Class Of Heroes 2 Is Still Coming Out, But It Won’t Launch With Its Animated Opening

By Spencer . April 22, 2013 . 10:49pm


Class of Heroes 2 was supposed to come out a couple of weeks ago on PlayStation Network first, but a licensing issue held up its release. Sticking with Working Designs tradition, Gaijinworks recorded a new song with the game’s opening animation. The problem is that song created a licensing issue that still hasn’t been resolved.


Gaijinwork’s solution to the debacle is to resubmit Class of Heroes 2 to Sony without the opening animation and song. When the rights issue is resolved, Class of Heroes 2 will be sent back through QA with the opening animation which may or may not have the new song. The boxed version will not have the new song or animated opening on disc. Class of Heroes 2 will cost $24.99 on PlayStation Network or $36.99 for a UMD/PSN code combo pack (up $2 from the initial price).


It sounds like Gaijinworks is seriously considering releasing¬†Class of Heroes 3 too. “The problem is we can’t proceed with Class of Heroes 3 until CoH2 is released,” said Gaijinworks CEO Vic Ireland on his forum.


“So the delay is really messing with the timeline to get the series out here, and with the PSP dying more by the hour, it only makes it harder. We’re also assuming that we’ll have the level of fan support we need to finish the series, but we won’t really *know* until CoH2 is out. This rights resolution could literally take months, and waiting to start on CoH3 until Summer is a bad idea because it pushes the game release into Christmas where it will be buried, or into 2014, which is very late.”

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  • Ben Chau

    Yikes, sound rough. Hope they’ll release it soon with no further issues.

  • Yggdr5

    Limiting the audience even further with a niche-title? Not sure if that’s such a great idea.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      That’s been the game plan with these folks since the before the niche told them where to stick their kickstarter. This game alone was going to save JRPGs in the west. They had to know from the start that this song and OP was going to be a contract ‘issue’ — and of course we learn nothing of it until the game is ready for release.

  • Phlo

    What a mess this all is.

  • Testsubject909

    Hmm? Was I late for the package PSN and PSP combo?

    That said though, it is a shame that their opening won’t be on disc.

    … That said, I wonder how this’ll work… Patch in the opening digitally or have the PSN version be updated entirely so that it’s not so much a patch but that the digital version itself will be the one with the opening to be redownloaded at a later time if you’ve downloaded the previous version?

    I’d imagine a patch.

    • KiTA

      Keep watch on his website, orders for physical will go live sometime this week. That will be the only chance we’ll have to get it.

  • Raharu95

    So how will the issue will be resolved? will we the Downloadable version get an update when this is all resolved?

    • Aristides

      Yeah the download version will be updated with the opening animation and either the same opening song they’re working out licencing issues or a new song provided by Acquire.

  • KiTA

    The video is literally 90 seconds of mostly still pictures. I wish we could see it, but we aren’t missing much. Since 99.99% of people are going to skip it, and the remaining 0.01% are going to be pissed that it isn’t in Japanese, I can’t see why it was worth delaying the game for a month over.

    This is the original opening in Japanese.

    • Wafflenaut

      Dat Yuno at 0:42. I just want to know what happened to Particus Academy! It’s been such a long wait, but I’ll wait as long as I need to.

  • neo_firenze

    Ah, and also sticking with Working Designs tradition, there’s a silly delay for a weird reason. Never change, Vic. Never change.

    I’ll still buy CoH2 (and CoH3 if it ever gets a western release) though.

    • gimpylee

      Most people were too young to remember this. Arc the lad and Langrisser were delayed for at least a year. Why did he feel that they needed to redub the opening is beyond me

      • neo_firenze

        Typical WD/Victor Ireland. They were legendary for their delays, so it’s almost sort of fitting to be happening here. Brings me back to memories of the old times (I bought the Sega CD Lunar when it first released. Yeah I’m getting old.)

        Magic Knight Rayearth on Saturn was one of the most epic delays of all time, and they were pretty well known for other delays too – Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete comes to mind, Arc the Lad like you said, and Growlanser II&III (which I assume you meant instead of Langrisser). I seem to recall the Saturn Sega Ages collection (a release with VERY minimal localization) still managing to have multiple delays around some issue with the foil stamped instruction booklet.

        Vic also always seemed to have a kind of weird obsession with making changes to the original games and going overboard. Re-recording audio, modifications to gameplay (Silhouette Mirage and Alundra are examples), wasting time with garbage trinkets in the game box, an obsessive desire to cram some awful pop culture infused translations into the games…

        But if nothing else, I tended to like the final result for the games that suffered a lot of delays, so there’s some hope!

        • The “garbage trinkets” as you call them are one of the things us collectors enjoy. Vic likes collectors editions so I think he makes collectors editions he would be proud to own, and which the fans of the games he publishes can be proud of as well. He usually succeeds.

  • new_tradition

    Why couldn’t they just release a version without vocals? Was even the standalone BGM under licensing?

    Maybe the could’ve created an arranged music only version of the song then. I think Tales of the Abyss did that…

    • Liscencing problems for the song itself. Same reason for why the “Happy Birthday” song can’t be used in most Movies and TV shows, and most producers have to resort to the “For he’s a Jolly Good Fellow” variant instead. In any case, another option would be to use any other in-game song to go with the Opening Animation.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I think there’s an easy out for bringing over CoH3 and sidestepping the PSP’s dying audience: bring over the 3DS or PS3 versions.

    • But that would actually require some logical business sense, a thing Vic Ireland has proven time and time again to not own.

    • Problem with that is that CoH Chrono Academy is PSP exclusive. The only way to play the series from beginning to end is on a PSP.

      • Aristides

        or Vita :P

      • Spirit Macardi

        Why is that a problem? Lots of games have releases that span different consoles. Just because it started on Sony hardware shouldn’t mean it’s limited to them exclusively.

        Plus lots of gamers these days own multiple consoles. I’ve got my PSP that I played the first game on and I’m hoping to play this one on, though I also have my 3DS which I’d love to play the third one on.

  • ArOne

    I don’t see why if the psp dies as a hardware platform is such a deterrent for some people since the vita can play them digitally.

    • Aristides

      Truer words where never spoken XP

    • Not really a deterrent, but Vic and his companies have always been known for collectors editions, and you don’t get those on digital downloads.

  • Rol

    At the risk of salt + wound, if they would have left the original opening music in, would they have still had this problem?

  • SirRichard

    Why are they so intent on localising this series, of all the games Japan produces? Is it the only one whose rights they can get cheaply and easily, or is there something they see in it that others don’t?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to give the game a shot (and maybe swing for the physical release if I can, because I like rare stuff and their dedication is laudable, if nothing else), but they’re already planning on handling 3? Are there no other games you have your eyes on, fellas?

    • TrevHead

      Entrain Oddessy and other FPS Dungeon crawlers are popular on DS. The PSP on the other hand is rather bearifd of this genre with CoH1, Elminage and Unchained Blades (a 3DS port) the only games in english, none of which available in the UK/PAL

  • Is this an american release?

  • TrevHead

    Maybe they could patch in an opening at a later date? (or “leak” the cancelled opening onto YT hehe)

    .Anyway, can I have some solid clarification if this is coming to UK PSN? considering there isn’t a single Dungeon crawler FPS on UK PSN we sorely need it.

    If so can I buy the UMD / UK PSN combo pack or is it US PSN only? looking forward to buying this game, just please let us know a week or so beforehand so I can get the money together rather than risk them been quickly snapped up by collectors / scalpers buying 5 copies each to resell.

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