Yes, Final Fantasy X-2 Is Getting An HD Remaster, Too

By Ishaan . March 20, 2013 . 12:05pm

Recently, we reported that Final Fantasy X HD on the PlayStation 3 would come with Final Fantasy X-2 in the package as well. At the time, some of our readers questioned if X-2 would be given the HD treatment as well. Weekly Shounen Jump magazine confirms that this is indeed the case.


The compilation of both games is titled Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster on the PS3, and will be based on the International editions of the games. On Vita, the two games will be sold separately.


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  • MasterFarron


  • benhofb

    This is great news for PS3 owners, but really sucks for some of us Vita owners. I would love to play these games again, but it is unfair to pay full price twice for a game that is sold as one for the PS3. Lame move, Squeenix.

    • Crevox

      Full price? Vita games are cheaper.

      • benhofb

        I know that… ;P But still, paying $40 dollars twice for something that’s bound to be $50-$60 on PS3 is not cool. It’d be nice if the Vita’s two releases were cheaper. Like $20 or $30 each so it isn’t such a huge gap between the platforms. Kinda like how Konami released MGS2 HD and MGS3 HD seperately on the store for $20 bucks a piece.

        • Well, it only makes sense for the Vita to be separate. You have to consider the game’s memory size.

          But as for pricing, well, I guess that’s just that.

        • Ehren Rivers

          HD Collections are generally not that expensive, and we already have precedent for Square Enix. Kingdom Hearts 1.5, which is two games and a movie, is being sold for $40 on the PS3. The Hitman HD Trilogy was only $40 on release, with each individual game being priced at $17. I believe Sony may even have some rules regarding HD Collection pricings. Generally they seem to be released in the $30-50, with the most expensive being those that have 3+ games.

          If these games follow the current pricing system for HD update games, the PS3 collection will be around $40 with each of the vita games being sold separately for about $20.

          • benhofb

            Yeah, I just hope Square Enix continues the trend. Like you said, they did release the Hitman HD and KH HD releases at a reasonable price, so hopefully they’ll do the same thing here. The only thing that would suggest otherwise is the fact that the hype around this game has been there for quite some time. Not to say that hype for KH and Hitman weren’t there, but Final Fantasy is a huge flagship for SE and I doubt they would want to miss out on a huge profit-bringer for them. They release Final Fantasy iOS ports all the time for unreasonable prices all the time, so who is to say the same for when they release this?

          • Ehren Rivers

            I understand where you’re coming from. While I too feel the iOS titles are a bit too spendy, in many cases the games have to be rebuilt from the ground up to handle the touch screen controls. Since they are redoing the game to that extent, they know they’ll get major backlash if there isn’t a graphical upgrade as well so they have to clean up or fully re-draw everything. That takes time and money, so I can understand that they’d want to recoup their losses a little bit. $20 bucks is still a bit cheap for my tastes though, which is why despite my roommate having an iPad neither of us has touched any of the ports.

          • benhofb

            Hm, I never thought of it that way. I never really realized the work that has to be done for the iOS ports. Well, given that the jump from PS2 to Vita and PS3 isn’t as huge as the jump from SNES to iOS, the HD version will probably priced like you said.

      • Though, depending on how much they charge, getting both could cost more on the Vita than on the PS3.

      • ToshiChan

        However, when you consider Vita games are about $40 as compared to a PS3’s $60, you’re going to spend a total of about $80 as opposed to $60. This is assuming they go around the general prices for both.

        • Sergio Briceño

          Seeing as how storage is probably the only issue here. I’d say they will not price it so high or maybe make a bundle for Vita. Buy 1 at 60 or download both at 80. There is no way they are making Vita owners pay more for the same games on portable, it’s just too stupid to be possible.

    • Repede91

      For the Vita MGS HD collection Konami opted to sell MGS2 and 3 seperatly for $15 – $20 each, I can’t remember which. If Square follows with a similar model I don’t see much cause for concern.

      • benhofb

        I hit up on that below… ;P

        • Repede91

          Oh, you’re right. Browsing on my phone is difficult so I didn’t see your later comment.

    • Testsubject909

      Doesn’t suck for me in the slightest.

      I didn’t care about FFX. I saw it’s story in it’s entirety as my cousin played it. I played it myself but was only compelled to continue because of the Blitzball mini game and overall felt underwhelmed by the game paired with an, at the time, overenthusiastic fanbase.

      FFX-2 on the other hand… I’ll get that. It’s an underdog, it’s a good game that provides a great time and can easily stand alone from FFX, it gets an undeserved bad rep and is a game I’d gladly pick up.

      Plus I’m a pervert. So it’s win win.

      • benhofb

        I’ve never played the originals (I have a PS2 and everything, just never picked up the originals at the time) so I kinda want to experience the duology in its entirety. Granted, I have talked to some people and seen some reviews that all say X-2 is a wee bit better than X, so I dunno. Of course X-2 looks better to me without knowing the story because you know, bewbs.

        • Testsubject909

          X and X-2 contrasts a lot, so a lot of people got mental whiplash from the shift in gear.

          X-2’s greater focus on just having a grand ol’ time really derailed a lot of people.

          And maybe the fact that Yuna doesn’t get kidnapped that often either… On the other hand, I’d say X-2 accepts the sometimes ludicrous nature of it’s world with more ease.

          I still wonder why the hell the chocobo knigts on land decided it was a good idea to try and charge a giant monster that was out on the sea…

  • Sergio Solorzano

    Did i missed FF XV,XVI,XVII,XVIII,XIX?

    • Testsubject909

      Are you from the future?

  • Rihawf


    This is perfect, I love FFX-2!

    Also “will be based on international editions”, so FFX-2 international localization too? This is incredible.

    • Reki Honoo

      Yes, both games will be the internaional versions. SO YES JECHT ON THE TEAM

      • Randy Marsh

        You can’t get Jecht on the team in X-2 International, I already own the game for the PS2. But you can enjoy all of Yuna’s former guardians on the team, bar Wakka for some reason.

    • Kenneth Richardson

      I LOVE IT TOO! Never understood why it got so much hate…

      • Juan Andrés Valencia

        Some people found it corny and cheesy. I mean… just look at the opening. I have no problems with it but I can see why many people didn’t like it.

      • Kai M

        I guess my only issue with it is that FFX already have a solid ending and yet if feels like X-2 is just another story to highlight and sort of re-tell the whole story again.

    • MyBodyIsReady

      I was expecting a “Said no-one ever” on the end of that, seen that on about 10 internet comments today.

      Anyway I’m neutral about this, I’m looking forward to FFX but i’d take FF12 over X-2 anyday

    • マッシュー

      Never beat X-2 as I was young and hated the change in battle system, but this is my second chance to play it! I will find out what happened to Yuna after. (:

  • DanijoEX

    Ugh…finally something I’m wanting to hear…
    I had X-2 on my PS2 and it was one of my particular favorite.

  • wish every new FF game had the battle system FX-2 used, it was so fast and fluid.

    • Testsubject909

      I’d rather they continue experimenting, though using FFX-2’s battle system as a core wouldn’t be a bad idea.

      • Ehren Rivers

        The battle systems of Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 were evolved from the battle system of X-2 with a dash of XII. The ability to auto-select commands by what a semi-learning AI thought was right and party members that fought alongside you by the same guidelines comes from the latter game, but the bulk of the rest is definitely X-2 centered.

        The Paradigm Shifts appear to be a reaction to criticisms that the Dress Spheres of X-2 were too ‘girly’, but they fulfill essentially the same function. Movement of the characters in a 3D battle stage was also kept from this game. If I recall correctly, X-2 was ALSO a Toriyama-made game so I imagine he wanted to build off of an existing system.

        • Testsubject909

          Now if only the game didn’t take so long to teach you the whole of the system. I know it’s to make it more accessible to a larger audience but… still… And if only the game as a whole wasn’t such a limited affair in a designer’s vice grip.

          • Ehren Rivers

            Well, those things are your own preference obviously and it’s hard to balance between the preferences of existing players and ease of use for those who might be new to Final Fantasy.

            I enjoyed that teaching you how to use each character properly was integrated into the story; You had to use every character yourself at least once, in many different combinations of accessible roles, and by the time you get access to all characters and all roles you know enough to make an actually informed decision about your later-game party.

            Rather than the standard RPG fare of “I’ve been using her because I think she’s pretty, I didn’t know that other chick was actually useful.”

            I know what you mean sort of about being limited, but again I think that’s going to be down to the individual. The only limit that bothered me was the lack of ability to travel to places pre-Gran Pulse. I understand the story reasons so it doesn’t bug me too much, it’s just a simple “I’d have liked it better this way”.

          • Testsubject909

            FF4 and FFX were also very linear games, but veterans of Final Fantasy seldom have any problems with FF4. FFX is liked yes, but there’s still some of us who didn’t really bite into it that well. FFXIII cranked up that linear corridor-esque tightly contained playfield. Lacking not only choice and freedom but wiggle room for personal experiences to the point where the only other one major release out there I can think of as being more linear would be Heavy Rain, and even then I could argue that Heavy Rain’s actions and impacts creating shifts in the story and eventual differences in it’s ending creates more freedom, choice and a richer experience then FFXIII.

            XIII’s dumbed down pace and greater overall reach for accessibility to all is in part it’s greater strength and it’s greater weakness.

            Again I’m being rather broad and general here… Really the big problem in the end for XIII was the behind the scene deal. 2 years of work scrapped, a rough move to the still unfamiliar PS3, internal dispute between developers/designers. The end result will obviously be a mixed bag.

          • Wait what

            I have lots of problems with FF4, I think X and XIII are both much better games than it. XIII is linear, yes, but linear isn’t bad. Tons of games are linear. The battle system allows more choice than you give it credit for.

          • I suppose “veterans” disagre with ya.

          • Wait what

            I’ve played all of them and have been doing so since I was a child. I’m as much as a “veteran” as anybody. How long you’ve been playing video games doesn’t dictate your personal taste, and your personal taste doesn’t dictate an a game’s actual worth. People really need to get over this self-important nostalgia-blinded only-the-old-games-are-good BS.

          • Hmmm… which was your first FF? I think it matters which FF you start with and the impression it gives to you, I started with VII and I got myself loving the Psone trio and FFX a lot but people who played the older titles seems to disagree with me regarding which aesthetics and the gameplay fits better on Final Fantasy.

            At first the classics didn’t appealed to me but I ended up loving it but I think I still prefer the evolution the new games regarding the aesthetics, I admit I prefer older battle systems but I don’t think the newers one are doing it bad, I used to have a lot of prejudice on FFXII for being Real Time Battle.
            I assume the ones that started with the classics also seem to feel that awkwardness with the themes on the new games but it really sucks some of them go full purist at it, the ones that started with XIII and liked it can’t understand where these purist commenters are coming from.

            Long story short I agree with ya, it’s good to see some games from another focus, straying from nostalgia is helpful to rediscover some games and find an undiscovered love to them. You might still not like it but it’s worth a shot right?

          • Swaggermuffin

            FF4 had a decent story.

        • Main issue with XIII and im guessing XIII-2 is that there is close to no tactics invovled at all.

          allthought i gave up after a few hours due to boredom, it was mainly x x x x x x, and no point in trying to give it depth by manual when auto was always in your face.

          • Scrooge_McDuck

            You giving up after a few hours certainly explains why you think that there is close to no tactics involved at all.

          • Ehren Rivers

            That’s inaccurate. The basic settings for the game are set to fast ATB speed and has the cursor default to auto, but you can easily change the settings so you default to manual and have plenty of time to make choices. I’ve tried it myself, and it’s actually almost identical to setting the battles in VII or IX to ‘Active’ rather than ‘Wait’.

            For that matter, though, there are no Final Fantasies I have played where the gameplay DIDN’T amount to spamming ‘X’. Occasionally you have to move your cursor around if you happen to set your cursor to something other than ‘Remember’ or whatever they end up calling it, but if we’re being fully honest most Final Fantasy games aren’t really that involved.

            There are a number of beneath-the-surface mechanics that are actually quite interesting, and unless you stop to powerlevel you’ll be making use of them pretty heavily in the later half of the game. As with any Final Fantasy game though (or for that matter, any RPG that uses experience-type systems and level-based stats), if you power level you end up destroying everything but late-game bosses and post-game superbosses.

          • Wait what

            Those post-game superbosses in XIII were merciless too. After I beat the game I grinded until I had every character maxed and they were still insanely hard. They demand that you master the battle system and use planning and strategy to defeat them. Some of the best superbosses in the entire genre. Most just fall under the “has lots of HP and does lots of damage” variety.

          • Ehren Rivers

            Vercingetorix was absolutely BRUTAL for me, the first time around. I got my ass absolutely handed to me by him. Took me ages to beat the Long Gui too, until I was taught a trick that sort of requires you to use up one of the only few Elixirs you get in the game. Useful for getting the trophy if you don’t mind cheaping out, but NOT a good strategy for trying to get Trapezohedrons.

          • LightZero

            And it’s mainly x with a lot of games so I don’t get your point.

    • Lolita

      I liked both FFX’s slow-paced but more strategic combat and FFX-2’s more fast-paced combat.

  • [insert youtube link of Bison saying yes here]

  • DesmaX


    FF X-2 HD…
    X-2 HD…
    Ten-Two HD…

    Tenchu HD confirmed

    (Sorry, I got nothing else to say)

    • benhofb

      I dig the logic. I’ll apply it to Metal Gear!
      MGS2 on Vita.
      MGS3 on Vita.
      Phantom Pain is MGS. (or MGS V)

      Phantom Pain is confirmed for Vita.

      • Testsubject909

        FFX-2 HD
        MGS2 HD
        FFMGSX2 HD
        FFMGSX2PP HD
        FFMGSX2PP-2 HD On vita confirmed!

        • DesmaX


          • Testsubject909

            DAY 1!!!
            *Goes to the bank with a truck, chains up back of the truck to bank vault, drags bank vault out, carefully takes out whatever money I don’t personally own, throws bank vault with only my money in it at the screen*

    • Lolita

      Oh man.. I would like a Tenchu HD collection very much. I’ve enjoyed Wrath Of Heaven and Fatal Shadows so it’ll be a dream to have it in HD. I kind of doubt it would happen but it doesn’t hurt to dream once in a while

      • Setsu Oh

        there are 4 tenchu on vita. aside from that, there are no more .
        maybe for years.

  • As much I whine and moan about X-2, I’ll swallow pride and get X HD for PS3 and just take X-2 with a pinch of salt. Maybe X-2 is as good most people say and maybe I am wrong.

    Perhaps Square-Enix is now trying avert the blunder they had to offer at E3 2011 (minus the Eidos titles) with X HD, Lightning Returns, a new Final Fantasy (either Versus XIII, XV or both are the same) and maybe a western announcement for Dragon Quest VII, Bravely Default and hopefully Type-0.

    I hope afterwards, we can get a HD remaster of XII for PS3.

    • Testsubject909

      Ah… the reasons why I do the things I do…

      I’ve repeated myself tons of time so I’ll instead do this. The reason why I attack FFX is because a lot of people praise it to an unjust amount at times, when it was first released the reception was overblown to a similar phenomenon but not to the same magnitude as FF7. This caused me and quite a few other people to pick apart it’s flaws and end up with a permanently tainted view of FFX, that is to say, that it is at most a good game but far from a great game.

      FFX-2 on the other hand gets a lot of bad rep, unjustly so, not because of the product itself but because of it not meeting the expectations people had, as such they tend to taint their experience entirely and dismiss a good game. Some also don’t go past the first few moments of the game and aren’t capable of getting all that’s good about FFX-2 and make rather premature judgement that they carry over with emotions only souring more and more with time when left untreated, and most likely is left untreated as FFX-2 was considered for quite a long time as the black sheep (you could say it replaced Mystic Quest in that regard).

      But like Mystic Quest, I can defend FFX-2 quite willingly because… The game is a lot of fun. It’s very entertaining and in the end, what bogs FFX-2 down is mainly FFX itself or people’s absolute resolution to have Yuna remain the same despite her journey, the liberations of her duties, the general widespread demolition of the religious order she was with and the tragic end to a budding relation that she had. Let’s face it people, Yuna will change… But the change was felt as very drastic and sudden to many who was still far too attached to the demure Yuna. Those who were far less attached didn’t feel the brunt of the impact and were left with a greater opportunity for a positive experience.

      FFX-2, like FFX, is a flawed Final Fantasy game. I won’t deny it has it’s flaws and it’s stupidity. But I will say…. Overall… FFX-2 is a much more entertaining experience then the core of FFX… But I’d rather Blitzball from FFX then the Blitzball from FFX-2.

      • I can barely see the screenshots but the HD version of Tidus looks a bit better compared to the PS2 version.

        This game HAS to be released in the west because if Sony has no idea for what the PS4 console should look like despite announcing it, then X HD HAS to come here before the PS4 does. Remember when Type-0 was released at the dawn of the Vita?

      • Tatsuya1221

        I pretty much agree with everything you said(including the reason i’m somewhat against FFX), apart for the reason why i absolutely hate X-2, it’s massive amount of fan service, the fact that a good deal of the game pretty much ignores the point of the first game, and that the game feels like i’m playing an episode of charlie’s angels, i’m fine with strong female leads but that’s not what FFX-2 feels like to me.

        Gameplay wise, i’d say it has one of the best battle systems in the series, and the soundtrack is great, but i just couldn’t get over the entire feel of both the story and the characters, it especially doesn’t help that the characters act entirely different than their X counterparts and that again, it feels like a episode of a 70’s sitcom.

        Oh and the overuse of fanservice, which is ironic since i’m a fan of some of NIS’s releases.

        As for this announcement, well at least people will get the whole package, i personally hope they do a FFXII HD package for the ps3 or ps4 myself,

        • Testsubject909

          As I state. FFX bogs down FFX-2. FFX-2 is best taken as a stand alone.

          • Tatsuya1221

            You misunderstand, while i do say that their personality changes bugged me, even looking at it from the standpoint of abandoning FFX (which as i said, i am not a big fan of, but don’t hate), it’s the overall feel of the game’s characters, the fanservice and story that ruined it for me, not it’s ties to FFX.

            Basically, if it felt like anything other than a cheap knock off with an awesome battle system i probably wouldn’t hate it more than FFXIII (which, as much as i dislike it, at least it’s characters didn’t annoy me too much, well excluding hope and lightning, snow, fangl vanille and sazh i liked).

            In essence, even as a standalone game with no ties to FFX, i hate it, in fact it’s tie to FFX probably lessens the blow for me, considering how much i cannot stand yuna, rikku and paine (especially paine) in this game, don’t get me started on the villans, i HATE the characters regardless of the game they originate from, they embody the worst character traits in any game i’ve ever played.

            In other words, the characters themselves ruined the game for me, I could probably get past that though, if it wasn’t for the story and the absolutely unneeded fanservice, that made me feel dirty just playing the game.
            I better stop here, before this turns into a blog.

        • Lolita

          I understand that Yuna and Rikku’s change in personality have changed a bit in FFX-2. Well for Rikku, she just became a lot more hyper than her FFX personality but for Yuna, it’s a big change. I guess they’re a lot more “cheery” and happy? It should make sense because of the ending in FFX

  • Suriel Cruz

    An A’MAZING opportunity for me to play Final Fantasy X, since I haven’t. I did finish Final Fantasy X-2, but it is still GREAT to see X-2 Remaster. CAN’T WAIT!

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


    • Testsubject909

      Everyone does it.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        EVERYONE !!

  • Rocket D

    This is great news. I really enjoyed both FFX and FFX~2 and to finally be able to play their International counterparts makes me incredibly happy. I always felt NA players got half the package with FFX and even more so with FFX~2 International+Last Mission being Japan only. Makes me wonder if they can get the original English voice actors for Last Mission’s cutscenes?

    Even if there are people who don’t like FFX~2 you have a choice to either get that game as a bonus anyway for the PS3 or forget it all together by buying the Vita version. I think this is a nice deal SquareEnix made. I honestly can’t wait for news of release dates!

    I can’t wait to get the full games of both titles and earn a trophy for once again getting 100% completion on FFX~2.

  • gamerdude

    I wonder if it has last mission?

    • Testsubject909

      Based on the International Version.

      • Mister_Nep

        That doesn’t answer much.

        The official game name of the PS2 release in Japan was “Final Fantasy X-2 International Edition + Last Mission.” The international part of the JP release was from the english version beginning to the english version ending. The Last Mission content was an entirely extra section past that. So if they’re saying this is based on the international edition then it becomes a concern if the last mission content is there or not.

  • HerosLight

    I didn’t know Tidus’s appearance was THAT different when comparing to the PS2 screenshots.

    But it does look really good. Good to see a confirmation of X-2 HD too.

    I wanna see some gameplay videos now..

    • Ehren Rivers

      Yep. Near as I can tell, the games are now somewhere between Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 in in graphics.

  • Christopher Nunes

    I’m on fence to decide which version do I want to get, the PS3 or the Vita one? However I like to get more Vita games for my Vita so I’ll be going with the Vita versions of the games.

    I love FFX as it’s one of my favorite FF games (and the only one I have ever finished from start to finish but have missed a number of side-quests along the way) and I did enjoy FFX-2 and loved the battle system for it so I don’t mind paying for two different versions of the game, hopefully they’re a bit cheaper than the PS3 to make up for this. I could see the PS3 version being $60 while the Vita versions are at both $40 a piece.

    I know the games have flaws to the both of them, but what game doesn’t? I don’t mind at all and I enjoy practically every game I own (with the exception of Dead Island… I can’t really get into it) and I look forward to playing through the game again. I enjoyed both FFX and FFX-2’s stories (FFX-2 to an extent as I didn’t finish it and I wanted to get the True Ending one).

    I hope these games come to the US because I would love to play the extra stuff that would put into it that the US version didn’t manage to get (I believe the Europe and Japan got a better version based on the US version?).

    Well here’s to another pair of games going into my collection!

  • TheExile285

    As long as both Vita versions don’t cost more than the PS3 version, I will buy both games on Vita. I’m hoping $20-30 each

  • TheExile285

    We need FFXII next SE

    • Setsu Oh

      COMPLETE this time! ask matsuno san again!

  • Nightmesh

    X wasn’t my favorite in the series but I’ll be looking forward to an XII HD Remaster. Still wanna try this game out since I never beat ether of them.

  • Luis Camargo

    Where’s my FF VII, VIII or IX remake, Square ?
    I liked much more than X, so hopefully it will sell a lot and you get on with the PSX era Final Fantasy remake.

    • They can’t yet.
      FF V and VI remake still on the works.
      FF VII-IX are a bit too much time consuming to make a remake.
      XII seems more viable.

  • Thank goodness this was confirmed. Was getting a little worried there for a minute as I wanted to play and actually finish the game this time lol

  • Linhua

    … perfect… nothing like a confirmation.

    … thanks, Ishaan.

  • Ricardo C

    Tidus looks a little different, better too.

  • KnifeAndFork

    Not to be ‘that’ guy, but I think HD Tidus model looks worse than his original model…

    • I sort of have to agree, they’ve made him a bit more generic, and pushed the asian features more.

      • Nightmesh

        It’ll confuse his appearance an any dissidia game in the future.

      • Wiccan1109

        I dunno, i mean his asian features in the FMV cut scenes were REALLY emphasized so if anything its just kinda made him more accurate to those. Themodels used for the in-game cut scenes were quite different. Rikku and Yuna also got enhanced asian features in the FMV, but looked fairly western in their in-game models.

    • alexis cortes

      I know what you mean, it’s probably to make him look more realistic and less anime-ish. It looks good but the original model looks better.

    • Same, I like spikier hair rather than realistic looking hair, same happened with Cloud in AC.

  • It looks like they added a bunch more detail to the opening scene, and Tidus got a slight makeover: His hair sticks out less, eye brows have less of a slope, eyes are more asian, mouth lost the sharp curl at the sides. They seem to be trying to make him look more like from the X-2 cutscenes.

  • TheDarkEmpress

    Now that that’s out of the way they can focus on remaking FFVII.

  • psycho_bandaid

    eh, they’ve convinced me. I didnt really like x-2 much but 1000 words remains one of the best songs in the entire series. The game was worth it for that one scene.

  • Detrimont

    i have to say, i’m more excited about x-2, since PAL regions got the international version of X, but not X-2

  • eilegz

    excelent news, hopefully this get localized and have optional JPN voice

  • Vita FFX it is.

    • Don’t like FFX-2? I heard some people don’t like it but seeing as I have not played it I don’t know.

      • Yeah, I don’t like FFX-2.
        I retried playing it various times but I think the aesthetics and various changes didn’t appeal to me.

        Reasons you might like this game:
        – If you like a quite fast paced ATB system mixed with an in-battle integrated Job System then this might be your bet. (FFIV magic charge is back though.)
        – If you don’t mind Pop songs, the OST arranged by a diferent person than your usual FF game, girls with cheesy attitude on tight clothes and probably a difference in characterization from the original X then yup, go for this one.

        Knowing your dislike on fanservice then maybe you won’t like it, search FFX-2 on google images and you’ll know it.

        • Hmm… I am curious about the battle system that is cited by quite a few as being why they enjoyed it. I don’t mind any song really as long as it isn’t Justin or Taylor. As for the other stuff… eh… I can probably deal with it. As for fanservice… eh… I am still willing to try the game. Why crap on a game without giving it a chance.

          • Yah… give it a shot and you’ll know what I mean.

          • I am sure I’ll like it. lol I like all FF sidestory or not except for MMOs and FFXIII-2. I also thought FFXII was lackluster though not terrible.

  • Sylveria

    Hey now we’re talking. I can justify paying $60 for HD revisions of two games and I get to be reminded I’m one of the 3 people on the planet who really likes X-2.

    • Mister_Nep

      So me, you, and someone else.

  • Aqua King

    This makes me happy. Please release soon!

  • AJ

    When I was really young, I thought it would be awesome if a device existed that let you play every Final Fantasy game, and if it was portable.

    That device now exists. I’m just so…..happy.

    (Well, barring XI – IV, but meh.)

  • TheTimeMage

    This is a game I would want cross buy for. Too bad they are separate games for Vita.

  • Lolita

    Hmm.. wow.. Tidus looks very different in the HD screenshot. I don’t know how I feel about this even though I grew up playing FFX and FFX-2 and I’ve been so accustomed to their original faces. It’s like growing up with a family member for many years and one day he or she gets plastic surgery or something. I guess over time I might get used it though. I hope they don’t drastically change the face too much

  • I really dislike that they are separate on Vita. I will buy both however simply because I have not played FFX and I like FF (exceptions being the MMOs and FFXIII-2.)

  • Göran Isacson

    Ah, that’s neat. Guess I’m going to plunk down for two games I’ve been semi-interested in, all for the price of one :D ! Even if I’ve been spoiled on the plot by Spoonys reviews, it will be nice to see them happen on my own and see if the plot bugs me as much as it bugged him.

  • Wow. The models here are definitely more noticeably different, and …realistic. I like it!

  • Can someone also pleaaase get a hi-def version of this scan!?

    • Try not to double post in the future please.

  • ShadowDivz

    As weird as this sounds. I actually, prefer the PS2 version on the magazine scans.

  • Talearc

    Hope the US ver will be announced

    • Warboss Aohd

      1. iz on PS3 an’ Vita, not PSP.
      2. wit da exception o’ FFx-2’s international edition content, iz already translated.
      3. iz final fantasy.
      4. Alot o’ people liked FF10

      i would honestly be shocked if it wozn’t released here.

  • Lester Paredes

    As long as they are reasonably priced to download on the Vita, I shall not complain. By reasonably priced, I mean: Not 40 bucks each, when it’s practically assured that the PS3 version will be about 40 bucks for 1 disc containing both games. I am more than ready to pay 20 to 25 dollars for each to download.

  • Karn McCloud

    Hmm, interesting, It was confirmed as a remaster yet Tidus’ model looks altered in that screenshot, a little more in line with the more realistic style of the newer games. Very excited but may mean portions of the game will look even nicer than we thought.

    • The quotes always properly been translated as “A remaster, but a little bit more.”. The engine is still the same, but the models have been replaced, rather than simply filtered and anti-aliased.

      • Karn McCloud

        Ah, okay, what with the sparse info across so much time we’ve been getting some information’s been lost or forgotten along the way. It would make sense for the models to be replaced as well as always using the high quality models unlike in the originals where there’d be two models in-game, one for face close-ups and one for general play.

  • Neppygear

    Sweet, merciful Square. I take back all the mean stuff I’ve ever said about you.

  • Setsu Oh

    was the presence of jp tracks discussed already?

  • moogle.nine

    I’m excited to see this. As one of the odd people who didn’t play X but fully enjoyed X-2, I missed out on all the fuss about expectations from X. I got to play X-2 with no preconceptions (except ‘there’s going to be some cheese and eye candy…’) and loved the battle system and soundtrack. Would love to add this to my PS3 collection!

  • I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sardorim

    Blitzball… That is all.

  • puchinri

    Yay~! I’m doubly excited now!

    I actually restarted X recently to play through for myself but to also show to my boyfriend (who only had the chance to play some of X-2 before), but now we can play through both together. In shiny HD. ♥

  • I can see the minor improvements to graphics. Square Enix should also throw in the International version of FF12 and just make this an HD collection.

  • I know its hope beyond home, but MAYBE they might have taken the time to add a few interesting new things? A water aeon would be nice.

    On the flipside I can wait to finally get to use the Psycher class and break the game.

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