Kamen Rider Has Never Looked As Good As It Does In Kamen Rider: Battride War

By Ishaan . March 8, 2013 . 9:00am

Namco Bandai have released the first trailer for Kamen Rider: Battride War, showing off the different Riders that will be in the game, along with a bunch of action and event scenes. The Dynasty Warriors-esque game lets you ride around on a bike and run through enemies with a wide selection of riders to choose from:



Kamen Rider: Battride War is slated for release on May 23rd.

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  • vileBrenman

    Holy henshin! This looks amazing!

  • Klaus00

    I had low expectations of this game , never have I been so wrong o.o

    • Mr_SP

      I know! At first it was main characters, but now it’s bunches of supporting guys, and Ultimate Kuuga, and form changing, and Skull, and this is a lot more than I expect from Koei doing it.

      Just tell me they’re playable.

  • Nitraion

    Its weird it looks like cheap CG movie when in “movie” mode..
    but looks awesome when in “gameplay” mode… what a reverse

    but i like the way the implement the kamen rider skill looks like accurate to tv shows

  • XyzzySqrl

    Aw god I was trying to convince myself “this is just gonna be nothing special, you don’t have to think about it” and then THE ORIGINAL SHOCKER GOONS showed up and I just kinda flipped out.
    Now I need more money.

    • Mr_SP

      Well… Technically speaking, aren’t they Dai-Shocker goons? Not that they look any different.

      • XyzzySqrl

        …Oh, hey. That’s actually a valid point. I sorta forgot those guys existed. I was thinking of the 1000th episode special from OOOs and assuming that was connected somehow.

        Dai-Shocker sounds a lot more likely.

  • So, is this a Kame Rider civil war?

  • Guest

    …Wait, if that’s Ultimate Kuuga… Does this mean this is Decade’s Kuuga? Wow, Original Kuuga is really getting the shaft.

    • OverlordZetta

      Why would it be Decade’s? We’ve clearly got all of the Heise Riders here, and in their normal environments no less. They were playing out famous scenes from their original series in this trailer.
      Voice aside, that’s the real Godai.

    • Vash bane

      err isnt rising ultimate kuuga from decade

  • Zarx

    Skull and Eternal is in it, F*** YES!
    Now I’m just waiting for Zanki, I love me some Kenji Matsuda.

  • LynxAmali

    I’m not saying it was Decade…..

    ….but it was Decade.

    • Zarx

      Onore Dikeido!

    • What a Shocker.

    • Tiago Barbosa Do Nascimento

      I will not be surprised to listen to some Gackt – Next Decade in the soundtrack.

  • Ceci “Ruzuzu” Kiyomizu

    Importing it automatically.
    My wallet burns but it shall be worth it.

  • Talearc

    Let’s hope this game have US ver. though it’s nearly impossible

  • wahyudil

    I want to buy PS3 for this … but PS4 will come out soon and it can’t play PS3 games … so confused

  • Tiago Barbosa Do Nascimento

    Kamen Rider songs are AWESOME, Aways have been.
    Will this game have even more riders than Kamen Rider Decade Movie ?
    That movie had from the very first one to Decade and a teaser of Kamen Rider W that had not been on TV yet.

  • neetyneety

    Oh wow, seeing all these Kamen Riders, especially the ones from Dragon Knight and Kabuto, brought tears to my eyes. Such good memories. =”)

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