. Most games have some glitches. I recall a save issue with Darksiders on PS3. Tons of people buy Bethesda’s games.

          I fell through the ground a couple times in inFamous. I got stuck between a person and fence in Star Ocean: The Last Hope, even though there was room on either side that should have allowed me to move.

          Whether a person will put up with the glitches, or chance of them, is their own decision.

          • Ferrick

            point is, glitches were there back at demo, which was released back at November, they had ample amount of time to get the feedback, fix the glitches and bugs, but they didn’t.

          • Kaihedgie

            Dude. Glitches will exist. Nothing is perfect. Get over it :|

            My AC4 game still crashes here and there and it did so in the demo and you don’t hear me whining about it

          • Ferrick

            Ac4 ? dude, are you from the future ? @[email protected], care to share that game with me ?

          • Kaihedgie

            I’m referring to Armored Core 4

          • Ferrick

            ah, because both are pretty much derived as AC, so yeah

            and are you sure you didn’t get a bad copy ? Because my copy never crashed on my ps3, even after playing it for 5 hrs a day non-stop

          • Kaihedgie

            It happens at random intervals, same with the demo. Not one inch of the disc was damaged

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I’ve said if I returned every game where I experienced a freeze screen, a loading hiccup or some sort of graphical anomaly, there would not be a game on my shelf. It’s not whether or not the bugs are still there or a coulda, shoulda on fixing them. It’s that if someone is EXPECTED to turn down buying the game solely because of 4 vids, let’s not act as if such things are exclusive to this title.

          • Elvick

            Why/how is this a reply to me?

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Because it seemed a place to support an idea or encourage talk that wasn’t just how much someone else ‘hated’.

        • MrRobbyM

          Oh, well damn. I hope nobody bought Skyrim then. That game is full of glitches!

  • Over 200 comments? Yep, it’s a DmC thread alright.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      And here I thought it was all the negative votes from both sides that was the dead giveaway, since that Atelier thread went over 400 posts.

      • Next time we can reach 1000! Come one people~

        • malek86

          We’ll probably need something much bigger for that though. Maybe Versus going multiplatform or even changing platform to the Wii U or something? That could make it to 1000 alright.

  • Ponsay

    Welp, that does it. I used to respect this site as one of the few gaming sites free of the BS that plagues big time gaming sites like IGN, Gamespot, ect.

    Then I log on and see an extremely long article that is essentially “Please guys play this game, please, just don’t compared it to the games in the series before it because then you wont like it. Also don’t think too hard about the writing or gameplay because then you wont like it either. In fact, dont think about this game in any meaningful way and just like it because I said so.”

    Good bye Siliconera, I wont be giving you any more page visits. In fact, I turned out Adblock right before I made this comment in case that it would mean your site getting less money for this BS.

    • Kaihedgie

      No. Don’t go. Stahp :|

    • Either we didn’t read the same article, or you missed the points hard. And I’m 100% sure he didn’t beg anybody to buy this game; that’s up to each customer to decide, and not what playtests are for. (While we’re at it, playtests are not reviews either; they’re just a recount of what each playtester experienced about the game.)

      Is it really a wonder why the piece started off with a preface? The game has gotten a massive amount of hate from its announcement to post-release; let’s not pretend otherwise. He said this doesn’t follow the same style as previous titles at all, which is true. That’s an important point here, because much of the complaints have turned into “This isn’t the same as DMC, so it sucks”. I know how detractors like to act like they have the perfect perspective, but speaking from my own experience so far, the game does have points to praise for; ignoring them would be grossly unfair.

    • ho…ly…SHET!

    • SolidusSnake

      Good riddance!

    • MrRobbyM

      Okay, bye!

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Actually, I thought it was one of the fairer pro-DmC articles I’ve read. Most reviews seem to pretend there’s nothing wrong with the game. He, at least, acknowledges that it isn’t DMC5 and we’re going to be disappointed if we expect it to be. He also points out how bad the characters and dialogue are. Now, it’s all filtered through the lens of “you should buy this,” yes. For some reason, the media seem fixated on trying to tell us that we’re supposed to like this game. But, at least, he didn’t pretend it was perfect like a lot of sites have been doing.

  • Dick Mountainjoy

    I love how most reviews for this game qualify what is essentially the dumbing down of the series and how DMC purist will probably not like it…

    But then other articles and people on the sites will go on to criticize DMC fans for not liking the game even though they admit their reason for not liking it was exactly what happened.

  • Eilanzer

    i hated this game…And i don´t give a damn about the new look or the fanboy hate everyone is talking about…It´s just easy as hell…Dumb and sissy story…That end…oh god…That emo end…but I respect the opinions of others.

    • sissy story? I guess I should redirect you to jojo bizazeer adventure if you want something so manly….and uh dumb. Also I think you’re using the word emo wrong….like everyone else….but I respect the opinions of others. :-V

    • MrRobbyM

      “Dumb and sissy story…That end…oh god…That emo end…but I respect the opinions of others.”


  • Christopher Nunes

    Glad to hear that DmC is doing good, try the demo but not my cup of tea. To me, it’s not fast enough for me as I like speed a lot in my action games and it does take some getting use to the controls as I confuse myself over the Angel and Devil Triggers but the gameplay is excellent in my opinion… though I wish it was faster.

    However I do not like the dialogue, I’m not a fan of it been so… vulgar at times. Though I have to admit I haven’t read the story or the dialogue game but the way it’s described I don’t like how the dialogue seemed forced and the dialogue and not come out natural enough in a conversation. I fought the boss in the demo and I dislike the swearing between Dante and the “Slug Queen” which was totally unnecessary.

    But I’m keeping an old-mind on it and the game looks promising, but could’ve done better. I rate it a 7/10… good game, but needs a little more polish.

    • alto_angelo

      actually it bombed
      i heard nobody buys the game

      well capcom really need a slap in the face anyway, with their anti consumer attitude lately

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Anything in the top 100 on AMZN is far from evidence of ‘nobody’ buying the game.

        • alto_angelo

          when it’s beaten by old DMC it’s not..

          btw, ps 3 on 96 right now, the x360 is not on top 100 anymore
          for a game released under than a week ago, it’s pretty bad

          p.s: this is because of campaign from old fans, i’ve seen a lot of people recommending DMC HD over DmC..

          word of mouth could be more effective than review scores i guess

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Please take care before making such assumptions turn into fact. Most folks who buy games know nothing of board ‘discussions’ or of old fans campaigns.

      • Herok♞

        So where in the world do $20 games sell less then $60 ones? if they were the same price and released on the same day then it would a comparison worth making.
        Edit: I just took a look at the top hundred and saw that most things selling aren’t games to begin with and their are only About 5 of them are full priced games to begin with.

  • enorka miho

    I will still get it when it is cheap… Maybe on black friday sale.. Lol..

  • Ferrick

    as much as i hate this game and NT, one positive thing came out of this article… that is the fact that DmC won’t be mentioned for a verryyyyy longggg time (please ishaan, pretty pleaseeee)

  • OpinionatedJerk

    Actually, even when ignoring story and not thinking of it as a DMC game it’s still kind of a mediocre game, or at the very least average. It brings nothing new to the genre and has nothing that would really make the game worthwhile when compared to other games in the genre, outside of the environments, which I will admit are very beautiful.
    I would honestly love seeing more transforming environmental in action games. And the platforming segments were really the only thing I could actually say were fun.

    I also found the combat to be very lackluster. It didn’t improve on DMC4’s combat system and just opted for a Heavenly Sword type combat system, holding the left or right bumpers (or R1 and R2 if you’re playing on PS3) which made killed the “flow” for me when stringing together attacks. And lack of a lock-on system really bothered me, I often found myself struggling to grapple or stay focused on a single enemy, and that made the game very frustrating.

    And I’m not really going into detail on the story since I’m sure people are tired of hearing about it, but it all felt like it was written by a twelve year old, or someone that just got done watching they live or the Matrix. I also didn’t find a single characters besides Kat likable at all.

    So even if this game didn’t have DmC tacked onto it I probably still wouldn’t like it, I, and other people for that matter, probably wouldn’t be as bothered about it, though.

    And to be honest: I think Adam Sessler is probably the only person so far to give an accurate review of this game.

    • Fr33Kingdom

      “accurate review” = “the one that agrees with me”.

      • OpinionatedJerk

        Not exactly. He actually found the combat enjoyable, and gave it a plus for making it easy for newcomers. I don’t particularly think that’s a good thing.

        And this is a thing that bothers me about most people that seem to defend this game, they’re all very antagonistic to anyone that isn’t saying anything positive about this game.

        • Fr33Kingdom

          I’m not antagonistic. You claim it to be an accurate review because he agrees with you on the games flaws correct? What are other reviews missing?

          • OpinionatedJerk

            A lot of reviews of the game I’ve seen so far are blindly praising the game, some are even claiming this is what the series needed. They gloss over most of the problems this game suffers from, and claim this game is amazing and give it 9’s or 10’s

            Sessler’s review, in my opinion, was very fair, and he didn’t constantly compare it to or even bring up the previous games to make a point. He didn’t claim that if you didn’t think of the game as a DMC game you would enjoy it.

            My opinion on the game is far, far more negative than Sessler’s and while I do agree with some of the things he said that isn’t my sole reason for thinking he gave an accurate review

          • Fr33Kingdom

            Like i thought. Think about what you’re saying. They gloss over the game’s problems? Every game has problems, just because it’s given a 9 or 10 despite those problems does not mean the reviewer is innaccurate or wrong. It means that they felt the game warranted a 9 or 10 and that the good parts outshine most of the flaws. Show me a single 9 or 10 game without flaws and i’ll show you some people that really didn’t like shadows of the damned. If they claim the game is amazing, that doesn’t mean they are innaccurate, it means they think it’s amazing. You clearly disagree. Does that mean that any review that does not reflect your feelings in some way is innaccurate? Does that mean that the review that most closely aligns to your feelings is the most accurate? No. It means that you have an opinion, just like everyone else. Every review is just another person’s opinion, and its quality is not determined by how well it aligns with or compliments your own.

          • OpinionatedJerk

            Fair enough.

          • An accurate representation of depth of said flaws?
            This review is pretty on point for the most part but still is lacking.

          • Fr33Kingdom

            What’s an accurate representation of the depth of the flaws? And when it comes to flaws even those are subjective. Someone else may not perceive the same flaws as you. They may not be looking for devil may cry 5 so the gameplay not being more complex than 4 isn’t a flaw. When it comes to writing you can talk all day about what’s good writing and bad writing but we are still talking opinions because not a single thing anyone can say can beat “i enjoyed it” or “i didn’t enjoy it”. It’s all subjective. Just because it accurately represented YOUR perceived flaws at the depth that YOU think is appropriate, does not mean it has somehow succeeded in accuracy where every other review has failed. If a reviewer likes the story and the gameplay and feel the game deserves a 9 or 10, then that’s simply how they feel and there’s nothing to be said. A review is nothing more than how a single person feels about a game. If you don’t think that persons tastes align with yours, find another reviewer so you can make smarter purchases.

    • MediaMindControl

      Sounds about what I would say if I had ever played the game. LOL no really. I’m always looking for innovation and always coming up disappointed. Weather a game is fun or not is really so subjective that I don’t factor that into it’s play-ability. I mean, I can have fun problem solving.., so a videogame shouldn’t be so difficult to enjoy.

  • malek86

    I wonder if people had the same amount of hatedom for RE4 (or for any other game that changed how a series worked – which has happened a lot of times before, it’s not like DmC is the first). Also nobody seemed to care that Leon had been changed into a Gary Stu. Maybe because his hair was still the same.

    I do remember watching a 7 minutes video of the first village in RE4 and thinking “oh boy, this is gonna be sweet” and immediately flying to the store (yes I have superpowers) to buy the game after watching that one video alone, even though I knew absolutely nothing about the game before since I didn’t care about RE – I just incidentally checked it out after reading the glowing review. Perhaps I wouldn’t have thought that if I had been a fan? Maybe not, but maybe Capcom wasn’t trying to get the old fans with RE4. They still called it RE4 though. There isn’t some magical written rule that every sequel has to be the same as the games before it.

    Similarly, the DmC demo left me very impressed. Was it because I didn’t like the DMC4 demo too much? Maybe, but only thing I care about is that the combat system worked. Maybe it’s because I’m a casual beat’em up fan (the only ones I have played extensively are Ninja Gaiden 2 and Shinobi). Of course it doesn’t help that I have to leave for work soon and I won’t be able to play the game for three months, and by the time I come back, the price should have gone down a bit. I liked the demo but I know when it’s a good time to save money :O

    • Blitz Krieg

      >I wonder if people had the same amount of hatedom for RE4
      Perhaps even more.

      But it also got way more praise due that despite no longer being a survivor horror, it was an excellent action game with a feature no popular game had before: The camera over the shoulder thing when you aim. It also got amazing graphics for its time.

      Meanwhile DmC (the change to the western made setting aside), managed to offer a lesser challenge (Check the DMD videos and tell me they’re not a joke), and a less complex/varied combat system, and the graphics aren’t something as stunning as RE4’s were at its time.

      >Also nobody seemed to care that Leon had been changed into a Gary Stu
      Maybe because the original Leon had no defining character traits besides being a rookie cop and shortly developing a crush for Ada.

      It seemed to me people disliked more the change from original Chris to RE5’s Chris (Which i’m okay with, same as Wesker -strange how some people complain about him being a cartoon villain when he already was one in CV-).

      • But that’s what he’s asking: RE4 changed a lot too. How is this situation any different, considering both RE4 and DmC came out as pretty solid games?

        And I don’t quite buy that the game easing up for newcomers is inherently a “bad/wrong” decision, especially when it’s a reboot and is aiming for a new audience.

        • Blitz Krieg

          >How is this situation any different
          Resident Evil 4 abandoned the survival horror formula and became an action game with plenty of resources that encourages the player to kill everything instead of avoiding confrontation.

          > considering both RE4 and DmC came out as pretty solid games
          RE4 greatly improved the combat system from its predecessor.
          DmC dumbed down the combat system from its predecessor.
          RE4 had amazing graphics for its time.
          DmC had standard graphics for its time.

          >And I don’t quite buy that the game easing up for newcomers is inherently a “bad/wrong” decision
          There is no such thing as inherently bad. That’s why i use the word “LESSER” and “INFERIOR” to describe DmC compared to DMC4.

          If DmC was the only hack n slash game in history, it would be the best hack n slash game ever. But it’s not the case.

        • Blitz Krieg

          >especially when it’s a reboot and is aiming for a new audience.
          Two things:

          1) Thing is they not only dumbed down the difficulty for the “normal” setting, they did for ALL difficulties. Check the DMD videos. This alienates further the old DMC players or any player who played a good amount of time any challenging hack n slash.

          2) The people complaining aren’t the new audience.

          • See, it’s that “dumbed down” mentality I’m talking about. A game easing up for newer audiences is not a flaw; it just means it wants expand its possible audience. If some people preferred the challenge of older titles, that’s understandable. But marginalizing based on supposed superiority here doesn’t help in any way.

            And yes, I know the complaints come mainly from old audience. Again, that’s what I meant: This game is mainly reaching out to a new audience who are a bit more casual with action games. (Let’s not forget how fast-paced and reflex-demanding DMC-type games are.) That’s one thing that makes it hard to take in what old fans are saying, because it comes down to “NO, this game must be made for us, but it’s not good enough for us!”.

          • Blitz Krieg

            >A game easing up for newer audiences is not a flaw

            >it just means it wants to reach a bigger audience
            Which is good for Capcom’s pockets and the “new audience”, not me nor the people who expected a game of franchise DEVIL MAY CRY to be challenging, as the rest of its titles.

            >But marginalizing based on supposed superiority here doesn’t help in any way.
            WAIT, are you seriously implying you don’t you judge things based on your own standards as well? 5/10 made me reply.

            I don’t mean any harm but are you sure you’re using the term flaw right?

            > people who expected a game of franchise DEVIL MAY CRY to be challenging
            I played through all the DMC game and all I expect from newer games are more demon killing. What I’m saying is I don’t find it as challenging as you say it is.

            I’ll leave the rest to Drakey since I’m not incline to talk about the game itself as I only played the demo.

          • Blitz Krieg

            Wherever something is better or worse, a defect or an improvement, depends on the standards of who is judging.
            The same could be said of words such as “good” or “bad”

            Based on my standards, dumbed down difficulty for a game of the DMC franchise is a flaw because it makes it less enjoyable to the fans of DMC -myself included-.
            Based on DrakosAmatras’s standards, dumbed down difficulty is an improvement because it gets more casual players to play the game -DrakosAmatras probably included-.

          • > dumbed down difficulty is an improvement
            if I remember correctly all he was just saying is that “dumbing down” the difficulty open the door wider to more audience. I didn’t interprete what he said as “it’s an improvement”.

          • Blitz Krieg

            True, just an assumption based off the fact he spent a couple hours defending the creators of the game dumbing down the difficulty and insisting people shouldn’t complain about it.

          • Blitz Krieg

            >What I’m saying is I don’t find it as challenging as you say it is.
            I’ll let you in a secret. You’re not included in the group “people who expected a game of franchise DEVIL MAY CRY to be challenging”

          • >I’ll let you in a secret. You’re not included in the group “people who expected a game of franchise DEVIL MAY CRY to be challenging”

            Gasp I didn’t know!!!!! so that does that mean I’m not in the cook group? :( Seriously you’re making yourself sound like a prat. Ok the way I see it is if this game was intended to be challenging then it would be a flaw since you didn’t find it that. If the designer himself did say that then go right heard and source me to it.

          • Blitz Krieg

            No need to get your panties on a bunch, sweetheart.
            It just means you’re not part of the group you quoted.

          • Well, those are the keywords here, isn’t it? “If” and “you”. Not everybody is willing (or can afford) to invest hours learning the hang of mechanics before they’re in a position to stand toe-to-toe with the game’s obstacle courses – or in laymen’s terms, the fun parts. Devil May Cry isn’t the only game series with this sort of situation though; many games selling on “old-school” mechanics/concepts often take that route too, like Etrian Odyssey. In this case, the focus has shifted to a more casual audience; preferences aside, that’s something everybody will have to live with.

            For the record, I do have some standards, but I make a distinction between my personal reception/reaction (what I like/agree with, what I don’t) and actual merits/demerits of a game. (For example in this case, I don’t particularly enjoy the supposed social commentary or how (un)subtle it was, but on its own, it’s not an unworthy topic to discuss.) Do you really intend to step on other people for not being good at a game you are?

          • Blitz Krieg

            >Not everybody’s willing to invest hours learning the hang of mechanics
            before they’re in a position to stand toe-to-toe with the game’s
            obstacle courses.
            No shit, Sherlock. No wonder this generation has so many dumbed down games and PRESS X TO AWESOME instant gratification gimmicks.

            >Devil May Cry isn’t the only game series with this sort of
            situation; some games selling on “old-school” mechanics/concept often
            take that route too, like Etrian Odyssey.
            No shit, Sherlock.
            Ninja Gaiden 3 being one of the worst offenders.

            So, does that mean that everyone should be OKAY with developers and publishers lowering the quality of their games BECAUSE IT’S A TREND?

            >For the record, I do have some standards
            Yeah, shitty standards which go in hand with the “new audience” and being an apologist for companies lowering quality.

            >but I make a distinction between my personal reception/reaction (what I
            like/agree with, what I don’t) and actual merits/demerits of a game.
            Tell me more.
            What are the “actual merits/demerits” of DmC?

          • If you can’t talk without insulting the other party, don’t continue this; I’m not throwing personal attacks at you. Read the rules first if you haven’t already.

            I didn’t say anything about following trends. I’m talking about making the entry easier so that more people can enjoy the games. I won’t deny that being able to sell more is a factor here for the business side, but that doesn’t mean it’s without merits for the consumers too. A game with a large and healthy player-base benefits all parties: makers, sellers and buyers – Pokémon series is a great example of a large community generating a lot of different ideas, which can be put to use by the makers to the buyers’ benefits. (Granted, its largely multiplayer-minded formula and being E-rated helps in its case.)

            Accessibility is a choice the creators are in the position to make; people are free to agree or disagree. But there’s a difference between something they don’t like and something that just works against what the game is trying to present. If some people are bummed about lowered difficulty, yeah, I can understand that; some like it comfortable, some like it hectic and demanding. But don’t go around shouting like that’s how it “should” be or how the more casual audiences don’t matter or are somehow inferior. That’s the choice the developers and the publisher made, and everybody has the right to voice their preferences with their own purchase or avoidance thereof.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Bayonetta did this the right way. You put it on the easiest setting, I’ve seen people who weren’t even gamers be able to progress pretty far. You go to Nonstop Climax, you will get destroyed if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s how it should be. Don’t make everything easier just so casual players can be proud of themselves for playing a dumbed down DMD mode.

          • Do you really think everybody plays games for bragging rights? Some people just want to enjoy a game from start to finish. If there are enough options to cover both audiences, good; if not, that’s that. As I’ve mentioned in the past, the old crowd essentially got 5 games; 1 game for the less hardcore isn’t exactly doing them a disservice – unless they want to play it. (Not to mention that the game’s “Hell and Hell” mode.)

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            No, of course, I don’t think everyone plays games for bragging rights.

            Some of us play because we want a challenge.

            And as I’ve said, easy mode should be what is there for the casual players. I actually thought DMC4 was too easy on Normal. It’s sad to see they took the trend even further this time.

          • Well, in all seriousness, nothing’s stopping any of us from formally complaining/requesting that to Capcom, you know. It would go a far longer way than just randomly bashing them in comments, for one thing. Granted, they may not share your (or any other’s) definition of “challenge”, but at least you can try; if not… well, it wouldn’t be the first time they let fans down.

        • Locklear93

          Regarding difficulty, and this goes for almost all games, not just DmC, or reboots, I think developers need to quit making the game as a whole easier or harder, and start providing a broader range of difficulty options.

          For example, I play MOST games on normal, but I’m usually playing for fun/the setting/the plot. I’m almost never playing for a challenge, and I don’t hesitate to set games to easy if I need to. My preferences are not everyone’s, though, and with video games, there’s extremely little reason not to provide difficulties from “this is seriously too easy” all the way up to “Holy crap, did the first enemy of the game just own me?” (Coincidentally, I beat DMC4, but couldn’t get through the first stage of DMC3…) Yes, it takes development and testing time, so I understand why it’s not an immediately attractive proposition, but it CAN be done programmatically to a larger extent than people think. The first two Max Payne games are a pretty good example, with their dynamic difficulty adjustment. I beat both of those, never feeling unchallenged or like the game was too easy. If tuning can be done on the fly like that, I have to believe that in many cases difficulty could be at least largely tweaked with just some percent adjustments to damage output, enemy health/accuracy/speed, etc.

          Whether it can be done easily or not, though, I really believe a broader range of difficulty options is the best solution to difficulty arguments in games. Just freakin’ let the player pick. Maybe require normal or harder for achievements and trophies, but don’t tell a user, “This game is not for you; you’re not good enough,” or “This game is not for you; we’re aiming at a less skilled demographic.”

          • Blitz Krieg

            Most hack n slash games have difficulty selector.

            The problem with DMC’s is that ALL difficulty modes were dumbed down. Thus even if the old fan starts the game in the hardest available difficulty, he won’t find a challenge.

            That’s what really sucks about casualization. They’re not just luring a “new audience”, they’re alienating the old one.

          • Locklear93

            That’s why I pointed out that the difficulty selectors in games need to be broader. I do agree with you that if the difficulty is dropped across the board, without any provision for better players, that that’s a problem. What I was trying to convey is that by offering a wide enough range of difficulties (as I wrote, “‘this is seriously too easy’ all the way up to ‘Holy crap, did the first enemy of the game just own me?'”), there’s no good reason a game can’t appeal to a new, less skilled audience while still providing a hard game for those that want it.

            That’d leave only elitists who are less interested in a hard game than in lording superiority as the only group left to be butthurt by difficulty.

            What I’m reading here implies that NT made the game easier in general, but didn’t actually broaden the difficulty options, leaving more skilled players out in the cold, and I’d agree that that’s a mistake.

          • Blitz Krieg

            Point taken.

          • I agree. Having options covers more bases in a more sure-fire way – which is incidentally also something I support in upcoming Dark Souls 2, but that’s a topic for another time. I also agree that marginalizing a specific userbase isn’t a good idea, although I don’t see Capcom or NT doing that in this case.

          • Lets get rid of the ingame how to manuals, let the player figure out how to do things and immerse themselves in the experience. Just give them a basic overview of the controls.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            God, I really hope they don’t make an easier difficulty in Dark Souls 2. Is there nothing sacred anymore?

          • I don’t really mind. Not like I play Souls games because they have something to brag about; I play them because they fit my slow and steady preparation-heavy RPG progress approach. And it’s not going to prevent more dedicated players from playing on harder modes – unless they can’t stomach the fact that more casual people are enjoying the game at the same time. If anything, I’m totally down for an opportunity for more people to get to know From Software’s unique designs and concepts.

          • Valtiel Ikari

            Tameem actually did say he didn’t care about old DmC fans, so yeah, at least Tameem as and individual did marginize the older fanbase.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          Let’s also remember that RE4 respected the canon, even if it changed a lot. It did not say, “None of the previous Resident Evil games ever happened,” which DmC tries to do.

          • RE4 is a sequel; I don’t see how continuity is relevant for a reboot.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            It’s relevant because he’s comparing the two games. This could have been a sequel or a spin-off as well. You give this character a different name, you could have very easily had him be someone else in the existing Devil May Cry world. Could have even had him interact with Vergil and say this is what Vergil was doing before he DMC3. Or you could have made this character the real Dante and had him in basically the same story.

            The fact that they chose to make it a reboot instead of a prequel/sequel is exactly one of the many problems with it. It shows a fundamental disrespect towards the source material that they felt their story was so important to tell that they had to completely disregard everything that came before it.

          • As a few others have pointed out in the thread, an installment in a series sharing some same names and different mythos is nothing new. Even for Capcom, they’ve done it with Breath of Fire series as a whole. Or how about Zelda games? If they actually called the game DMC5, then yes, continuity issues would be a legitimate complaint.

            Whether each consumer likes it or not, they own the IP, so they’re in a position to reshape as they want. The way I see it, it’s business more than anything; I don’t think that’s necessarily an act of “disrespect”. And let’s not kid ourselves: There wasn’t much to overall story of DMC or Bayonetta to begin with; they primarily sold on scenes and dialogue.

      • malek86

        You seem to think that a game can only be forgiven for changing a formula if it’s incredibly good. I don’t see why. It really only needs to be good enough for itself, which this DmC seems to be. Of course, if it turns out to be a masterpiece like RE4, all the better, but it’s not necessary.

        Also being easier is pretty much a requirement when you’re aiming for a new audience, especially today (and I might argue that RE4 was also a lot easier than the previous games, but again that didn’t stop anyone from praising it). A similar thing happened with MH3, which was definitely easier than MHFU, and also the first time Capcom made an effort to market it to western players.

        • Blitz Krieg

          >a game can only be forgiven for changing a formula if it’s incredibly good
          It doesn’t need to be incredibly good, it needs to be better than its predecessor, or if the subgenre changed better than the average games of it.

          >It really only needs to be good enough for itself
          No such thing. [b]Quality is based on standards and comparing.[/b] And DmC is an inferior game.

          Fortunately for it, however, there’re MUCH WORSE HACK N SLASH GAMES (examples: The Onechanbara, KOEI’s, Madworld, NMH, etc), which is why DmC is not a bad game.

          >Also being easier is pretty much a requirement when you’re aiming for a new audience,
          I know. The new audience is full of pansies who dislike the idea of having to struggle with games.
          Still doesn’t excuse dumbing down the harder difficulty modes.

          >I might argue that RE4 was also a lot easier
          I agree.
          But in the older REs there is barely any aiming and by learning by memory item location and order you can breeze through the games even if you suck at dodging zombies. Old REs were more about surprises and discovery than aiming reflexes.

          >A similar thing happened with MH3, which was definitely easier than MHFU
          Better graphics and better controls (remember the pro pad it came with it?).

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      The thing you’re forgetting (or weren’t old enough to remember) is that people were actually pretty tired of the Resident Evil formula at the time. Moving the series exclusively to the Gamecube was supposed to boost sales for the system, but people were just tired by then. Nobody cared that there were new Resident Evil games coming out. RE4 was necessary because the series had gotten stale.

      Thing is, nobody said that about Devil May Cry. The fans didn’t like DMC4 as much as DMC3, but that was because it was easier and repeated levels/bosses, not because they were tired of old Dante. In fact, I remember after Bayonetta came out, people were even more excited for DMC5, to see what Capcom were going to do to try to top Bayonetta.

      That’s the big difference here. The fanbase was looking forward to DMC5. They had lost interest in Resident Evil. It’s a retroactive thing now that people are calling for a return to the roots of the series, after RE5 took it too far into the action category. Sure, there were some fans who were upset by RE4, but they were in the minority at the time.

      • malek86

        Well, DMC had already 4 games. I think changing things around at this point is not bad. And besides I actually liked the combat system of DmC better than the Bayonetta one (at least judging from the demos of both games).

        For as much as gamers claim to want new stuff, the truth is that actually gamers tend to always ask for the same stuff. For once that a company tries to do something different from usual, I see no reason to complain. Now if you want to complain because you have played it and didn’t like it, sure. But complaining just because it’s not the DMC5 you were thinking it was gonna be? I hope not.

        • If your going to change things improve them. Story is poor, and the environment they crafted has a glaring missed opportunity. Characterization is also just affably crappy. Eh I hope capcom doesnt screw up DMC5 if they will continue with the series

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          There’s no need for new stuff if we still like the old stuff. The only time there should be a change is when we’re tired of it.

    • Asura

      People liked RE4 because it wasn’t crap. (And I played the DmC demo while being hopeful before having had played it.)

    • Valtiel Ikari

      Actually, everything you pointed out about RE4 is what put me to dislike RE4, I consider it one of the most if not the most overated games ever. But that just me, still fun game, but I would think it could have been a new IP all together, since as a RE games it doen’t work for me, I prefer Outbreak file 2

  • enorka miho

    Before I start, I would like to say that some reviewers who tried so hard to devalue the opinions of all DMC fans that rejects this game, really missed the point of those complaints.. Ok.. Maybe I should tone down abit and say that this is what sums up, mainly from my own personal view…

    Let us go back to the first time when we saw Dante.. It all begins, when we saw the trailer of a new DMC many were excited about.. But, once the curtains were open and the shows end that is when people start to not behave themselves.. Why? It is all because we saw the drug like punk.. Many cannot believe that the next big thing for all of us, is A punk full of only angry emotion, and looks like he had too much weed in his life..Smoking, as if it is something cool people should do.. Soon after that, things start to spiral out of hand and people only thinks that fan’s rage are all because of the change in character design…

    So, now here we are three years later.. We realise he does not smokes weed.. Also, I know that this game has quite a good gameplay.. and Level design.. I says so because, I myself am attracted to it… But I am not getting anywhere near there because I am not a very picky person when it comes to gameplay.. What is important to me is the character development which sadly is the one thing that puts me so off in DMC, and that is when Dante starts to cursed non stop…

    Yea, yea.. I know teen angst… Him under special circumstances.. And almost every games has the endorsement of the F word.. Also the old Dante himself is not a wise arse with loads of manners.. Yes we all get that.. Still, this Dante is going all over the board.. Its like telling those youngster that to be cool, you need to puke curses all over the place.. Since when has our gaming community make up of people who only care for offensive words?

    This really makes me worry of how the gaming industry is going.. Which I think is the thing that really ticks us off, it makes many of us panicked! I know gameplay is what drives the game.. But so does the content.. You can say this is a process for the character to grow.. Nevertheless, that does not mean that we have to go all the way down in many ways other than words..

    I believe many gamers can swallow bad games sometimes (I am not implying that DMC is a bad game)… But not vulgarity to this extent.. This is just too much.. I feel that they are treating my intellect like dirt.. Thinking that we are a bunch of no brainers who enjoy vulgarity more than anything.. Not all mind it, but I personally do! So nope.. They do not get my vote for this.. People say this is just a small thing.. But I do not want this kind of content to dictate the future of this industry… Not at all.. They can change and do what ever they like but not there.. Just not like this..

    So yea.. If some character can slap Dante in the face for a change to ask him stop cursing.. I wold buy this game in a heartbeat.. Seriously.. I would..

    • Symbol de Au

      I haven’t played any of the devil may cry games or even been following this game or complaints(the only ones I know of are the ones over the new look and the pre-order skin) but I find it extremely hard to believe that the fans of the old games main complaint is that the new Dante swears alot.

      Also did that really have to be a wall of text considering what you said could essentially be broken down to. “I like everything but how much the new Dante swears and I don’t want to support this because I don’t want it to be an industry standard.”

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      You know, cursing doesn’t bother me when it’s done in the right context. I love “House of the Dead Overkill” and that has probably more curses than this does. It’s about whether or not it’s appropriate to the situation. In this game, it isn’t. That said, it is far from my biggest complaint about the game.

  • Masa

    metacritic, the place were crybaby fanboys gather.

    Seriouly though, the combat is great, the level design is amazing and the story is better than 4 of the old DmC games combined, plus finally the main character gets some development and grows throught the game unlike the old cartoon like Dante.

    • Blitz Krieg

      Your ruse is weak, padawan.

  • On the notes about the profanity, I think Capcom’s advertisement of the game was somewhat misfired. The demo’s profanity was emphasized by the Succubus level, but once I actually played the game, I found out that the game isn’t that profane overall. In fact, barring a few scenes, it feel pretty low-key in language. At least not particularly worse than the general level of “edgy language” many games in this generation have. (Or an unpleasant Internet conversation.)

  • $39420547

    i will miss the old dante but i am willing to enjoy this game
    my biggest issue with the new take on devil may cry is not the new dante is the new vergil old vergil was way more badass

    • Solomon_Kano

      Same. The new Vergil is far more disappointing than anything else.

  • ragingmerifes

    It’s been a long time since I played the older DMCs. I didn’t really like them — at the time, the amount of action and the heavy metal atmosphere made it a forgettable experience for me, personally —, but now, I think I may like this one. I’m not a huge fan of action but the combat seems fair and challenging, and maybe this game is also for new people who haven’t played the original, and not only diehard fans who are willingly giving this game a “no” before even playing it.
    Also, the old Dante seemed like a black metal dude, while the new one looks like a punk. There’s even the UK flag!

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      The old Dante was far from being a “black metal dude.”

  • xAKUM3TSUx

    Did I really just see a trail of misguiding comments below? WTH am I looking at?..On the games standpoint I’ll probably rent it. Not saying the game isn’t worth buying but I’m not. I’m a little more hardcore so I would enjoy it if they made the game over-the-top like Bayonetta. I never cared too much about the story just the combat.

  • Tee Niitris

    I must admit, I’m quite (pleasantly) suprised on how the game turned out. I was very skeptical on how DmC would turn out, but Ninja Theory did a really good job with the core game. I’m worried that Capcom may have actively put people off from giving DmC a chance because of the way they presented the game (mainly Dante). Because I’ve heard from a lot of people (before and after the release) that this would be a really good game if it wasn’t called Devil May Cry. I’ll definitely consider making a purchase once I have some spare money (I play mostly fighting games with little else so this would be a good way to expand my game genre library).

    This is coming from someone who’s never owned or played a DMC game.

    • Herok♞

      I never played a DMC game before this one either and I say it is a really good game(fans of the older games probably would disagree with this statement).

      • I like 1,3 and 4 and when I played the Demo I wanted thiso ne as well xD

  • Keyanf

    How does not being Devil May Cry 5 change the plotholes (Only now do you suspect the guy who kills a pregnant woman in front of you for fun is a bad guy?), themes for the sake of themes without really driving the plot, unlikable characters (“Fuck You” is unlikable even when he isn’t pretending to be Dante) and high number of long unsinkable cutscenes?

    • Herok♞

      That’s not a plot hole, he kills the unborn child of their worst enemy and Dante does get mad at him for it, of course it makes sense why he doesn’t it suspect he’s the villain it was part of the plan to take down Mundus, what themes are you refering to(?), Plenty of people talk with tons of Vulgar language(I think most people are pretending like they don’t) and Select skips cutscenes for you.

      • Sylveria

        The dialogue in this game is not how people talk unless they’re 13 and on XBL. It’s being grown up and cool through the eyes of an angry teenager.

        • Herok♞

          you say that like all he says is curses, most of the time he is talking like a normal person, the only time he gets really bad is in fights, where it is normal to say whatever you feel at the moment , also take a look at this video: the people say more ridiculous things then what is in the game and if you look at the top comment chain some one uses curses in rapid succession unironicly so yes some people who aren’t on XBL or 13 talk like this I never said most people do.

  • Blitz Krieg

    Imagine what would’ve happened if instead of Ninja Theory Capcom had contacted Valhalla Games Studios or PlatinumGames…

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      That would have been amazing, in the best way.

    • Ferrick

      well then we’ll get a DMC1 remastered edition instead of a reboot if they asked platinum games, because Hideki Kamiya is in P*

    • malek86

      If they had contacted Platinum, now MGR would be developed by someone else. I guess it’s the necessary trade-off.

      As for Valhalla, well, considering they haven’t made a single game yet… I’m not sure how it would turn out. Sure Itagaki is there, but what about everyone else?

      • Blitz Krieg

        >but what about everyone else?
        Valhalla was made by Itagaki and the talented people that were at Team Ninja.

        • And they don’t have anything to show for it. :P

          • Blitz Krieg

            Remember they had problems with the publisher, THQ, and had to buy the IP. Thus DT’s eternal waiting game.

        • They don’t have anything to show I believe….

    • MrRobbyM

      If they had a big budget, I would like to see a sequel to DmC made by Platinum.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        Instead, it’d be better for them to just do DMC5. Let this be forgotten. And salt the Earth it is buried in.

        • MrRobbyM

          I don’t think they’ll ever make a DMC5 tbh. That was the point in a reboot.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Then let the series die.

            I would rather there never be another game in the series than continue this. Luckily, it appears to be selling poorly.

            So, if Capcom want to actually start earning money again on this series, they’ll do the right thing and give us DMC5. If not, I guess they can be happy to have killed one of their cashcows.

          • AaqibRawat

            the new game sold poorly at my shop.
            It sold like 3 copys

  • Locklear93

    …I think Disqus is confused in this thread. Over and over, I’m getting the “one new comment” thing, and clicking it only to have it tell me a comment I saw last night was just posted 7 minutes ago…

    • Same here. It’s like Disqus doesn’t want the thread to settle down… #ConspiracyTheories

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      It’s been happening to me in other threads as well…

    • This has been happening to me as well, but unfortunately, it isn’t something we have control over, since Disqus isn’t our platform…

      This isn’t the only thread it’s happening in either. I’ve seen it in a whole lot of them.

  • Jesse Torres

    This was a good game, the question is if they will release a sequel of this game, if so then it can only improve upon that, oh and i dont believe that the ps3 lacks than the 360 version of the game. that is in peoples heads.

  • Alright people, move along! Shoo!

  • Ishaan is definitely a fanboy. I’ll wait till the sales comes out. If it flops hard let me see how you’ll justify that. FYI I never hated DmC for Dante’s new look. It’s about the divide that capcom and NT did among gamers, their blatant disrespect for the fans especially Tameem, their ignant efforts to demonize the fans subliminally ingame, and their promise to revolutionize and refresh the franchise when all they did was downgrade it. This is beyond the game itself, it’s about the methods no matter how insidious it is the developers are willing to do just to sell a video game.

    • Nice try, but I didn’t write the playtest. Read the name below the headline. :P

      (Nice conspiracy theory btw!)

      • Not talking about the playtest it’s how you claim that you and the pro side won in the comments because the game is “better than what most people expected.” I can read sir, please I am an English teacher.

    • malek86

      “This is beyond the game itself, it’s about the methods no matter how insidious it is the developers are willing to do just to sell a video game.”

      Oh geez guys. It’s a video-freakin-game. Why are some people here speaking as if they had disfigured a religious icon or something like that?

      • M’iau M’iaut

        They gotta keep with the script man, ten years from now and the playbook will still be valid.

    • I’ll admit that whatever few jabs in the game didn’t help, and that wasn’t the best way to have responded. However, if people weren’t so excessively hostile towards the developers and particularly one person for mere dislike of the new creative direction, this wouldn’t have happened. An average level of negative fan reception is one thing, but all this massive hate and for what end? If anything, some people are going to buy the game just to see what the fuss is about. And keep in mind: This is a supposedly large number of people all over the world pretty much collectively swearing at a single guy for petty reasons; what did they think was going to happen?! That he just lie down and take it? Henrik Ibsen wrote a whole freaking play about how the public can be wrong as a response to contemporary reception of Et Dukkehjem; if the worst response this incident has to offer is “Not in a million years”, I’d take that as an improvement.

      Really sad thing about the whole deal is that reactions to franchise direction changes are a common thing in any entertainment industry, yet people poured so much hate into it like there’s no tomorrow.

  • I think the discussion deserves something more than what this review is offering, because it’s less a review and more a reaction/commentary about a much deeper issue than hair or passable mechanics. I think as review or commentary, you could do much better than what you’re presenting here, Kris. If this is revenge against nerds, it’s petty and shallow. If this is commentary on the game/situation, it’s lacking and dishonest.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      You know what this is getting sad now you all just got to find some fucking way to say they are dishonest in some way? grow up

    • MPHavoc

      How the hell is he being dishonest? He pointed out several of the game’s flaws and states that he still likes it. It’s his personal opinion(which is ultimately all that reviews are).

      • If this is a review about the game, it’s shallow. If it’s about the actual situation surrounding the game, it’s petty and dishonest. That’s what I said. What you’re saying is right… if I had written something else down. But that’s not what I said, sorry.

        • The thing about playtests here is that playtesters are not forced to cover every single thing about the games they take up, and they’re allowed to voice their opinions freely as long as it’s worded well. It’s more of a recount of what they experience.

          • I’m not saying Kris isn’t allowed to do that, I’m saying that he’s allowed to do better. And that’s not really unfair of me, criteria or not.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    You know I said for one I would avoid these comments like a plague but from what I am seeing right now this is really getting fucking sad. To the point i’m up here seeing oh the reviewer is a fanboy to people still saying oh this game bombed or lets not forget shit post like this:

    I’m not going to say everyone is on this level of butt hurt or whatever you want to call it. So people DO indeed have VALID reasons for being upset about this game and I can say I am pleased to see some people actually be civil about it. I am however both laughing and shaking my head as some of the shit being posted right now. I don’t see how one can be a complete fanboy about this game when. He even called this game out for is flaws just because one person isn’t going to fully agree with you or completely trashing the game which I know a number of you most likely want to see (its not going to happen)You going to have to accept it the game is ‘atleast’ average at best Does it live up to the past DMC games? Not by much but it has potential.

    Honestly chill out, move on, don’t support the game if you don’t like it. I honestly don’t care for it so I don’t see no reason to buy it but I’m not going to stop others because I feel so upset about it. I didn’t like how the PR was handled for the game or the silly little wig part but I don’t find this little internet lynch mob war going on with the ‘hardcore fans’ way to fucking childish. Going so far as to attacking people who like the game even when they are pointing out its major flaws.

  • Brandonmkii

    Man, I was really late to the party. I did play the demo today, and it was pretty fun. I’ll have to grab it when my backlog isn’t so heavy.

  • Blitz Krieg

    Remember, by not critizicing the things you don’t like, you’re ENABLING companies to keep churning out casualization.

    This is capitalism, judge as a consumer and vote with both your wallet and voice wherever you’re okay with a game’s features or not.

    And for games’ sake, don’t fall for apologists of mediocrity and their hugbox mentality.

    Personally i don’t want the franchise DMC walk the same path as RE6 and NG3, therefore i won’t buy it nor will i censor myself when bashing its flaws.

    • Since I got blitzed by the up-vote/down-vote crowd, I want to chime in on what you’re saying:

      I definitely want to have this discussion, sadly it’d be elsewhere but if I did have to touch on just a few things running through my head, related to what you’ve said:

      It’s pretty frustrating that people take that vote as an actual representation of how people feel about games, at that. Call of Duty games might sell a lot, but that isn’t representative of the beliefs of the people who happened to purchase those titles. There are people who dislike Modern Warfare 3 and only came to realize it a week after they’d purchased the game. The idea you can boil, in this case, DmC down to an oversimplification of issues or a mess of a PR run up… I think that’s just an insult to anyone willing to think critically about this situation.

      Ultimately, I think that a lot of the problem is that Capcom and Ninja Theory used pretty clear language to identify what they may earnestly have thought could be improved about Devil May Cry, which showed a gross misunderstanding of the genre and the history of the franchise, a franchise that, yes, hasn’t really had a stable development team/lead save for Itsuno’s involvement at some juncture.

      For instance, I think there’s a lot to be said about how the writing and cutscenes in Devil May Cry 1 subvert the nature of horror movies or the Survival Horror video game. While Ninja Theory used very clear language of how their story “would treat gamers as sophisticated adults for once”, and that’s language that shows a rather massive disconnect about how video game stories function, and what constitutes good writing in a game.

      You can, yes, have a solid script… but I think it’s arguable that DmC’s script is as clever or satisfying with what happens merely in DMC1. In Devil May Cry 1, the player is arguably the Nemesis from Resident Evil, at least in terms of function. You’re the one hunting the monsters, the roles are reversed, so the story is tailored to this function and makes the world and game more enjoyable/engrossing/developed for it. You enter a mansion with survival horror music and description, everything’s creepy… and all of a sudden you’re destroying monsters to rock music. Dante is the manifestation of everyone at a horror movie who goes “TURN AROUND THEY’RE RIGHT BEHIND YOU” or “I would NEVER die like that, I’d just shoot those things.” This is the game variant of symbolism or metaphor. This is deeper than people give credit for because you have to have been more observant than reading a script or looking at the dead and the obvious. The story’s meaning is implicit in the hands of the player, it isn’t stated, it’s experienced. That’s why Devil May Cry 1 and Dante work and have far more depth than Ninja Theory is suggesting with their rather poor reskin of Devil May Cry 3’s story.

      I think fans of the series did deserve better than to have their intelligence insulted by things that they felt in themselves, even if they can’t articulate it. That’s why reviews like Kris’ are, ultimately, disappointing to me. They fan the flames without really exploring these kind of debates. What makes a quality story? Is it okay to have accessible combat at the expense of holistic design? Why are these things okay if they just emulate things we’ve experienced already? There’s all this and more just waiting to be discussed, but, sadly… it’s not here that I want to really engage. But I’d love for this comment to get lost in down votes, just to know that I satisfied someone’s call for “continuing the discussion.”

      I don’t think Ninja Theory’s story has the chops. I don’t think their game has the substance. Not because the game is bad, but because it’s, ultimately, a mediocre attempt that is performed on the back of games that were way smarter than Capcom/Ninja Theory and apparently many reviewers/players, can perceive.

      We deserve better discussion about this, and a better springboard. I do agree entirely.

  • Naux

    I’m gonna add some fuel to the fire:

    • Luna Kazemaru


    • Kaihedgie

      Eww, it’s got Joe all over it :U

    • Sylveria

      I don’t think it adds much fuel. It basically sums up what most people who dislike the new direction have been feeling. Yes, the gameplay is decent. The dialogue is juvenile, the reboot was unneeded and unwanted, and the behavior of Ninja Theory has been and continues to be antagonistic.

      If Ninja Theory had decided to make a contribution to the DMC universe instead of destroying the one that existed, it would likely be a very well regarded game across the board. They could have made their own characters and their own story, but due to fear or simple lack of creativity, they just piggybacked on what came before them.

    • LOOOOOOOOOL i love Joe, but WTF is that music video hahaha??

  • Happy Gamer

    I only played the demo and I have to say I was very surprised at how fun and well made it was. The art direction was amazing as well.

    However, although I see so many reviews saying “go in thinking this isn’t a DMC title” but thats a bit odd to say…because well, this IS a DMC title.

    I am not sure why the devs thought the quirkiness of the series was so off putting because that is the whole reason why I loved it.

    I remember when Dante would get a weapon and he does ultra silly things with it…well..that is fun.

    also the weapons are very very boring vs the older titles. I love weird weapons and “wtf lol” arsenals we got. Pandora’s Box was pretty amazing imo for example.

    However that being said this is not a bad game at all. I just wouldn’t play it thinking it is a DMC title which really defeats the whole purpose but I am not gonna stop myself from not playing a fun game.

    If anything, I think Bayonetta really is the true sequel to DMC 4

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    “While not exactly Shakespeare”
    It actually kind of fits XD

  • Benny Tormoes

    Good graphics, good hack and slashing, awful music, adequate voice acting, alright platforming and the worst writing and characters I have ever seen in a current gen game. Never before have I seen a game leaving me so conflicted. This game is for newcomers to the genre, and was clearly made for them. Im guessing the’ll appriciate this new sweary hardcore edition of DMC, but i’ll take any of the previous ones bar 2 over this, unfortunetly.

  • Neppygear


  • MediaMindControl

    Too bad they made Dante so Horribly ugly IMO. I don’t need an attractive Main character but when I am looking at him during story I find myself closing my eyes and listening to that vulgar dialogue in disgust. I still think that whole nephilim craze needs to die down, along with color coded ikariga enemy patterns. I think it was pretty well done in Outland though. Glad to hear about the combat but I was curious how clunky the boundaries are in the level design?
    Anyways altogether a good read. I feel like I don’t need to play the game anymore! thanks for saving me some time ;] jk

  • GuyAlpha

    410 comments. No other game will ever be this controversial. Not for a long time at least.

  • eilegz

    “This is DmC. And if you’re willing to open your mind to that, you’ll find that it’s a damn good game.”

    i wish the same basis its applied to RE6 review, the one that everyone hates and bash because it was not “faithful” to its roots, The one that improve everything over its modern predecessor. Dont have abusive DLC and its overall its a damn good game.

    This one on other hand its a radical unnecessary change, that dont improve anything over its predecesor (more like a downgrade), that insult and piss over its legacy but its loved and liked by almost all reviewers. Have abusive dlc (like vergil) and now everyone love this dante and vergil…

    Overall i dont think that DmC its a bad game in fact the demo was ok and the last trailers its improved over the announcement one. But have such a praise, high score like this game its a GOTY when there are other games like anarchy reign that play and felt better its just sad

  • Well written review, thank you for posting it. Having played through the entirety of the game, I can easily say that I enjoyed it and will be keeping my copy for future playthroughs, but it is not the best game in the series, nor is it the best action game I’ve ever played (respectively those are Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden 2). It was however a lot of fun, albeit simpler to understand, and I am glad to see that it turned out to be a good game. I doubt it will be my GotY for 2013 (that’s looking to being FFXIV or Ni no Kuni right now), but it was a lot of fun and worth playing through.

    And for the record, my favorite version of Dante, much like my favorite game in the series, is the first one.

  • frank xiong

    I still feel this game lacks its difficulty comparing from 3-4….but still a great game to own if you’re open minded to this new reboot 9/10

  • Well, i am a gamer, and although some of the dialogue (most, really) is bellow par; the game succedes in enticing me and loosing myself in its combat. Its that fun. DMC (the older ones) have always been known for the lack of good dialogue, and a 30 something petulant chid armed with a sword and guns. So why are people really complaining storywise? They defend the older DMC’s putting aside the lousy stories and dialogue and sometimes even excusing them, but complain about this new take on the story? I don’t understand it, i really don’t.

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