Liberation Maiden Gets A Sequel On PS3… As A Visual Novel

By Sato . April 16, 2013 . 4:10pm

Liberation Maiden, the shooter from Nintendo 3DS game compilation, Guild01, is getting a follow-up on PlayStation 3… as a visual novel.


The new title is called Liberation Maiden Sin and will be published by 5pb, according to this week’s Famitsu magazine.


The main character in Sin goes by the name of Kiyoto Kaido. He recently began his new post as Chairman’s aide to President Shoko Ozora, who was the star of the original Liberation Maiden. He has the special ability to read other people’s thoughts, which will come in handy for the young President.


Famitsu also say that several new female characters will be appearing as cabinet ministers. Grasshopper CEO Goichi Suda who originally contributed to Guild01 with Liberation Maiden will also be writing some of the scenarios of Liberation Maiden Sin.

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  • Shane Guidaboni

    Of course. Why would they improve upon what they already created and fix the flaws?

  • landlock

    Nice. Shame the chance of us seeing it is 0%.

  • raitouniverse

    inb4 anime announcement. Totally see it coming. But now it just feels like a harem set up…

    • Ooh Bee

      Lol if that happens. All this just cause she has a nice booty. Smh.

      They should be releasing a version on Vita that supports left handed players. I dunno why Grasshopper acts like left handed people don’t exist.

    • Brian

      Hey I’ve been asking for an anime since the game got released. But yeah if this turns into a harem I would be utterly disappointment -_-

  • riceisnice

    And so it begins. I knew her big butt would eventually reach out to other genres.

  • Ayaka

    Woa, kinda… unexpected.
    Nice way to rearrange ideas for a sequel, can’t wait to see how 5pb will handle it (oh well, I can’t really imagine the team beyond Corpse Party to not surprise me)

    • brian

      Except that this isn’t the team behind Corpse Party (far as I know) since 5pb just published that series and Team GrisGris developed them.

  • biskmater

    Useful for the new president… sure, but it can also go against her….

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Famitsu also say that several new female characters will be appearing as cabinet ministers.
    Is it a dating sim? I haven’t played the first one though. It’s on sale too… hmmm

    • z_merquise

      More waifus for Madame President.

      . . . oh.

      • You aren’t playing as Madame President by the sound of it. It’s a dude in the lead role, surrounded by female cabinet ministers. 5pb showing their intent quite clearly from the get-go. >_>

  • This actually sounds really nice. Hopefully the game after this will be like Liberation Maiden on the 3DS though.

  • Crazy_O

    Never expected that. But hey why not? Doubt this will be released in other languages :(

  • This is like the most random thing ever. Typical example of quick and lazy follow-up. -_-

    • puchinri

      Hehe, it does kind of sound like that. There’s interesting potential there, and yet, just so out of the blue.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Lazy? But we don’t even know anything yet.

      • It’s a visual novel. Don’t get me wrong, I love VNs, but I don’t think anyone particularly asked for this fantastic quirky, anime-esque action game to be downgraded into a VN. :(

        • MrSirFeatherFang

          I see. I did not play the 1st game so it explains why I am not as disappointed as many of you are.
          (btw it seems like disqus isn’t notifying me whenever I get a reply. I get my notification after a few hours from when someone replies to me. so sorry if it took a while)

          • Yeah… I don’t mean to be a debbie downer, but Liberation Maiden was just a fantastic action game. Super stylish, great music, very replayable. It ended on a cliffhanger, too, with a big battle looming. Everyone wanted to be able to play that in a sequel, including myself. I can only hope they do a proper sequel at some point.

        • Seraph

          Mind you, some Visual Novels do have other gameplay elements to them, but some of those are more or less a dime a dozen.

        • Josephl64

          it’s kind of insultive to call VNs a downgrade of anything. You can treat this as a sidegame and hope for a true sequel if you wish, but if the story is done well in this VN…then they will easily gain my approval

        • It wasn’t that great an action game, though. If anything it would’ve been better off as a visual novel to begin with.

          • Wash your tongue with soap! (Besides, loads of people bought it, even in the West, meaning it was good enough! :D )

    • I bet the writing alone will take more time than it took to develop the entirety of the original Liberation Maiden. The quality may be suspect, but this is certain to be neither ‘quick’ nor ‘lazy’.

      • I bet the writing alone will take more time than it took to develop the entirety of the original Liberation Maiden.

        No way, man. This is probably being put together using a bunch of random ideas Suda had floating around in his head, mixed with whatever otaku bait 5pb can think up next. An actual game is way more complex when you factor in things like QA, optimization etc.

        • Ohhhh, u mad Ishaan.

          Anyway, I’d actually be curious – in theory – to see what Suda could come up with in a visual novel format, without the need to tie his ideas in to suspect game mechanics. After all, prior to Killer7 GHM mostly did adventure games, and frankly they were a better studio then than they are now.

          Of course, the actual writing in Liberation Maiden was horrendously bland (seriously, it was an amusing premise and then… nothing) so practically anything would be an improvement in that department.

          • Anyway, I’d actually be curious – in theory – to see what Suda could come up with in a visual novel format, without the need to tie his ideas in to suspect game mechanics.

            OK, that’s one way of looking at it, hahahaha. :P

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      How awful… wait maybe it will be..something

    • Good old 5pb.

  • surakian

    And now to mourn the fact we shall never see its release in North America and Europe/PAL regions.

  • Aristides

    Ah VNs, I hope I get to see them pick up in the west before I die lol

    • Not gonna happen. They’re already a niche genre even in Japan; in the West their appeal is never going to extend beyond a tiny subset of hardcore fans. Which isn’t to say that we might not see more VNs localized for that tiny little niche in the future.

  • doubletaco

    The genre change nobody asked for.

  • That is a… um… interesting take on the game. Wasn’t expecting a follow up for the game, let alone a visual novel. I would be lying if I said I’m not curious of how this will end up though.

  • brian

    Holy crap.

  • Suicunesol

    Oh come on, really? A visual novel? And it’s not even on the same system as its predecessor even though there’s no excuse… *totally not console-begging*

    They could easily use the engine in the first game and mix gameplay with engaging story scenes ala VN-style. Ishaan’s right! ~_~ Yarrrrgg…

  • phangtom

    Special ability to read people’s thoughts… Hmm. This can either be really epic or turn into a “let’s bang the president” sort of game. Or a Phoenix Wright game. Either one of them sounds great.

  • AweOfShe

    But I can’t play this for score. :(

  • Aoshi00

    Pretty surprising for a sequel.. Is the VN only for PS3 or on 360 as well? My eyes would be glued to a certain part of the President, just like Jill in RE Revelations :)

    • PS3 only so far. And you won’t be staring at anything if they don’t show her portrait from the back!

      • Aoshi00

        Hope it’s multiplatform like their usual VN releases.. kinda weird it’s not on the 3DS even though it’s a VN..

        They have to show her back, that’s the selling point!
        We could always use more buns, all hail the Prez :)

    • Booty so big put a wig on it

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    One of the randomest thing i have ever see lol. I guess, i can’t really stare on THAT ASS anymore T_T.

  • Go2hell66

    Damn would have preferred another shooter T_T

  • wat

    Not even a hybrid? *headtilt*

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    A ps3 visual novel sequel? ….just a visual novel….? Not a shoot em up. Wha???? why? What? That doesn’t make any sense. How is she supposed to fight for her people that way?!

  • alixraen

    I have a mighty need…

  • Brimfyre

    If lameness could be measured, this would equal 50 buckets of lameness.

    • Brimfyre

      Five up, five down. I broke even!

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    …………….. *insert Darth Vader here* ;_;


    Looks like they aren’t just trying to makes games, but build a franchise. So, this will likely not be a true sequal, but a spinoff. And there probably is going to be an anime in the works…

    However on the positive side, this could help draw to attention to the original game and maybe finance a “real” sequal.

    • I doubt they need sales of some visual novel spin-off to finance a sequel. Liberation Maiden has sold well.


        Agreed, but in any case, Liberation Maiden in any form is a good sign that there still may be more to come – or at least we can hope…

    • z_merquise

      I really hope so. Seems like Grasshopper see a potential to make Liberation Maiden a series.

      I hope it gets more recognition. Heck, why not include Liberation Maiden in a next Super Robot Wars game. That would really help and besides, it perfectly make sense.

  • MrTyrant

    There are visual novel with shoot’em up style, so this game might be the same, right? right!?

  • Why…

    I mean it’s neat but we’re never gonna get this. Wish they’d actually go back and create a full fledged title. Liberation Maiden has so much promise as a game it’s just really damn short.

  • z_merquise

    I became so excited for a second there. That’s very disappointing.

    I really hope to see more of this game. But as a shoot-em-up game and not really as a visual novel. Not that I hate VNs, of course. I played some of them but it’s just that I would never expect the sudden genre shift for a “sequel”. A shift of platform even.

  • TrevHead

    What a waste! especially when you consider 3D shooters are quite a rarity on home consoles (most of what we have is spoiled by kinect)

  • Wait, so who owns the rights to Liberation Maiden anyway? Is it Level-5 or Grasshopper? And now this one’s being developed by 5pb… confusing.

    • Suda/Grasshopper, I would imagine.

  • Chiupon

    oh, so they took a game with an interesting female lead, made a vn sequel where you likely attempt to grope her and several other trope-ridden females and play as a gary-stu

    oh okay

    sounds like they just want to make a quick buck. :<

    • Göran Isacson

      I wish and hope that you are wrong, but hearing that they will be adding several female cabinet ministers sounds… okay so it COULD be just to make an interesting statement but I will not deny that my cynical side is agreeing with you. He’s agreeing with you A LOT.

  • 5pb + VN……. We are not getting this in english are we?

    Well, still glad they are planning to turn LM into a series. Need to see more of it to judge though.

    It seems like the character design is done by Yusuke Kozaki. I’m fine with this.

    • Suicunesol

      It would seem logical considering the art in the original game was also his work.

      • OIC. Forgot tht he did the design for the 1st one too.

  • at least some good news today… I still want a proper sequel, but more Liberation Maiden is always good to have :)

  • Ni

    Wait…They make a >PS3< sequel and is just a VN? What the f!? The other thing that is pissing me off is that the game is going to be turned in to a harem VN from the information on the article. I really liked Liberation Maiden, the game for me was just awesome and one of my favourites games in the 3DS and just to think that they are going to use the PS3 hardware for just a VN is a really lazy decision of them. Don't get me wrong, i really like to play VNs but to see what they could do with Liberation Maiden on the PS3 hardware and they just make a VN is really pissing me off ):

  • SteveEdwards

    Well I didn’t expect this. I mean, liberation maiden had a great plot (you have just been elected president of Japan, now take this mecha and destroy stuff) but I really dont see how expanding on it could improve its simple perfection.

  • Alexandra Cordes

    …Say whaaaaaaaat.

  • TWE

    So the guild compilations a sort of testing ground for the potential of new IP, huh. I actually don’t mind the model, to be honest, but the platform jump is a little strange. In any case, liked the world they built in the first one so looking forward to this.

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