Cave Shooter Ketsui Is Shooting Its Way To PlayStation 3

By Spencer . March 18, 2013 . 11:51pm


PlayStation 3 owners will be able to play a Cave developed shooter soon, thanks to 5pb. They picked up the rights to port Ketsui: Cutting the Bonds of Hell to Xbox 360 (pictured), which was released in 2010. Japanese magazine leaks reveal Ketsui is finally coming to PlayStation 3. 5pb has the PS3 Ketsui port slated for release on July 25. The game will be sold for 7,140 yen ($75) and as a 10,290 yen ($108) limited edition.

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  • gamerdude

    It’s weird how 360 that is dead in Japan is the go-to platform for these kinds of shooters. I hope this gets a region lock free print so that my ps3 could get some of that cave goodness.

    • NetscapePizza

      Didn’t MS pay them for it

    • Ashurei

      PS3’s region free, dude. Unless you know something about this particular title that I don’t.

      • FetusZero

        PS3 and X360 are as region free as one another. It’s just handled differently on both sides. I’d be extremely surprised if they made it region locked, but they still can if they want to.

        • superdry

          That is correct. Both systems are region-free, but games can be region-locked by publisher.

      • P4 Arena was actually region-locked. PS3 isn’t omnipotent when it comes to locking out titles.

        • carlospsp

          But the games aren’t enforced by the hardware to be locked region, and this case was an exception related to the high prices of BD’s at Japan influencing on importing P4A from outside Japan. Region Locked by software

  • Go2hell66

    woah woah woah cave games on ps3? where do i sign up!

    really hope they port some of their other 360 games as well

    • This. First time I heard of it happening too. May have to dig around and see if they have / will be releasing more titles on PS3 :D

    • SupaPhly

      most likely because 5pb is the publisher, wouldn’t cross fingers for the other cave games

  • NetscapePizza

    I was literally a week away from buying an Xbxo.

    Shame it’s my least favourite Cave SHMUP, I’ll buy it anyway

    • ArmoredBoar

      How can the best Cave shmup be your least favorite Cave shmup

      • Juliano C

        how can this be the best if is not Mushihimesama Futari?

        • neo_firenze

          I’m sure you just typed Dodonpachi Daioujou wrong ;)

        • SomeMist

          futari is the best intro to Cave games, but I would agree that Ketsui is the best Cave shmup. then again, I’ve only been able to 1CC futari bl maniac, so I haven’t been able to fully experience god or ultra.

  • FetusZero

    At least we can be almost certain that this will be region free, unless they do like Persona 4 Arena and make this the second region-locked game on PS3 out there (to my knowledge, at least).

  • No

    Well I’ll be… Is this only happening because of 5pb or what?

    • Firehawke

      Mind blown. Let’s see if 5pb will be allowed to port other stuff if this succeeds!

    • AweOfShe

      They most likely retained the rights to Ketsui, since they still held it for the 360 version. If this is the case, I could see them porting over Bullet Soul as well. I’m not too sure with Daioujou though. I’m not all that informed about that whole stolen source code thing, but I’m sure someone else could clarify that part.

  • ArmoredBoar

    Approach your target and attack. Your mission starts now!

    Are you ready?

  • Zoozbuh

    Oooooh, FINALLY a Cave shmup on PS3!! Might actually import this, even though it’s like.. one of my least favourite from them :/

  • CirnoLakes

    Good to see systems other than the XBOX 360 getting some love.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Legit question: when was the last time anyone heard Cave and PS3 in the same sentence? O_o

  • Juan AndrĂ©s Valencia

    108 bucks? *sigh* I might have to buy it now.

    • TrevHead

      well worth the cash, and besides unlike western localisations that race to the bargin bin, Japanese STGs tend to keep their value, and if the print run is small sell for shitloads of money.

  • a shame that a Seimitsu stick isn’t worth investing in for the PS3 because of lack of shooters. Better dual-mod the one you have if you’re interested!

    • ddsfan2

      It’s not that hard to mod a PS1 or PS2 stick (the main problem is that most of the PS1 sticks, like the one I have, are very shallow, so I had to extend the case) with Seimitsu or Sanwa parts, and then use an adaptor for usage with the HD twins and other systems. I’ve already built an all Sanwa JLF PS1 stick which I’m using on PS3/360/PS2/PC, and am making another one with a Seimitsu LS-58 and Sanwa buttons…

  • xXDGFXx

    Huh, what? I must be drunk. A CAVE CO. game on a Playstation system? What bollocks is this? Surely it is a joke of foul taste.

  • Elvick

    I hope we get it in NA. Importing is expensive, and I hope this sets a trend. I want Deathsmiles on PS3. It’s the game that got me into Cave to begin with.

    • TrevHead

      Well If this port sells well I’m sure CAVE will look into porting themselves considering they are hurting for cash atm (there has been talk amongst fans of CAVE going under). That said I doubt there is much money in PS3 ports as most who are willing to spend top whack on STGs already have 360.

      Good news for us importers who only have PAL / US 360s though.

      • Elvick

        Wouldn’t surprise me. Cave should have been making multiplat games from the beginning.

        • TrevHead

          It couldn’t happen, things were different 5 years back when the consoles were new, Sony were more keen as to the stds games on the PS3 had to adhere to. They looked down on 2D games, didn’t want verts with black bars on the sides, thats why GREVs PS3 ports have widescreen modes.

          Infact the PS3 was CAVE’s original choice of platform for this gen. Sony told their publisher Akira to go away and make a 3D game.

  • Mantiskilla

    Yeah it was kinda odd that Ketsui was picked up by 5pb. I wonder why CAVE let that one go unlike all the other titles. They don’t really even mention the game on the website store and heck its not even part of the Cave Collection that’s coming out for 360. You can tell though that the scoring system for the game is quite different from the rest of the CAVE library

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