God of War: Ascension’s First 30 Minutes Show Off Kratos’ New Moves

By Ishaan . February 1, 2013 . 10:30am

Thus far, Sony have focused their efforts on showcasing God of War: Ascension’s multiplayer mode, but at a recent event in Hollywood, the company showed off the first 30 minutes of the game’s single-player adventure. Polygon shared the footage for viewing and you can give it a look below:



God of War: Ascension is slated for release on March 12 in North America. Sony will also be releasing a red PlayStation 3 bundle with the entire God of War series packed in on the same day.

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  • Brimfyre

    Is there anyone who played the first GoW when it came out that still cares about the series? Or does this only appeal to late teens and early 20 gamers?

    I’m really not trying to troll with that statement. I just was all about GoW for the first two and I just can’t get excited over them anymore.

    • Ferrick

      i did, but my expectations kinda kept dying everytime they release a prequel of a prequel of a prequel after the 3rd one

      • Utku Savaş

        C’mon, every major game franchise does that. Even MGS.

        • Ferrick

          well the reason i say that is pretty much every prequel shows us aspects of kratos’ life, which most of us already know about from the numbered GoWs, and its another prequel showing another part that was abit hinted in the numbered ones

          as for mgs, we can’t really say that because we have no idea who the hell is big boss and how did the outer haven, FOX, XOF, and the others came along, then again it’s probably my own bias, so i guess i can’t really say much, still i will definitely buy GOW:As

    • TheExile285

      I’m finding it hard to be interested in this since its just another prequel. The online beta was fun but I don’t really feel driven to buy this. I don’t understand why they didn’t just make this GoW 4 storywise…

      • MrRobbyM

        I don’t know anything about the GoW story but I’d assume they’re saving GoW4 for the Ps4? System seller and what not.

        • TheExile285

          It would have been smarter to just not make this game and let the resources and MP idea go toward GoW4. Also, this isn’t really a series that can last a dozen games. It gets repetitive pretty easily if they don’t make big changes.

          Apparently Sony’s devs are stretched thin developing for 3 systems.

    • Wake

      I get what you’re saying. Visually, this game kills it, but it still feels like a rehash. It hasn’t really evolved. I’m honestly more excited with the The Last of Us demo bundled with it.

      • Brimfyre

        Also Kratos just kind of looks like a sad clown, the more realistic he gets.

    • Utku Savaş

      Yes, there are huge amount of GoW fans that still care about GoW series, including Ascension. I love when a gamer doesn’t like a particular game, s/he assumes that everyone dislikes it.

  • DesmaX

    I dunno… While it’s definely impressive (That boss looks even bigger than Chronos in GoW III), it just the regular “Keep attacking the boss until he falls, and then do QTE. Repeat until he dies”.

    • AnimusVox

      Aren’t all action and hack and slash games kinda like that?

      • DesmaX

        Yeah… That’s why I ended up stopping buying them, I guess

        But, after playing MGR demo, it makes me interested in the genre again. That game really feels different from other games hack ‘n slash I played.

        God of War, in the other hand… I don’t see anything different from other games in the series in this one

        • AkuLord3

          The Genre has always been fun but it depends on the games and challenge. GoW though, at first yeah it was cool but now it never evolved more than those simple things

    • Utku Savaş

      Well, what did you expect? Having some strategic calls and imply them at the battlefield? Are you sure we’re talking about action/hack’n’slash genre?

  • Doesn’t look like they added anything to change the GoWIII formula, while a very pretty game to look at, I doubt it would be as big of a hit as previous GoW installments purely due to the fact that it feels like GoWIII except with a weaker narrative.

    GoWIII has kinda made me numb to these big set pieces and I wish they added more depth to the gameplay over just using the tried and true formula.

    The first 3 games will have a special place in my heart though <3

  • Fub Frank

    Liked the first one, enjoyed the second one a lot more but I haven’t seen anything in this series that made it look like it evolved since 2. The way you handle enemies, the combat, the spectacle, etc. There is really no “wow” left in this series.

  • According to the comments here, I’m not alone in feeling like this is just “more”. It doesn’t feel as inspired as the previous games in the series, and as awesome as the scale is and everything, that isn’t what makes these games fun or interesting. The fact that it’s a prequel isn’t helping either.

  • Draculoid

    Wow really shocked to see the backlash here. The single player looks like more of the same with a some more polish a few new moves, story and scenarios…pretty standard for a third person action game. Is it the fact that it’s North American that it is getting biased on this site? I don’t see nearly as many complaints in say a Metal Gear Rising post even though it is essentially the same thing just asthetically different.

    Are we forgetting the quite huge and expansive multiplayer component to the game that actually seems to tie into the single player? (as far as that guy Kratos find asking for the strength of the Gods and then getting squashed, actually laughed pretty hard.) In all honesty this God of War seems to have the most content yet. Let’s face it people, it sells really well and Greek Mythology is one of those wells they can still tap into for quite some time, nice to see they ARE innovating the game at least on scale and coreography and environments (which I feel are the franchises strongest points) as well as a huge multiplayer mode.

    • How is Metal Gear Rising the same thing? It’s a completely different genre from every other Metal Gear game. :P

      Edit: Also, I don’t think God of War is being unfairly singled out here. People voiced the same complaints about Assassin’s Creed as well, and you’ll always find people saying the same thing every time a new 2D Mario game comes out.

      It’s a fair opinion. A lot of these games don’t change very much throughout the course of the series. The difference is, some games can get away with it because they aren’t as story-driven, so the mascot character is simply regarded as a caricature that’s put into different settings.

      Meanwhile, God of War has always been pushed as a “movie-like” experience, and Kratos’ story has been dragging on and on for quite some time. Every new game seems to introduce some unnecessary new tragedy to his life that makes him angrier and angrier. They need to come up with new excuses for bringing him back. :P

  • Sergio Briceño

    Four things I noticed:

    1) It’s still GoW. And that means it’s still CSA (or as we old folks call it, QTE) heavy.

    2) It looks more amazing than the last game in the series. But that is a given, even if the last one looked superb.

    3) It’s cool that they are thiking beyond some of the oldest and most boring combat paradigms in GoW. Time to move on I guess and I hope that the next game in the series goes even further. Evolution is always a good thing. Also, seems Kratos took some tips from Drake in regards to wall climbing.

    4) The way the music matches the battle atmosphere is fantastic. Ok I’m exaggerating, but is a first for GoW, right? At least it’s the first time I have noticed the shift in the music corresponding to the boss’ repeating it’s chain of attacks. Simple, yes, but well executed.

  • I think the next GOW will take back when Kratos was human and continues to Zeus before war with titans. The game is just going prequel…

  • Cameron Ward

    i think people arent seeing the subtle changes to the gameplay. yes you do have to press a button to grapple onto a guy and use him as a battering ram, but the QTE heavy boss battles are gone. i think that is the biggest change besides Krato’s ability to use his fists and other weapons so this either means that Kratos will not be getting any new weapons since he can just pick up weapons from enemies or on the ground. it just has a different feel to it all together

  • FABZ

    So WHAT if its a prequel??? Its story telling!! A development of a character that well over $100 million bucks of fans care about. This is not a game for new comers. Its built solely for those of us that have supported it since GOW1 and want more of the same but deeper in mythology and character development. The gamer that has grown with this series spans over 10yrs of love and support, worth over 100 million bucks and will spend and continue to support it as long as we are catered to. Once again, its NOT for new comers and never was designed to lure you in. To appreciate fantastic story telling, deep character development with unrivaled visuals, GO BACK AND START AT GOW 101 AND WORK YOUR WAY UP TO THIS. Quit hating on a formula that works especially for the supported fans like myself. No one could have predicted the future of GOW from its first inception therefore Kratos story had to be told at times forward and at time backwards due to its success.

  • Christopher Abraham

    if I were the voice actor of Kratos, I’d be really tired of shouting for Kratos’ voice

  • FABZ

    Another thing, it is common sense when a game as successful as GOW tries not to change much. Core fans that spend the $ on GOW do not want formula deviation. WE SIMPLY JUST WANT MORE KRATOS PERIOD!! Look at what happened to RE-6 when it tried new things. How about Ninja Gaiden? both games with high potential that only angered fans with formula deviation. For those of you that mentioned “why not GOW4” Play the entire series and you will know that Kratos journey set out in 1-3 came to an END. Any other GOW game in the series are all focused on character development and storytelling. that is what the fans want and the developers are delivering on that $100 million dollar promise. So stop hating especially if you haven’t been there for Santa Monica in the past 10yrs. If you’re bored, tired of the same O trick, there is plenty out there to chose from. GOW is PS classic and the success isn’t asking for more changes. JUST MORE KRATOS! And that is worth my every dollar.

    • Skeima

      you sir have my respect.,

  • O.O

    Leave Kratos, Leave Greek myth DO A GOW with Norse myth, DAMMIT!! i want them valkryies!!!! *sob* ahh hah….lenneth where are you..lenneth!!

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