Final Fantasy XIII Code Gives Users Priority Access To Final Fantasy XIV Beta

By Spencer . May 3, 2013 . 1:52am

ffx14The first batch of Final Fantasy XIII shipments included a code Square Enix members code which was supposed to give players a bonus item in Final Fantasy XIV.


Did you save that little piece of paper? It may help you get access to the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn beta. In June, Square Enix will open the third phase of the beta for PC and for the first time PlayStation 3 owners. Don’t have your code? Square Enix will help look it up for you, providing that you registered Final Fantasy XIII to your Square Enix Members account.


If you’re in North America you can sign up for the Final Fantasy XIV beta here –


This link is for players living in Europe and other PAL territories –

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  • gamerdude

    they really are desperate for beta players as everyone quits after few hours.
    At the end of phase 2 the servers were nearly dead.

    The combat really needs more depth to keep us playing beyond the initial free trial month.

    • Do you even know why people stopped playing near the end? Phase 2 was essentially the same as Phase 1. With extremely limited content, it only makes sense people would get tired of it. SE even said that themselves early on.

      People will be coming back for Phase 3 and 4. You can count on that.

    • /rolls eyes… not this troll shit again.


    • hunterrnl

      Ofcourse the servers were dead. Why play if everything will be deleted a few hours later ?

      • Nee Nee

        >Why play if everything will be deleted a few hours later ?
        >Guild Wars 2.

        • Ferrick

          which died during stress test and final beta phase, your point ?

          • Luna Kazemaru

            Don’t waste you time trying to explain that.

          • Nee Nee


        • saxophone15

          Funny…I don’t ever recall my character data being deleted while playing Guild Wars 2 (not talking about beta).

    • Ferrick

      at the end of phase 2 the servers were nearly dead… at the end of phase 2… at the end… end… do you not see the paradox here ?

      Its near the end of a beta phase, no one would play it near the end when they know that it would eventually be meaningless, especially with the content that phase 2 has access to

      • Ehren Rivers

        This is pretty accurate. I was only not playing because I was busy with other things that weekend, but the general emotion from people in the last weekend of Phase 2 (that I talked to, anyway) was that most of the bugs had been discovered, all of their character data was about to be wiped in less then 48 hours, and they’d experienced most of the content they were interested in already. I saw a lot of people saying “I’m just going to wait for Phase 3”, before they realized Phase 3 was going to be about a month off.

        • Ferrick

          exactly, the idiot i was replying to only blurted out facts that he pulled out of his arse, pretty much everyone was notified already that the chars would be wiped out at the end of phase 2, and its no longer a rare information (pretty much everyone who participated in phase 2 knew), and especially near the end of phase 2, why bother levelling when the contents that we get access to is very limited, and most that i know who got to play phase 2 too pretty much said that its better to wait for phase 3 considering the content that they will get access to (one of them being limit breaks)

    • I see 9/11 in your post. It can’t mean anything good from your post.

  • Draparde

    I cannot wait for phase 3 ;;, my old character + more areas = :D

    And hopefully the Limit breaks and whatnot. since i’m itching to see them all~

  • $36598391

    What item in first print XIII shipment?

    I know XIV came with a paper that had an item code on it but not sure about XIII having one

    • Draparde

      XIII had a paper with a code that gave early access to the PS3 XIV beta, (at the time for the 1.0 ps3 beta) because it never happened there honoring them for 2.0 as well.

      • $36598391

        Ah OK thanks for letting me know

  • Herok♞

    Hope I get in since I used the code from my day 1 copy of FF13.

  • KazukiMutou

    Just for the record, if you already registered your copy of the game and don’t have the slip anymore, but still have the confirmation e-mail with the code you get for entering the one on the slip, you can use that as well. I have confirmed this with S-E themself.

    This is the e-mail you should have received back then:

    Thank you for registering your copy of FINAL FANTASY XIII for PlayStation 3!

    To reward you for the passion with which you follow our games, we have prepared a special gift for you.

    Below you will find a unique promotional code, with which you will receive a FINAL FANTASY XIV secret in-game item, and a chance to be one of the beta testers of FINAL FANTASY XIV for PS3.

    FINAL FANTASY XIV Promotional Code:


    • Don’t remember seeing that, got XIII ages ago

    • $36598391

      found the code but can’t find the spot to redeem it at

      • KazukiMutou

        Just enter it on the Beta Application website which is in the news article.

  • Cool, I knew about the whole FFXIII code thing, but couldn’t find the link for the U.S. beta application. Thank you Spencer =^_^=

    • Ferrick

      edit = nvm XD

      • Huh? lol

        • Ferrick

          at first i posted the link to the beta registration page but then i saw that it was already in the article XD

  • MrRobbyM

    *insanely throws piles of papers everywhere*


  • Eric

    I applied between phase 1 and 2 with a ff 13 promotional code… haven’t gotten in :(

    • James

      They will not send out invites for the Playstation 3 version until right before Phase 3 starts. So just because you haven’t gotten it now doesn’t mean anything. They just haven’t been sent yet!

      • Eric

        In my application, I listed that I would be able to test pc and ps3 though. They should be letting in more players for phase 3 though which is great news.

  • theboobness

    Do we need to register if we did so in the beginning with the priority code?

    • SirTeffy

      If you registered with the priority code, selected “Windows OR Playstation 3”, and got SELECTED FOR THE ORIGINAL WINDOWS BETA TEST, you do not need to reapply, and you automatically have priority for the PS3 beta.

      If you registered with the priority code and selected PS3 Only, you need to recover your code and re-apply.

      From the beta registration site:
      Players who met the Legacy campaign requirements can participate in the beta test starting from phase 1 and are not required to apply. However, we ask players who wish to participate in the PlayStation 3 beta test to apply for it.

      If you applied to be a PlayStation 3 beta tester for FFXIV Version 1.0 and were selected to test the Windows version instead, you need not apply again to test the PS3 version—your original application will be reconsidered when we start selecting PS3 testers. However, if you wish to be considered as a Windows PC tester, we ask that you apply specifically for that.

  • When the game comes out I think I’m gonna go with a Pugilist, do anyone else know which class they want to roll with? I pick this one cause I loved martial arts especially when it comes to Jackie Chan.

    • Draparde

      I was a Archer(bard) and Marauder(warrior) in 1.0, so i’ll most likely be sticking with them (though i did level Pugilist as well since i like Martial arts as well)

      i wanna wait until i see/try out all of them before im 100% sure though. since there different than they where before.

      • I wonder if I’ll be forced to pick a class with more Defense since I’ll likely be playing solo until I meet anyone online. Was the Pugilist’s Def good? So games like FF8 and Tales fighters don’t have great Def but have high HP.

        • Draparde

          They where not bad. For solo your probably best going Pugilist rather than monk, since you’re able to set abilities from other classes that help with soloing (Defense raising skills, curing ect).

          in 1.0 Monks could solo things pretty well, but you would have to rest depending on the monster, or how many you fought in a row.

          in 2.0 they are supposedly undergoing the most change compared to the other classes/jobs. (he mentioned something about being able to endlessly chain attacks awhile back. but i’m not sure if it still applies )

          • Gotta say, endlessly chaining attacks sounds cool. I know I want to team up with people eventually when i do play it, so I’ll switch to Monk once I have a team. And use Pugilist until then. I thought only White Mages could heal and everyone else would have to use items. And you saying there’s Def+ boosting spells too that Pugilists can do? I might play them even a while after teaming up! Thanks for the info!

          • Draparde

            You may already have your answer, but As a Pugilist you would be able to Use Conjurers Cure for yourself. As well as any Def+ skill that classes like Gladiator might have.

          • But how can a fist fighter use Cure? I thought I’d just get items to make up for spell. Are there no healing items in the game?

          • Draparde

            There are. in the form of potions ect.
            the armory system allows classes to use skills and spells from other classes(but not jobs).

            so a Pugilist can barrow Cure from Conjurer. (but wont have as much MP or be able to cure as well as the actual class).

            items in ARR seem to work pretty well though. you could probably make due with just potions.

          • Ok, I see what you mean. I’ll likely have a healing spell or two in case I run out of items.

        • Ehren Rivers

          I don’t recall what their Defense stat was like in 1.0, but Pugilists haven’t actually shown up in the beta yet. As Square Enix has mentioned a few times, in the first two phases of the Beta only Archers, Lancers, and Conjurers were available. The Pugilist will be selectable along with the rest off the 1.0 classes when Phase 3 starts in June.

          As for selecting a specific class, as far as I know you don’t have to. The point of the whole Class-and-Job system of XIV: ARR is the ability to solo or team up as you please. The basic classes (those which you switch between freely using the Armoury system) are made for solo play, and the Jobs (which are gemstones or something that you equip) specialize your character’s stats and give them extra abilities to gear them for a party setup.

          So for example, my Conjurer could solo fairly easy. I had Aero and Cure, so I was pretty much good. If I had the White Mage job stone, I could equip that and my stats/abilities would suddenly become focused on powerful group heals. There’s rumors that eventually classes will have two Jobs each, but no word on that.

          • Sounds complicated. I better re-read the official website’s info on these jobs and classes. This is starting to sound like you start out as a blank slate and can use stone (kinda like Materia) to alter your character to fit into a job/class. But that not what you mean right? I wouldn’t mind that, but as far as I’ve seen in trailers, all the characters were of a certain class. I didn’t see any Dragoons healing for example.

            Phase 3 is the last right? Is it gonna keep going all the way thru E3?

          • Ehren Rivers

            No, that’s not what I mean. A job is different from a class in this game. Your Class, which is what you choose on character creation, can be changed by equipping different weapons. If you were to equip a spear, you’d be a Lancer. If you equipped a staff, you’d be a Conjurer. Every class has its level stored independently, so you can be a Level 30 Archer and then switch to a Level 5 Lancer. This means you don’t have to make a new character if you decide you want to try out a new playstyle.

            In 1.0 you just had to buy the weapons, but in A Realm Reborn you have to reach Level 10 in your starting Class before you can change classes. After that, from what I’ve seen you have to go to the guild for a class (Such as the Conjurer’s Guild in Gridania) and complete a quest to get a starting weapon for it and unlock the class for changing into. It’s sort of like the systems of Final Fantasy 3, 5, and 10-2 in the sense that once you’ve unlocked a class you can change between them at almost any time.

            A Job, on the other hand, is a party-based specialization of a class. If you’re a Lancer, you equip the job stone for Dragoon and gain new abilities as well as altered stats. The Archer class’s Job is called Bard, and Conjurer’s Job is White Mage. While the stone may not be the permanent way jobs are equipped, I believe that was how they were done in 1.0 as well so it seems likely to stay that way. The goal was to make it so anybody could switch back and forth between playstyles on a whim, without having to make specific characters for specific things.

            Honestly, it’s really simple. Pick up a sword and shield, become a Gladiator. Equip your jobstone, become a Paladin as long as you have it on. Want to switch to magic damage? Pop out your jobstone and pick up a wand, and Bob’s-your-uncle you’re a Thaumaturge. Want to be the major area-of-effect damage dealer in a group of your friends? Go and snag a Black Mage jobstone, and you’ll be Thundaga’ing dungeons into oblivion in no time. Versatility and freedom are the major focal points of XIV:ARR.


            Phase 3 is not the last phase. Phase 3 is where the majority of pre-launch content is put into place, but is still a closed beta. Then Phase 4, which is an open beta (and probably just for server stress testing, to be honest), then a week or two off, then full release. If the previous phases are any indication, Phase 3 will probably start the first weekend of June and continue either to the last weekend of June or the first weekend of July. However, there is no way of knowing for sure.

            It’s worth noting that Yoshi-P claimed that Phase 4 would come out “soon after” Phase 3 started in June. This might mean that Phase 3 will be very short, just long enough to make sure the PS3 version doesn’t need heavy edits.

          • Okay I get it now. So your class is given more specific traits with Job stones. Stones assist classes. A class is set at the start of the game, and you switch classes with the weapons you equip. So if I want to stay a Pugilist, I don’t need to put on a sword (makes sense). BTW, I had no idea that these class names weren’t just made up.

            I looked up Thaumaturge and Pugilist to find out they mean “boxer” and “one who creates miracles”. I played 10-2 and watched 3 and 5. I should be able to handle this.

            But I’ll likely pick one class and fully master it since I often try to be a completionist.
            I wonder if they’ll do like FF3 and have a hidden class called Ninja or Magus. They were said to be the best classes of fighting and magic originally in class-based FF games.

          • Ehren Rivers

            Oh yeah, you can absolutely just pick a class and master it. You don’t ever have to switch off. :) The developers have talked about eventually adding more classes to the game. When ARR launches, it will launch with a brand new class called Arcanist, whose Job is Summoner!

            I have a feeling Ninja will eventually show up (they’ve acknowledged that this class has been requested by the players a lot), but for the moment physically-based combat classes are actually the most plentiful aside from crafters. The team will probably focus on more magic and non-combat classes first.

          • Ninja rarely show up in FF at all, so I see why people would want it so bad. I think Shadow was one, and Edge, and you could make on in 3 or 5 but that’s it. Auron was kind of a samurai, same with Cyan. But again, rare. Most RPGs go all knights and spear-users due to their roots with the old D&D games being European. That’s not gonna change no time soon, unfortunately. But at least the knights don’t fight slowly, they have been made aqile in some games.

          • Ehren Rivers

            That’s not really accurate.

            ~Final Fantasy I has a Thief class which
            becomes the Ninja class
            ~Final Fantasy III had the Ninja as a late-game class
            ~Final Fantasy IV has Edge
            ~Final Fantasy IV: The After Years has Edge and his apprentice Tsukinowa
            ~Final Fantasy V has Ninja as a mid-game class
            ~Final Fantasy VI has Shadow
            ~Final Fantasy VII has Yuffie Kisaragi, who is stated to be a Ninja in her official description, and calls herself “The Great Ninja Yuffie”
            ~Final Fantasy IX has Amarant, a cross between the Ninja and Monk classes
            ~Final Fantasy XI (Also an MMO) has Ninja as an advanced class, which is credited as the most popular class in the game
            ~Final Fantasy XII had no classes, but a set of weapons called Ninja Blades. In XII International (which had a job system), they were usable only by the Shikari class. (The Shikari are only not named Ninja because of an interesting culture the creator learned about, and from my understanding were originally to be named Ninja)
            ~Final Fantasy Type-0 has a ninja character named Naghi Minatsuchi, although he is not playable to my knowledge.
            ~The Ninja appears as a selectable class in all of three Tactics games, FF Dimensions, FF: 4 Heroes of Light, and Bravely Default: Flying Fairy.

            Final Fantasy II, VIII, X/X-2, and XIII/XIII-2 are the only numbered game worlds without a playable Ninja character. It’s an incredibly common archetype and class within the series, and as you can see above can be found in ALMOST every Final Fantasy with a class system. Yoshi-P’s exact words on the subject, though, are as follows.

            “We’re trying our best to create jobs while keeping the traditions of the Final Fantasy series in mind. This includes looking into bringing back jobs from previous titles such as Summoner, Thief, Ninja, Samurai, and Red Mage.”

          • Well my face is red. Some of those games I didn’t play, but I’ve played over half of the numbered ones. I should’ve never forgotten about Yuffie either. Amarant… I didn’t see him as one, but now that I think about it, he was stealthy, a loner, and sent to kill Zidane and kidnap Garnet. That’s what ninja do.
            If they really do get to put Ninja and Samurai in, I may have to play as one or both of those two at some point.

      • Kitestwinblades

        I never knew there were Bards in FFXIV!!
        Now I HAVE to try this! ~(°∀°~)

        • I first saw a total badass bard in Romancing Saga Minstrel’s Song. Before that I didn’t think much of them. Saw them as mideval hippies (lol). But from what I see in 14, looks like they’ll be as skilled as Archers.

          • Kitestwinblades

            My First experience with them was Ragnarok Online. Bashing people with guitars, using AoE’s, tarot cards, and also using a bow pretty well. Seeing even a little news of music class pretty much makes my day xD

            LOL medieval hippies. Leave it to fantasy games to make everything so much more badass x3 I’m glad to hear it! I’ll definitely go with that class first. Sounds like I really need to go back and play the Romancing Saga games.

          • In Romancing Saga I always tried to keep the Minstrel in the party as long as possible. I usually play Gray or Albert along side him.

        • Ehren Rivers

          Yep. The Archer class has ‘Bard’ as its Job, so it’s good for party play. :)

          • Kitestwinblades

            Thanks for the screenshot! Looks great! :3

  • DCBlackbird


  • PersonaSpace

    I can’t figure out if these are 0s or Os on my slip of paper.

  • I signed up and it seems I’m not allowed to sign up again. If I wasn’t picked before if there a chance I’ll be picked for the next version?

    • Ehren Rivers

      Yes, all sign-ups are kept. The pools of signups is never tossed out, so there’s a chance you’ll make it in for Phase 3.

  • artemisthemp

    I already sign up to the Beta using that code

  • NinetynineAlmaceBLU

    Beta has been fun so far. I hope SE gives us just as many memorable and funny moments in XIV as they gave in XI. Brygid the Stylist, anyone?

  • I am super glad I never get rid of anything that comes in any game case ever. I just used the link, I know im a little late, but I didn’t know about the code getting me into ffxiv beta, the piece of paper just said you get a gift, who would have know it would be something this awesome! TY Square Enix, I knew you were my favorite for a reason!

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