Natsume Localizing Retro RPG Mystic Chronicles For PSP

By Spencer . February 18, 2013 . 1:32pm

MC_screen (2)

Natsume has at least two PSP games in the pipeline. In addition to Carnage Heart EXA, Natsume also picked up Mystic Chronicles from Kemco. Mystic Chronicles is a throwback to Super Nintendo RPGs with pixilated heroes and turn based battles. In this game you play as Lux, a boy adopted by a small village. Lux joins the Guardians Guild to protect his home, but Lux’s plans and destiny changes when he meets a young girl.


Each character in Mystic Chronicles has a changeable Guardian Beast as an ally. In battle, you select attacks for Lux and other characters while Guardian Beasts act on their own. Players can set the Guardian Beasts’ AI to be offensive, defensive or as a healer.


You may have seen Mystic Chronicles on Siliconera earlier. This PSP game is a port of an iOS RPG called Fantasy Chronicles. Natsume gave it a new localization since the main characters name is "Light" in the English release currently on iOS. Mystic Chronicles will be available for PSP this summer.


MC_screen (16) MC_screen (17) MC_screen (11) MC_screen (12)

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  • ElAbuelo69

    digital only?

    • Eric Harris

      who cares, If I’m gonna buy a PSP game it better to a PSP game originally developed for PSP, not a lame IOS port. If I want to play an SNES looking game I still have a huge amount of actual SNES games I could play, paladin’s quest, secret of the stars, mystic arc, and so much more.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      I could only find out that Carnage Heart EXA is due out on PSN early 2013

    • Since it is an iOS port I would assume it’s probably digital only, but who knows I could be wrong.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Hah, I thought that was Madoka

    • gk2012

      Corona Magica

  • davidvinc

    Is this a physical release? If so, I’ll be all over it!

    • Tooru

      I’m pretty sure it will be digital only- I don’t even think it got a physical release in Japan! It looks pretty cute, so maybe I’ll look into it. The more PSP games the better, I say.

  • Eliézer Dos Santos

    The first person battle is the only thing that keep me away.

  • DesmaX

    Well, First Person Battles kinda kills my hype.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething


    • d19xx

      Give it a chance. I felt the same way about Mother 3, but it turned out to be fun.

  • What a disappointing choice. Regardless, I suppose it would be nice if it sold well.

  • I really wonder if I should go for PSP or PS Vita… but damn, I want Persona 4 Golden so bad :3

    • Aristides

      Go for Vita, PSP games look much better :P

      • Really? There’s some automatic graphical enhancement going on?

        • Aristides

          The OLED makes the colors look considerably more vibrant and the vita upscales the game. 2D games get an awesome boost.

          • Sweet! So the only thing that holds me back are the…. INSANE prices for the memory cards.

          • Aristides

            Very true, very true, but now most vitas on the market are bundled with memory cards so it’s not much of a problem anymore as it used to be :P

  • I freaking love Kemco. I love their Android RPGs and since I don’t have iOS I’ll get it for PSP.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Oh wow, didn’t expect that. I played it on my iPhone for quite a while. Outta all the lower budget RPG titles on iOS this was one of the better ones. The battle system had decent depth at least with guardian spirits and everything plus it doesn’t really look like an RPG Maker game.

    Glad Natsume will give it a better translation, (or touch it up, not sure how thoroughly it’s changed). The iPhone dialogue makes sense for the most part but it lacked some polish with minor grammar and spelling errors. And more importantly funny unintentional humor! lol Because of the better translation, this might be worth a double dip if it’s a cheaper title, especially since I got the iPhone version on sale for like $1 or $2 anyways. — Some screens I took awhile ago. “Training in defeating” “Light is now in 3” “You found 1 hard wooden piece” lol

  • neo_firenze

    Very cool, Kemco’s iOS/Android games are quite good if you’re in the mood for a 16-bit style JRPG. I’ll buy this, and any other Kemco mobile to PSP/Vita ports that get a release.

    Speaking of which – did Kemco port any of their other mobile games to PSP in Japan?

    • Nope, this is the only one so far.

  • brian

    I was interested in playing this once I got an iOS someday, but okay.

  • Tried this one out, very classical rpg, with a classical but still a bit fresh story, battles are fast too, should be awesome for someone feeling like playing a more old school rpg.

    Kinda worries me the fact that it is actually a lot cheaper for ios and stuff, and i can imagine people still going over that than psp ver. :( i want natsume to get a lot of money but i dont know if a lot of people would be getting it now-days with the state of the psp in amerrrrrica

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • TiredOfMyOldUsername

    Depending on the price i might get this.

  • I’m interested. Kinda was hoping for something more exclusive to PSP but they are releasing Carnage Heart as well so I shouldn’t complain too much.

  • TrevHead

    Oldschool Phantasy Star eske battle system not the painfully slow FF type, colour me interested

  • puchinri

    Wow, this is great news! ;u;

    Natsume has been on a bit of a roll for a little while now~.

    I remember checking this game out kind of recently and seeing it on here, so I’m glad this title will get localized. I’ll probably pick up this and Carnage Heart and show them my support and thanks for both. ♥

  • tha_Chiller

    Kemco really hunches over & shits these RPGs out huh

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