Zillions Of Enemy X, Nippon Ichi’s Next PS3 RPG, Details Leak Out, Has Asagi In It

By Spencer . March 6, 2013 . 2:05am

imageDetails about Nippon Ichi Software’s next RPG leaked a bit early thanks to a retail listing. Zillions of Enemy X starts In the year 201X when gates to another world suddenly appears all over the world. Strange looking creatures come out of the gates called Z/X and these invaders ravage Earth. Mankind took a great blow and in 2069 the battle against the Zillions of Enemy X begins.


The PlayStation 3 game from Nippon Ichi Software is part of a mixed media project which includes a trading card game, comic, and anime series. Zillions of Enemy X for PS3 follows five protagonists from different places in the world. Tokyo, Washington, Paris, Buenos Ares, and Pretoria are where gates appeared and hometowns for the main characters. Zillions of Enemy X’s story weaves these characters together through conflict and times when the protagonists lend a helping hand.


Players can fight the Z/X using the game’s card battle system. You have a card device to fight monsters and can combine cards to create powerful effects.


Asagi who makes cameos in many Nippon Ichi titles will be in Zillions of Enemy X if you get an early copy. Reserve the game you can get a Asagi Metamorphose player card. First print copies also include an "Asagi Go Fight!" card which will be a random cards with one of two Z/X characters cosplaying as Asagi. Zillions of Enemy X comes out on May 23 for PlayStation 3.

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  • Randgriz

    Wow the story sounds brilliant! I cant wait untill its officially unveiled, also card gameplay this is brand new for Nippon if im not mistaken. Really excited to know more about this title.

  • ragingmerifes

    This game actually sound serious. That may be good, although NIS has already made some other good serious games.

  • komiko12

    Go Nippon Ichi!
    I think Asagi or Prinny should be Nippon Ichi’s mascot.

  • Wow this sounds epic! The whole mixed media project is cool too. The stories weaving together is always a nice touch as well. Hopefully more details will be released soon.

  • wererat42

    Pretoria? Wonder if they’ll manage to show an actual developed African city and not the usual wartorn dystopia Hollywood and game studios are trying to make the rest of the world think it is.

    • komiko12

      True. Media mostly depict the poor side of Africa so that more help can come. However most people are not aware that Africa have cities which is a far cry from the wild and uncivilized Africa people are shown. They even have advanced IT facilities.

  • Zeonsilt

    So,it’s a Card Battle RPG.I wonder if they go with full 3D modelsattack animation or a simple version.I remember playing Digimon : Digital Card Battle on my PS1 back in 2002~ and Eye of Judgment(god,this game is awesome) on PS3(2008~).And i am a fan of Cardfight Vanguard,so i will keep my eye on this game from now on(can’t find any videos related to the game,though.Only TCG ones).

  • Ares: Bueno.

  • Buenos Aires!?
    As a fellow argentinian I approve! ;D

    • Ezequiel Arbones

      ME TOO!!! even tought he writed it wrong(damn I dont want to be a grammar nazi when I suck at it)

    • MrTyrant

      YEAH!! im argentinian too. This is awesome

  • Göran Isacson

    Pretoria, as in South Africas capital? I do wonder how they’ll go about their depiction of that city… heck, I wonder if the main character will be black or if they chose Pretoria simply because South Africa is like, the one place you KNOW you can find white natives. I wouldn’t usually worry about that, but hey- Japan. It pays to rein in ones expectations of fair and equal representation, is all I’m saying. Heck, Buenos Aires might have been chosen simply because Argentina has a large number of Japanese immigrants/descendants of Japanese immigrants.

  • Tincho Kudos

    Buenos Aires :O

  • Guest

    I’m really excited about their time and eternity game for ps3. I also want to get around to playing arch rise fantasia for the wii.

    • DesmaX

      But Time & Eternity is a imagepooch game, not NIS

      • Ezequiel Arbones

        Also, I was really exited too, but after checking the gameplay…. I wouldnt recommend it but I guess I will buy it anyway just to support NIS and imagepooch

        • raymk

          Heck the only reason I’m buying it is for the artbook.

  • michel

    I don’t understand if this is going to be a card game with some RPG story to glue the battles together, or a full scale RPG where the battle system is based on Z/X rules… Probably the second one…

    • Himiko

      It has cute girls. That’s all that matters.

  • Riseabovethesky

    Bazikajidillion of Enemies X Infinite to the power of IT WILL SERIOUSLY BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!

  • HassanJamal

    Asagi’s is in everything.

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