BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma For PS3 Adds Kagura Mutsuki And Yuki Terumi

By Spencer . April 16, 2013 . 6:41pm


Update:BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma will come out on October 24 in Japan.


When BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma comes home it will have two more characters. Famitsu scans reveal Kagura Mutsuki who is part of the Chrono Phantasma story, an Yuki Terumi are playable characters in the PlayStation 3 version. We’re not talking about Hazama, we’re talking about Yuki Terumi.


BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma has been in arcades for a couple of months now. No word on when the PlayStation 3 version will come out and if Arc System Works will release an Xbox 360 port for North America if the game comes over here. (Who are we kidding, it’s BlazBlue and it’s a shoo-in for an international release.)

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  • anthony apduhan

    So I guess Kokonoe and Jubei are DLC then…

    • John Esteves

      Most likely. I’m wondering if I should just wait for an Extended version.

      • Probably

      • Guest

        Please make a Chrono Phantasma extend version “exclusively” to the next gens.

        • Ummm no!!

          • Guest

            I’m tired of a re-release as of CS Extend. Why not exclusively release this for the next-gens with all the stuff intact also the CT and CS storylines that way the newcomers will not miss any Blazblue.
            While the current gen version could stick to release a patch, character, or new features via DLC.

          • Cause not everyone is buying a ps4 with in its launch window. I’m not sold on the ps4 yet and I’ve been with PlayStation since ps1. If they released this as an exclusive ps4 title it would be kinda a slap to the guys who can’t afford it or don’t wanna get it within the 1st year. I’m all for it coming to every console just not only on one console.

          • BloodTorrent

            Because fanboys like you are bad for the industry and it should be released on BOTH next gen platforms, both current gen platforms AND PS vita. Get your mouth off of Sony’s dick

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Garbage posts like this are simply not welcome here. Take this poop somewhere else. Warned.

          • Tonton Ramos

            Pardon me of what I acted earlier on the next-gen exclusive topic. I’m sorry if they don’t like my idea. It’s just an idea I apologize to all people :(

          • M’iau M’iaut

            No worries, please note the post wasn’t directed at you. Disqus stops indenting the responses after so far down the list.

          • Tonton Ramos

            720 isn’t out yet this could we can’t wait that long…

            Edit: I change the text on my comments.

          • BloodTorrent

            720 details will probably show up soon and it’ll probably launch around the same time as PS4. The original wording made it seem very fanboy’ish. The edited version is much better.

  • Juliano C

    Where is Kokonoe, Jubei and Torakaka? :(

    • TheRealMalek

      Jubei is too much for the world to handle :p

    • Speedo Redempteur

      Torakaka is busy protecting the kaka clan
      ( plot escuse for our favorite cat to follow ragna )

      As for jubei seems that out of the “legendary heroes”, terumi is the one that plan to give us this time.

      • H.A.MK

        I think that ASW are being very extra careful with the development of Jubei, Kokonoe and Torakaka. I think these characters are already in development due to huge demand from fans. As for these two new characters, looks soo hype and can’t wait to play them.

        • Vash bane

          koko can fight? then why dosnt she instead of spamming tager -.-

          • H.A.MK

            according to the story line in BBCSEX, she doesn’t want to use her magic for some reason. I think she will be a strong character due to her parents identities and powers.

          • RichyGaming

            I’ve been thinking for a while but something hit my brain and came to this assumption:
            Could it possible that Kokonoe might not want to use her magic so she isn’t reminded of her mother (Guess who? :D) and father(Guess who :D)? Or she’s not confident in her skills in magic, like it might be too powerful to control or whatnot?

          • H.A.MK

            I think it more of a principle thing to her. Maybe she doesn’t want to be compared to her mother all the time (as Nine was a genius in magic) or its because she hates magic because of what her mother did by creating the Nox by sacrificing human souls as apparently Kokonoe is more sympathetic towards others than her mom. Hopefully, we will understand the reason for that better when we get our hands on her as a character and play her storyline.

          • RichyGaming

            I don’t think Kokonoe is that far from being at the same level of genius as Nine. But yeah I agree with the other part. I’m sure they’re gonna cover the whole Sector Seven thing along with Kokonoe’s little issue with using magic by the end of Chrono Phantasma, unless they surprise everyone in the final installment of the series when they focus everything on Saya.

          • RichyGaming

            OH! OH! Hold on! Or Kokonoe doesn’t want use it because of what happened in Sector Seven with Relius Clover?! AW SHIT, WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENED TO HER MAGIC AFTER WHAT HAPPENED IN THERE?!

    • JELIFISH19

      I don’t think we need 3 more cat-people

    • RichyGaming

      According to the story, Kokonoe should be playable if not the next installment of BlazBlue, or ASW can just troll us by just adding her in the story and not as a playable character xD. Jubei might not be playable because he’s still in pain from excruciating wounds, which I caught from a few scenes in the game like when Valkenhyn saw Jubei and a couple other scenes, but outside the story Ragna did mention that they better show Jubei’s weapon in the NEXT game, then again, that’s outside the story but hey never say never. And i’m pretty sure Torakaka is too busy with the kaka village.

      • AkuLord3

        They never said she be playable, there’s some sound recording that seem she was going be playable in CS and its not out there for here to be. Jubei can still fight even if he’s wounded…just think of it as he’s not in full strength because of it (kinda like all the other heroes not being like their old selfs).

        • RichyGaming

          Yeah i’m sure Jubei can still fight even if he’s wounded but he can’t hold his own like the rest of the heroes, or at least that’s how it looked in the scenes, not with his wound that is. I would rather have him be playable with the same amount of strength as the rest of the crew imo but not with his wound. And I didn’t know about that sound recording bit, that’s really interesting :o

  • brian

    And inevitably it’ll have probably at least 3 tweaked re-releases.

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      Game had one re release, and that was after 1 rebalancing, so yeah, probably not.

  • Elliot Roman

    jubei,phantom,cecilia,kokonoe and saya are all i want

  • gangrelion

    Is this Kagura person a male or female? The wikia says it’s a woman, but the character in scans looks like a guy. One of those “bishonen” types…

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      I’m trying to figure this out as well…
      edit: lol so the wiki has now been edited… it says that Kagura Mutsuki is a guy (also he’s voiced by Keiji Fujiwara. so now it’s obvious he’s a guy)

    • Eliézer Dos Santos

      Is this… a woman? That’s the first time I’m confused for something like this in japanese style. The normal is the opposite.

    • Guest

      The character debuted in the a prequel manga. There was said to be magic that switched her gender…don’t ask.

      • Vash bane

        so your saying this guy was a girl at first?
        like mai who was a guy at first?

  • Redsonic

    Did they confirm if this game would actually have a plot yet? That has been one of the most annoying parts of the entire series for me. Hopefully, since they can’t pull timeloop shit anymore, they’ll actually have a plot now.

    • Herok♞

      The plot is pretty easy to follow even with the time loops, Hazama spends all of CS kidnapping and awakening Noel and Ragna saves the day again, thats as simple as I can make it to show it is there. The time loops show how everyone else spends there time and they all do have Canon endings that do continue plot

      • Redsonic

        If you’re not Hazama or Ragna, you don’t have a plot. Noel Vermillion has no plot, she’s just there to be there for the entire series until the suits went “Oh hey, maybe we should have Noel fight for Tsubaki!”. And, if the arcade version’s story is anything to go by, she fails miserably at that too.

        My favorite character is Jin, and he seemed to get some of the best character development out of anybody in CS, but it’s a shame that, from what I hear of Phantasma, they threw all of that character development out of the window. Even though he and Ragna seemed to get over their differences in CS’s ending, they’re back to being kurhaazzyy in CP.

        Sure, all the characters have a struggle, but nothing ever comes it. Tell me, what important things happened in Litchi’s story? Nothing? Arakune? Oh Relius kidnaps him, what happens to him there? We don’t find out? So nothing happens in Arakune’s story either?

        What happens in ___’s story? Absolutely nothing. Ever since Calamity Trigger, nothing important at all happens to any character that isn’t Noel, Ragna, or Hazama. Even Jin, who is supposed to be one of the three main characters, gets shit on.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          > nothing important has happen to any of these characters..

          Yeah I’m for sure you haven’t played CS at all

          • Redsonic

            Uh, dude. I 100%’d CS, have youtube videos of me playing it, and have purchased the game 3 times (xbox original, ps3 version, xbox extend).

   – Me playing it.

            The game has zero plot, and this is coming from someone who has beaten the game three times.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            OK we done here

          • Redsonic

            Ran out of things to argue about since i proved you wrong about me not playing CS? Good.


            I always have amazingly close calls in BB, and that’s part of the reason I like to play the game, the fights are great, the story just sucks.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            no I’m done because you saying BB has no plot at all and ignoring importing things that happens to characters as no plot or nothing at all. I’m going to waste my time with a idiotic comments such as that.

          • Sayorain

            Because I’m sure a fucking idiot like you doesn’t realize that Noel was part of the story in CS no less the reason why CS had Mu. Or that she was part of the experiments with the boundary, along with nu/lambda. If anything, shut the fuck up.

          • Aisha Lee

            I’m guessing the Azure and the Boundary don’t serve as plot devices then?

          • OkamiKing

            Also called storyline. the plan, scheme, or main story of a literary or dramatic work, as a play, novel,or short story.

            Zero Plot = nothing

            Hazama wants to blow up the friggin world. That fits more than one of those categories.

          • Sentsuizan_93

            You 100%’d CS. And you think there is STILL no plot?
            ….Did you even GET the true ending in CT or CS? Did you even SEE the true ending of those games, or better yet, did you go through the game’s story mode and get everyone’s different endings, good, bad AND gag reel (Note: Hakumen has no gag reel – Did you even know about that?) Did you even pay attention to the different stories in the story mode? Did you look at all of the “Teach Me Miss Litchi” skits? Or are you just putting up videos of your online matches? (which i’m pretty sure you did). If you actually did all of the above, you wouldn’t even be saying half of the things you said about the game ‘having no plot’. Damn dude. Just give up. You have embarrassed yourself here.

        • Herok♞

          Litchi joining with the NOL isn’t important now? Tao sets up for a journey, even Bang the butt of every joke is going to his homeland for plot. Did you just do arcade mode or forget everything that happened because alot did happen.

        • Alexander Marquis Starkey

          Yo, Noel Jin and Makoto have a subplot, called saved Brainwashed and Crazy Tsubaki.

          Litchi, Bang, Carl and parts of Sector Seven have their subplot. It’s called up Relius Clover cause this guy keeps screwing with out lives…Relius is also out to get Makoto.

          The Six Heroes Subplot: KILL FUCKING TERUMI DEAD!

          That’s long story short and sweet with out all the terminology and jargon, no big details.

        • Guest

          Bang > Finds out his weapon (Nail on back) may some significance and goes to Ikaruga to find out. CP tells you what happens

          Carl > Finds dad, loses but goes to find him again. Character development to if you want it


          Hakumen > Alternate Jin. Saved the world. Can cut time. Stalls against god slayer Mu. Yup. Nothing at all

          Platinum the Trinity > Just google her. The girl/guy is a friggin mage wit- You know what. Fuck the list. Buy the game and learn to read.

      • Redsonic

        You are implying there is a plot to begin with.

        Let me summarize the plot of the entire franchise in a nutshell for you:
        >Girl arrives and for some reason that causes a time paradox or something.
        >Guy thats vampire is a homocidal maniac that has murdered hundreds or thousands of people is somehow a hero that wants to save the world and has a brother that is also a homicidal war veteran that has single handedly murdered an entire army
        >Villain makes girl a super villain and implies she’s important but in reality was a useless pawn to destroy computer AI that has had almost zero screentime outside of the intro and we’re supposed to care about them for some reason
        >homicidal main character’s sister is leader of villains and thats somehow important

        that’s about it. you’re up to date on blazblue.

        • AkuLord3

          Dude just stop…you’re making yourself look stupider and stupider, and yet you’re going keep commenting.
          I would explain how dumb you are but i don’t want to spoil the CS for people who didn’t play it.
          Just to note:
          Bang going on a quest to find his master’s son (who will be important)
          Platinum talking to Bang about SOMETHING important
          Litchi and Arakune moments with Relius
          NOL leader WHO is Important not somehow
          For someone who played the game three times…i guess you’re really bad at paying attention…and thinking we give a damn about ur videos :p

        • Scrooge_McDuck

          “Let me summarize the plot…”

          Ah, so it has plot, after all.

        • DancesWitDolphins

          Dude, any plot can be summed up, if you only state the main events of course its gonna be a relatively short straight line, if you only take information from the games and not the phase book, you have

          >The past concerning the black beast and the six heroes, the betrayal within the group, and the fact that the dark war is the reason the world is in the state it’s in

          >What blew up ikaruga, and what did tager see that made him shit his pants

          >Kushinada’s lynchpin, what it really does, and why it is important

          >The fact that saya was kidnapped, but for some reason is now the big bad, and that she gave jin yukianesa, is she brainwashed or really evil

          >why are their observers, and how do you become one

          >The boundary is the worlds memory, and if you enter, you theoretically become split between timelines, and depending on the strength of your soul, you become arakune ether sooner or later, but eventually.

          >why is ragna the destroyer, jin an anti-body, what is the power of order, and why does anything jubei do not matter

          >is phantom really nine

          >why is platinum a trap but not really a trap, just an unfortunately plot device for sena

          >why does kokonoe have nukes in her basement

          these among other things make up the plot, the whole sum of it’s parts deal, all this stuff is thought or talked about by characters over basically four days,

          day 1: everyone decides to go to kagusuchi,

          day 2: shit went down and now ragnas trying the find hazama but gets injured by nirvana, like four days pass so ragna can heal, which isn’t shown,

          day 3: ragna searches for hazama again,

          that may be it cause time got iffy for me then

          but day 4: ragna beats hazama and mu, and meets his sis again,

          plus the creators are vague on purpose, they want us to think and speculate.

    • LynxAmali

      The timeloop was solved all the way in Calamity Trigger, actually. AKA The first game. (The whole point of that was the individual routes were the loops with the True End breaking them.)

      Did you play CS? That had a plot, mainly revolving around the Murakumo units, iirc, though everything leads up to Chrono.

    • Tee Niitris

      Only comments in history were made today about BlazBlue no plot…

      Mission accomplished.

      Did you have fun trolling? :)

      • OkamiKing

        He probably plays a zoning Terumi.

    • Well, you sure gave everyone (myself included) quite a good laugh, so I’ll just put it like this.

      If all you had to say was that the plot in BB is bad, guess what? Now, I know that the story in the games is no masterpiece. Not even that exceptional. At some points I didn’t like how superficial it is with the plot with material works covering the backstories and whatnot. However, saying that it has no plot is a much more cheap and malformed claim and the worst way to profess your criticism, or lack thereof, which REALLY requires you to back it all up. Hell, you summarized the plot, which you JUST claimed doesn’t exist. Check your bioethics and work on it.

  • Guess that’s Bang’s son. I’ve been burnt out on BB, but I’ll still pick it up.

    Edit: Whoops. His master’s son, not Bang’s son.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Kagura is the head of Mutsuki family of the Duodecim.

      • Huh. When did that stuff pop up? Never heard of it, even though I’ve played all the story stuff in CS.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          Kagura is spoken of a few time actually so not really popping up out of no where

        • Teach Me, Miss Litchi in CS covered all the 12 esteemed families, all with a last name with the syllable “i” (ee). Kisaragi, Yayoi, Mutsuki, and so on.

        • Guest

          There was a prequel manga.

        • Alexander Marquis Starkey

          Details mentioned in CP Arcade Cutscenes

    • Herok♞

      Not Bang’s son but his masters

  • Hazama was my main so I will definitely welcome an alternate version~
    Very hyped

  • GO! GO! ED

    I never expected Terumi to actually become a separate character. This came as a surprise. A very nice surprise that is.

    Where’s Kokonoe though?

    • Ben Sylvia

      Still at Sector Seven.

      • How would she fight though? Doesn’t Tager fight for her anyways? Surprised the Imperator isn’t going to be available yet.

        • andref

          Well Kokonoe is Juubei’s child so maybe she has some skill of her own

        • DemonicX

          Kokonoe can use magic pretty well. She used some type of magic to lock Hakumen up so that he couldn’t move, but Rachel later broke him out. She also used a magic technique in her past that she inherited from Konoe (Nine) on the Black Beast when Relius opened the Cauldron and released it. I’m sure she probably also has some physical attacks, though.

  • Herok♞

    I don’t want to wait until October for Blazblue I want it now and I am surprised it is taking so long usually we get them in July or August.

  • Mace

    Oct. 24th for Japan? That means NA is getting it even later… The wait is killing me. I was sure we would have it by July like all the other first releases.

  • Internet is Crash

    omg its Sasuke :))

    • fireemblembeast

      lol that was my first thought

    • I think Arcsys will make up a Sasuke color palette. And he’ll have Sasuke’s seiyuu (and maybe even Yuri Lowenthal). You just HAD to fucking call it, didn’t you? lol

      • DemonicX

        It’s bit odd though that Izayoi looks like Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail and now we have Kagura, who greatly resembles Sasuke. I wonder where Mori gets his ideas from. >_>

        • He gets Ragna’s design off of Vash the Stampede so…yeah. lol Also, Izayoi even has a Saber palette. YAY! xD

  • I want Kokonoe and Jubei :C

    • fireemblembeast

      Yes. This. :I

  • MrRobbyM

    If there’s one thing I love about BB it’s the characters. Not one character feels shallow and finding out their story or role in all of this is really fun.

    • Vash bane

      indeed I agree

  • Sam Park

    Huh the Fandom was RIght well mostly right about Mutsuki

  • Sam Park

    So wait Hazama and Terumi are now Seperate? Are they trying to redeem/revive Kazuma Kuval?

    • cameron forsyth

      i thought that too and with celica’s appearance in the game it’s possible the story will acknowledge the lightnovels presence and characters it introduced more-so.

      well i’d like him to come back anyway for platinums story sake but judging by the character portrait it doesn’t look like he physically returned in a sense

  • Shane Guidaboni

    I actually forgot about this.

  • cedx123

    Woo-Hoo for a release date at last at least in japan. I can’t wait to see how crazy the story get in CP, the new gameplay mechanics, remixes of everyone theme. I better practice Mu-12 and Plat more for the time being.

  • fireemblembeast

    Oh boy, I still haven’t finished BBCSE! >_<
    Anyways, cool! I can't wait to get it. Another game to add to the 15+ games I'm getting this year… Hence why I can't finish BBCSE. XD

  • Tee Niitris

    October… that’s a long wait.

    Longer than I expected. Hopefully ArcSys makes use of their new U.S. headquarters and give Chrono Phantasma a same week release.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      hopefully they translate it right and not fuck up if they do

      • Bentan

        rackula and boobie lady!

  • DemonicX

    Holy…Arc Sys has just made my BlazBlue dream come true. Kagura looks awesome, but I’ve wanted to play as Yuki Terumi for so long, and now…words just can not express my excitement now..

  • Richard N

    Aw man, that’s a long ass wait! What am I supposed to play till then? INJUSTICE!?!

    Actually… that game looks pretty cool. I’ll think I’ll jump on that.

    • Curan_Altea

      Play the demo first. I really, really, didn’t like the demo.

      • andref

        Glad I wasn’t the only one. Maybe its because I haven’t played that many western fighters but controls felt stiff though this is coming from a person who is used to more fast paced fighters

        • Richard N

          I’m sure it’ll be just as bad as the jump from Guilty Gear X2 Accent Core to Blaz Blue Calamity Trigger, which if we recall was ridiculously slow and clunky. I honestly didn’t even get into Blaz Blue until Continuum Shift II.

  • roockie112

    fuck yeah yuki temuriiiiiiiiiiiii

  • So i’m guessing that Yuki Terumi gonna be the Order Sol of Hazama?

    • Luna Kazemaru

      he will have his own move set and drive it seems

  • Sperium3000

    I’m still hoping for Jubei as a DLC character.

  • Can’t wait to Rebel once more!

  • Sayorain

    Wait no PS3 version?

  • Derry Santoso

    Where is the PSVita version?

    • TheExile285

      Hopefully it will be announced soon

  • TheFoolArcana

    I want Trinity Glassfield. Being a grown-up Platinum with titties automatically qualifies her to me my main.

  • Go2hell66

    Ouch that release date is so far away…

    and who the hell is kagura Mutsuki

  • Shariest

    I… Can’t even buy these games :D
    There always seems to be a new and improved one…
    Add Kokonoe and i will buy it in a hearthbeat!

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha ha yeah, what everyone else is saying: I’m gonna wait for the Extended edition where they give us playable Kokonoe and Jubei. No offense ArcSys, I do love what you do and all but I’ve just been burned too many times.

  • Karl Josef

    I want a game arc system works vs nis america games!

    • RichyGaming

      Same here, that’s a crap ton of characters coming from nis america though.

  • TheExile285

    I hope they make a Vita version

  • Neppygear

    Kokonoe confirmed for NPC forever. Isn’t it sad, Loco Koko?

  • Mister_Nep

    I’ll be waiting for the US release, but I’m glad it has a date for japan now. It’s one step closer for the inevitable US release. Which I’ll buy as usual. I’m curious as to how Kagura and Terumi will play.

  • The Watcher

    I just want Tager with a Dash

  • FFmax

    Who? And where the hell is Jubei?

  • XiaomuArisu

    Troll MKII

  • shion16

    OMG Male characters!!!

  • Where is Robo-Jin?

  • MrJechgo

    I just hope that Jubei, Kokonoe, Phantom and the Imperator will eventually make it. Those are more no-brainers than the rest.

    Terumi is an interesting addition, although I really didn’t want another troll in the game ¬_¬; I wonder HOW he’ll be added to the storyline. Hazama snaps for real and Terumi takes over?

    Kagura Mutsuki is a rather obscure addition. He’s part of the Duodeim, which is a group of twelve families that are closely related to the NOL. They are considered masters with Ars Magus and are often called the Spears of the Imperator due to their allegeance. Kisarigi and Yayoi (rings a bell?) were the most promising group with the most powerful Ars Magus wielders. Jin and Tsubaki are renowned for their skills afterall.

    The Mutsuki family is also a powerful group, but they decided to turn against the NOL. Kagura is likely to lead a revolt against the NOL, and I’m pretty sure that he’ll get in touch with both Noel and Makoto in the story mode.

    So yeah, the Duodecim is canon to the game, but they are not actively present in the story. They are eligible for the roster… although, I don’t see 9 other characters (we have 3 characters from a different Duodecim family) to be added by the time the 4th and final game gets made. Some would make good villains though, but they are other characters to be added as well, and that includes Lord Tenjou’s son.

  • Mavalex

    Terumi’s movelist must consist of only troll moves. It’s gonna be friggin great

  • Kevin Schwarz

    It happens all the time in anime. The stronger characters are always conveniently “too busy” so the “heroes” can save the day…

  • Fahd Al Zarooni


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