Atelier Escha And Logy Is A Proper Sequel To Atelier Ayesha

By Sato . April 4, 2013 . 12:20pm

Gust have revealed more news regarding the story of Atelier Escha and Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky and the main differences between the two protagonists. Here’s a brief prologue to the game’s main story:



In a place far to the west of “The Land of Dusk,” there’s a nation that prospers from Alchemy. It is said that there will come “an end of dusk” in the foreseeable future, which has prompted the people of this land to concentrate their powers on discovering and restoring the techniques of the lost alchemy, in order to prevent this potential disaster.


Most of the research used to restore the ancient alchemy takes place in a city for alchemical studies called The Center, where the people continually search for a way to prevent the ‘dusk’ from progressing. The two main characters, Escha and Logix, will play a big role around the events of The Center, as Logix has been sent on an assignment from there and Escha happens to be a young girl from a family tied to the lost alchemy, living on the outskirts of the city.


Atelier Escha and Logy is going to be a sequel to Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk, but Gust have not mentioned anything about the timeframe between the two games or what recurring characters we’ll be seeing. Using the world of Atelier Ayesha as a base, Gust have added a more ambient tone to the world in order to bring out a more supernatural fantasy feeling to the upcoming title.


As previously reported, in Atelier Escha and Logy, you’ll be given the choice between the two main characters. The main story will be the same, but depending on which character you’ve chosen, there will be different events with the respective perspectives from both characters, including different endings.


If you go with Escha as the main character, you’ll experience scenarios surrounding her everyday life. It is said that her side of the story will have more content that will appeal to the fans of the Atelier series, including plenty of lighthearted events.


Meanwhile, Logy’s side will have scenarios expressing a view of the world with an emphasis on the Dusk series. Most of the events will be a little more on the serious side, and will be made to appeal to conventional RPG fans.


Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky is in development for PlayStation 3 and slated for release on June 27.

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  • I love the Atelier games, so I can’t wait for this one. Especially if it is a proper sequel to Atelier Ayesha, which is definitely one of my most favorites Atelier games. <3

  • Rudy Soto

    Logy it is then.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Thank gawd I was going to pick Logy anyway.

  • puchinri

    That seemed to be the case, or how it felt at least (the differences in their sides of the story). I will probably prefer Escha’s, but I may play through both anyway.

    I’m trying to remember if the land to the West could (possibly) be the place I’m thinking a particular pair (group, more like it?) of characters come from.

    Either way, really looking forward to more news and especially the release of the game~. If this one does become a trilogy, I wonder what’ll be in store for the third game. (If it’s dual protags again, please both be lady leads~!)

    • Ladius

      Yeah, it’s the land mentioned in “that pair”‘s backstory and events, which makes this new entry even more interesting.

      • puchinri

        Ah, okay, so it is that place~! That’s really cool. I’m more excited now after all.

  • Meant to appeal to RPG fans? Yep, Logy it is.

  • Lazulis

    Oooh. Logy then. Seems like he’ll focus a lot more on the world in the game. Kinda like in Hexyz Force, I enjoyed the guy’s side more just because I got to see more of the world/people iirc.

  • Mavalex

    That is gonna be some mood whiplash if you were planning on playing both at the same time

  • Suriel Cruz

    Two playthroughs… First with Escha and Second with Logix. Escha’s play, to do powerful weapons and Logix’s play, to kick-ass of some stronger monsters while discovering new things. I LIKE THIS! At least, that’s how I see it. xD

  • Rodolfo Notmyname

    Don’t like this one bit.

    I seriously hope there is no much history missing, because if I wanted a more “conventional” RPG I wouldn’t be playing atelier games to begin with. If I feel a lot of the history is missing because I’m not playing as “the generic male MC saving the world/girl” then this will probably be the last Atelier for me.

    • MrTyrant

      You never were a fan of atelier anyway. You would drop the game for something so plain as this when clearly the overall game will be like any Atelier to the core.

      • Tien Ron

        since the the guy concentrates on the world how can the history be any less missing when it’s already there.

        • Rodolfo Notmyname

          To answer this, I basically mean that a lot of the history in the game could not be explored or even mentioned with the female lead. Which to me that translates as paying for half a game, I hope I’m wrong though.

      • KingRuff

        It’s funny how people claim to be fans of something, but lose all faith in it every time it changes a little.

        • Rodolfo Notmyname

          I think is more funny how people put words in my mouth. I never said I was a long time fan of Gust or anything, I did however play the Iris games and bored me to death. Now I never said the game was gonna be bad or the older games were bad, I just said I don’t like it.

          The difference here is, I liked the last games in the series for how they were. If this game turns out to be just a male and female lead both going through the same storyline but with some different interactions because of who they are, then that is fine. But if however the story is totally different and I just get half the game because of it, then yes this will be the last Atelier for me.

          I don’t care about the whole “this game is from the series I like therefore I must buy it” mentality. I will only buy games that I feel are fun and interesting for me. So do please stop with the childish comments about “fans” and what not.

    • Ladius

      Did you play Atelier Iris 1, 2, 3 and Mana Khemia 1? They all had a single lead, and it was male. Even the dual scenario system with male and female heroes is all but an heresy in the series’ context, since it was introduced in Mana Khemia 2 before being employed here.

      • aquagon

        Actually, Atelier Iris 2 used first the dual protagonist system, with Viese being the one focused in alchemy and Felt being the one in which the RPG elements took center stage.

        • Ladius

          Atelier Iris 2 wasn’t like Mana Khemia 2 or this game, though, since you had the ability to freely switch between the two main characters but you didn’t have two different scenarios devoted to each one (and the female lead actually had more of a support role rather than an independent one).

          • aquagon

            Not necessarily. Raze’s story in Mana Khemia 2 was more like an afterthought, while Ulrika’s side actually focused on the game’s plot. As for Viese and Felt, without Viese it would be impossible to progres through the game, not to mention the moments she had to shine once the paths of both characters ended merging near the end of the game.

          • Ladius

            I respect your dislike for Roze’s scenario, but that doesn’t change the analysis regarding the way the series handled its narrative in those two entries, and my whole point was that the series already experienced a dual scenario system in MK2 (and only there): a game like AI2 with its single storyline isn’t like a game with two different paths focusing on different main characters with their own party members and plot points.

            That said, I agree on AI2 being probably the first step toward the dual scenario development seen in MK2 and in the upcoming entry, especially in terms of trying to differentiate the characters to make them more appealing to different audiences. That said, I honestly didn’t think AI2 even aimed at a perfect balance between the two.

  • Now, I definitely need to pick up Ayesha ASAP. This game is sounding more awesome with every article!

  • DanteJones

    Both sound appealing to me, so win-win? I’m looking forward to the multiple playthroughs.

  • I’ll play as LLogy first, then.

  • Draparde

    Hmm, i guess i’ll probably start a play-through of both and see which i like based off the beginning.

  • Göran Isacson

    Interesting. Perhaps this is their way to ensure that the team who made Ar Tonelico (which was more about “standard” rpg plot to save the world and so forth) still have jobs, without angering the fans of the Atelier style TOO much?

    • aquagon

      Although Ar tonelico was a collaboration with Banpresto/Namco-Bandai. And aside of that, the main creative team behind Ar tonelico are right now working in Ciel Nosurge.

      • Göran Isacson

        Oho, did not know that. I guess Gust IS large enough to have two teams working on two titles at the same time then?

  • Saculogir

    It seems with this they are giving us the best of both worlds, classic Atelier style gameplay and Atelier RPG( Iris and MK) style gameplay. I’m in full support of this change.

  • Damarius Wingfield


    • MrTyrant


  • Andar

    Escha, you’re cute and all, but Logy knows how to give me what I really want.

  • Ashton Anchors

    Sequel of the sequel of the sequel, Gust’s originality has no bounds… every other Game companies originality these days. Can’t make anything original anymore, maybe it’s time to retire and let new minds show themselves.

    • 4shiki

      But Ayesha wasn’t a sequel…

    • Tien Ron

      and no one cares because it’s a good series.

    • Ladius

      It’s funny to see a comment like this in a news about some features that will make this game different from all the PS3 Atelier games. Also, this game is a simple sequel since Ayesha was a stand alone game, and I’m not sure what exactly you’re criticizing unless you want all franchises to die out after a single game or two.

      Even then, after all these years Atelier is still one of a kind both in terms of gameplay and narrative, and killing it off would actually mean having a less varied jrpg landscape.

    • PoweredByHentai
      • DyLaN


    • animaster

      I don’t mind playing sequels as long as they offer me the same feeling of excitement in every installments – and they do so in the whole Atelier series. :)

  • Jake Caro

    I’m loving Ayesha and this sounds really cool with the two sided story.
    Something for everybody!
    And extra for folks that love everything!

  • MrTyrant

    Honestly Ayesha as main character played both roles but with lackcuster in both sides. I mean, the game had more story than the Arland trilogy in the sense that the overall background was more developed and even Ayesha was interesed in what happened to the land but you only got a brief moments of that, you also had the slice funny part and yet Ayesha was the most boring in those events with just some plain responses and dialogues.

    I have high expectation for this game. Probably this game would need like three playthrough because it always hard to unlock all the ending the first time and now we have two main characters to try.

    • Nitraion

      Have you check PSN again the extra dungeon DLC is up and my copy is on the way…. Hope the rest of DLC will be up certainly not as fast whne NISA is publishing it…
      as your comment maybe the partial dub is the reason? can wait to play as
      Dante niece :P

      • MrTyrant

        People didn’t understand me it seems. I just said that Ayesha as main character wasn’t better than Totori or Meruru, they were funnier at slice events. The game had plot but it doesn’t developed too much. While in the contrary i think separating two main character, one with strong focus in the world and the other more slice based, will create a good balance.

        Atelier Ayesha is still a great game. About the DLC, the only ones for now are the music and a secret map (that appear in the world map) we have to at least wait another week, maybe.

        • Nitraion

          Lol maybe ayesha is more serious type…and care about finding her sister more than anything..
          yeah i hope all DLC will come out

  • Jordan Coleman

    I wonder if I will be able to get into this. The “stylings” of the other games aren’t my cup of tea. But with the new dude as a main character, maybe.

  • Ladius

    This is really interesting, it seems Escha and Logy’s adventure will tie with the backstory of a certain pair of characters in Ayesha, which could also mean having a bigger focus on the settings and on the mysteries of alchemy and of the old world. This is shaping up to be one of the best Atelier story arcs, I hope to see some returning characters from Ayesha, too (Keithgriff and Ayesha herself, for starters).

  • This is awesome news. I am looking forward to playing both stories =^_^=

  • MiyuEinzbern

    sigh….why couldn’t it be double the moe power and be 2 Female main characters?

    • Taisuke


      • MiyuEinzbern

        that’s possible?!? O_o I have only ever heard of Tsundere males myself.

    • 4shiki

      Because guys can be moe too!

  • wererat42

    If I wanted to play a conventional RPG I wouldn’t be playing an Atelier game.
    Logy will be warming the bench

  • Sigh…why couldn’t it be double the moe and have 2 Female protagonists instead? Balancing is getting common nowadays..

  • Anon-non

    Would be VERY interesting if gameplay would different between the two. One would be like the lighthearted Atelier series, the other would be more Mana Khemia-ish. Hmm…(Oh and FYI I am aware Mana Khemia is part of Atelier :D).

  • Stranger On The Road

    Question: do games in the Atelier series depend on previous games in the series?

    Note, I am not referring to things making more sense to people who finished the previous game, but about the game being unplayable for new comers unless they finished all of the previous game in the order they were released!

    I have all of the PS3 games that were released in the West, but I have to shamefully admit, I haven’t gotten around to playing any of them :-(

    • I think they only depend on the games in the same set, so Atelier Rorona, Totori and Meruru are part of a set and are related to each other (same universe, overall story) but have no connection to the other sets (Dusk – Ayesha and Escha / Logy, the Iris 1-3 games) outside of being in the same overall Atelier series.

      • Stranger On The Road


  • animaster

    … and here I just finished Angela’s playthrough in Seiken Densetsu 3. Really love the choose-main-character RPG, so I am definitely looking forward to play both as Escha and Logy. XD

  • Kai2591

    Not the type to play more than once. Will choose Logy’s path.
    If I play it at all.

  • Oh God. Which should I play first?!
    This is why I have an odd love-hate relationship with being given choices, goddamnit.

    Guess I’ll just do it the cheater’s way out and roll a d20 ._.

  • I love the Atelier series and I can’t wait for this one! I have played all of the ones I could ever get my hands on. Ayesha was very cute, even though I had hoped it would be a bit more serious. This one gives me hope! I just hope they give me Japanese audio.

  • This is sounding better by the minute. Still praying for a respectable localization though, one that we can all be happy with. Either way tho, this game will eventually be added to my collection. :)

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