Hello Kitty Finds Its Way Into Naruto Via Sakura’s Fists

By Spencer . April 11, 2013 . 9:01am

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is going to get a bit cuter thanks to a collaboration with Sanrio. A Hello Kitty costume for Sakura will be available for CyberConnect2’s fighting game on April 23. Since Street Fighter Hello Kitty dolls already exist, I suppose this isn’t that strange.


narutocosplay1 narutocosplay2 narutocosplay1


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 appears to be going the Tales route with tons of cosutme packs. The first one, sold for $2.99 on the PlayStation Store or 240 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live, has international flair with Lederhosen Naruto and Matador Naruto.


Cowboy Naruto

narutocosplay1 narutocosplay2 narutocosplay1


Gondolier Naruto

narutocosplay1 narutocosplay2 narutocosplay1


Kimono Naruto

narutocosplay1 narutocosplay2 narutocosplay1


Lederhosen Naruto

narutocosplay1 narutocosplay2 narutocosplay1


Pirate Naruto

narutocosplay1 narutocosplay2 narutocosplay1


Napoleon Sasuke

Sasuke_Napoleon1 Sasuke_Napoleon2 narutocosplay1


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  • And I thought that Tales of has silly costumes, now look at this.

    • AnimeLeirus .

      Gondolier Naruto???!!!
      Lederhosen Naruto???!!!
      Hello Kitty Sakura???!!!
      Wow!!! Such successful series with a BUNCH of costumes(Movies, Specials, Villages Swap?…ect.) and we get this… really???!!!

      • What’s next? Napoleon “Sasuke” Dynamite? GOSH, CC2!!!

  • Daniel Román

    WHAT THE HELL IS CIBERCONECT THINKING!!! This is totally ridiculous and unnecessary! Does anybody really want to see a Gondolier, or even Napoleon in a NINJA game? There are lots of petitions on making the edo-kages, Kin-Gin brothers and 6 swordmen, that THEY LEFT BEHIND with no real reason, and they spent their money and their time on THIS BULLSHIT?

    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      First, take a deep breath and calm down. And second, for all you know, they could already be working on those characters. Let the devs have their day of fun with the series.

      • Daniel Román

        Well, it’s true that there has been an answer from CC about the missing characters. First they say it’s based in the anime, then they say it’s the manga.

        They say that they’ll finish the Edo-kages, because they were important in the manga. But not Kin-Gin and the swordmen, because “they are secondary characters”. Then, what’s the point in making Darui playable, if the only enemies he fights are them? The manga also tells their past, and even there is a volume with them on the cover.

        Maybe the swordmen are not that necessary, but they could at least leave Mangetsu and someone else as playables, and the others as supports.

    • Think of it this way: All the funds that come from buying all of those DLC will be spent on developing those characters that you guys want to play with.

  • StarWarudo

    Lol, these are so goofy but I’m liking that cowboy outfit.

  • ryougazell

    Glad I skipped :D

  • They need to do some .hack costumes. xD

  • Namuro

    Awesome! In my opinion, you can never have too many costumes. Naruto sure has a lot there. Though it looks rather simple, I’m liking the Lederhosen one best for some reason… Napolean Sasuke looks good too, but I just can’t stop laughing every time I look at him LOL.

  • AnimeLeirus .

    I finish Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 in a WEEK & they’re still releasing costumes?… are they following the footsteps of Square Enix?… xD

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Italian Gondolier Naruto? Hinata needs a french Maid outfit, Napoleon Sasuke fits him lol

    • Now all the Italian Narutards will go to Venice and pretend to be their hero while also a Gondolier.

      Now I want the Ramen-Guy dressed as a Pizza-Cook.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Let me caption Sakura’s picture.

    • shion16

      Yeah but the franchise is called hello kitty, so it would be funnier if the caption was say hello to my kitty,bitch……..and…and…….and………….WHY IS NARUTO WEARING A LEDERHOSEN !!??

      • Tidus: Maybe he’s in tryouts for the next Super Bowl of Bliztball! HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW H- *is shot*

  • Waiting for a Mariachi costume

    • Ricardo C

      Im down to make that my default costume online with who ever ends up with it :D

  • Sergio Briceño

    Reminded me of accessory customization like Tekken’s, even if it’s indeed a full costume. Kind of makes me want that the next entry lets us have some form of visual customization, no matter if through DLC (though it would be great if you could, idk unlock nerdy glasses for every character to use).

    Come to think of it, there are dozens of different costumes in the covers of the manga, I know some made it to the series since NSUNS2, but there are still like 20-30 awesome ones that are yet to be featured in the games.

  • I think these costumes are great.

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