One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Has An Original Story With The Straw Hat Crew Vs. Marines

By Spencer . January 28, 2013 . 4:46pm


Pirates Log mode in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 will let players experience dream battles. This mode has familiar characters sometimes cooperating and other times fighting against each other Warriors style.


One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 will have an original storyline with the Straw Hat crew vs. Pirates vs. Marine.


One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is scheduled to come out this summer for PlayStation 3 in North America. Japan gets the game on March 20 for PS3 and Vita.

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  • I hope the next characters to be announced are Shanks, Mihawk, Rayleigh, Coby, Helmeppo, Garp, Ivankov, Smoker and Tashigi!

    • Göran Isacson

      Helmeppo over the glory that is Mr 2?! (who to my knowledge has NOT been announced so far) Dude. We can SO not be nakama anymore :|

      • Heh, I was waiting for someone to point this out. I didn’t forget Mr. 2. I also want Buggy to be playable! I mean, he has his own adventures, too!

        • Göran Isacson

          A Buggy is fine too! If so I hope he and Mr 3 gets to go on a vitriolic buddy adventure where they keep selling each other out, but are forced to work together in the end to make it through some crazy scrape.

  • fucking namco bandai, i will never buy your games anymore to doing this to vita owners

    • What?

      • mpgeist

        Because the game isn’t coming to Vita in the US I guess…

        • And that’s enough to not buy namco games? The vita has a smaller install base than the Wii U. Plus it will likely be nerfed control wise just like almost every other polygonal PS3/Vita cross game.

          • Wrong, The Vita has a bigger install base than Wii U, in the world and in Japan.

            Most of PS3/Vita games are equivalent, and its very easy to port a PS3 game to Vita, OP is not a big deal to port as an egal version on vita.

            It cost them nothing to do this on PSN at least !

          • Guest

            Huh. You’re right, I got my data crossed. Still the other point stands and PSV is a fraction of PS3.

          • BUt what the problem ? The cost is so low, they could just bring it on PSN these ********

            Anyway, NB always been a bad company, bad support to new hardware in Europe, remember OP 3DS split in two games, they thought we were stupid ? We didnt buy those games to make them understand.

          • Say what you will, but you know nothing of the internals when it comes to a lot of this stuff. I guarantee since I’ve read this before, Sony charge more than even Microsoft do to put stuff up on PSN. It may be cheaper than a full disc release but all the same, don’t speak when you lack the full picture. If all you’re going to do is swear, you’re solving absolutely nothing. As for a “bad” company, I bet you a lot of their decisions to not bring games over is a lot the same why most Japanese based companies don’t bring games over, they simply do not sell well enough to profit. Companies are terrified of going the way of THQ, bankrupt from poor decisions. I could list off easily 10+ games from most big name Japanese companies that should have come to EU or even US that never did, swearing is going to do nothing but deter them from listening to you.

          • Quit flinging insults around. If you can’t post in a mature fashion, then leave. First and last warning.

        • Ae Gon has a point. The Vita is greatly suffering unnecessarily with a lack of constant game releases and noticeable support.

          • The vita is suffering from Sony not dropping the price. If they make it more accessible, then the devs will come.

          • It isn’t the price of the Vita. Though, I’m sure that will change after the thing has it’s first year down.

          • Incorrect. It’s 100% the price of the system. If the vita cost less, more people would buy it. If more people bought it and the install base increased, more devs would be willing to put their games on it. Why do you think Shin MegaTen IV and MonHun 4 are going to 3DS? because that’s where the people are. And there’s an nasty little rumor that Persona 5 is going to end up there as well. It’s the PSP versus the DS all over again. One system is much cheaper so people buy it. Because people are buying it, developers make games for it. It’s cyclical and the only way to break it is to under cut the price. Or course everything is moot when XY comes out.

          • Also, not to butt in, but Vita’s can be had for about 140-150 already. Really that isn’t that bad considering the hardware in the Vita, if you know anything about hardware you’d see why it does cost the measly 50-80 dollar premium over a 3DS. The 3DS specs wise is actually quite pathetic, and is basically a buffed DS wIth the 3D screen. Nintendo does great at pushing older tech that they can overpriced though. Hence the 3DS launch and Nintendo’s 200% profits on the console.

          • “Can be had” means nothing to the mainstream consumer who buys their crap from walmart. We’re not talking about techies and nerds who a hunting for the best price, we’re talking about Jimmy and Janey Public who are going to see that price and tell sony to eff off. Also, you can stuff your condescending “if you know anything about the hardware” fanboy and kindly butt out.

          • How is that fanboy exactly? Also these are prices I do see around quite often, without having to hunt at all. I’m not being condescending in the least, I’m mostly pointing out the fact that Sony isn’t going to sell this thing at a loss like they did with the PS3 because that console already put them into a debt pit. I’m a glad owner of both Nintendo and Sony, the problem maybe the price with the Vita, but it is also the developers are too scared to develop for the Vita because the 3DS came out earlier, and even sold at it’s initial 200+ price tag quite well after a few months.

          • Guest

            I mean. This is pretty much the exact opposite of butting out.

          • Cute.

          • Guest

            Naturally, without makeup.

          • Knock it off. There’s no reason to start flinging insults. I won’t warn you again.

          • 200% profits? I would advise doing your research before making statements like that.

          • The 3DS component wise costs about 100-110 bucks to make, when it first came out it had a price tag of about 250 bucks.

          • I knew that old report was what you were referring to. However, the report was also said to be inaccurate and took none of the other factors that go into releasing hardware at retail into account, aside from hardware costs. Nothing from that report should be taken at face value.

          • True, you can always factor in R&D big time, still doesn’t change the fact that if you look at the 3DS specs wise. That price point doesn’t seem too far off at all, it’s not like it isn’t uncommon practice. Most of our smart phones cost about 150-180 bucks to make and sell for 600 off contract.

          • It isn’t as simple as you’re making it out to be. It’s much more than the price of the system. Developers didn’t even know the price before the Vita came out. A lot of the high-profile games that 3DS has were announced before either system was released.

            On the very day that 3DS was announced, KH3D and Resident Evil were announced alongside it, indicating heavy support from Capcom and Square. The same day, Atlus and a bunch of other third-party publishers put their franchises down in a giant document that Nintendo released, pledging support for the system.

            Developers had faith in 3DS because it was the DS’ successor and was always going to be successful. Vita on the other hand had no high-profile support announced either prior to launch or following launch. The only game that people took note of was FFXHD and that’s an HD Remaster.

            It’s a question of priorities and resources. Mobile games are catching on. Social games are a thing. At the same time, the market for traditional games is getting more and more competitive. You need to be careful where you assign your teams. At this point, it’s fairly obvious that developers decided early on that they were going to bet on the horse that they figured would win the race.

            Price is just one of many, many factors. This is a decision that was made at most publishers before either device was even released. It goes way beyond price and into things like past performance, company focus and long-term success.

          • Fair enough.

          • But then again, they did know it was going to be expensive. Sony made plenty of veiled overtures to that effect.

          • fish_underwater

            The price not so much as their damn expensive proprietary memory cards. I have a vita but I still can’t justify paying $100 for a 32 gb memory card.

          • Same. I’m hoping something comes of that project to make a vita card shell for a micro sd.

          • Guest

            That being said, I don’t thing that people aren’t buying because of the Mem Cards. That’s more of an issue for after you’ve picked the machine up

    • Well I wouldn’t go as far to say f*ck them. >_> I mean they could have chosen not to put the game on Vita at all but still even so, they could have ported the PS3 version in english……kinda lazy x( Stupid in fact….

    • sherimae1324

      yeah i feel sad about it too. but i cant blame namco bandai oni-chan…
      because no matter what… their the one who support sony the most well specially in japan ^_^

  • Highasthesky

    So am i the only one who doesn’t care the vita version is not coming to the U.S, and is just going to import it?

    • I don’t care about the vita version. I might get the PS3 one, but I can’t see the vita version being worth it.

      Why aren’t you getting the PS3 one?

      • Hinataharem

        Don’t be an ass. That is not what they were asking.

      • If you don’t care don’t reply, your comments come off as crass and offensive, you need to learn how to speak to the general public in a non-aggorant manner. -_-

      • ragingmerifes

        Because an action game with RPG elements and great graphics is great to be played anywhere, and he may just not have a PS3.

  • ragingmerifes

    12 movies; 2 OVAs; countless arcs not covered in the first. Yet they want to have a new plot. It better be good.

    • Göran Isacson

      It’s tecmo koei. Iiii wouldn’t really bet on it- it’s most likely going to be an excuse plot to have the gang fight as many opponents as humanly possible.

  • handeu haime

    i hope the next char to be confirmed is ROB LUCCI,!! AND DOPLAMINGo!! whitebeard and ace, kidd and hancock ,jinbei!

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