Disgaea’s Item World Evolved To The "Item Sea" In Disgaea Dimension 2

By Spencer . February 19, 2013 . 2:14am


Disgaea games create entire dungeons for each item in the game. The Item World concept is still in Disgaea Dimension 2 and Nippon Ichi changed it into the Item Sea. Players will run into pirate ships in the Item Sea and if you’re lucky you’ll stumble on an island with a boss on it guarding treasure.


Nippon Ichi also confirmed Asagi will be in Disgaea Dimension 2 and there will be downloadable items. A Player’s Navigator book for Disgaea Dimension 2 includes codes for four weapons: Love Get Sword, Love Shotgun, Hate Charge Bow, and Hate Burn Spear. These items affect relationships between whoever holds these weapons and the other characters either maxing out the favorability statistic or minimizing it.

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  • rhomze

    omg sweet :D

  • Item Sea’s honestly made a lot more sense since Disgaea 2, what with the pirates that have been going around since then.

    • Jackson

      Because Disgaea is known for it’s logical story lines and realistic environments.

  • Greek-God88

    is there a western release date already?

  • OverlordZetta

    … Isn’t a sea technically a DEvolution from a world?

    • natchu96

      Depends on whether you’re talking about literal or metaphorical seas and how big the world in question is.

    • I agree with Chu down there– if you look at it really technically, there’s a lot more water than landmass on Earth, so a sea is actually still an upgrade by our standards.

      However, I think of this more as a “sea of the universe” given the random elements and the fact that a lot of the more recent Item World displays have given you a feeling of being deep in space.

      • OverlordZetta

        I was actually just making a joke, but alright then.

  • Shariest

    OMG…OMG… I hope it doesn’t take em long to localize this :D
    (Im in high hopes :) )

  • echokanon

    the trauma of locating specific pirate/npc in D4 haunts me again

  • GibbRS

    Fantastic. The word “Sea” and “islands” gives me hope that the Item Seas will be a bit bigger than the item worlds of Disgaea 4. Some of them were so tiny you’d barely have any room to breathe or strategize. I realize having bigger item worlds makes them more difficult to clear, quickly, but I would enjoy them being a bit bigger.

    • DesmaX

      Yeah, like those dungeons in ZHP without hallways. That would be cool

    • MrTyrant

      The small stages were better, you could finish most enemies easily instead of wasting time to clear them in bigger ones. You realize this when you have to spend hundred of hours in the item world searching some annoying pirates and improving lot of good items.

  • DesmaX

    Hope they don’t change the music when the pirates appear.

    I just wanted to blast though Item Worlds in Disgaea 4 while hearing NISA Theme, for god sake

  • DawnWolf

    I know I’m nitpicking but… wouldn’t that be a downgrade? I mean, the “world” has multiple “seas”.

    • brian

      I was just thinking about that and IIRC, D4 had pirate ships too.

    • Swaggermuffin

      There’s also the idea of the whole universe being a ‘sea’ of sorts, and the worlds inside of it being islands. And then there’s the theory that our universe is just one in a sea of verses.

  • Yuriangels

    but by the way, what class is that in the yellow? He looks badass!!!

    • David Herman

      Looks like a monkish type of person, maybe?

    • DesmaX

      It was one of the class in Disgaea 3. Can’t remember his name, though

    • Mr_SP

      That’s a Male Brawler.

  • Follower_of_Pram

    Our loveable game seeking mascot makes another appearance. Good and and somewhat sad news though considering. Still glad she’ll be in it though.

  • nice

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