Burn And Freeze Enemies Using Awaken Mode In Summon Night 5

By Sato . March 31, 2013 . 4:30pm

Namco Bandai recently shared a quick look at Summon Night 5’s story along with new battle system features focusing on combination abilities with your Cross partners. Here’s what they say about the story:


There was a man with a magical sword who saw through the end of an older world and the birth of a new one. With a gentle smile, this man continuously watched over the people of this world, as it continued to change over the years. This was all possible thanks to the magical sword held by his side.


The hero spends his days relaxing while fishing, as he prays that time remains as peaceful.




Fans of the Summon Night series may have noticed that Rex from Summon Night 3 looks exactly the same in the latest title, even though Summon Night 5 takes place centuries after. Rex and the others start out as fishing instructors of the new main characters, but it is said that they’ll have a more prominent role as through the game’s progression.


The “Life Resonance Awaken” and the “Signature Awaken” abilities will be the main focus of Summon Night 5’s  “Awaken” features. Life Resonance Awaken is when a summoner combines forces with their Cross, while the Signature Awakening is an ability that unleashes a sword’s hidden power. Both features are variations to the Awaken Upgrade ability, which will be followed by the Awaken Mode.



When the main character starts their journey as a summoner, they are soul-bound to a partnered Cross. While performing the Life Resonance Awaken ability, the Cross will change the appearance of the weapon while adding a powerful upgrade to perform devastating attacks.


Here’s a look at Aruka and her Cross, Kagerou performing their Life Resonance Awaken:


The ability can be activated when both of their powers are built up. Kagerou adds the power of fire to the sword while also transforming it into a much larger weapon. While in Awakened Mode, the main character can still use the upgraded weapon and continue fighting with it temporarily. There are also other special abilities which can only be performed while in Awakened Mode.


Depending on the Cross, the abilities of the Life Resonance Awaken will vary. This is what Berié’s icy attribute looks like:



Screenshots from Summon Night 5’s opening animation:






Summon Night 5 is slated to be released in May 16th for PSP.


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  • I think i said this before, but if i remember correctly, i think how the time passed in the island where SN3 takes place, was different, so the game being centuries later and MCs of SN3 appearing here isn’t that weird.

    Can’t wait for this game god

    • gangrelion

      It may sound stupid but they also got the Fountain of Youth in the summon night 3 island, literally! It’s this same fountain that activates the most difficult optional battles in the game.

  • Lashawn Williams

    you know i have always been sad that none of the summon night series has left japan, i don’t really know much about them other than the fact i always liked that art(which is the reason i’m drawn to most things from japan) but is there something especially Japanese about them that kills their chances of voming put in the west

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      I didn’t play them, but were the 2 GBA and DS games spin-offs?

      • EmptyWarrior

        IIRC, yes they are spin-offs. Good games in their own right, happy to have played them.

      • JustThisOne

        Yup! Spin offs. Different battle system entirely. They’re nice, though.

      • The swordcraft knight series, 1, 2 for GBA but 3 didnt come, they are really good, reaaaally funny~ and good story too, male and female MCs like always and different summons partner to choose from the beginning, makes the story even more personal to your tastes. Recommended for anyone that likes rpgs, even now, it should entertain people very well, i feel those games aged well, battle system is a bit close to tales of games’s.

        As for the DS one, twin age… it wasn’t bad but i think its the weakest of the SN games, story was way too short, not bad but compared to what they have done, a bit weak, and ending (especially char’s endings, since there is an ending depending on which char you have conversations the most) wasnt very… conclusive.

        No idea of how it did in the reviews or sold, maybe it did well enough but surely didn’t leave it’s mark, i wish atlus could had choosen the SN 1 or 2 DS remakes/ports instead of twin age, or, well, it was released really late, but the Tears crown would had been an awesome choice too.

        • gangrelion

          If it’s story you are looking for, don’t get high hopes for Tears Crown, trust me! It’s the most cliché plot I have seeing! childhood friends, evil twin brother, mysterious ally is a goodess with the same name, “evil people” are actually all brain washed and not actually people with different opinions, etc…Really disappointing.

          • But its more decent and big, with better chars and gameplay than twin age, bigger world map too.
            Also, that there are cliche character styles doesnt means the game itself is cliche it depends in how well they are used, same as in tales of games.

            This will be long xD

            There are cliche moments yeah, but there also aren’t, the beginning’s events were pretty original imo, even if you can imagine most of the stuff that might happen as you go through it, it was really well done, damn, wish i could remember names and moments better to explain more easily.

            Anyway there is this personal quest system that gets open in later chapters of the game, where u do personal request of your party members (advancing in their personal story) and also getting good wpns/armors for them. Havent seen this in other game, especially since u need to “comment” on the problem (why should they investiage it) to convince the other party members to go investigate.

            Oh the most omfg enemy becoming ally part was really cliche tho, its like “ohh he joins the party *rolls eye*.”

            Imo, this game shines more in characters rather than the story itself, Farah’s powers are so obvious in the beginning and its funny how most ppl ignore them through the beginning of the game, but for example where they ummm, i think it was a big magical door part place, where the door gets open was it? (there you get the loli hammer -goddess- char) where the new enemies appear and stuff, that part at least for me was pretty cool, especially since i didn’t expect that many new enemies, reminded me to a tales of games where you dont really know the real enemies until half game lol.
            What happens later where you ride a dragon, and get attack while still on the dragon, that part was nice too.

            And there are new nice kind of chars too, for example my personal favorite, well, in katakana, Erunadita xD, she was pretty cool, how she realizes that what she believes about her country isnt real and stuff, for me she made the game a lot more fun, and you feel that her relashionship with dylan advances a lot with the conversation moments, most games just leave stuff to imagination.

            That’s another cool part of the game, you know how it seems to PUT you with the dylan/farah pairing, well, depending in what MC you choose to start (this again, is a cool part of the game, changing MC changes a lot of stuff/dialogues), you can pretty much pair the MC with whoever you want xD. Was kinda sad if the game just made romance available for dylan/farah, now THAT would be hella cliche.

            Damn, wrote too much

          • gangrelion

            I get really happy seeing more people like you appreciating this series, even if it’s a game that never came to the USA or games that I consider weak. I agree that this game do have incredible graphics for the DS hardware (probably the best sprites in the system), I also like the system very much. I think character design and art is weak and the artist will do better on future games like Conception. I understand your point about the good way to use cliches, but I didn’t like how it was done on it either. I also automatically don’t like the “not Lyndbaum related” games very much. Anyway, I played the game every day and ,with dedication, I completed it in one week. Even with its faults it was still a good game! I really apreciate your opinion. If you have the time, you should visit the Summon Night wikia, I try to update it every time I can and I like to see other fans reading and giving opinions about the games and characters!

          • Oh sure, i didn’t even know there was a summon night wikia, sadly, for me it looked like the series dont seem to have an english fanbase… So i didn’t really look for it either, i love the games, and i specially like the char designs from the main games, yoake no tsubasa was a game that was a bit weak in gameplay but with the chars it made me play it to the end and even do the extra things to unlock other endings xD i just love the char designs way too much too, so i probably have a blind love for the games.

            At least the series seem to be very loved by the japanese, gotta be thankful, if that wasn’t the case we wouldn’t be getting SN5.

            Oh, another game where i think the SN people worked on is blue rose too, it had all this SN feeling around, if it had the conversation events, it would had been such a better game, and another bad part is that it didn’t had much to do between battles (like SN that u had lots of mini games and events, etc)

  • I can’t even put into words how much I want this game. Oh, how I’d wish some brave publisher would tackle the hurdles of licensing this title and bring it to the US (or EU, I don’t care) as a PSN release. And the SN3 & 4 ports as well, while they’re at it. Sigh..

  • Hinataharem

    This game is full of red

    • Visa Vang

      Red is awesome.

  • this game is so pretty!

  • lostforeverinspace

    game looks really good!

  • So hoping this gem gets localized in some way, shape or form.

  • xXDGFXx

    I am still impressed at the graphical capabilities of the PSP :X

    If you tone down some of the shading and whatnot on 3DS games, they’d look like PSP ports. I wish this game was localized because I want another RPG T-T

    • gangrelion

      games in a new system usualy look less impressive than the last games released in a old system. It’s because it’s easier to bring the best potential in older systems, since there was already a lot of experiment on them. I am sure the last 3DS games to be released will look impressive!

  • harmonyworld

    I wanna play the gba game again~
    I want my yuri fairy~

  • is it just me. or it is really that in the previous post it said that it will released in may 15th?

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