Disgaea Dimension 2 Video Shows New Tower Attack And Monster Flonne

By Spencer . February 28, 2013 . 2:36am

Where have all of the flowers gone? Gone to Disgaea Dimension 2, apparently, where mysterious white flowers are budding in the Netherworld. That’s just one of King Laharl’s problems. Some demons don’t respect Laharl’s new position and a group of rebels is trying to dethrone him.


Nippon Ichi also refined the strategy RPG core in Disgaea Dimension 2. You can visit the Item Sea which may have an island filled with treasure, players can shield other characters with protect actions, and ride monsters That tower attack where Laharl smacks other characters with a giant mallet is pretty amusing too.


Disgaea Dimension 2 comes out on March 20 in Japan. NIS America is localizing the game and plan to release it in North America as well as Europe in fall 2013.

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  • Anonymous

    I dislike Flonne :L but won’t let that prevent me from buying this game

    • Isaac Newton

      I love Flonne specially the English Voice actor and the Japaneses Seiyu match very well on Flonne’s character :D

      • Anonymous

        Her voice annoys me :L

        • MrTyrant

          A simple matter of taste. I like her voice but it’s not my favorite.

        • Isaac Newton

          But I think Flonne is a preety cool guy throws love and doesn’t afraid of anything

    • Pockystix

      I wasn’t fond of her Disgaea 4 characterization

      but her character in the original Disgaea was very charmingly naive and cute

      • Anonymous

        I only saw her in Disgaea 4, And i don’t want to see her in another game

        • Go try the 1st game. She better there.

          • DesmaX

            lol, playing the 1º one after playing D4 would be painful

          • *wink*youtube*wink*

      • MogCakes

        I haven’t played 4, what’s different about her character? :o

        • She is a know it all arch-angel who is actually in charge of stuff, not sweet and naive.

    • Tien Ron

      whats wrong with flonne???!!!

    • Derek E Nay

      NIN NIN NIN!

  • Ayaka

    Recently set the preorder for it and despite it being localized in the near future, I’m still unsure about the content of an hyphotetical western Limited Edition so… better to stay safe, so they say. The game looks really wonderful, and I think its cast of voice actors is quite amusing, even if Laharl’s english laugh is priceless.

    • Too bad I’m a poor-fag and I won’t be able to buy any limited edition ):

      • No, it’s too bad you’re a bigot that uses hate speech like it is nothing.

      • PowerOfTheFlamesIori

        Without even looking at this from a politically correct angle, your choice of the word “fag” here just sounds terribly awkwardly worded dude. It sounds like you’re saying “I’m a poor gay guy.” I mean if that’s what you are, so be it. But it’s strange to say none the less.

        If you wanted to use “adult” language, why not just say “Man I’m poor as hell.”? Sounds relatable and slightly humorous.

        • In what world does being poor sound “slightly humorous”..

          • PowerOfTheFlamesIori

            It’s humorous because it’s relatable. Idk about you but I’m certainly not rich. If somebody wants a game or something and says “Man I’m poor.” I’d laugh and say “I know the feeling.” What would you do? Cry?

          • I would pat the person on the back and say “sorry to hear that”.Or maybe “don’t worry,you can buy it when you get some money later”.

          • PowerOfTheFlamesIori

            While that’s commendable, it’s also naive. Some people don’t want pity. It adds salt to their wound. Most would rather speak to someone that can relate rather than someone that feels sorry for them.

          • If they don’t want my pitty thats fine and i can respect that.I wont do anything to offend them further..but to say “most” is just an opinion.I don’t know why you’re still going on about this.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Yet when they come here and speak like the original poster, there really isn’t much for our community to relate to.

  • Simply too much awesome. This looks to be the best Disgaea yet. Loving that tower manoeuvre you can pull off. Hilarious even!

  • disqus_EoH1VZkHAN

    D4’s storyline pissed me off a bit but it was still an awesome game, So I’m definitely getting this when it comes stateside.

  • Zenthos

    As if Disgaea D2 couldn’t have gotten more bad ass. Good God. The quality of the text, voice overs, and art makes it as if im in an actual anime world. The customization of the characters you recruit have a crap ton of content to make the character YOU desire, and they seem to have more interactions with the actual team (note, how they were training on a treadmill, with laharl standing next to them). My heart rate is going crazy. I want this game. If I hadn’t bought a ps3, I would have bought it just for this game. Hands down…this IS the BEST srpg of 2013, no, it could possibly be THEE best strategy rpg of all time to date!

  • Abrahem Al Enezi

    the tower attack reminds me of the mugen soul’s tower attack

  • kaizin

    looks better each time i see it cant wait to get this glad we might get it in fall but till then ill just have to keep playing d3 for the vita and 4.

  • The improvements they made for this sequel from 4 (the only title I’ve played, so far) will be the benchmark for all future Disgaea titles; I don’t think I can play another SRPG series – bar VC, VE and FFT.

    The mentor/student feature sounds like something I would’ve love to have seen in 4, I hope it stays in future titles.

    Where has NIS(A) been all my life?

  • kool_cid414

    I’ve never heard a srpg called a simulation Rpg before. Anyway, this looks like it’s going to be pretty good I’ve still got to finish the main story of 4 yet so I hope to get that done by the time D2 comes out.

  • Kitestwinblades

    NIS(A) is more than welcomed to my cash every October.
    Not confirmed, but I have a feeling its gonna be in that month for Disgaea ;3

  • Where are you monster Flonne plushie. I am looking forward to giggling everytime I see monster flonne in action. Normally i don’t care about flonne one way or another as a character in my party, but she owned in story sequences in Disgaea 1. I hope they keep her Disgaea 1 attitude.

  • natchu96

    Flonnezilla the Love Freak is back! T_T

  • I think I see the Weapon proficency back in there too! Y’know the one that had…S at spear for example…and the Mentor System! This game is kickass.

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