Unleash A Planetary Rasengan In Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

By Spencer . January 24, 2013 . 1:41pm

imageA scan from Jump reveals Naruto will have the Planetary Rasengan as his ougi in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. Sasuke has a new special move too, he uses the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.


A demo for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 will be available on February 19. The demo will let players fight through the Nine Tails Konoha Attack event where the Third Hokage leaps on rooftops and fights the Nine Tails.


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 comes out on March 5 in North America and March 8 in Europe.

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  • yoUNg_grOUp568

    I’m pretty sure the planetary rasengan is going to be a new jutsu for KCM naruto, not an ougi. And sasuke’s new move seems to be a ougi for him where he summons his new susano’o

  • Naruots lack of special moves is strange. you would have though that the main person in a xhundred long series would have some more über moves.

    • Richter

      After the pre-shippuden series, Naruto went to train with Jiraiya. From my knowledge he learned how to perform Giant Rasengan, which is a pretty damn giant attack. Later on, he then learned how to master the wind element, thus learning how to use Rasenshuriken, which is even more explosive and dangerous than Giant Rasengan, which saved him and his comrades. And then he learned to master the Sage mode, in which is one of the most helpful transformations in battle. And then he learned Chakra mode/whatever its called, where he enters the ninja war shows off OVER 9000 (im exaggerating) MOVES AND GOES WILD, disposing many Zetsu clones in the battlefield, hell, he even made a vacuum rasengan. Not to forget a mini rasenshuriken which is surprisingly as destructive if my memory serves me right. And then he learned the transformation which looks like a mixture of sage mode, and chakra mode, and the nine tails mode, which is probably the most powerful transformation in ninja anime history, though I could be wrong, considering we didn’t see much of what he is capable of. Though you could expect a lot. That said, I think he learned some pretty nice moves, but I speak for myself. I’m satisfied, derp

      • ToshiChan

        I think the main disappointment is that they’re all variations of basically one move

        • *This*

          I am a fan of the series, but its not epic with new moves, like in one piece.

          • MooPoint

            One piece use one move per character, but can be variety. I mean Luffy can stretch his arm to punch enemy far away, grab top of building while on the road and bounce a bullet all because of one ability, he is rubber man. One ability, made into multiple uses. Like Zorro, he always use sword in all his various 1,2,3 style swords attack. Sanji with his kick, fire kick and running into sky all using his leg ability.

            Naruto have a spinning ball in his hand, adding a blade to the rasengan (Resenshuriken) is an accomplishment but unlike One Piece, a spinning ball is harder to make into variety. It will either turn out into two hand rasengan, gigantic rasengan, mini rasengan or seven colored rasengan.

        • sd28

          still better than all the awesome recoloured kamehameha variations in dragonball z/ GT

        • Richter

          None of Naruto’s forms require rasengan, though it is his most useful ninjutsu, he doesn’t need it. If anything, he needs Shadow Clones/Dopplegangers/Kage Bunshins to even use one that’s powerful. Or at least for some back then. Transformations aside, Naruto has strengthen and found better ways to use his clones since the Pre-Shippuden series. He has learned how to make better use of them, he has learned how to adapt to most situations with his clones, and etc etc. Same goes on for Rasengan. He may be limited to very few moves but he is pretty much as the same value of strength as almost every other ninja in the series, except his only few ninjutsu’s and taijutsu is trained and strengthened every minute he has free time (I could be wrong). And he has the power of the Kyuubi fox. And now in the manga they’re friends, like Bee and his Tailed Beast. If you look at it now, he is at least 10x stronger than Pre-Shippuden with transformations no other Tailed user can pull off, with the 4th Hokage’s special move, only mastered and even better. And now he has control over his own tailed beast who has destroyed his village years ago and who was the reason Naruto was rejected from society in the first place (his name is Kurama). Not to be a dick or anything, but it’s not one move. There’s Kage Bunshin, Rasengan, Kyuubi Mode, Sage Mode, Chakra Mode, and Kurama mode (that’s what I call it at least haha). So it’s 6 moves in total.

          • ToshiChan

            Yes he’s stronger but all it is essentially power ups and use of the same move. It’s just basically going super saiyan 3 and using kamehameha.

            At least when he was a kid he had more variations of moves like Naruto Rendan. Now he’s spamming Rasengan variations more than Ichigo says Getsuga Tensho

          • That is false lol. Ichigo only uses Getsuga, and nothing else.

          • Richter

            Nah, Ichigo knows Shinigami mode,Getsuga Tensho, Bankai: Tenso Zangetsu, his new Bankai, Tenso Zangetsu Getsuga Tensho, Hollow Ichigo, and multiply all the things I said before Hollow Ichigo and multiply it by 2, because Hollow Ichigo has all of them, unless he died. OH! And theres that special form Ichigo has where he has long Black hair, he also has that form where he transforms into some kind of suit where he goes super fast without using anything Shinigami related in the Arc where Ichigo lost his powers, the move thingy what takes shape from the Shinigami Badge and turns into something dark and he can just keep throwing it constantly like Hadouken, and finally he has that final Getsuga Tensho in which is so powerful he loses his Soul Reaper powers. Oh snap I almost forgot. He has Getsuga Tensho from his new shinigami form, and another Getsuga Tensho from his new Bankai in the same arc where he lost his shinigami powers. Damn my memory is sexy!

          • Richter

            Almost all Anime/Manga’s that are similar to One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and DBZ get power ups and use the same move. Naruto still has moves like Naruto Rendan, but he chooses not to use them because he already has more powerful ninjutsu moves that deal more damage than several solid clones of himself using Taijutsu (Which he stole from Sasuke, and made it into one of his own attacks but that’s perfectly fine because Sasuke does almost nothing but slashing and lightning related attacks along with his Sharingan moves and etc anyway). And has gotten used to spending Chakra, especially when he came back after training with Jiraiya, who uses more Ninjutsu than Taijutsu if anyones noticed. Notice how Naruto can perform Rasengan without his clones at times. I can see what you mean by how he almost always uses Rasengan. But when you think about it, its one of the only moves he knows. And it’s a strong move that most people can’t perform, surprisingly. And it was created by none other his own father so that’s gotta be like, his number 1 move although Naruto doesn’t think of it like that. plus it’s stronger than anything else he has, aside from transformations (doesn’t transform as much as Ichigo does, in all honesty), and he hasn’t changed since Pre-Shippuden when it comes to being too bright. I’m pretty sure he still fails to understand how most jutsu’s are performed, as shown in episode one. But even though that was a long way back, he still is the same, he didn’t change from a complete 180, ya know.

          • Richter

            Another thing, I don’t watch much DBZ so I might sound like an idiot but I know some of the things in the beginning. And Goku has many abilities. He has Kamahameha, Kaioken, and he can go from Kaioken from I don’t even know, he can go to freaking x200 for all I know, and super saiyan, and he can go all the way up to 5,6, or 7 or something I don’t really remember. And along with the Spirit bomb, he has many moves.

        • “A ninja isn’t measured by the amount of jutsu he can use” -Jiraiya.. well the real quote is. “a real ninja is one who endures no matter what gets thrown at him… Let me explain something to you, there is only one thing that matters if you are a shinobi, and it isn’t the number of jutsu you possess. All you do need, is the guts to never give up.” . but hey, a few more skill’s would help, like Uzumaki sealing jutsu’s to Seal the Jubi (ten tailed beast). but it doesn’t really matter at all. still good. it is for me anyway.

    • Serpenter Rex

      Still more than Ichigo from Bleach though =p
      these days he’s doing more with them too, I guess.

    • Ichigo from Bleach, Goku(barely had any moves, like 4)

      • Richter

        Super Saiyan (At least 4 or more forms of Super Saiyan), Kamehameha, Spiritbomb, Kaioken(Up to infinite counts of Kaiokens), Kamehameha + Rasengan (Naruto and Goku’s team attack move in Jump Super Stars) and Destructo Disc (Took from Krillin). Teleportations moves, cloud ride thingy, etc

        • lol…

          • Richter

            lol I felt that it was like 4 moves too, though. Because I had to remember all the way back several years when I saw a little of DBZ. Because by the time they finished the cell saga, im pretty sure he didn’t even use half of the things he had at that point to the last episode lol

  • Yuriangels

    so its just a giant rasengan? thats boring

    • Richter

      No, it’s not just a giant rasengan, it’s a Giant Rasengan that requires chakra in which can cause a Giant area of destruction and damage to cityscapes, landscapes, and whatnot, and can probably kill an infant in one hit, I could be wrong though.

      • Asura

        Did you read what you wrote before you clicked “post”?

        • I’m sure he didn’t , cause he wasn’t sure.

          • Yuriangels

            oooo wow i just didn’t what was, i think it was just a really big rasengan. looks cool. (i am girl)

          • Richter

            Both are correct.

      • Tyler Casilio

        Why the fuck would you say something like that about an infant? Your a disgusting person

        • Richter

          I didn’t even realize I got this reply, but let me reply back anyway.
          I’m going to be as blunt as possible. You missed all the sarcasm, all of it.
          The fact that I said that an attack such as a Giant Rasengan that is capable of destroying this and that and so leading to be able to kill an infant was not to be taken seriously. More like to purposely exaggerate, considering how many fanboys in the internet talk about Naruto being weak. But for to have it kill a baby, that’s quite disgusting isn’t it. However, did I not give details? Nah, I don’t think so… and because i’d probably have to wait for a while if you even decide to reply, i’d probably imagine that you would imagine a scenery of a baby infant being demolished with blood and gore in an even more disgusting mind than me. So I don’t think I would be calling myself the disgusting one now would I? I wasn’t even thinking like that :L and what’s with the foul language? That’s even more foul language than me typing words that don’t even have foul language other than the term kill, which was once again, used for exaggeration.

    • Suzaku

      Actually, Planetary Rasengan is a Rasengan with three smaller Rasengan rotating around it like moons.

      • revivegamesrise23

        wtf?? seriously?? bro… you mean to tell me that Naruto in bijuu Mode can do that?? O_o yo sasuke! your fucked! lol thats fucking amazing! it gets me hyped!!

      • revivegamesrise23

        i wonder if Bijuu mode can use Tailed beast flash bomb and rasegan as a normal move in this game. that would be beast.

  • Yeah the Planetary Rasengan is just a new Jutsu for KCMv1 Naruto. The new Susano’o for EMS Sasuke is definitely an ougi.

  • Tails the Foxhound

    I hope one of the Narutos in the game has the Rasengan Vacuum, that was awesome!

    • Olu Ugah

      That should definitely be a CM/KCM grab

  • positiveemotions

    I wonder if siliconera made an error or they telling the truth i dont thiink prg is a ougi but maybe kcm might have more than one jutsu?

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