A Survivor Is Smiling And Other Tomb Raider Fan Art From Japan

By Spencer . April 14, 2013 . 10:11am


Tomb Raider had an odd history in Japan. Most of the games were localized, but before Square Enix acquired Eidos the series moved from one company to another. Victor Interactive Software, the original creators of Harvest Moon, and progeny of Marvelous AQL published the PsOne games. Spike Chunsoft picked up the most recent entries.


Square Enix is giving Tomb Raider a bigger push than the other Eidos titles and held a Tomb Raider fan art contest. The grand prize winner gets a Charcoal Black PS3, Tomb Raider, a Play Arts Kai Lara Croft figure, and 100,000 yen ($1010). What’s more interesting than the prize is seeing the take Japanese fans gave a Western video game icon.


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  • Go2hell66

    i’d play this game

  • http://altsune.com/ Ovada Bey

    Didn’t get 10 billion submissions from Japan. This contest failed to meet expectations!

    • KuchikiSentou

      Hehehe. Nice one.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/playstationunity DXVII

    WTF is up with the First one? Sorry but that one should be disqualified Tomb Raider is no ANIME! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ RAGE!!!

    • Kevadu

      I’m not a fan of it either, but to say it should be disqualified is absurd. Seeing an iconic character in a totally different art style is interesting.

    • Quinton Cunningham

      That’s the funny thing about fan art. If I wanted, I could draw Lara as a 1930’s black and white cartoon if that is MY interpretation of the character.

      • Göran Isacson

        If you have the will to draw it, I would TOTALLY love a Fleischer/Disney style Lara running around shooting at noodle-limbed animals.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dylan-Ng/100000854638739 Dylan Ng

      Interpretation and different taste for different folk, dude.

    • http://strictlyapathy.comoj.com/ SoulArbiter

      Having trouble telling whether you’re being sarcastic or not.

    • http://www.ihasnowebsitez.com Satonaka CP-Four

      You came to the wrong website buddy to make comments like that. SInce it doesn’t break any of the rules it surely wont get taken down, so enjoy the downvotes instead XD

  • Jason

    Didn’t know that roughing it in the jungle could be that moe

  • brian

    The first one takes first for me, and that second one is second.
    I was on the fence about playing this initially, but the first art style would pull me in, I know it would.

  • Himiko

    Now this is a Tomb Raider I’d play. Moe is best.

    • Warboss Aohd


  • http://twitter.com/matty_125 matty

    The first pic was done by Ryu Moto (aka Ryusuke Hamamoto). He designed the Petite Eva characters and made the doujin of Alan Moore being a little girl.

    • http://www.cosmosgaming.com cosmosgaming

      Lara Madoka Magica? I get that vibe.

  • ReidHershel

    Nice art! Glad to see intercultural love! :D
    Tomb Raider is a great game with a great setting and gameplay (Japan, coincidence, right?) If you have the money, I recommend you buy it.

  • Richard N

    I’m surprised by how few anime-esque styled drawings there are.

    • DesmaX

      You do need to log in the website in order to see the rest.

      Guess these are only the ones that entered the competition, but there’s more on the bookmarks

  • Masa

    Bottom left picture……Lara Midget FTW!

  • Tien Ron

    and none of them could draw her realistically it’s always animeish looking,

    • http://profiles.google.com/dnlblue Daniel blue

      That’s their choice. They may or may not be able to draw a realistic Lara, but they chose not to anyway – it’s artistic license, interpreting a character in their own distinct style. Also, Lara is quite infamous for looking quite unrealistic up until the release of the latest reboot. Have you checked her proportions in the first games?

  • MellowMadman11

    Not bad, liking the first, second and fourth.

    Also, the last one on the right looks like Revy from Black Lagoon.

    • anarchy_panty

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Hiroe submitted an entry in this contest. I’d love to see his take on Lara.

      That probably doesn’t sound right…

      • MellowMadman11

        I agree, it would definantly be the most badass entry.

  • Odin

    Both Witchblade and Bloodrayne had Japanese adaptations, so the first isn’t really that surprising. The latter was official even. EA Japan did a few manga panels for BR.


  • http://www.segalization.com/ Kuronoa

    Cool, good to see her well known in Japan.

  • Punny Fuzz

    Someone should draw a Moe rendition of that moment where Laura is poking her head out of a pool of blood.

  • TheExile285

    aaaand only a matter of time till Japan makes a fansercivy TR anime…..


    • haqua

      It wasn’t… just a tiny bit fanservice-y already? Either way, not /everything/ mentioned in Japan suddenly has to become fanservice/anime/both. Come on now.

      • TheExile285

        I know, it was a joke >:3

        • Vash bane


  • http://epiclyamazing.wordpress.com/ AzureNova

    That first picture is my favorite.

  • Jontaku

    Love the first Juan.

  • rebecasunao

    Didn’t like any of those (except maybe that SD thingie that looks kinda funny). Most have weird anatomy or focus too much on her boobs (they don’t work that way btw). I liked the art style of the fourth picture though

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mewizkuit Anthony Black

    People in Japan know that Kaiji is the REAL Ultimate Survivor.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      KAIJIIII!!! Kuyashiiiiiiiiiiii!!!^_^

  • herolove

    Most people only seems to comment on the 6 pictures on the front page. Check out all the other pictures on the site under bookmarks (you may have to sine up but it went fast) there are 120 of them

  • http://twitter.com/Nates4Christ Nate

    Now that a Japanese company is selling it they will probably sell more than usual. That’s the way it seems to work. I don’t think they like western games for the majority.

  • http://ryuz4ki57inenglish.wordpress.com/ Thomas FROEHLICHER

    Square Enix pushes Tomb Raider in Japan? The push failed in the west, what are they thinking? The management doesn’t seem to be improving at SE…

  • http://jromanrex.com/ Jesus Roman Leal

    There are some really good ones in the bookmarks. I personally liked the black and white close up of her face with the glasses and the one she is jumping with a waterfall on the background.

  • Umar Jahangir

    These are all like teenage or kid-puberty versions of Tomb Raider except the 3rd one I guess. Still, fun imagination.

  • http://wiredjungle.wordpress.com/ DrakosAmatras

    Just noticed that some of the entries write “Survivor Girl” as the title. Is that the localized title or subtitle for the Japanese version?

  • brian
  • http://gamgambit.tumblr.com/ Thespian Treasure Hunter ♢

    The second and fourth one for me!

  • http://gameversevault.com/ Germaximus

    These are amazing. That first one of Lara is incredible.

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