Tales Of Xillia Gives Us A Double Demon Fang Dose Of English Videos

By Spencer . April 11, 2013 . 9:05am

Tales of Xillia is scheduled to come out in North America on August 6. Europe will get the game on the same week, but a few days later on August 9. These new videos from the English version show Millia Maxwell and Jude Mathis. Players can choose which protagonist they want to start as which changes the opening of the game.


Here’s some in game footage of Jude, Elise, Alvin, and Milla fighting bees. Demon Fang!


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    • Go2hell66

      that collectors edition looks delicious

  • NorthernPatches

    This baby can not come out soon enough. My RPG itch needs a scratching.

  • Go2hell66

    damn august is so far away T_T

  • Syde Tokai

    woot two day after my birthday means i’m gonna force someone to get it for me

  • Masa

    game looks beautiful, the colors are so vibrant

  • MrJechgo

    Japanese trailers can last for 5 minutes and showcase all characters. Care to explain why they can’t do the same in English? Would it have killed them, after the 1:20 trailer, to show each of the 6 playable characters and their playstyles?

    • Chill out.

    • Brion Valkerion

      theres like 4 months til release calm down lol, they will show them im sure.

    • Vesperion

      The game has been out in Japan for awhile. If it means that much to you there is content all over youtube

    • video editing is serious work.

  • Shinji Kazuya

    Omg! Here I go spend 99€ on that Collector’s Edtion!

    Edit: And done! August can’t come fast enough > <

  • Taylor Davis

    in a way I don’t like the english actors (It just doesn’t fit for the characters,just an opinion.) Well I imported this the month after it came out plus tales of xillia 2 when it came out. Well my brother wants to play xillia (his first Tales of series game), so he said his going to buy the english version. Well I’ll just watch him play it, also now I can understand the story more. *laughs*

    • Dun care what anyone says, I like the new english Jude over fem-Jude in the original. =/

      • Yggdr5

        I’ve been told that the weak sounding japanese voice is important for his character development in the game. But many people in the U.S. prefer strong male leads so they changed it. meh.

        • Taylor Davis

          True. Some people prefer to hear that weak voice, and other people prefer to hear a manly or a stronger voice.

          Hey, maybe changing the voice acting a little maybe more people would like it. I don’t know, just a guess.

        • Arrei

          He wasn’t supposed to sound “weak”, he was just supposed to sound rather immature, being a teenager in puppy love, but as a presumably unintended result the voice made him seem kinda like a jerkass and he scored quite a bit lower on the popularity polls than the protagonists of new games usually do.

      • Taylor Davis

        Like I said its just an opinion, and I understand your opinion :). Sometimes I don’t like the english actor and other times I do.

        • Tien Ron

          maybe his voice becomes more prominent as the story goes along?

          • Taylor Davis

            Good point! maybe he starts out like a shy (or weak) person that later on his voice changes as he starts changing. (Even though I played already, I won’t say anything about his personality in the story.) I like your comment by the way. :)

          • Taylor Davis

            I will say this, I do like milla’s voice actor. It really fits her, (also i like the Japanese voice actor too.)

          • Tien Ron

            hehe ^^ i like yours too !!

  • Still really liking the voices. August can’t come soon enough =^_^=

  • KingGunblader

    August 6th T_T

    Better two years late than never! I’m so excited.

  • DesmaX

    August 6 is nice. Can’t really think of any other releases that interests me that month

  • AlyOssan

    I actually really love the English voices. I wasn’t sure about Milla at first but I think she sounded really good in that trailer showcasing the cutscenes. My only concern is if I’m going to be able to unhear Rowen being Todd Haberkorn doing an old man impression. Well either way, I am so unbelievably hyped for this game :D

  • Barrylocke89

    I think I’m really feeling Jude’s Voice Actor and Rowan’s seems pretty solid too.

    Elise sounds decent, but it’s hard to beat her japanese seiyuu. And Milla…she’s still going to have to grow on me.

  • KuchikiSentou

    Is there an option for the Japanese voice-overs?

    • Tien Ron

      Nope, but the Japanese one is available for purchase if you want it

  • Yggdr5

    I can only speak for myself, a big fan of japanese dubs and non-native english speaker, but the way Millas voice sounds is hideous. And the only reason this even matters for me and other gamers is because Bamco once again decided to scrap the original voice track to save money.

    Bandai Namco just doesn’t learn, there really is no reason to not include dual-audio: https://jrpgeu.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/why-all-jrpgs-should-have-dual-audio/

    • Tien Ron

      there is if tales isn’t selling that well in western and what Japanese dubs are you a fan of? because Japanese don’t DUB anime.

      • Yggdr5

        Oh, the Japanese don’t dub anime? I see, so their voices must magically appear out of nowhere after the visual part has been animated.
        And how do you know that tales isn’t selling in the west, Bamco doesn’t publish numbers and they continue to release games. And other games that sell fewer copies (NIS America published games e.g.) also feature dual-audio…

        • Tien Ron

          dub means from another language if it’s from japan it cant be called a dub, use the term correctly. It’s been stated numerous times that tales isn’t as popular in the west like the east.
          Also why not ask the japan to put their text in English instead of asking the west to do stuff?

          They continue to release games but not TALES games because their not popular. They don’t make games for the fun of it, money has to become a profit if they want to make more tales games, why should america have to spend more money doing dual audio just because you don’t want to learn Japanese?

          • SirTeffy

            Nope, that’s not what “dub” means. Dub simply means the transfer of audio from one format to another, in your example from a recording in a studio to a film format. That’s why you’ll frequently hear “overdubbing” or “dub over” used in music.

            Referring to “The Japanese Dub” is perfectly acceptable use of the word, you need to learn your word histories before arguing definitions, rather than just looking at Dictionary.com.

            http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/dub – Dub4, first definition.
            “to add (sound effects or new dialogue) to a film or to a radio or television production —usually used with in” As in “They had to dub in the dialogue as the film was animated and had no audio.”

          • Tien Ron

            transfer one format to another meaning from Japanese to English, Hench dub is what a mean. you wouldn’t say its a Japanese dubbed game if it was originally in Japanese to begin with.

          • SirTeffy

            See my edited reply – that’s why you’ll frequently hear “Dub tracks” used in animated films; INCLUDING the original language. For example, the European version of Finding Nemo includes dub tracks in French, Spanish, Italian, German, and English – despite English being the original language, there was no audio track, so they had to dub it in from the lip movements on film.

            And yes, you would say it is dubbed in Japanese if it was the original language, thus why you will frequently hear “The original dub” used when referring to, say, Miyazaki films.

          • Tien Ron

            by no means am i disagreeing with you i was just stating from my comment what i meant by dub and that you wouldn’t necessary use Japanese dub to call a Japanese anime or game.

    • Dimentionalist

      Of course they decided to save money. They’re a business: they’re simply putting their money into more marketable features for their target market (special editions, full English voice). And if the additional profit that could be gained by appealing to the small portion of the fanbase clamoring for dual audio was large enough to offset licensing costs, they would have included the feature a long time ago.

      If your superior Japanese voices are that important to you, import the Japanese version.

      • Yggdr5

        I would there is only one flaw in your argument: The Japanese versiondoesn’t contain english texts. For FF XIII the Asia version featured english subtitles and Japanese voices, I would be perfectly fine with this.

    • Wtv

      I kinda wonder why you have 6 thumbs down when you have a very good text about this.

      Also, people should understand that if everyone that want japanese voices do as they say and learn japanese to import, Tale of is dead on west. It can’t afford lose that many buyers, and those people won’t care at all, since they will play the game.

      I’m trying to learn japanese myself for a lot of reasons and I can say that I wouldn’t buy a japanese game with english voices only then.

      • Tien Ron

        you have a good point but then again alot of games would just go to hell because everyone is on this whole i love Japanese, no game from japan would sell in the west.
        but also to that the people complaining about the voices in tales are not buying BECAUSE of the voices so whats the point.

      • Arrei

        Anyone who cares enough about having Japanese voices that they wouldn’t buy an English-only game… wouldn’t currently be contributing any sales to the western releases in the first place. They can’t lose buyers they never had.

        • Wtv

          They actually would buy if had dual audio, because it’s easier than import.

          That may also be true to games as Final Fantasy that will sell anyway. But Tales of games can’t afford lose that many public. Just like franchises like Atelier and Neptunia can’t also.

          • Arrei

            I know it’s easier than importing, but that means they have sales to gain if they add dual audio, not sales to lose if they don’t, right? (The question is whether what they stand to gain outweighs the cost.) By what you say, not adding dual audio would cause them to lose so many sales that the series would sink… but those people aren’t buying the games to begin with.

            Atelier and Neptunia are not comparable to Tales, because they already have dual audio and are marketed to those who like subs, so they actually have sales to lose from dropping dual audio.

          • Tien Ron

            THANK YOU!

          • Wtv

            Yeah, but…don’t they said that they would see if Xillia will sell here before before bringing Xillia 2? Don’t they always imply that the series don’t sell that well in west?

            They are trying to get those casual western gamers, but those hate animu-rpg. They could try to get a public that already likes these kind of games simply by putting the japanese audio as well.

            But anyway, I don’t think Namco cares that much about making a market to Tales of on west. You should, though.

          • Tien Ron

            by appealing to the public, you don’t throw in Japanese voices that don st help, that alienates them.

          • Arrei

            It’s a pretty big generalization to just say those western gamers hate “animu-rpgs” just because of the art style. The kind of gamer who would see an anime-styled game, go “Omg I hate anime this game must suck”, and walk out the door belongs to an extreme. So does the kind of gamer who sees an amazing game and refuses to buy it solely because it doesn’t have dual audio. Worrying too much about any extreme group tends to lead to really bad decisions in the gaming market.

            And yes, they want to see how Xillia does… but what good would more sales do if they don’t make up for the cost of dual audio, right? That’s the part they have to weigh.

          • Tien Ron

            i totally agree with your point.

          • Tien Ron

            but including wont make sales better because if it did, im sure they would of incorporated it.

          • Arrei

            They’re looking at the option, trying to see if it’s worthwhile. Weren’t able to do it for Xillia, but it’s still on the table, so they’re still weighing the cost vs. benefits.

          • Tien Ron

            you can bet that you wont see Japanese voices for a long time in the tales series. they are just not that interested, the only game that had Japanese voices was tales of destiny on the ps1 and that had little to no voices only happened in battle.

          • Arrei

            Eh, I won’t purport to be able to see the future. Hideo Baba seems to genuinely be enthusiastic about spreading the series around, so maybe he’d pull some strings or strike some deals or something. I mean, he comes all the way to the US and EU to meet us fans at cons and events, how many producers do that?

          • Tien Ron

            actually alot of producers do that ~_~ it’s how they promote the game, plus he did say that he enjoyed the English voices actors and that they portrayed the characters like he imagined.
            i think from his point of view the Japanese voices are for the Japanese to understand and vice versa for English.

    • Quinton Cunningham

      ” there really is no reason to not include dual-audio”

      Yeah there is. Licensing that audio costs money.

  • Jake Caro

    I really like Jude and Milla’s voice.
    But Milla’s acting is awkward at certain parts…

    • It seems to dip quickly between modern-speak and “ye olde English” speak. “Listen up, we must destroy that which harms man”.

      • SirTeffy

        I’d assume it’s because she IS a modern woman… who has an ancient spirit within her.

        • Tien Ron

          that’s actually a good thought

  • Charles

    Liking the dub so far except Jude. Jude is just awful.

  • Learii

    i don’t like Milla voice is sound too old for her

    • 果林

      lol same for jude, he sounds too deep for a 15 yr old

      • Tien Ron

        most 15 year olds have their voice broken even before 15 and alot of them sound deep voice so this dons’t seem all that unrealistic

  • The dub sounds fine to me. I’m just glad we are getting another localised Tales. *points at Innocence R and Hearts R* Better late than never.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Who doesnt love spamming Demon Fang/Fist untill it gets upgraded lol

  • Ehren Rivers

    Are we going to talk about how that Alvin guy is almost definitely voiced by Troy Baker? No?

    I’ll just go back to crying in a corner about how he was Yuri in Tales of Vesperia and Snow in Final Fantasy XIII, and I can never unhear their personalities from his voice.

  • MrRobbyM

    Voice acting is pretty good. I’m just not fond of Jude’s voice. Heard that actor way too often. Am overused voice makes characters less original.

    • I don’t watch anime much these days, but I did a while back, and I feel that way about Wendee Lee…. HO my GOD. That woman needs to become mute for a little while. It was bad enough she had no less than 3 roles in Tales of Vesperia…. THREE.

    • Arrei

      Sam Riegel is overused? I don’t hear him around much at all.

      • Tien Ron

        in tales he’s only done flynn, tales of the abyss he did reid and reids new voice, tales of symphonia dawn of the new world linar. he’s done alot of supporting roles if they remade eternia then he would of had two main characters he voiced.

        • Arrei

          I don’t think they’d keep the same voices as the cameo dubs if they remade/released games. Those don’t get nearly as much thought into the casting as the actual cast does.

          • Tien Ron

            well same riegel did do reids voices in the tales of the world series so that’s two times. they would most likey have him do it again since he is kinda like reids new voice.

          • Arrei

            True, but that was also just one spinoff game, not that much higher than “cameo appearance” on the priority list, I’d say.

          • Tien Ron

            cameo or no cameo the fact that he was relisted as reids voice a second time would instil him to be reids voices actor but you have a point, since they have him as jude’s voice it could lead them to change but i doubt that. since there hasnt been an english cross over in ages

  • Marcelo Gouvea

    I’m glad they’re posting trailers months before the release, instead of a few days before like they used to. Good boy, Namdai! You’re learing!

  • fireemblembeast

    I don’t really like Jude or Elise’s voices and Rowen’s voice sounds too young and raspy. But I really like Milla’s voice in the cutscenes. It’s too bad the battle voices are all repetetive and choppy, because in the cutscenes the characters sound a whole lot better. This year has so many great RPGs ^_^

  • Tien Ron

    whoop whoop!!! the trailers are amazing i really love it!!!! i cant wait for this to come out!!!

  • HerosLight

    Wow, the towns remind me of Final Fantasy XII’s Rabanastre city.

    And finally they revealed a release date!

  • Wiccan1109

    Really happy with this. I remember when Vesperia came out here in the UK it was like, 8 months or something after the US release, so im dead pleased to see Xillia’s EU release so close to NAs.

    I was considering importing but getting international DLC is a tad annoying, i’d much rather it be on my EU account. August so faaar though. I’m hoping FFX/X-2 HD doesn’t come out first and make me blow my budget!

  • sd28

    liking what I am hearing so far only issues i have are rowen who sounds younger than he appears and millas battle voice which seems to be all over the place in terms of delivery

  • AlexanderPappas

    Amazon didn’t update the release date, and it said my order would arrive on January 6th 2014. If I didn’t see this article I would’ve canceled my order.

  • Tien Ron

    i’m really glad about mila’s voice actor and after seeing her message on the screen i can see why they picked her!

  • Hatsuaki

    What really annoys me about this is that the VAs themselves are fine, but they just don’t match the characters imo. Elise/Elize sounds way too cheerful, Milla’s speech and lines (the latter not being her fault, obv) are awkward, Jude should have a softer voice… Yeaaah, I dunno. Still, nice that we’re getting a Collector’s Edition.

    • 果林


    • Arrei

      Jude’s new voice is a direct result of how fans received his original one, though. That is, a lot of people feeling he sounded too high-pitched, and him being rather unpopular as far as main characters go because of how he was portrayed.

      Elise also didn’t show off too much of her shyness during battle in the original voice track, either. (Except during some of the victory quotes, one of which is definitely more shy than her English version. The “yay” one.)

      • Tien Ron

        that’s totally true
        like elise is gonna be shy in battle >_< facepalm*

  • Spirit Macardi

    Now that I hear Jude outside of battle, I can now confirm that his voice is one which grants super-strength x3

    I’ve heard that Milla might be played by Jessica Straus, which if true is awesome since she’s one of my favorites and she rarely if ever gets to play leading roles.

  • Linhua

    … four months… OUCH… @[email protected] … I may as well forget this game exists for now.

    … hell… that way of thinking got me to April… can’t hurt to try it again.

  • Maumac77

    Ok now I can definitely say I’m fine with Milla’s voice. Everyone else sounds great too, and from those 2 second maybe Tipo won’t end up like with which would make this darn perfect. August 6th needs to get here faster! I need that Milla Figurine in my hands!!!! Oh and also the game….

  • Randy Marsh

    Oh my god Tipo, what did they do to your voice!? You, you, sound like a boy!

  • dk

    I’m excited for this game, and the art and design looks amazing, but I gotta admit the actual graphics don’t look like much of a step up from, say, Persona 3 on the ps2.

    Not that texture resolutions and stuff are that important (I’m still playing Persona 3 on my ps2 and my favorite game right now is Etrian Odyssey IV for 3DS), but these screenshots are still a tiny bit disappointing. Did Xillia come out really early in the ps3’s cycle in Japan or something?

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    there’s something that’s gonna bug me. I’m wondering if the DLC will cost the same as Japan… oh man that’s gonna be expensive…
    Too bad there are no hot springs…

  • Raltrios

    My only real gripe is that Milla’s actress sounds bored as all hell. I’m glad they got her a mature, husky voice, but the actress sounds like she was randomly brought in from off the street. Who is she?

  • So after hearing it more clearly… I still do not like Mila’s voice. D: I just can’t… I-I, I’m really trying! Loving Jude’s since it’s the same VA for Flynn Scifo.

  • psycho_bandaid

    The story trailer was kinda boring. Still the game looks really fun so I will be there day one. I might even get the LE if they handle it better than the Ni no Kuni LE. Graces f proved that I dont really need to like the story and characters much if the battle system is awesome.

  • XiaomuArisu

    I like the Voices…
    I must be WeirdXD

  • AAa

    Isnt JUde voiced by Sam Riegel? I dont know when i heard of Sam Riegel, i think he will have that Allegretto from Eternal SOnata’s voice but the Jude’s one sounds different..

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