Capcom Hope To Update Older Resident Evils On PC, Eventually

By Ishaan . April 16, 2013 . 8:30am

Given Capcom’s strong PC support in the West, it isn’t surprising that more and more PC gamers are making their voices heard on the company’s forums. In a recent forum thread, one particular user asked about the possibility of older Resident Evil games being released via Steam for modern operating systems.


Capcom USA senior VP Christian Svensson replied: “Reqeusts [sic] noted guys. On the [Resident Evil] 1 – 3 front, we have been trying to get [Capcom Japan] to let us update these titles to run on Win 7/8 and then get them out on more digital marketplaces for PC, but dicussions [sic] have been ongoing for more than a  year and we’ve not made progress.”


He added: “As for RE4, that’s a slightly different matter but we’ll see.”


(A PC version of Resident Evil 4 was published by Ubisoft in 2007 with no mouse support and graphical issues.)


In a separate forum thread created later, also asking about older Resident Evil games for PC, Svensson stated: “We get this question/request quite a bit actually. As I’ve said before, we’re trying to do stuff like this but it’s been slow going getting Japan on board with how we should update these games to run on “modern operating systems”.”


Svensson cautioned: “My hope is that someday this will happen, but sadly, it’s likely to take a good bit longer.”


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  • Brandonmkii

    At least they’re trying.

  • malek86

    Maybe they should just enter a relationship with GOG and let them handle the coding.

    Anyway, I got my copy of Resident Evil PC for just one buck last year. Thank god it’s not Glide-only, so I can run it on standad Direct3D. Still trying to find a cheap copy of RE2…

    • MonsieurEek

      Yeah, why RE, Final Fantasy, Silent Hill and other more or less ready-made Japanese PC games aren’t up on GOG is a mystery – especially Square’s stuff since a lot of their Eidos stuff is on there, so the two companies must have some kind of a working arrangement.

      • malek86

        I guess Squenix wanted to get the entire pie for itself with FF7, so they only uploaded it on their own webstore. Chances are someday they’ll put it up on GOG and Steam too.

        As for other japanese companies like Capcom and Konami… maybe it’s easier for GOG to communicate with western companies so they prefer to do that first? But I guess that someday it will happen. The next company to be in a partnership was supposed to be either Lucasarts or Microsoft, but with Lucasarts biting the dust, I’m not sure.

  • Capcom in talks with Capcom to bring Capcom games that are already on PC to the PC with some wrapper so they run on modern OS….and the talks have not gone anywhere in a year.

    Japanese publishers, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Adi7

    Just remake them for pc & consoles. Even ps360 will run new 720/1080p backgrounds & great 3D character models (…aaaand maybe whole game in stereo 3D ?)

    REmake was great, everyone loved it. It didn’t sell THAT well because… we were expecting it on the ps2, not on nintendo which historically hasn’t been known for gruesome, brutal games like RE. It was a mistake for the series to go all-nintendo, sales on the ps2 would have been MUCH better, and the series would be in much better shape than it is now, we wouldn’t hear all that crazy talk about “survival horror not being large enough market”. Well, your market could’ve been 100million ps2s with millions of previous RE games owners, you chose to go for a 20million GC, with no RE fans on it- go figure.

    Why we’re not seeing remakes of RE2-3 is beyond me. Just re-releasing them is easy buck, but let’s be honest- nobody new to the series will think much of them. A proper, GC-style remake though…

    • You do realize the only reason REmake even happened is because Nintendo offered assistance with development? Also, REmake was never going to influence the future of the series, ever. Resident Evil 4 was already in development and it was released for the PS2 shortly after its Gamecube release. REmake was only meant to bring Nintendo console owners up to speed. RE4 was always going to be the new direction for the series because it’s what Mikami wanted.

      • $36598391

        GameCube was more powerful then PS2 as well
        REmake and Zero both had realistic detail, too bad the Wii versions of the two were downgrades

        • malek86

          I don’t think the PS2 was so weak as to be unable to handle REmake and RE0. Especially cause it had pre-rendered backgrounds.

          Chances are they couldn’t bring REmake to the PS2 because Nintendo assisted with development, and RE0… either it happened with it too, or by the time it came out, they were too focused on the new direction of RE4 and didn’t want people to get a bite of the old gameplay method.

        • MrSirFeatherFang

          how were the Wii versions downgrades?

          • malek86

            I’d argue they were effectively the same, maybe slightly better for PAL users (I think they support 480p but I’m not sure).

            Granted, considering they were released 7 years later and with a $30 price tag each, you might have expected at least some improvements.

      • Adi7

        You do realize the only reason REmake even happened is because Nintendo offered assistance with development?
        Huh? Is that true?
        Can anyone please provide some links about that story, as i cannot find anything on the matter?
        Well, that would change things :) It would be another bayonetta2 then.

        Even if it’s true, i still find it strange that capcom didn’t consider making those remakes at all, and that they’re some byproduct of re-zero production…

        It’s just stupid on their part, i remember those days, you can still read about it today-
        the whole RE exclusivity deal made A LOT of ppl angry and DID change the series future as a lot of gamers pretty much gave up on RE, and i stand with my opinion that if they did the remake for ps2 (gosh, they didn’t NEED nintendo for that, did they? They would’ve manage it by themselves) sales would be heaps better, and would follow with re2, re3, maybe even CV remakes due to strong sales.

        I mean on ps2 ppl would buy them like crazy (remember psx-re sales? Millions. Everyone waited for new REs on ps2, heck, i was one of them!), and on GC it (obviously!) didn’t happen.

        Shifting the whole series to nintendo was a shot in capcom’s foot, regardless of whether or not they did get some help from nintendo- they would’ve been able to pull remakes on ps2, and should’ve done so. It’s been 10 years now and ppl still strive for them! It’s the same with ff7 for example.

        Re4 ps2 happened pretty much on par with 360’s release, so… yeah. For a lot of the time capcom said that it’s going to be ninntendo exclusive, so ppl just turned away from the series.
        You can’t just go out and say that RE becoming nintendo exclusive didn’t have any impact on the series…

        • the whole RE exclusivity deal made A LOT of ppl angry and DID change the series future as a lot of gamers pretty much gave up on RE

          Completely untrue. Here are sales for the first four RE games to date:

          RE (PS1) – 2.75 million

          RE2 (PS1) – 4.96 million

          RE3 (PS1) – 3.5 million

          RE4 – 2.3 million (PS2) + 1.6 million (GC) = 3.9 million

          RE4 Wii (released just 2 years later) – 1.9 million

          Before you ask, those figures are from Capcom’s investor data and are updated every quarter, so there’s no denying their accuracy either. Besides… if a lot of gamers “gave up” on RE, how do you explain this:

          RE5 (360/PS3) – 6 million

          And that RE5 figure doesn’t even count sales of the PC version.

          • malek86

            I wonder how much the Saturn version of RE1 and the N64 version of RE2 sold. Maybe they are actually included in those figures?

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            I’m wondering how the Dreamcast version of RE 2 & 3 sold. They’re basically the PC versions except on the DC. From what I’ve read, they’re the best versions of those game to date.

          • No, Capcom always mentions sales figures for different platforms. They wouldn’t be included. They even list a separate SKU for the Dualshock version of RE1. :P

          • malek86

            So there’s no word at all on the sales for those versions? Not even rumors? That would be an interesting trivia.

          • Adi7

            Completely untrue.

            Well, i don’t really get your agruments :) They pretty much work against your point- RE1 and re2 sold additional 1.2million each on psx (director’s cut/dual shock editions), making it 4/6/3.7 million for re1/2/3. On psx alone.
            And then Remake and Zero happened, selling measly 1.35 and 1.3million!

            Are these good sales? No, for a series like RE, they’re abyssmal.
            GC was a fine platform, but not one for RE games, not exclusively at least. How those games would’ve sold on ps2- you’ve provided the answer yourself- much, much better as seen in re4’s example. The game released nearly a year after the hype settled down for gc’s version, it was timed with 360’s release making it a very tough window, and still managed to outsell gc version…!

            Re5/6 are entirely different matter, as is the wii/ps360 edition of re4- these are different times.

            Yeah, the series is still known, and sales are well. But are these horror games anymore…? Maybe it’s the effect of capcom pretty much discarting horror after seeing how “old re games don’t sell”? (that’s just my interpretation, possibly completely wrong :)
            So by future of the series, I meant what’s been happening from 2000-2005. And not a lot has happend :)
            Oh, and even the s*itty outbreak on ps2 managed to outsell remake/zero…

            1.3 million is nothing for a 9/10 games of well known title, if they sold 2.5 or more on ps2 (i belive it would’ve been at least that level, look at psx sales, or ps2’s CV- 2.5million, being an old game already!) we probably would’ve got more 2D REs during 2001-5, which sadly didn’t happen.
            This is what I meant.

            If you’re still reading this :) – could you please provide some links about the nintendo’s involvment in remake? I can’t find anything…

          • Um, no. Those declines for RE are perfectly normal and are in line with several other game franchises. It has nothing to do with platforms in this particular case. Declines happen over time with every single game franchise, and whether or not you can offset these declines depends on several factors.

            Between GC and PS2, RE4 managed to sell more than RE3 did. That says to me that even if people did drop out of the series, it picked up new players to replace them, which is what the goal for every new game should ideally be.

            Additionally, some of the things that affect game sales are:

            1. The previous game: RE4 didn’t sell as much as RE2 because RE3 came before it and was seen as a relatively weak entry. In contrast, RE5 sold super well because it came off of RE4’s incredible reception.

            2. Featureset: RE5 was able to offset declines because co-op multiiplayer was a very, very big deal. It was the right game at the right time.

            3. Genre popularity: When RE4 was released, there wasn’t too much else like it out there. When RE5 and RE6 released, it was at a time that shooters were (are) the most mainstream genre in the West.

            I don’t think RE4 turned any players off at all. In fact, it did just the opposite—it laid the groundwork to make Resident Evil more popular than it has ever been in the past. The sales figures speak for themselves.

          • Dave Brame

            I worked at Gamestop for years, during the release of all of these games and the Gamecube and 360 systems. I can say from personal experience that 4 out of 5 people who wanted REmake where asking to pre order it on PS2, or when was it coming to PS2. When I told them it was GC exclusive they would nerd rage for a min and then pre order something else instead. Usually saying something along the lines of “Guess I won’t be playing that remake” or “GC is gay Im not buying a new system to only play one or two games”

            So yeah being a nintendo exclusive hurt sales of the franchise, no matter what your predictions or sales number say, I was there and turned away many a gamer looking for it on some other system.

            Is all this opinion, sure, but I can’t deny personal experience. And from what I saw not making the remakes on PS2 or hell even 360 as digital ports was a HUGE mistake, again just my opinion but I have a feeling its one many other gamers share

          • To answer your other question about Nintendo’s involvement with Resident Evil on the Gamecube. Here is a quote from Capcom’s Masachika Kawata from an Iwata Asks interview:

            I was only directly involved with the first Resident Evil for Nintendo GameCube. I wasn’t part of the immediate staff that worked on Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 4.

            When we remade Resident Evil for the Nintendo GameCube system, I was a designer making backgrounds. (Shigeru) Miyamoto-san would come visit the development department, so I really felt like I was working with Nintendo. I wanted to achieve the utmost possible with Nintendo GameCube, so I really took the graphics to the extreme. It was challenging, but I think I was able to establish the Resident Evil style.

            You can find the full interview here:

          • Adi7

            Great, thanks for that interview! Unfortunately iwataasks is down atm :) I’ll read it later.

            Look, Miyamoto “visiting” development team is not exactly the same as “game only happened because of nintendo’s help” don’t you think? :) That’s a huge overstatement.

            And I’m not saying that it was re4 that turned ppl away, I never wrote anything like that.

            It was the platform for ALL re games (as capcom promised in 2001 or 2) that got ppl angry, and a lot of potential RE buyers never got a GC and stayed on ps2, therefore never contributing to remake/zero sales figures.
            Won’t you call this- turning customers away?

            A lot of the ppl didn’t ever buy those games, because of the platform it was on… It’s a fact.

            And declines from 4-6-4million to ONE million are not normal, sorry. Even a simple port of CV on ps2 outsold remake/zero and was pretty much on par with re4gc… This is not “normal”, it’s far from it. It’s insane how poorly it sold on gc, and how even crappy outbreak outsold zero/REmake gc. This is far from being normal…

            I won’t agrue anymore but the series during 2000 (re3) to 2005 (re4) pretty much didn’t sell as well as it could (on ps2. Good thing that it eventually turned out on ps2, which just shows how much of a mistake it was with GC) and RE would be in better shape during those times if it wasn’t for the GC affair. Maybe we would’ve seen more 2D REs, remakes or not.
            Maybe even today REs wouldn’t be just another shooter games (re5,6), as capcom probably blames zero/REmake sales for “horror not being large enogh market”.

            And yeah, RE5/6 sell wery well now, I’m not arguing with that. By saying that gc changed the future of RE, i mean times between re3 and 4, and it is a fact… It’s five long years that would’ve been much better for capcom and RE if the main platform for it was ps2.

    • gamefreak86

      By your logic re6 shoulda sold a lot more than it did. There’s nothing gruesome about RE.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    They should also consider Chaos Legion, Onimusha 3, Mega Man X8 and Devil May Cry 3 SE.

    • Farid Belkacemi

      Chaos Legion… A really great game ! Kind of sad to see it was “just” a one shot. Gameplay, background/setting, OST…There was something to do here IMO :)

      • Kyle Fedora

        Was Chaos Legion good? Everything I heard about it described it as a Devil May Cry x Dynasty Warriors game that was very medicore. I’m currently building up a list of old titles I never played that look interesting but I’m not sure about that one.

        • Farid Belkacemi

          Like almost every game, it’s a matter of taste I guess. But if you wanna know, I still have my PS2 version after all these years :) Don’t expect a DMC though, it has its own flavor/formula and I don’t like DW soooo… Not sure about that one too :D.

  • AndreasStalin

    one word..emulation.

    • CirnoLakes

      Having a PC version available is better than emulating.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Resident Evil 2 with smoother graphics on PC and you have my money. No, it doesn’t need a remake. RE2 is perfect.

  • $36598391

    REmake and Zero on Steam. Yes please!

    Just make sure they all have USB controller support Capcom

    • Tom

      Yeah, and do a remake of RE2 and RE3 as they did with RE1.

    • Kyle Fedora

      That’ll never happen. REmake and Zero do not belong to Capcom, they belong to Nintendo. Nintendo never lets their property outside their hardware.

      • Guest

        Capcom said otherwise that those two do not belong to Nintendo

  • TrevHead

    I would defo buy any oldschool RE on PC*

    *If it works better than emulation.

  • XxStoicmonkeyxX

    How about we get the ReMake treatment for 0-3 i’d shit myself for years for a chance to own those.

    • Göran Isacson

      If they would remake the games to the same level as the remake for Gamecube I think I might just wet my pants with glee. All of the glee.

  • Unlimax

    Hmmm .. I wonder if they improve them or just Re-Release them on STEAM ?

  • CirnoLakes

    Oh good. Capcom usually has a good PC reputation, so I was waiting for something like this.

    Now I would just like to see the Mega Man games on Steam. A good port, too.

  • Warboss Aohd

    honestly, gettin’ more Japanese gamez in general on PC would likely increase salez. ‘ell, JRPGs might do alot betta here if dey were on PC more often.

  • Guest

    I want to play Dino Crisis on PC, I tried the Original PC version, but the controls made the game not as enjoyable. I wouldn’t mind if they did Dino Crisis along with RE

  • Just Tim

    I sincerely hope Capcom USA would remaster the whole *Raccoon City* Saga (read: 1-3: Nemesis) as a compilation.

    Besides, Nemesis is THE most memorable Bio-Organic Weapon in all of the franchise.

    Non-sequitur-ish joke: what NHL team Nemesis dislikes the most since 1999?


  • gamefreak86

    Capcom Japan needs to let Capcom USA do this. There’d be no need to hook up an old console to play their games anymore. Especially considering both nextbox and ps4 won’t be bc. But this is Capcom so they might rerelease another compilation next gen to cash in again before they do that.

  • Göran Isacson

    I do wonder what reasons they could have to say no… not enough resources/want to focus existing resources on newer games instead? Fear of piracy? Old and crusty fogey executives are old and crusty fogeys who don’t get why them goldarn Pee Sees are such a big hubbub cause when THEY were young you had a Famicom and a Game Boy and darn tooting, you LIKED it etc etc… I mean there has to be some business related reason that hopefully makes sense, right?

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