• ToshiChan

    My only gripe so far is the Totoro looking creature Toko is near impossible to collect at his 2% catch rate. I am like near flipping tables at this point.

    Also, this reference was great.

    • drproton

      I chuckled at that one.

    • Göran Isacson

      Ha ha oh my God, it’s not just the feel of 90′s RPG’s they’re bringing back, it’s all KINDS of 90′s references :)

    • TheDarkEmpress

      Get the 3rd row Merit rewards, one of them ups your capture rate. It took me like 100+ attempts but I finally got one.

  • SirRichard

    “The way Oliver jumps or runs up and down stairs is adorable.”

    I remember when I first noticed this half an hour in, I had him stop on the stairs to see if his foot would stop on the stair in front of him while the other stayed on the one it was on.

    It did, and that made me giddy like few games do.

    I basically second this entire article (though I haven’t hit the difficulty spike people talk about yet, it’s been ages since I could say “10 hours is not very far in” about a game), this really is a fantastic game in every way.

    I’ve heard it’s actually sold out across the UK and took the #1 spot on the chart despite launching on a Friday (and being a PS3 exclusive, and a JRPG), and frankly it fully deserves to hold that spot. Couldn’t have happened to a better game.

    • puchinri

      The stair part really stuck with my boyfriend and me too. We played on the stairs for a while and watched. They put so much fantastic, glorious detail into so much; and it makes me so excited and warm.

      I feel like if FE:A didn’t look so amazing to me, this would be game of the year (though that could still happen). Also, listening to the overworld theme is magical (like all the music).

  • gsnap

    If you wished you could have used your first familiar for the entire game…. then why didn’t you? You could have.. easily. He’s a pretty tough little guy.

    • ToshiChan

      He easily becomes outclassed by other familiars you can obtain, like Dinoceros.

      • gsnap

        The author says they wanted to use him, so they could have used him easily. Just because there are stronger familiars out there doesn’t mean you can’t use the ones you like. Unless there is a significant difficulty spike in the late game (I’m a little over 30 hrs in) you should be able to use whatever familiars you want and get by just fine.

        • ToshiChan

          Most of the post game requires higher stat familiars that Mitey is no longer able to survive competently. At least, he gets wiped out easily in S class Solosseum.

          • gsnap

            Post game as in post story? If that’s the case, then that makes sense. I assumed the author was just talking about getting through the story. Which didn’t make any sense to me.

          • ToshiChan

            It’s mostly the optional quests that call for more high stats familiars I think. Side quests and Solosseum in particular have some challenging creatures that Mitey’s low attack and defense don’t seem to take very well.

            If I didn’t have Griffy I’m sure for those I’d probably have had to grind a little more to fight.

        • Nyandroid

          I played through the whole game with him on Normal. So its not that difficult.

  • DesmaX

    Is anyone here having problems with Hong Kong Post?

    I’ve brough my copy on play-asia (I have my reasons), which they send it on day 21… Only on day 29 my tracking code showed some update, but, even now my copy hasn’t dispatched to my country

    I want to play this so bad…

  • DesmaX

    ” 4. I wish familiars weren’t so disposable. I would have liked to have used Mighty, the first familiar, the entire game.”

    Oh, that is sad. Reminds me of Persona 4 (Where I just wanted to play with Izanagi the whole game)

    • natchu96

      In Golden, pimping him out is easy by grinding shuffle time until he has 99 stats in everything and skill cards.

    • ragingmerifes

      I played with Jack Frost the entire game, if that counts as a good thing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aly.hesham.7 Aly Hesham

    Ni No Kuni is wonderful because it is modern meets old.A wonderful marriage of art , music , addictive battles and sidequests , creature collection and all this comes within an updated modern context of gameplay.I really enjoyed every second of this game up till now(I haven’t finished the game so no spoilers please)

  • http://twitter.com/#!/kaishou Kaishou

    “4. I wish familiars weren’t so disposable. I would have liked to have used Mighty, the first familiar, the entire game.”

    I have to dispose of Kaikai? ;_; actually I can imagine getting rid of Mighty, that familiar is getting…useless

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    So far, so amazing. This has definitely been one of the better JRPGs this gen, and I totally agree with the idea that they should be putting out more games together. We need masterpieces like this every 2 years for the foreseeable future of game consoles.

    … Just leave Namco out of it and self-publish next time… I still have a sour taste in my mouth over that whole wizard edition fiasco… XP

    • puchinri

      Yeah, really. That is the only downfall of the game so far. That fiasco with the wizard edition.

  • James

    Easy “easy” difficulty? Wow I did no active grinding and I honestly found the game to be quite easy on normal. There was one boss mid game that was slightly challenging but the entire game was quite a breeze. Then again I’ve played so many RPGs. Personally I wish more devs would add a “hard” mode.

  • Marcus J. Hopkins

    I understand how you might feel like the game’s battle system is turn-based, but…actually, no I can’t. The battle system is much less intuitive than a traditional turn-based system, particularly since you do not continuously choose the actions of your entire team of players, can substitute new fighters into and out of the fight at virtually any time, and you can cancel actions in midstream to defend or go an entirely different route.

    I would argue that the battle system is a bit overwrought, if anything. If you had three hands, it would feel much more comfortable; instead, you must move your character with one analog stick, move the camera with the right analog stick, sift through options of actions during an Active battle using the directional pad, and select various options with the buttons on the right. It did take me a while to get the hang of it, and at times, it still trips me up, but this is hardly like a traditional turn-based system.

    • Nyandroid

      I realized this late in the game. But you can actually use R2 to cycle through the different commands. Its a lot easier.

  • Gildohma

    I used Mite and everyone’s originals from beginning to end I couldn’t replace him… he was with me from the beginning… I caught a case of Pikafever.

    I switched around the rest though until I got to Puss in Boats… I couldn’t not use a Pirate Kitty lol.

  • Neko Kawaii

    Fingers crossed for more beautiful story Jrpgs on the ps4

  • Steven Higgins

    I would want more Ni No Kuni games, but not really sequels. I like Oliver and the other characters but reading through the in-game Wizards Companion makes me think it would be more unique and interesting if other games took place in the same world, but at different times and with different characters.

  • TheDarkEmpress

    Just beat it last night. Talk about a blissfully nostalgic experience. I haven’t enjoyed an RPG like that in almost a decade, almost felt like a kid again. They hit it on the head with this one. Oldschool style never goes out, it just comes back around eventually. Hopefully this can signal some other companies that “awesome” is back in style.

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