Drake Drops Off English Time And Eternity Screenshots

By Spencer . May 5, 2013 . 10:17pm


The cocky blue haired prince is the "protagonist" in Time and Eternity, but you actually play the game as Princess Toki who tries to save her fiancé from an untimely death. Throughout the game you switch between Toki and her alter ego Towa who uses knives in battle. Time and Eternity keeps track of the affection level between the two characters. Will you (actually Drake throughout the game) fall in love with Toki or Towa?


For more information about Time and Eternity check out our interview with producer Kei Hirono. NIS America will release Time and Eternity in North America and Europe this summer.


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  • superdry

    I like the localization I see in those screenshots. The story and character interactions are pretty fun (what I’ve read and what I could understand playing the JP version. I do need to get back to it and complete it).

    Sadly, the game is just full on repetitive. That’s the best way to describe it. Practically no variation at all. The HD animation isn’t that terrible though and it’s definitely different and has its charm. But, like the gameplay, the animation is very limited – you’ll see the same stuff throughout the game.

  • Andrew Arndt

    can´t wait to play this

  • Go2hell66

    perfect screenshot right there

  • Epitome

    Can’t Wait to play this hope they bring over the LE love the look of it.

  • Nitraion

    Lol no wonder he die… the prince is jerk lol

  • Yggdr5

    I’m still sad that a JRPG as bad as this gets localized. Think of all the great other titles NISA could have brought to us instead… :/

    • SirTeffy

      I’m still glad that a JRPG as unique as this gets localized. Think of all the generic other titles NISA could have brought to us instead.. :/

    • michel

      Could Have… But didn’t.
      I mean, it’s NISA fault, not Toki Towa’s…

    • M’iau M’iaut

      When Kana Hanazawa voices the MC and I don’t want to get anywhere near it — for those who remember my pre-mod days avatars — I’ll leave that there. It’s just awful hard to support something that doesn’t even make an attempt to expand the JRPG audience. The quality just isn’t there on so many levels, and the story uses the same anime tropes that have only kept folks away. Games that go so out of their way to advertise that they are new and unique are almost always none of those.

    • Manny Being Manny

      I’m glad they picked it up. Its right up NISAs alley, and so few of these otaku games actually get released over here, so I need to support the ones that do.

      Plus, its got Kana Hana and Eri Kitamura voicing the two mains. I’d buy it regardless of its quality due to those two seiyuu.

      • Yggdr5

        I’m ok with NISA bringing over niche-titles like Neptunia, which don’t enertain everyone, but have their audience. But Toki to Towa is a whole different kind of beast. It got awful scores/reviews at japanator, red sun gamer, levelupvideogames and the poor souls in my twitter timeline who actually played it. Ff you are still not convinced: It got a lower score at amazon.co.jp than FF XIII…

        • Pyrofrost

          To be fair, just because the FFXIII saga is popular to hate doesn’t mean that it’s bad.
          Same principle applies to well received games. There are well received games out there that I find to be shit.

          I’ve played Tokitowa game and beaten it. Personally I’m ambivalent about it. If I were to be honest, yeah…I’ve played better games; however, I’ve also played worse.
          Reviewers and gamers won’t have a shortage of things to critique with this game; but does it hit “worst game ever” status…not hardly.

        • Manny Being Manny

          Personally, I couldn’t care less about reviews. Being a huge anime fan who loves all the moe and harem stuff, I’m used to the stuff I enjoy getting bad reviews. I’d be more worried if it was getting great reviews everywhere like Xenoblade did, since that game disappointed me by being too different from what I like about JRPGs.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            You do understand Japan even nominated this game as worst of 2012 right?

          • Pyrofrost

            Personally, if I were picking a worst of 2012, Mugen Souls would get my nomination over this.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            both are bad regardless

          • Pyrofrost

            I personally don’t dislike the game. I’ve played better and I’ve played worse.

          • Welp, that cements my purchase. I enjoyed Mugen Souls, and will be picking up the next one when it releases in the U.S. Only thing I didn’t like about Mugen Souls was the ship leveling mechanic.

            As for this game, I get fond nostalgic memories of Thousand Arms when I see it. Far as I am concerned, its something new and interesting. It may be blah, but I always love new types of games.

      • Guest

        I don’t want garbage titles just because they’re bait for over-obsessed Otaku dimwits. Their original software and Atelier games usually have some good design and restraint, a lot of their other choices don’t.

        This just looks like filth and I hope the reception for it is met as such.

        • Pyrofrost

          There is no question of what kind of reception this game will get. It’s a low budget anime game.

          However, there is no reason for you to insult a fanbase just because you don’t like something.

      • Niyari

        The voice actors for Toki/Towa are the only reason I’m considering picking this up as well. Sometimes a game doesn’t have to be a masterpiece to be enjoyable.

  • hadjimurad

    I’m really interested in playing this game. Seems like it is going to be really different from the run of the mill RPG. I’m willing to sacrifice some things to see a really unique game.

  • Final Aura

    I remember reading this about a while back not sure if this is good or bad game might get

  • Just happy that I’ll be able to try it out for myself.

  • malek86

    That’s some pretty bad choice for a subtitles font.

    • I’d say that’s a pretty bad choice for a caption to introduce the “real” protagonist with.

  • Anonymous

    I’m somewhat interested in this, But i don’t like what i’m hearing about this game, And it doesn’t look like my kind of games

  • Crimson_Cloud

    I wonder if those subtitles will be barely visible in HD. And even if I’m dying for new JRPG, I’m not getting this anytime soon. I heard a lot about this game and even if it looks pretty, the whole execution is not to my liking. I’ll probably check the ones that missed like Rune Factory or latest game from Atelier series.

  • alixraen

    Screenshot #6 – Can’t stand random fanservice thrown in for no reason. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been playing a game with just a bit of that stuff, and then someone walks in when it’s on the screen.

    If it’s tucked away in a gallery or somewhere, okay, but not on the menu screen :/

    • Loading screen really? That’s your problem?
      Dude that’s really just facepalm worthy.

      • Julien_N

        It is not a loading screen. It is a menu screen which apparently indicates the level of affection of the heroine’s personalities. And on the girls’ portraits, the left-hand-side one is almost naked. That is what is bothering Alix.

        • Pyrofrost

          Look closer. Towa (the girl on the left on the affection meter) is not almost naked. She IS naked. However, she is positioned and her hair is positioned in a manner that keeps you from seeing her no-noes~
          It’s the same photograph as the North American box art, except on that Towa is clothed.

          If that screen scares anyone, then they definitely need to stay away from this game; because it’s a part of the menu that you will be visiting pretty often. Not as much as the status screen, but often enough.

          Extra information: That meter is there to indicate the level of love between the girls and the MC. This is increased between both girls through character events and various things you do in normal play. Your goal (by the end of your second playthrough) is to have both girls maxed and that arrow on the meter dead center.

          • alixraen

            Is Towa naked anywhere else in the game, or just on that one screen?

          • Pyrofrost

            There are a couple of other times, when you are doing a character event to get a picture for your gallery.

            Other than that it dishes out the fanservice completely clothed. Even in the other two nude shots, her unmentionables aren’t visible. There is no “true” nudity in the game.

          • alixraen

            Good to know, thanks for the reply.

          • Pyrofrost

            It’s a pleasure. Are you planning to get the game?

          • alixraen

            I’ve been thinking about it, but if I end up not getting it, it won’t be because of the fanservice, but I just haven’t heard much good about the game overall.

          • Pyrofrost

            Well you don’t need to feel bad if you don’t get it.
            I did enjoy it mind you, but you’re not exactly missing much if you pass on it.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    To be honest, Famitsu gave this a 32/40. Now as good as that may sound, there are mixed views elsewhere. Japanator bashed this hard and gave the import a 2/10 and Kotaku were praising it in their preview only faulting the animation, and im pretty sure there were other mixed to borderline negative reviews from other sites. Now when this gets released in NA/EU, I can only see a range between negative (2/10s) and mixed reviews(6-6.5/10s) coming in with other reviewers like IGN and Gamespot. And to be honest, as tempting as this game does look, I have to say it would be a miracle seeing this get any higher than a 6/10 review wise, and that’s being generous. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to support this, but even so, I can’t see this getting any exemplary reviews.

    • Most NISA games don’t get exemplary reviews. Usually folks who don’t play NISA style games get a hold of their games, and then bash them for all they are worth. The good thing is I think Japanese developers don’t really care about Metacritic scores, at least I hope it doesn’t affect them, so western reviewers can have a ton of fun. Good reviews, folks buy it thinking it looks neat, bad reviews, people buy out of curiosity since it looks so interesting.

  • I don’t know if it was a good idea for them to bring this over if it didn’t sell well in japan i don’t understand why it would have a market here.
    If there were serious problem with the game it’s not gonna change when its localized. This was pretty risky, I’m sure there were other nis titles they could have brought over if they wanted to.

    • Keko

      “it didn’t sell well in japan i don’t understand why it would have a market here.”

      They want to recreate what happened with Neptunia, maybe.

      • Paradox me

        The game is supposedly quite bad, so they’re off to a good start.

    • Elvick

      Many Level-5 games have sold better outside of Japan.

      Not selling well in Japan doesn’t mean it won’t sell better elsewhere.

      • Well there’s a difference between not selling a lot and not meeting the quota for looking good on sales

  • CrimsonDX

    I’m glad they are bringing this over. I don’t care if it has sub par gameplay. The presentation, the HD anime graphics, are what drew me to this game. Plus I don’t care how “generic” or “full of standard tropes” a games story is. The way I am, I will still enjoy it.

  • DesmaX

    … I dunno, I would pick this up just for the sake of supporting NISA (Especially getting that special pre-order soundtrack disc), but… The more I look this game, the worse it gets.

    I mean, am I the only one that thinks this art style is the most stupid idea ever? Seriously, you can’t even get proper depth perception like that (Pretty sure the game uses random battles because of that)

  • 果林

    im kind of glad her fiance got shot now

    • Ibi Salmon

      The guy does look like a douche, doesn’t he?

    • At first glance I thought it was bad guy (^.^; )

  • Wtv

    I was wondering if I want to play this or no. That first screen said I don’t. Thanks.

  • disqus_clIJtumyL3

    Played it japanise.

    Against all rewiews, this is pretty good thing, ill tell you. No big plot, though pretty good and unusual battle system and exploring. i’d say 6-710. though i dont get any story.

    aaaaand. it is not NiSA JRPG. its Imageepoch. pay respect )

    • I myself have a few games from Imageepoch that I adore, but come on, this isn’t a case where it can ride the coattail of prior projects that went better in comparison, especially considering it’s an entirely new IP.

      • RoxasTheUnknown1

        I know right. BRS, Sol Trigger, freaking 7th Dragon 2020-2020-II! Imageepoch can do greatness! But this!? I just don’t want this game to do so much harm we miss out on other Imageepoch games.

        • disqus_clIJtumyL3

          haha, you forgot the best one )

          and still, Time and Eternity is pretty new and unusual think, one can enjoy it. dunno why the ppl who didnt tried it is so agaist the game already.

      • disqus_clIJtumyL3

        I myself think Imageepock have titles. Better in comparison, that Time and Eternity. Which will never leave Japan. And thats a great pity.

  • I’m very excited to play this. I have been since I saw the first trailer on andriasang. :)

  • KingGunblader

    I’m still not over the massive surprise I felt to discover this game was actually getting localized. If there’s a pre-release demo I’ll try it, but I’m not holding my breath for a great game here.

  • Keko

    I’ll probably buy this game, but only after its price drops to $20 or so. I usually buy all NISA games, but this one doesn’t seem worth my money. I’d rather buy Fate Paradox and Disgaea D2.

    Oh, and I’m only buying it because of KanaHana and Eri Kitamura, but as Ar Tonelico Qoga taught me, seiyuus can’t save a bad game.

  • PowerOfTheFlamesIori

    I really don’t get all the hate. The game looks absolutely beautiful, and maybe if we support this, we’ll get more games that play like animes, only with improved features over this one.

    • Then why not wait for that better stuff to get made? I don’t think supporting an unpolished project is sending a productive message either.

      • Manny Being Manny

        You’re not going to get more otaku anime games localized if people don’t support the ones that come out. We already get only a tiny fraction of what Japan gets, so I don’t want that number to become even lower. NISA is the only company that really localizes these types of games, so I buy every one of their releases to support more games like this coming out.

        • But supporting poor effort can send a message that there are customers who are willing to put up with the current level of effort, so that doesn’t strike as a particularly motivational factor for the developers to improve. If that keeps up, the market is bound to be circulated by less-than-stellar products and would have even less possibilities to grow bigger, or even stay alive.

          • Manny Being Manny

            These small companies don’t have the budgets to make games beyond the otaku market. Even if we don’t buy it, they’ll still make it for the otaku customers in Japan since they are the only ones who will pay for the more expensive releases that are able to cover these smaller companies. It’ll just mean less games of this ilk being localized.

          • “These small companies don’t have the budgets to make games beyond the otaku market.”

            If that’s really the case, Imageepoch should have realized beforehand that they’re not capable of undertaking a project they’ve announced as “HD Animation RPG”, which was going to be costly. That’s still not an excuse to expect customers to pay for their mistakes. Like I said above, I can’t imagine a niche market of mediocre products being particularly productive in the long run either. If a market dies off because it can’t produce a remarkable product… then it’s not entirely a big loss, is it?

            And I don’t buy the slippery slope that poor sales for TokiTowa would lead to less localization chances of other games. A good product not selling well is something to be wary about; a poor product not selling well isn’t.

          • Well there is also this argument, is it a lackluster game because you and other reviewers say it is? Hyperdimension Neptunia 1 gets slammed, and for good reason, but the game is still one I will play again because it entertained me a good deal with its story. I actually like its story more than part 2. Haven’t gotten to V yet, but that is sometime this week when I finish with part 2 which I am just doing optional coliseum battles in now and leveling up in the free dlc dungeons..

            I like a lot of “bad” games. Makes me think of campy B horror or comedy movies.

          • “is it a lackluster game because you and other reviewers say it is?”

            You seem to be under the impression that evaluations are determined by personal preferences alone. That’s absolutely not the case; if it were, virtually every game could be abysmal and perfect at the same time, as per potential personal receptions. There are various standards in the industry as well as regarding various aspects of a game. Since you brought up Neptunia 1, I’ll use it as an example:

            – In the mechanics department, it’s unorganized and poorly thought out: A healing system that defeats the purpose of strategic usage of recovery in combat; a combo tree that was more complicated than it needed to be; a “make your own game CD” gimmick that they emphasized on the back cover but didn’t amount to anything significant.

            – In other technicalities, the frame rate is low for the level of graphics and objects on the screen at once. (Demon’s Souls was incomparably better, and that game loads each large area only once and then you can go around in it without further loading.) Dungeon variety is limited and repetitive, and internal design in a dungeon itself is limited and repetitive. The difficulty “curve” is “uneven”, to say the least, considering it hands over an HDD transformation early in the game that eliminates challenge; it is possible to not use HDD, but then battles become longer and adds to the tedium of monotonous dungeons.

            That’s not all I have, but I’ll stop here. To put it short, Neptunia reeks of poor planning and lazy padding (among other problems). One is free to plug their ears and go “Lalala, I still like it~”; but keep in mind that that brings me back to what I said somewhere else in this thread: “Being able to personally tolerate a game’s flaws is not a defense against its problems.”

          • True, but if it wasn’t for Neptunia, I would be sitting here bored right now, and that right there is one thing games like Neptunia, and this up and coming Time and Eternity, will cover, the itch of something to play during the months when your kind of game isn’t getting released very often on your chosen console. These games are tiding me over until Disgaea 1-2, Kingdom Hearts 1.5, and Tales of Xillia come out, and in this regard, these games do a very good job. I enjoy them enough to be worth the purchase for me.

            So I can agree that some games are horrible, but in the grand scheme of things, most of these horrible games have a part of them that is very good, kind of like a diamond in the rough scenario. In Neptunia 1, it was the story with Neptune herself making the game “totally worth it.”

            I honestly prefer having a few games like these, with inadequacies but solid in one form or another, versus being bored out of my mind waiting months till the next big game comes out. Its a case of filler games, which Neptunia, Mugen Souls, Agarest War, and a lot of DS games all fill. I wish they were a little cheaper, but eh, I would rather pay $60 than not get all these games at all.

            To sum it up, I guess you can say you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. These games have issues, but they aren’t broken messes. In Neptunia 1’s case, it was a new IP testing new ideas. In Mugen Souls, it was the exact same thing. I feel the same about Time and Eternity and that is why I will back it. Neptunia 2 has a much better combat system to part 1, so it evolved. I expect Mugen Souls Z to do the same, and if Time and Eternity gets a sequel, I expect the same thing of that as well.

            I see all sorts of people being “stupid” in buying consoles, and other high priced electronics at launch, having to deal with all the bugs, and any possible issues like the xbox 360’s rrod issue. I will just be stupid and buy my kinda generic rpg’s that, if nothing else, give me a good laugh. I am sure all the folks like me who keep NISA floating even though they release these lackluster games will be enjoying ourselves while the world around us snubs the game.

            Just for clarifications sake, I liked the new Duke Nukem game =)

          • Shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth”? That expression is entirely out of place here. These aren’t charity projects that people are supposed to be grateful for; these are products that people are expected to pay for – at full price. If you feel like paying for them, that’s your choice to do what you want with your money; but that doesn’t make a product instantly viable by industry standards.

          • Well, if you want to get into industry standards, you have to ask whose standards you go by. Sorry, but I am currently studying Information Engineering Tech, and it has a lot to do with studying industry standards in the work place, so I actually take an interest in things like that.

            The gaming industry isn’t a pretty place at the moment. With the dlc, fremium, and buy a game and still get hit up for cash while in game, the industry is far from a serene landscape. For now, I would say this industry is in a chaotic struggle to find it’s identity, and when the struggle is done, I sincerely hope a lot of bad things, /cough EA /cough, disappear and the industry can move on in a direction where developers and consumers develop a symbiosis with one another.

            As for the gift horse thing, I meant that towards me, and for me it is true. If I didn’t buy up these kinds of games, I would be stuck with shooters and other generic games 8 months out of the year since I only play one computer game and the rest of my gaming is handheld and console. If I quit backing up NISA’s unique games that they release, and other folks follow suit, then those kinds of games will quit being released over here. A lot of people don’t want that, myself included.

          • Fair points. Thanks for the elaboration. I’m not comfortable with supporting botched projects, but I’m not gonna argue about their right to exist. (As far as I’m concerned, all the rights a work needs for existence is that its creators willed it – for better or worse.)

          • Elvick

            Like Neptunia? I mean, people supported it. And it stayed crappy! Oh wait. It got better…

            So much for that.

            It can go either way. I’d rather support the interesting stuff, because it usually goes the way of improving when it’s successful. Not remaining complacent at mediocre (or worse).

            Usually when they fail, they just stop all together.

          • But in cases like Kamen Rider Climax Heroes series, they barely improved through only a few additions in yearly full-price updates, mostly relying on gimmicks (like calling back actual actors to do the voices) instead of ironing out its kinks. And it’s on its fifth iteration already. That’s just a fraction of the Tokusatsu game category it belongs to, which usually produces disappointments in an overall sizable percentage.

            I have no disagreements with what you said about how things can potentially go both ways. (Which is why I said supporting less than stellar stuff can send a wrong message – not “will”.) It also depends on each individual developer. That being said, my skepticism comes from the fact that not bothering to improve is a much easier option to take than trying to improve; and the industry being calculating as it is, that’s not a possibility one can ignore.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          But there are other options within NISAs own portfolio, and the niche was able to pass on Mugen Souls without killing the company. Fate Paradox and the Neptune series all target the otaku audience while providing some semblance of more.

          • Manny Being Manny

            Its too bad people didn’t buy Mugen Souls. Mugen Souls Z looks even better and its got Kugimiya voicing the main, but it’ll probably never get localized…

            Also, out of those 3 titles NISA announced at the same time, I’m definitely more interested in Time and Eternity than Fate Paradox. Never really was too interested in the rogue like kinda system and sending you back to level 1. I’ll buy it because its NISA, but I’m not really too hyped for it like I am for Disgaea and Time and Eternity.

      • Elvick

        If people waited for Neptunia to get polished before buying into it, we’d probably not have gotten the rest at all.

  • I would get this game if the gameplay had been different. It doesn’t looks that great to me.

  • Mir Teiwaz

    So I’m seeing a lot of comments about how this game is bad, but what’s bad about it?

    I was considering getting it just based on art style and the story idea, but now I’m curious to know why people say it’s something to avoid. I would like to avoid story spoilers in case I wind up getting it anyways, please.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Check a few game play vids, there are some here on the site. The frame rate in combat and just running around is very low. The camera angle is off and seems to only be there for the best pantsu shots, not what helps the player in combat. Most mobs are literally recolors from beginning to end. The game trumpets itself as a special anime styled RPG, when those have been around since the days of the PS1.

      Perhaps 10-12 years ago none of these would have been enough of a weakness to stay away from. Taken in total with today’s tech, Toki just stands out as one to really be careful about.

      • Mir Teiwaz

        Well, that’s $50 I won’t be spending now.

      • Manny Being Manny

        Most of those same complaints can be used against Neptunia, and Victory is my GotY for 2013 so far. Sounds fine to me.

        • …I hope you realize that “I can tolerate a game’s flaws.” is not a defense against its problems.

          • Its not a defense but its a good reason. I can tolerate a games flaws too as long as the entire game isn’t one big flaw. That was why I enjoyed Neptunia 1 so much, it was heavily flawed in gameplay but the story was just so much awesome thanks entirely to the voice actors, Neptune in particular. Shame she is so muted comedy wise in mk 2.

        • DesmaX

          Trust me, it’s way worse. I’m playing Nep V nowadays, and it’s pretty nice, I’ll give it that (Even though it’s way too grindy… ugh)

          • Thats a plus to me, I like grinding. Thankfully I am starting it this week sometime when I finish up mk 2

  • Lucian Kara

    Ya know, this makes me really grateful to Namco for releasing most of their Tales tiles here, keeps me from trying to force myself to like games like this.

  • tbustin79

    Since this game was first announced I was interested due to the art style and hand drawn work. I watched a few japanese videos on youtube and Didn’t see much of an issue with the animation of the characters. The backgrounds did not have a whole lot in them but they did not look bad. I still haven’t seen anyone give a good solid reason why this title is so horrible. I would really like to look into those complaints before picking this one up. Also something to consider is hand drawn work takes a very very long time and it is to be expected with color swaps for enemies ect. Personally if this title sold well enough to garner a sequel it would be leaps and bounds better because the foundation has been formed from this first title so that would mean more animation, enemies, detailed backgrounds and addressed complaints from the fans. The game play does look a little dull but if there are enough fans who like the idea of the game as a whole supports it then we would have a better chance to get a sequel more in the vein of what we wanted this game to be. Stepping stones. Final comment: It should also be noted that Imagepoch isn’t that large of a company so the polish isn’t going to be as nice as say a square game and Namco wouldn’t allow them the additional time they wanted to polish up the title more. Oh and does anyone know if NIS will have a special edition release from their store? Haven’t heard a peep.

    • I am going to be supporting it for pretty much every reason you listed. I hope the West can someday have the variety of games that is available in Japan.

    • Charlotte

      I was initially interested due to the artworks too, but after watching videos, I thought the the animation looks really shoddy, like the average low-budget anime. Couple that with the gameplay, which is like “Mash X or Square to win”. I can stand some repetitiveness, but this, I’ll stay clear. I’d rather play Dynasty Warriors.

  • HPN

    The only thing worse than this in the past year is the Aku no Hana anime…

    • DyLaN

      Dude, they are in the end of both sides of anime. The comparison don’t work.

  • Barrit

    Is the subtitle of the main pic staying faithful to the JP meaning? That is pretty…cheesy lol

  • WhyWai

    i tot the last time I checked, this game got some bad reviews in japan

  • Kamakuma

    Well how I see it… Even if the game is terrible (I don’t know that just going by what others have said btw) It’s still something at least. *Shrugs* Can they release better games? I sure hope so… But all in all I’ll give anything a chance once.

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