Sega Turned Roppongi Into A Dungeon For 7th Dragon 2020-II

By Sato . January 25, 2013 . 2:30pm


Sega revealed new characters found in 7th Dragon 2020-II including more details about the character creation system.


Players will be part of a group known as Murakumo. They’re an organization full of talented youths, tasked with several missions to ensure the safety of Japan. Their mission is to take out the Dragons terrorizing the nation.


001 002

Meet Emel. She’s originally from America, where she led their fight against Dragons. She currently resides in Tokyo to help out Murakumo, but her role is still unknown.


Character creation allows players to pick out of 14 different looks, 6 classes and 40 different voices.


005 006 007 008

With a total of up to 5,040 different combinations, players can make characters to their liking. The classes are: Samurai, Trickster, Destroyer, Psychic, Hacker and Idol.


7thd1 7thd2


The color variations also allows players to further customize their characters with their own unique touch.


Male and female Lushe characters can also be made through character creation.


015 014


016 017

Here’s a male Lushe as a Samurai class.


019 018 020

And a female Lushe as a Psychic.


The corroded Roppongi tower is a dungeon and also the dragon’s layer. The place is swarming with monsters waiting to sink their teeth into our heroes.


022 023 024 025 026 027


We’ve recently reported that Miku will be singing 7th Dragon 2020-II’s main theme, She’ll also be making an NPC appearance in the game as Hatsune Miku TYPE 2021. Hatsune Miku will allow players to change the background music through the DIVA Mode feature.


Here’s a look at Miku’s latest adorable look:


029 028 030 031


7th Dragon 2020-II will be coming out for PSP on April 18th, 2013.

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  • New dungeons, new enemies, new Skills, new class, new portraits, color swaps… I don’t have enough squee to described this. Although: Come on, designers; men can look good with big, fluffy Kemonomimi too; don’t be stingy.

    I wonder where the Lushe race comes into the picture though. I guess I might have to go back to the original DS game at one point, after all; even if I’m not a fan of its upgrade system…

    Didn’t recognize Emel at first, since she looks so different from the last game, but the hair color was sort of a hint, I guess.

    • IsaacGravity

      The system wasn’t as punishing as it sounds really. A little advanced planning and knowing what you wanted at the start when it came to the type of set-ups you wanted for the classes due to them having three different main styles each.

      It got easier when you were able to buy the beads later on which reset skills at the cost of resetting you levels by five. Leveling still was a drag unless you got lucky and ran into a seed (but they’re runners).

      • Seeds are notorious runners in 7D20 too; I try not to count on rewards from them as a rule of thumb, at least from early- to mid-game.

        Regarding the builds: See, that’s the thing. I vastly prefer the SP-based open approach of the 2020 series because you’re not potentially penalized for picking the “wrong” setup. It allows players to pick up the game without having to learn and plan for things that are yet to come, and allows tons of experimentation without penalty. While being able to reset the points in the original is a relief, losing five levels is still essentially throwing away the time and effort that went into those five levels; as opposed to 7D20 not touching a character’s SP pool whatsoever. This is also something I didn’t particularly enjoy of Etrian Odyssey‘s formula. That said, I guess I’ll go for at least one run, in hopes of knowing the story.

        • IsaacGravity

          You’ll be surprised at certain NPCs you met in 2020 who were in the first game and their roles within it for sure. First game was a total blast really. Only real flaw was lack of second save file…

          I’ve yet to play 2020 myself (waiting for my copy to come in the mail) but if you do get ur hands on the first game and wanna run a Rouge in your party, sacrifice your first seven SP and pump their Footwork Mastery to three, their SPD Bonus to three and put one point into the Footwork skill: “Replace First”.

          This skills works WONDERS against Dragons/tough enemies and the chance you run into a Seed (as the Rouge gives up their turn to let another slower harder hitting party member have the highest attack priority.)

          • Hm. Good synergy between classes and their skills is another part of what I enjoyed about 7D20, so if 7D has that too, it would be fun.

          • Quadsdat

            7D was produced by Kazuya Niinou, producer of the original Etrian Odyssey. It has class synergies like you won’t believe. IMO, 7D is the better game overall.

          • I know about him (a bit). He was also involved in 2020, but probably not this one, since he moved to Square Enix a while back. Not that I’m worried about this game, since a solid formula has been established already.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      A comment on 7th Dragon without you will make me sad lol.^_^
      Keep going with the enthuaist.

      • Well, I can only keep going as far as Sega is willing to make more of them. Although here’s hoping they do so for even if just a bit more.

    • How Emel look like in 2020? Is there a place where there official art of all character frm 2020?

  • IsaacGravity

    *whistles* Can’t wait to see all the color combinations for the character designs but I also can’t wait to see how the Rushe fall into this!

  • Yuriangels

    shut and take my money!!!!

  • puchinri

    It looks so cool and pretty and fun. Guess I better be ready to import it. ;u;

  • “Sigh” Game looks beautiful as always =)

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Miku just as beauty and cute as usuall.

  • Gahhh all the news about this game make my heart about to burst..!

    SEGAAAA Don’t tease my fragile heart anymore!!!!

  • TatsuyaKyo

    When I first looked at Emel, I thought she is a younger version of Traiya Scott (SRW Z2), lol.

  • So sad this will never get to cross the sea in english ;A;

    What the heck is a Lushe? Male Lushe is a elf where female Lushe is a nekomimi? WAT
    Destroyer with a pink punk hair lol. The colour variation looks like fun XD

    • IsaacGravity

      That’s just the Rushe genetics really. They first appeared in the first game (the one on the DS) and had their own nation which you were able to travel to later in the game. There was a couple of sub-quests relating to their history (a took a lot of backtracking) but Japanese isn’t my strong point (that kanji…)

      Of course like a few other places, you had to learn the Rushe language or you wouldn’t get what they were saying. Which is why I’m so curious as to see how they fall into place in this one.

  • kaizin

    all this new stuff pure wootness stilling going with samurai but i might just try the idol class for the fun cant wait for it to come out

  • d19xx

    Who’s ass do I have to kiss to get this localized?

    • My best bet: ATLUS/XSEED (If Sega let them handle the localization)

  • fireemblembeast

    What is this game series and how can I get into it?

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