That Romance Game With Keiji Inafune In It Is Coming To North America

By Spencer . February 14, 2013 . 6:05pm

SF-_0006Aksys is becoming champions of the otome market with Hakuoki and now they have a brand new otome game. If you’ve been following Idea Factory’s efforts, you may recognize Subaru Shidou from Bakudan Handan. Aksys picked up the title and are localizing it as Sweet Fuse: At Your Side.


This romance game puts you in the shoes of Saki Inafune, she’s the niece of Mega Man and Soul Sacrifice creator Keiji Inafune. Saki goes to visit her uncle’s theme park because in this world the 46 year old video game creator is a theme park owner. This should be a fun day, but Count Hogstein blows up the Ferris wheel and holds the staff hostage. Saki decides to save her uncle and play in Hogstein’s games with a group of bachelors like Shidou.


Sweet Fuse: At Your Side has puzzles to solve, choices to make, and a group of guys to fall in love with. The game has a branching story with fourteen different endings. Sweet Fuse: At Your Side will be released this summer on PSP.


SF-_0005 SF-_0007 SF-_0008 SF-_0009 SF-_0000 SF-_0001 SF-_0002 SF-_0003 SF-_0004

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  • Christian Paulo Villaflor

    Why? why only otome games ?? pick up some other visual novels for guys….

    • MrTyrant

      I bet they think we have enough visual novels for pc being translated.

    • Ladius

      As a straight male, I’m actually really happy to see the otome market grow in the west. Not only Aksys is right on the money on providing games for the much neglected female audience, but otome games can be perfectly enjoyable by guys and -in my opinion, obviously- tend to be less blatant about their fanservice than most galges.

      If you haven’t already, I really suggest you to play Hakuoki: it may surprise you.

      • riceisnice

        As a straight female… *Drool*

        • Shiki

          As a straight male .. I can’t freaking wait for this game!

          XSEED and AKSYS are the saviours of the PSP, thank you “salute”

          • As long as its a physical release.

          • Wait what

            As a lesbian straight homosexual female male I can say I’ll probably buy it.

      • Ereek

        Agreed. Hakuoki was a good decision for Akysys because it’s not only good for women, but also men. It has a solid, non-romantic plot to it that’s filled with action, drama, and a twisted form of history.
        It’s a shame people are passing it over simply because it’s marketed towards females.

      • I can agree with you completely. Hakuoki was very enjoyable due to the amazing writing and engaging characters. It’s something that can be easily enjoyed by both genders. And as much as I’d like to see some of the visual novel for males come out over here, I’m just glad to see that we’re getting these sorts of games at all. Good job Aksys for licensing this.

      • D H

        Kinda sorta agree with this, in that genres are pretty much BS and one should try everything individually from labels or “market audiences.” But, it’d be nice to have visual novels of other genres as well, with or without the fanservice elements. Even with the tiniest subliminal implications, I’m still playing something where I’m paying attention to characters and deciding which I would like to spend my time with; it’d be nice to be able to do so, in English, with characters that I’m actually mentally and physical able to be attracted to.

        It’s really the same with the manga industry, at least in America. I can go out and find any number of shonen-ai/yaoi books, but trying to find anything with shoujo-ai/yuri becomes very problematic. Not even looking at it as a sexual thing, as I just honestly rather prefer female characters to males. Despite being male, and straight, I tend not to associate with my fellow brethren much; rather, they honestly annoy the hell out of me…

        • You find BL books in america more often than Yuri because the BL fangirls despite being a minority in the fandom, they’re vocal, Yuri fans both in japan and outside aren’t vocal, it’s just how it is, they aren’t obsessed or passionate or proud about having a weird-unique hobby, and the male yuri fans always have alternatives, it’s just their mentality, they’re not “in your face” like BL fangirls are so they don’t get much hate and attention, if any at all.

          • puchinri

            I don’t think they’re a minority actually. They’re a fair majority and they do spend money on their titles. I think though, a lot of the companies that did localize the yuri titles just went under and not many others have bothered trying to pick them up. I suppose there would also be the matter of who it’s targeted to. The female yaoi fans are a fair majority and usually very vocal, the male yaoi fans aren’t as vocal usually, but are still quite a large number themselves (but do they buy as much?). In most bookstores, there are plenty of made by women for women yaoi and very little by men for men, but comparing that selection to the one at Kinokuniya could be very interesting.

            In general, I don’t see much yuri, whether by women/men, for women/men popping up at all.

          • ???

            Yaoi fans were never a “majority”, unless you’re talking about fans within the Yaoi fandom, then yes, they are the majority as yaoi targets females above all, but if you’re talking generally, then no, the yaoi fandom is a niche market group, “niche” is everything but a majority, they’re a vocal minority and you don’t need me or anyone to tell you that. male yaoi fans are almost non-existant, i don’t know where did you get these ideas, but that’s a load of misconceptions you got there, none of my yaoi female friends ever came to think that they are a “majority”, they know they’re a minority, they’re vocal about it, and let’s be real here, of everything that targets the female audience, for example PSP games, 1 in 100 would be a BL, (sometimes nothing at all) the rest is otome games, it’s been a year and a few months since the last BL anime aired and it didn’t even sell, 90% of BL mangas are one volumes and oneshots, for every 1000 something Visual novel that pops up each year, only one or two of them are BL. as for Yuri, I see them pop up all the time, There’s been twice as much Yuri Visual novels released in 2012 than BL (infact Dramatical Murder was pretty much the only BL VN), 2012 aired quite a few Yuri (Yuru Yuri and a few others) anime and no BL anime that i can recall.
            Yuri also happens to be often subtle in normal anime as fanservice, or in eroges or “Hentai”.

            to further wake you up:


            Those are the anime sellers, all the animes that sold above average and made it into the rankings or were a success are listed there, There isn’t a single anime that is labelled BL.

            just a little bonus in case you want to keep track of sales:

            also, Check Getchu once in a while for rankings and upcoming Visual novels, or the VN database, also check the weekly rankings in myanimelist. i went through the trouble to “educate” you on the matter, but trust me, it was unnecessary as anyone knows that BL fans, AND yuri fans are the minority, BL fans happen to be more vocal. Not to brag or anything, but i’ve been in the otaku culture for a while, and i can safely say that BL fans and Yuri fans combined would barely make up 5-8% of the whole fandom, and as far as my knowledge goes, 8% is a minority, not a majority, unless of course i’m misunderstanding something and you were talking about BL female fans being the majority within the BL fandom, if not, then you’ll have to do a little research and get yourself more familiar with the culture and fandoms. that being said, even Otome fans are far from being a majority, so it’s utterly ridiculous to even think that BL fans are a “fair majority”, sorry if i sound rude or anything, but it’s the first time i met someone who blurts out such nonsensical stuff, i don’t know if you were serious or just bored and tried to find something to discuss, either way, i did at the very least try to take you seriously.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Be careful here, the US and JP markets have not always proven to the be same in terms of both target and actual audience. A top sellers list for the states would look very different for that 2000- time period. Most US fans couldn’t tell you what Getchu is, and those types of sites have no impact on the market here. The posters focus is on American domestic releases and perceptions.

          • Yeah i was talking about the Japanese culture, where it actually matters and where most BL fans are, but generally the same applies to the west as far as the fandom size goes, it’s slightly bigger in japan though.

          • puchinri

            Are you sure? By the numbers I’ve seen, the yaoi market does a lot of publishing of long running and one-shot titles, and of course, there are titles that are marketed as shoujo or jousei, but clearly aimed at the shounen-ai/yaoi fan demographic. Yaoi also makes a lot of money. In general, I think most of this money comes from manga and doujin more than anime or gaming though. In comparison, yuri has a following in Japan, but doesn’t have such sizable communities in the West in comparison (and I can maybe cite a couple of reasons for that).

            I would like to see more yuri (published here and in Japan in general), but I really just don’t see it as often. I think more yaoi anime also happen more often and get broadcast (at least here) more than yuri tends to. However, yuri works also tend to be significantly huge in impact when popularized (Maria-sama, Aoi Hana, etc). Also, while I think a character that is a lesbian is fairly likely to pop up in some mainstream titles, I don’t think it gets slipped in as casually or as frequently as male shipteases and gay, male characters. Maybe comparing how many magazines/anthologies there are of each genre and how much they make in comparison is more apt?

            I’m certainly not saying BL fans are a larger crowd/following than shounen or shoujo fans though. x’D;
            Simply put though, it’s not a small number of them.

            You sound a little more hostile than rude. If I came off that way to incite such tone, I didn’t realize I came off that way and my bad. Sorry for adding my input? ^u^;

          • The long running titles i’ve seen so far are Junjou Romantica, Sekai ichi hatsukoi, and another one which i don’t remember, these are the only ones so far, and i’m sure they don’t go above 14 volumes. go to bakaupdates, go the yaoi section, sort by year, and check the yaoi titles one by one, you’ll find that 90% of them are one volumes/oneshots.

            The top selling Yaoi manga was Junjou romantica, which sells around 80-100k, that’s slightly above average, so for a top selling manga in a certain genre to have it sales be “above average” is certainly not a money maker. Doujinshi are something else, on that note though, the fujoshi booths make up 10% of comiket, and less so in Day 3, might i add Doujinshi are technically illegal, and they are made for fans by fans, but as i suggested, even in the doujinshi world, where the fujoshi presence is at its strongest, they’re still a minority. Visit Toranoana and other Doujinshi sites, look around a little and check the rankings, that might give you a general idea.

            Well it seems out you’re missing alot, because outside manga, i see Yuri alot more often than Yaoi.

            There is no such thing as “shipteases”, Yaoi fangirls will ship any two close male characters regardless of who the anime targets, the same goes for Yuri, if you’re a fujoshi, then you’ll see any “close” moment between two male characters as gay or yaoi (Which is also another reason Fujoshi are generally despised).


            Here’s the chart for this season, out of all the anime, only 2 have a chance of attracting some fujoshi, and yet they aren’t even the target audience of said titles.

            the rest is mostly Otaku moemoe whatever stuff.

            also, check Myanimelist’s weekly manga rankings taken from Oricon, BL stuff rarely ranks, and when it does, it sells pretty low, except for Junjou romantic, which like i said, is the top selling BL manga and generally its sales are slightly above average.

            Shounen and Shoujo fans are mainstream audiences, along with Josei, Seinen, and Kodmo, (and even the Otaku are becoming mainstream see’ing as nowadays the vast majority of products targets them) a niche group as small as BL fans can’t even be compared to them, No one in their right mind would compare them.

            in the Niche groups, they aren’t necessarily small, nor big, but generally, they are one of the smallest market groups out there, above yuri fans for certain, but they’re small nonetheless.

            Sorry if i do sound hostile, i’m just shocked with some of your statements, i’m not expecting you to be some sort of expert at this stuff, but i was surprised, as you’re the first one to ever say that BL fans are a majority when it’s the total opposite, normally one would see it as a joke or something, but i got the feeling that you were actually serious about it so i decided to seriously reply to you.

            All in all, be it Japan or the west, BL fangirls are a minority, but a vocal one, and i’m assuming them being vocal made you think the way you do.

    • DesmaX

      Well, I guess Idea Factory asked if they wanted to publish this in the west.

      Other publishers (For these “VN for men”), aren’t really interessed

    • BonBonBunny

      Lol what do you mean “only otome games” …………. Hakuoki (also from Aksys) is literally the only other otome game that’s ever been localized in the US unless you also include the PC game Yo-Jin-Bo. Reeeeaaally hoping Aksys keeps this up, ’cause we have seriously been missing out.

      Also, what part about the description of the game excludes the male demographic? Visual novels are for everybody.

      • Ladius

        I completely agree, with that kind of “segregationist” mentality visual novels should have almost no female fans outside of Japan since most of the localized games have been either galge, eroges or all-ages visual novels geared towards a male audience.

        The visual novel scene has seen a surge of official localizations and fantranslations in the last five years, there’s no reason to keep otome games out of the picture.

      • brian

        Princess Debut.
        AND specifically otome VNs exclude guys because, at least for me, they have an unappealing art style and obviously only have male romantic interests.
        This is coming from a guy that got Hakuoki at launch, and would like an occasional non-eroge bishoujo dating sim.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Princess Debut is one of several on the DS — Rockin Pretty and several Imagine games of all things. It could be argued that there are more otomes if you exclude the h-games. Ever 17, Pieces of Wonder and a few others Hirameki did as DVD games are about it from the male target standpoint. Otome and BL also are pretty much all that is being churned out by the fan community.

        You’ll never get me to speak ill of any VN or VN type, but the fact is it HAS been a long time since there was a traditional male MC, pick your lady title physically released stateside.

        • GDI

          W-w-wait, you mean to tell me people are actually looking for non-ero traditional galge? Or you mean ones sold in boxes? (Because demise of physical retail is another matter altogether)

          I thought the english market is already more than saturated by all the fan translations.

          So more Otome games are coming out — the market supports them (you know, like, financially), so more are released. The Otome and BL markets are VERY supportive, not just for Japanese translations but original stories as well.

          Contrast that with traditional market which was not only unsupportive, but downright hostile at times.

          I was one of the devs in “Sugar’s Delight”, and I’m supposed to be working on the next project, but finding motivation is very hard.

          I have several of my own projects under my belt but I’m thinking of doing GxB. I mean, if it’s impossible to be supported financially in this hobby, I might as well be supported emotionally.

          Not to mention Windows 8 can be a technological hurdle with some VN game engines from Japan and elsewhere. I don’t think VN players — who tend to be single-player folks — would care for a browser-only VN in HTML5? Ahahahahaha.

          In the meantime, I’m getting my bishoujo fix on console-style near-visual-novels such as Virtues Last Reward and Fire Emblem.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            The issue with fan translations is that they are not used in conjunction enough with actual hard/purchased copies. We like to support the companies taking chances when we can. Also, that is a small, select market which already knows and plays VNs, we are always looking for ways to expand the market of those enjoying the types of games we do.

      • While certainly there is no description of the game that excludes the male demographic, otome games are geared towards the female audience, regardless of the sypnosis or characters, i’m having a hard time imagining a guy identifying with a female protagonist who interacts with several male heroes who you build a relationship with.

        There are exceptions to otome games though, and this might be one of them.

        • puchinri

          I would guess that since women can easily do it, men would be able to as well. It’s just getting past that mindset of “I’m told I shouldn’t be able to adapt/enjoy this easily (or at all)” and the general stigmas and such. And I know women are kind of “conditioned” to enjoy male aimed media more often, but the fact that males can enjoy titles made for women in general (shoujo, etc) leads me to believe that it’s just a little hard to actually try the titles rather than actually get into/enjoy them.

    • I dont mind them brining an otome of course, but i kinda agree, since they are gaining some audience, they could also take the chance to get other VNs, doesnt even necessary has to be a galge/otome anyway, there are many other interesting VNs out there, like, well, choosing quick one, steins;gate for example, i doubt S;G could be clasified for guys or girls, even it having some romance, or… an awesome one like DANGAN ROMPA HELL, i feel bad for every person that doesnt knows japanese and still cant try this piece of glory, and there are many, many more.

      But well, i like saiban gyakuten artist so mostly because of that i could get interested in this.

      Seriously tho, if there was a good moment for dangan rompa, it’s now, with an anime coming too…

      This game pwnz way too many stuff… *sigh* whatever happened to those localization rumors

      • Felix Johnson

        El Psy Congroo~
        Anyway, there is a fanslation for Steins;Gate, as much as I would love a localization, I doubt it will happen. If it does though, I hope they get the Funimation voice cast who worked on the show to do the Visual Novel.

    • There are loads of that for PC. MangaGamer should be keep you busy for a while. I wouldn’t mind seeing more localized PSP VNs, though.

      Also, as a brute dude, I enjoy a good otome game. Not sure why I get so caught up on them. Even shoujo anime. I guess I’m a helpless romantic at heart.

    • Mangagamer and another company is localizing eroge games, there’s plenty. there are also a crapton of fan-translated ones.
      The PSP is dead in the west, and almost dead in japan, since it’s become now the home console for otome games, with few games aimed at the male audience like SAO and Fate/extra, etc, most VN’s are now being released on the PS3 and Vita for the male audience. You don’t see otome games on PS3 now, do you?


      You make it sound as if blatant fanservice is bad (Which to the minority it is), it’s just that female fanservice and male fanservice are different, and usually the female audience doesn’t need “fanservice”, as the personalities of the heroes in the game, the voice actors and the looks are more than enough fanservice for them, badass heroes who all want want you to be theirs is something every otome gamer longs for lol.
      This game specifically has also something to do with megaman, so the fans of megaman, even if they’re male, can still play this game.

      that aside, it still bugs me when people blurt out nonsensical stuff like “as a straight male” or “as a straight female”, who the hell cares, play the game for the entertainment and move on, no need for the communism whatever crap as the world is already a shitty place with it.

      • puchinri

        As someone who enjoys fanservice, sexual and other types, how blatant and the type do matter to me usually. I feel like most sexualized fanservice (especially aimed at men) is heavy pandering and tends to be kind of condescending towards male audiences (and obviously, very demeaning towards females). But that is also the problem between sexualized fanservice aimed at men versus aimed at women (the objectification that most people default to that isn’t actually necessary). I get what Ladius is saying, but I also see your point too. I wish we could have more fanservice of all kinds without the usual stigmas/problematic parts that come along with most (sexualized or not).

        Also, I see why people do say that at times, but I do agree that there shouldn’t be a necessity for us to voice our gender (or anything) when saying that we enjoy a certain genre/media.

      • Ladius

        The “straight male” bit was used because the post I was answering to seemed to imply that otome games weren’t enjoyable outside of the female audience, while I believe males can enjoy otome visual novels just as females can enjoy other games geared toward males (and that’s actually the majority of games in the so-called “hardcore” space).

        In fact, I think our viewpoints are almost identical in that regard, so I’m sorry if you thought I was trying to make some other point.

        • Yeah i get what you’re trying to say, and no, Otome games aren’t necessarily enjoyed only by the female audience, i played Hakuoki before and i did to an extent enjoy it, and i know many guys at one point played and enjoyed an otome game, but we just happen to be a minority, and let’s be honest, we can’t enjoy Otome games as fully as the female audience does, that’s just how it is, kind of like a Vanilla romance fan can’t fully enjoy a gore (there are exceptions though).

          But let me tell you, there are certainly males who do play and enjoy Otome games, we just enjoy them for slightly different reasons, and it’s really nothing to be ashamed of, you play something for your own entertainment, people need to realize that arguing over such trivial things is just painfully stupid, and i mean no offense to anyone.

  • Ereek

    Wow. Wow. Wow. I was not expecting this. This is an even bigger surprise than Project X Zone.

    It’s nice that companies can still shock me. I’ll be buying the English version on day-one.

    • gk2012

      Same here. Can’t wait for this game. XD

  • Man oh man, Aksys…

    Now where the hell is Dangan Ronpa?

    • If i’m not mistaken, the first game is getting a fan translation, it’s fully translated and is in editing phase right now I think.

  • benhofb

    Merf. Never played an otome game before (unless P3P’s mshe story counts). But this is quite a pleasant suprise. Aksys seriously has our backs when it comes to visual novels/dating sims!

  • Whoa wait that is actually the premise? Sold.

  • Coeurl

    Seems like its time for me to re-buy a psp.

    • Aristides

      Get a Vita, they look much better on vita ♥

  • Ladius

    Aksys is the boldest western publisher, period.

    Will this be a digital-only release or will they be crazy (awesome) enough to make a UMD edition like for the upcoming Hakuoki musou spinoff? I really hope to be surprised another time :p

    • Juuu

      Confirmed to have a UMD release on GAF! :D

      • Ladius

        That’s wonderful :D Do you have any Aksys confirmation or preorder link regarding the physical edition? I saw some users mentioning the UMD release, but nothing official (probably I just missed it :P).

  • Jungo

    What the hell. Somehow I’ve /never/ heard of this? And now it’s getting localized? AKSYS WHY MUST YOU MAKE ME LOVE YOU

  • Aksys is still going to bring PSP games? So we might see F/E CCC after all…

  • Junko Enoshima

    Yet Atlus refuses to release Persona 2 EP PSP…

    And this needs to be pre-ordered by me as soon as I can.

    EDIT: And does anyone know what rating this will get? Looks like a T to me. Possibly M.

    • Ladius

      That’s really strange, especially in light of Atlus USA’s own 2012 PSP localizations… even if P2IS saw poor sales and reviews for a Persona game, I can’t imagine it or EP being less successful than Gungnir or Growlanser WoT, and Growlanser was probably more localization heavy than EP would be thanks to its massive script.

      Then again, it may also be a matter of expectations, and the current Atlus USA at least has resumed consistently localizing niche games, something we wouldn’t be so sure of two years ago during their post-Demon’s Souls phase.

    • Elvick

      I still hold out hope for P2: EP… at retail. The only other way we can get it is second hand, and it’s rare… so it’s not really a good option. Come on Atlus…

      • TheExile285


    • TheExile285

      Didn’t they release the first part? If that one didn’t sell well, I personally can’t hold it against them if they are shaking about releasing the another in the West. Thats why Trails in the Sky SC has loclaization is still up in the air.

      XSEED said it themselves: Portable games in USA don’t pay bills

  • brian

    I wonder if Aksys picked it because it may attract people that played Ever17.
    But still no bishoujo stuff from them.

  • Firekitty

    Definitely going to grab a copy of this! If Aksys is going to keep bringing this sort of thing over, I might even have to get my PSP repaired so I can justify a physical copy.

    I’m so glad Aksys is taking chances like this. I tried to read Tsukihime a while back and absolutely hated it, so I’ve just thought VNs weren’t my thing :. It was a really nice surprise when I took a chance on Hakuoki and learned that VNs that aren’t Tsukihime are totally for me.

  • Reiko_Chan

    This was a good move.

  • almostautumn

    this seems really creative and cool, and the colors/character designs are delightful. Even as a straight male I think I’m going to pick this up; will certainly be an interesting avenue to explore for me.

    BTW; I’m now going to assume VN’s have the A-okay and am going to start screaming for 5bp titles, and particularly Robotics;Notes, to get localized. There’s your heads up, Siliconera.

    • Ladius

      I imagine 5pb visual novels (except really niche stuff like Corpse Party) would have extremely high licensing costs compared to their potential sales in the US, while Idea FactoryOtomate visual novels probably have far more reasonable overhead costs.

      As sad as it is, this is one of the reasons most high profile visual novels are difficult localization materials for western companies, especially with the genre’s sales being generally low (on PC, most Mangagamer vns barely reach 1k sales). In some instances, licensing fees are to be paid to multiple companies (for example, Kara no Shoujo was released without its dub because licensing it would have costed more than the game’s license AND its localization), which obviously doesn’t help.

      • Strid

        Actually, the west is about to get an official release of Saya no Uta. Nitroplus has been wanting to officially bring their stuff to the west for quite some time, thus they’ve been in cahoots with JAST USA, but it has all been talk until now. They also gobbled up (as in reached a hand out to work with, not to trouble them) a couple of fan translators before hand, so maybe, just maybe. I could definitely see the releases of Steins;Gate and such, which are Vita bound, winding up available digitally in the west (at the very least) if this keeps up.

        That all said, I’m not disagreeing with you at all. Everything you said I believe to be true as well. I’m just hoping this is the start of something.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      VNs have always had the ok to discuss, long as we keep it within the rules. No links to fantranslations/pirate sites, no NSFW pic links, no name calling based off a particular type of VN, etc. Search virtual novels within the site database, we’ve been screaming about them a very long time.

  • Learii

    i wonder what inda game is this

  • Richard N

    …. What?

    Uh… alright…. I would hope they bring over more high prolific visual novels, but this is a start.

  • Aoshi00

    Can’t believe I missed this before, maybe because it was an otome game… really like the Phoenix Wright art style (same artist right?), the “What kind of decision is that!?” looks like Objection! lol.. would be nice if this is released on the Vita w/ trophies like Time Traveler or Virtue’s Last Reward.. guess you could still d/l it from PSN and play on the Vita, but I would rather have a physical copy..

    Guess this could be my 2nd otome game after Hakuouki :) Wonder if the US ver would include the bonus LE artbook from Jpn.. Anata wo Yurusanai was still one of my favorite VNs on the PSP, art was so unique and Uematsu music..

  • Solomon_Kano


    Sold. Fudging sold just because Aksys actually brought this over. This is just such a shocking announcement that I have to own this.

  • Ceci “Ruzuzu” Kiyomizu

    I love games like this and they rarely come out over here so it’s a instant day 1 buy for me.

  • Kyloctopus

    Wait What?

  • Ibi Salmon


  • Alright then, new psp game huh? So you better localize Fate Extra ccc too, Aksys!!!

    • Christopher Nunes

      Amen to that!

  • gogogoldberg

    The concept (or perhaps Comcept) of the game is very silly, but oddly endearing. I purchased a PSP not too long ago and will keep a lookout for it. The countdown to Summer 2013 begins.

  • *blinks* Is that a PSP game getting localized in 2013?

    I must be dreaming, wake me up someone.

    • Christopher Nunes


      Nope, you’re awake.

  • Well, this might be one of the just plain weirdest game concepts I’ve seen come along in a while. Also possibly one of the most egotistical.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Inafune egotistical?

      Gonna hafta call you on that one, kind SIr.

      • Felix Johnson

        You should see the attack in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. It is 10x more flashy.

  • Spider-Man

    PSP games still getting localized. Feelsgoodman.

  • Tooru

    So, what was that about Aksys being ready to move on from PSP? :P The Aksys rep on NeoGaf confirmed that this is a retail title as well.

    To be fair, it would have made sense for the new Hakuoki to be the last PSP game by Aksys, but they’re far too awesome for that.

    • Christopher Nunes

      I love Aksys… they’re awesome! (^_^)/

      I hope they bring over Fate/Extra CCC as well!

      • Renaldi Saputra

        Re:Digitize also please :)

        • Christopher Nunes

          That too!

  • ramo200

    Never heard of this game but the premise sounds very interesting (I’m also an Inafune fanboy). Doesn’t hurt that Tatsuro Iwamoto of Ace Attorney fame did the artwork. I wish Aksys would do a bundle like Gaijinworks did with the Class of Heroes 2 campaign. Still, Sweet Fuse is on the radar and I really hope this isn’t the last PSP game for Aksys (please localize Ever 17).

  • Warboss Aohd

    wait, did i read dat description right?

    playin’ az Keiji Inafune’z niece?

    ….i don’t know how ta respond to dat. An’ before you lot say anythin’, i don’t mean that negatively…..i just don’t know how ta respond to it.

    • Sounds like your robot translator needs a patch.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        The translator doesn’t handle horde orc well.

        • Warboss Aohd

          Ork from Warhammer, not warcraft

  • Aristides

    I honestly did not know this game even existed 0-0 this surprises me because I’m usually up to date with JPN game releases. This game looks interesting but I still have to see if its my cup of tea. I have no issue with otome games but I have to see what’s the twist in the game. I generally love VNs and VN like games.

  • YES. DAY = MADE.

  • xXDGFXx

    Holy fucking shit. Another Visual Novel making its way stateside! Pinch me!….

    Actually, PUNCH ME! My wallet will not survive as long as I am concious!

  • Adol Christin

    Hint hint Square Enix….

  • Mohamed Ak

    I hope aksys will give a chance for non-otome games, such as Time Traveler, I can’t express how eager I am wanting to play this VN, hopefully they’ll notice it

    And I’m gonna buy any VN they will release, to show my support for it.

  • rurin

    Awesome!!!! I’m so glad another otome game is coming out :)

    Will definitely be preordering it!

  • Kai2591

    Need pic of Keiji Inafune in-game please~

    • Aoshi00

      Here you go, seems like Inafune gives advice to his niece in the game :)

      • Kai2591

        hmm i can’t seem to view that link. It says ‘403 Forbidden’.

        and wait, andriasang is back??? haha

        • Aoshi00

          Not working huh maybe its because Andrisang is defunct, I wish they were back :(… I think they took a screenshot of the characters from the official Jpn bakudan handan page.. Now i’m tempted to import this game even though eng ver coming in the summer

          • Kai2591

            yeah that was a good site.
            Well if you can read Japanese, by all means, import! haha

        • Aoshi00

          here are the main images, nah, from Andriasang’s old pages.. should be able to see :)

          doh! here’ the link,

          • Kai2591

            nice, it works now! Thanks!

            LOL he’s wearing a suit and top hat! haha~

          • Aoshi00

            yeah, looks like Inafune right, wasn’t prettified or anything :) It’s funny creators keep putting themselves in the works like Kojima or Stan Lee’s cameo..

            I kept debating w/ myself for several days, it’s only several months till the Eng release, but I can’t wait and finally imported it. I wish I had paid more attention and gotten this game sooner last year. I really like the Phoenix Wright character design.

  • michel

    Great news!
    Don’t care if it’s an otome game, this is a bold move by Aksys and I hope it will be a success.

  • Anyone else wish Inafune was part of the hubby pack?

  • Peace Legacy

    If there is a ‘Keiji Inafune’s route’, I am sold

    • KingRuff

      But you’re playing as his niece….

      • Felix Johnson

        It’s Japanese, anything is possible!

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    If……if this game can be succesful, i can kinda imagine that in the future we will be seeing otome game where we will be able to date some game developers as our BF lol.
    Imagine dating Shigeru Miyamoto in his prime era where he is considered the most genius game makers or dating Yu Suzuki another genius but had fallen and become the shadow of it’s former self.^_^

  • Mordina

    Holy crap Aksys I love you~! :D

  • ShawnOtakuSomething
  • Renaldi Saputra

    NUOOOO another PSP game got localized..
    Y U NO bring me Re:Digitize??!!

  • TheExile285

    This is cool and al, but how about some VNs staring a guy? I guess those are more prone to be too inappropriate for Western audiences >_>

  • Wut.

  • I was expecting Aksys to give otome games another shot, but I never expected this to happen. I’m a little psyched. The premise & characters seem so quirky and I’m always in for some puzzle solving (yay, actual gameplay!). I love how the bachelors all look insanely weird and not what you usually get to date… XD

    I imagine this will be sold digitally (too?) and compatible with the Vita?

  • Sesshomaru

    Yay!!!!! Another Otome game! About time!

  • What!?!?! Wow! Super surprise and super excited *squeezes psp* So many happy feels ;v;

  • SupaPhly

    how were the sales of Hakuoki in the US anyway?

  • momo

    x.x I’d like to see an Amnesia license please aksys!

  • Göran Isacson

    So like… is the girl an actual, real person? Or is it just someone they invented for the game? I’m already kind of weirded out by the sheer fact that Keiji Inafune is a character in this game, and how few of the potential husbandos look like they’re her age, but if she’s real as well that is just… well. I don’t really know what to say about that.

  • XerosBeat

    Well at least my PSP will get some action again.

  • SOLD. Wacky plot is wacky.

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