Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Coming To The West This Year

By Ishaan . March 22, 2013 . 8:20am

Square Enix have confirmed Final Fantasy X HD Remaster and Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster for a U.S. and European release. The two games will be released sometime this year.


As in Japan, on PlayStation 3, the two will be bundled together as Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, while on PlayStation Vita, you’ll need to purchase them separately. As previously reported, both games will be based on their International versions with added content.



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  • Zonic505

    At the moment, Amazon has it up for pre-order on PS3 for only $40. Not sure if that’s the MSRP, but just a heads-up for those that’re interested. Here’s the link:

    Also heard we’ll FINALLY get a trailer on Monday. Looking forward to seeing this in motion.

    • Good to know.


      Comes with the link to Amazon as well as more info on this.

    • Pyrotek85

      If that’s correct it’s a good price IMO

    • DemonShadowX

      That sounds about right for Remasters. Hopefully for Vita owners they’ll run around $20 each so it evens out.

      • Since this is Square Enix we’re talking about, though, it’ll be $35-40 each on the Vita.

        • im fine with $30 a piece.

          but knowing full well i’d pay $40 a piece.

  • Rihawf

    Even more AWESOME because of International content.
    The models are gorgeous.

    • MyBodyIsReady

      Yeah it’s incredible how much they’ve improved the graphics. Maybe this is what’s taking them so damn long lol

      Very eager to get this on the Vita

  • Z3

    I hope SE won’t pull a Kaizoku Musou 2 on us and not release the VITA versions here in the west

    • TheExile285

      I think this just confirmed both version for West. I agree though, what Namco pulled with the Vita version is complete BS

  • benhofb

    Hmm. I am pretty excited that I can expect to play two more big JRPGs on my vita sometime this year! Hopefully that trailer on monday shows off a release window…

  • Scratch90

    That kinda sucks that I need to purchase them separately in Vita.

    • DemonShadowX

      Yeah, hopefully they’ll be priced at $20 each to match the $40 for the PS3.

  • $36487238

    Yes! I can finally play Final Fantasy X on-the-go! I stopped at the final part to the story (where… oh, right spoilers. Sorry) when I played the PS2 version. Now. :) I can finally enjoy it on-the-go! And… X-2 too! Haven’t played that but my friend always tells me great stuff about X-2 so it’ll be awesome to play on-the-go. Suhweet!

    Man, this year is great to be a VITA owner. Add to that my PS+ subscription and it’s like I’m always supplied with great games. Suh-weet!

  • Mar Mar

    And this will be my first FF game. No kidding.

    • Anime10121

      Well, its a pretty good one to start off with, while not the best Final Fantasy out there, its definitely one of the better ones.

      • Farid Belkacemi

        X is probably the worst FF I played until now (with XIII) :p

    • Adam Clark

      I envy you if you like it, you’re have so much to look forward to.

    • KnifeAndFork

      Start with VI, then VII,then VIII, then IX, then X.

  • Seymores new hair texture looks a lot worse. The old one was stretched badly, but the new one just looks like they ran a noise filter over the whole thing.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I’m seriously hoping they redub it and properly sync the mouth movements to the dialogue. The original was a fine game, but they managed to get very “meh” performances out of great VAs like Tara Strong and John DiMaggio.

    • DemonShadowX

      Highly doubt it’d be redubbed, though I don’t mind the current dub.

      • LightZero

        They will need to with FFX-2 because of the added content so there is a chance they could redub it. I hope they do. Voice acting has improved in the last 12 years since it was release.

        • DemonShadowX

          True, I hope they redub (though I don’t mind if they don’t). About the extra content in X-2, I can see them doing what they did with Re:CoM and that’s dubbing only the cutscenes, everything else is text only.

    • I hope they keep the dub, but fix the lip-syncing.

    • psycho_bandaid

      That laughing scene…

      • ZekeM93

        ……was done on purpose and in no way proved that FFX had bad dubbing.


  • Blitzball in HD. Sweeeet.

  • JMaster3000

    Yay we still have the fucked up faces :D
    Can’t wait to see X-2 in action with Rikku saying Monkey lol

  • Learii

    time for bilztball again lol

    • kupomogli

      Aside from Lulu’s breasts that was my favorite part in FF10. An online Blitzball would rule. Sadly, it’s not going to happen, but doesn’t make it any less awesome than if it did.

      • ShadowDivz

        “Aside from Lulu’s breasts”
        LOL WHUT?


    Beautiful i love these FF games along with FFIX.

  • Can’t wait to blast this scene at work on the Vita XD

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      You heard the Japanese version of it? You wouldn’t even complain about the US one after hearing it.
      They sound like crows in it. lol

  • Lilith

    Awesome, now where’s Bravely Default?

    • Randy Marsh

      Take it to another page boy. You BDFF fanboys are becoming a thorn in everyone’s sides.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Please do keep the talk on subject in the future.

      Here is a listing of the site rules, as well as the open thread, where off-topic talks are welcome.

      • Lilith

        I read the rules and nowhere there I read anything about being off-topic. Also, I was on topic. I gave my opinion on the news which I said “awesome”.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          This is a thread about Final Fantasy X/X-2. Which does not mean free rein for any other Square property. It is not an end of the world type of thing, just a reminder.

    • Isaac Newton

      I know it’s off topic but I’m helping this dude out
      Maybe you should try playing or BIBLE BLACK or Lightning Warrior Raidy or maybe try Rapelay or maybe Real Kanojo before anything Else
      Edit: And can you give me a pointers on how you get that high likes I appreciate it if you would :D

      I do not break this:
      1. Keep it safe. Don’t LINK to explicitly NSFW material. Apply common sense.
      So I think I’m safe right Mr. Mod? :D

      • puchinri

        Yes, it was obnoxious for them to request a completely different title here, but why would you even throw out any of those titles?

  • Now this is what I’ve been waiting go hear =^_^=

    • Yuriangels

      have to say, it was worth the wait!!

      • Yeah, I still have the original games but never finished X-2. Now I can finish it in HD =^_^=

  • Space_Ghost

    FFX was the last FF I really loved. XII and XIII just didn’t have that magic the older ones had, but they are good games on their own.

  • komiko12

    Okay… when can I see some X-2 screenshots?

  • DrakeClawfang

    I’m wondering now if Lulu’s boobs still move like a pair of half-deflated water balloons when she bends over

    • jeka69

      Because bewbs are SCIENCE, made of HOPES and DREAMS.

  • TheExile285

    Good, glad they didn’t keep us waiting with this announcement.

  • HerosLight

    Man, those screenshots look beautiful.

    Can’t wait to play it this year.

    Next thing they should do is remake Dissidia 012 for consoles with online mode.

    • alexis cortes


      I would love to see Cloud’s model with FFXIII graphics in a game since a FFVII remake won’t happen anytime soon.

    • Brandonmkii

      I’m personally hoping for an all new dissidia on ps3/ps4

      • HerosLight

        I’m hoping for that too.

  • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    According to Kotaku’s article about it, we are also getting a trailer Monday! :D I hope so.

  • kupomogli

    Now we can play through FF10 hoping the whole way that Lulu’s dress falls down in HD.

  • Bob Stockalockapoulos

    Oh, wow! It looks like I can finally play Final Fantasy X, and see what I was missing after all these years.

  • Prinnydoom

    Damn son…………..

  • neo_firenze

    Mostly hyped about playing X-2 on the go on my Vita! Yep, I know I’ll be in the minority on that on!

    I’m not holding out hope for cross-buy, but these reaaaaly need to have saves that work across platforms (a la Metal Gear Solid HD Vita/PS3, or Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate WiiU/3DS). If they do, sign me up for both. If not, Square Enix gets less of my money.

  • How’s about Square make an HD remaster of Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System and bundle it with the HD remasters of Final Fantasy X/X-2? Call it Final Fantasy International HD Remaster or something along those lines.

    • Raos

      No, it’s better that way so they can pair XII-IZJS with another remaster (maybe Type-0) :p

      • It wouldn’t make sense to pair that with Type-0 because that’s a PSP game. Final Fantasy X, X-2, and XII are all PS2 games and the fact that all three have International versions make sense for a HD remaster bundle.

        • Raos

          It doesn’t make sense either because XII isn’t a Spira game then, don’t get me wrong I want it remastered soon but if they included it in this bundle we wouldn’t see it this year

          • It may not be a Spira game, but it was one of the major PS2 FF titles and the International version fits the theme of FFX/X-2. But to each their own. Most FF fans don’t even like XII, which is a mystery because I found it to be a great FF and RPG overall.

          • Raos

            Yes it is, I love almost everything from that game and I want to play the IZJS too but this way they can give us another game bundled with it the same way they did with FF chronicles for PS1 (CT isn’t even a FF)

    • KnifeAndFork

      Rather have HD remake of Type Zero, Dissidia and Crisis Core than FF XII HD.

  • The way people say that Final Fantasy is dead since Sakaguchi left, you think they’ll be okay with Square re-releasing their titles from the FF’s “Golden Age” if nothing they make nowadays will ever be as good without Sakaguchi.

    • ShadowDivz

      Might as well.

  • Neppygear

    X-2 International HD = Insta-buy.

  • puchinri

    Wonderful. Simply beautiful. The game and the news, that is.
    I am really looking forward to picking them up~.

  • IshimaruKaito


  • Adol Christin

    The character models look much better :)

  • I wonder how much the two separated games will cost on PSvita, since the PS3 version is just U$40,00..I don’t think the games will cost only U$20,00 each, but maybe I’m mistaken.

  • eilegz

    way to screw vita owners…

  • Will Jay

    Sweet. I’ll be picking up the Vita version.

    Wonder if they’ll make an XII remaster.

    • Most likely. Square doesn’t like having games fall out of circulation. XII is now the only main Final Fantasy game that lacks a current version. Popularity has nothing to do with the choices. Its all about keeping the cash flow going.

  • While I’m fine with the dubs (My childhood, don’t want it changed) I do hope they take the time to redo the mouth movements for English. I also hope they take the time to readjust some of the spatial issues. Lulu’s hand hovering a foot away from Yuna’s hair, any interaction with a blitzball, weapons being drawn; These were all examples of clumsily animated X could be at times.

    Also, my guilty wish is for a water Aeon. I always wondered why they never bothered to make the summons match the balanced elemental system.

    • Steven Higgins

      Sorry but we’re not getting any new Aeons. I agree that it doesn’t make sense for there not to be one for each main element but seeing as how it’s only a remaster not a remake they probably won’t add any additional content that wasn’t already in the International versions. Just high-poly models, better texture mapping and trophy support.

    • Browncoat

      I agree about the spatial issues. For some reason, the one that drives me nuts every time I replay the game is Maester Mika’s hat going through his head when he bows. It’s just a short, minor scene, but it makes me crazy.

  • Isaac Newton

    This is why I like about siliconera commenters and it’s website too they always says sensible things(even if it is negative or positive for the article), having funny comment while still at the sense and doesn’t B**ch about “Hey looks crap and I can run this on my PS2 emulator so no thanks” comment like on other websites……

    That’s why I love you guys for being sensible while being open minded

    • Bloodios

      It also helps that not only the textures were upgraded but even the models have higher poly-count now. Those are the two factors that no emulator can overcome.

      • Not just textures, but reflection and depth maping as well! Lulu’s pendants are so shiny!

  • happip

    I made a quick comparison between the hd and original version:

    • Isaac Newton

      Wow I think it’s a total remaster for the graphics!

    • HerosLight

      Ooh, thank you very much for this.

    • beautiful!!!

    • Riseabovethesky

      Was Lulu’s outfit really that horrible on PS2? Also, I don’t want to sound like a pervert but her boobs look a lot better… it’s probably why they decided to update the models in the first place ;)

      • happip

        Like every playable character, she had a better higher poly version during some cutscenes, but still, the hd outfit/boobs looks much better…

      • ShadowDivz

        I thought the same. But at the time those were like our HD graphics today.

    • Lolita

      Wow, thank you for the comparisons. It looks so nice, especially Lulu’s face

      • igotareallybigthingwithcars

        YEAH… lulu’s face…

    • Kefkiroth

      The difference is much more apparent with this comparison… really nice improvements here.

    • Jordan Luk

      Make more comparisons!!

    • ShadowDivz

      I always loved Lulu.
      She had a cute name. A mature & sophisticated personality.
      Calm and collected. Wouldn’t talk your ear off with mindless dribble.
      And that purple lipstick…
      Obviously, she had to be a video game character. >_>

    • its really unbelievable. how it looks in the old shots IN MY MIND looked like the HD shots now. The old stuff looked SO GOOD back in that time….its so unbelievable how far we’ve come lol

      thanks for the gif :3

  • Fango

    expectations = exceeded

  • I got about an hour in X when I rented it loooong ago and I’ve never played X-2 so this is fantastic news for me.

    Now I just wish that Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System will be remastered and released stateside.

  • a really cool bonus would be if they added alternate costumes in FFX(considering they updated the models and stuff) i would love to play as wedding Yuna or Al Bhed garb Rikku…i cant remember if there are any other in-game costumes for the characters, though…

  • I am also curious about whether these are vita or ps3 screens…i assumed they would do some type of real time lighting for the ps3 version.

  • Yvonne Tsang

    So regretting only having a 360 right now. :/

  • Ricardo C

    Im digging their new looks. I really love how the textures are more clean and clear :D

  • TheDarkEmpress

    Never played FFX, this is going to be a real treat :)

  • KnifeAndFork

    Something looks off with Tidus face in that group shot. Instead of the higher grade cutscene model, it looks like a revamped version of the lower poly field model while the rest of the cast are the cutscene models…

  • Andrew McDowell

    Hahooo, yeeeeah! I can’t wait. I’ll buy the PS Vita Version of FFX and I’ll get the PS3 copy as well. A bit annoying that they didn’t give both collections to PS Vita gamers, but I don’t care. I’m dying to play a proper Final Fantasy game, I’m playing through IV and VI right now, and I plan on doing VII and VIII if i have the time

  • harmonyworld

    does this mean no more frozen drawn on face in cutscenes?
    Cause they have those cutscenes that aren’t pre rendered and it’s was kinda bad but all you could get for the ps2.
    Same with KH.

  • Andrew McDowell

    BTW, does anyone else remember that last year Square Enix said, “We aren’t interested in revisiting old FF games in HD until we can surpass the original.” So much for that BS lol. Correct me if I’m wrong, but i don’t think
    FFXI, XII, XIII, XIII-2, or XIV are better games than FFX (actually, FFXI is probably better than FFX, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea). Now that Square
    Enix have have gotten over their iinability to surpass previous games, I think we’ll see an FFVII remake, or am I a bit optimistic?

    • Hikari Langley

      No, that’s not going to happen. Square said a remake of any FF7-9 games WON’T happen. It would and will cost too much money, the game won’t be loved like it was. FFXHD actually doesn’t take too much work it’s just retouching models and effects.

      • ^This!

      • Andrew McDowell

        Noooo, don’t burst my bubble of optimism lol.

      • puchinri

        Also, I know IX would probably look quite glorious in HD, but it is a very, very pretty game even now (meaning, I don’t think it needs the HD remaster/remake anyway, quite yet).

    • That’s out of context, and only half right. The comment was made by Yoichi Wada, and only in regards to Final Fantasy VII. He felt that either way, trying to remake it would make Square look bad. If it didn’t live up to expecations, Square would forever be in the shadow of it’s former success. If it did well, people would comment that the only reason it did well was because of the previous groundwork, and that Square’s current innovators lack the skill to reproduce it on their own. It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      X was ‘remade’ here because it’s fallen out of circulation. Now its being spun back into the revenue cycle.

      • Andrew McDowell

        Yeah, your pretty right there man. I feel bad for Square Enix because they are in a bit of an inspiration desert at the moment. I hope they keep trying to rediscover that Square magic. I have high hopes for FF Versus XIII. Sorry if my comment was bit off track, but personally I guess it’s just that I’d rather play a remake of a really good game than play a boring or half-decent new game. But that’s just me

        • puchinri

          Well, BD is pretty great, so they obviously have some kind of inspiration and imagination there somewhere (well, it’s obvious where, but I doubt it’s just with Asano and those he works with). I think they just need to “find themselves” again.

          Personally, I’d love a HD version of a title like Threads of Fate or Bahamut Lagoon. Or Saga Frontier 2 on the 3DS in a style similar to BD.

          • Andrew McDowell

            Yeah, you’re right about Square Ebix, they do have some innovation, I played FF the 4 Heroes of Light and I thought that was great, and I don’t think FFXIII or XIII-2 are bad games, but they lack an X factor or that magical Final Fantasy feeling to someone like me who’s favorites are FFVI and FFVIII. The other problem is Square doesn’t seem to know how to make characters I can care about, correct if I’m wrong but I felt more connected to Squall, Celes, Terra, Cecil, Tifa, Garnet, and even Cloud than I did to any of the characters in the Nova Crystallis (especially Captian Douschebag Beanie)

          • puchinri

            Yeah, overall, their “main” team(s) have yet to refind their magic. Which is why it’s clear Asano and those he works with have it, but I feel that there are definitely others on the different teams that do, but maybe they’re not getting the chance to put that innovation forward.

            I do think XIII (and most related) are very lacking, and if they weren’t focusing on them so hard, I think we’d also probably get to see more variety and innovation from them (especially on the character-front). I think someone there needs to shift their focus entirely and move away from FF, and then return to it once they get a handle on things again. But, I do think working with their older titles, even just to remaster them, is a good way to look at what differed in their previous works and find that magic again. (V, IX and X will always be personal favorites, and I hope they can return to making characters in similar vein again.)

  • I am buying this thrice. PS3 and both Vita copies. Because I love FFX THAT MUCH. lol

  • Hinataharem

    I hope the Vita version isn’t download only

    • It is.

      • Testsubject909

        Well…. There goes my idea of purchasing it day 1.

        Guess the purchase of X-2 can wait for a good year or so.

      • Christopher Nunes

        Where was this confirmed? I like to know just to be sure and if it is… I guess the PS3 version I’ll go with.

  • Christopher Nunes

    Awesome news! First Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix with the Final Mix version of KH1 include with updated gameplay to be somewhat similar to KH2’s gameplay and now FFX and FFX-2 HD remasters coming here to the West as well!

    2013 is starting off as an excellent year!

  • fireemblembeast

    I’ve never played any FF games (except a bit of the first and the demo for XIII-2) and I heard fans of FF are getting dissapointed lately. But I kinda watched stuff of this specific game, and the sequel and I was actually interested in FF for the first time. I heard this one’s actually good and that it was getting an HD remaster, but I didn’t think it would be so soon. I don’t have a ps2 so I can’t get the original but this would be awesome to have in HD on my ps3! ^_^ Awesome that it’s a bundle of both games! No doubt that I’m going to get this. I’m ashamed to call myself a JRPG fan when I haven’t even played FF games. Not that they’re better, just that I want to be, er, well-rounded as a JRPG fan. I can’t wait for this. Man, this year is packed with great games!

    • puchinri

      Really, I think XIII is the only real disappointment, and even then, it does some great things (and has some innovations for the series). I think it’s worthwhile to play as many of the older and newer titles as possible.

      Also, some games just aren’t some fans cup of tea~. I have a friend who is also a JRPG fan but has never played FF (and for some, DQ, Tales of or another title may be their JRPG beginning/tradition/de facto series).

  • fireemblembeast

    I have several questions for you FF veterans. I’m buying the game regardless, but I just was curious. Ok, firstly, do you get to change the party icon, like see a different character running around doing stuff or do you only get to be Tidus? Next question- is this like FFXIII in the sense that if you want dual audio, you should order the Chinese version since it has EN subtitles and JP voices? Because I would prefer JP voices…Another question- are battles random or the kind where you walk into enemies on the map? Last question: which game has better gameplay, X or X-2?

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      1. In X Tidus. He is alone or followed by Wakka or Yuna depending on the story. You navigate with Yuna but only in one stage. In X-2 you control Yuna.

      2. The Japanese actors are pretty good. Tidus is more aggresive, Auron has a personality, Wakka has no accent, Seymour is ambiguous, Yuna is more expressive, etc. The English actors had some bad deliveries but they improved a lot as seen in Disisidia.

      3. Random.

      4. It depends on personal preference. Both have different styles. I like both but completely ignore the use of summons in X and Limit Breaks in X-2 because they ruin the idea that we are controlling a party.

      • fireemblembeast

        Thanks for the info ^_^

    • Testsubject909

      There are even amongst those who hate X-2 who admit that the gameplay was excellent.

      The general consensus would indicate that X-2 would have the better gameplay. Most people are irked mainly by the style and the story elements clashing with FFX. X-2 by my opinion is best experienced before you get invested in FFX (if you get invested in FFX, that detail always depends on the person).

      If you choose to go chronologically, then i’ll just provide you this buffer for when you do transfer from FFX to FFX-2.

      FFX-2 is meant to be fun, it’s focus is fun, this is important. Second, for adjustments on story purpose, keep in mind that Yuna’s journey causes a lot of drastic sudden changes to her socio-political-spiritual climate. Finally, the opening you see marks a question mark besides one of the character’s names for a good reason, so move beyond that.

      And if you don’t like Charley’s Angel, and I do mean that you really don’t like Charley’s Angel in any way… Well then FFX-2 isn’t for you.

      • fireemblembeast


  • fireemblembeast

    I wonder if they’ll get a lot of DLC…

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      I don’t want DLC but alternative skins would be nice.

  • MitsuiLiam

    Can anyone tell me what is the difference with the international versions of X and X-2 and who can you recruit on X-2 :o

    Thanks in advanced.

    • Mr_SP

      X International is the same as the PAL version. Compared to the US version, it has the Expert Sphere grid, Dark Aeons, which are super-bosses, and the super-super-boss, Penance.

      X-2 International has extra Dresspheres, the ability to capture most every Fiend in Spira, many bosses, the Gullwings airship crew, many (if not all) of the Aeons, and all of the FFX crew (minus Yuna and Rikku, obviously… but including Seymour), and use them in battle, a battle tournament for your captured creatures to fight in, and an 80 floor dungeon set after the main game, though it apparently plays like Chocobo Dungeon, so it’s dramatically different from the main game. I am much, much more hyped for X-2 than X.

      Both have a large number of minor, mostly irrelevant changes. X-2 International has a list on Gamefaqs that lists everyone you can capture, but it’s in romaji, so it’s basically unreadable. There’s more detailed lists of all changes on Gamefaqs,

      • MitsuiLiam

        Thank you so much for this! :)

  • Ronldbx6

    Nice, I was wandering about X-2. Now I really want to get this bundle. Can’t wait to experience it.

  • DurableTomb

    Hmm… The Thunder Plains weapon crest quest and Vita portability. Anyone else see a problem with this?

    • Just play it at home plugged into a wall socket.

      I pretty much never play my handhelds on the go. I play them when I want to play the games.

      • Solomon_Kano

        This. If I’m not at home, then I most likely don’t have the time to be playing games. Ever since the original Gameboy back when I was younger, portables have always been the system I use while laying in bed while I kept my consoles to the living room.

  • I’m rather curious now about any potential tweaks or overhauls to the animation engines. Is this really just a model swap, or have they produced new animations as well? Also, comparison videos!

  • I made a video showing the differences.

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