Check Out Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice’s Gorgeous Animation In A Trailer

By Ishaan . May 8, 2013 . 10:00am

Namco Bandai have released a debut trailer for Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice, their next Super Robot Wars spin-off. This is the third game in the Masou Kishin series and was announced via Famitsu magazine this week for PS3 and Vita:



Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice will be available on August 22nd for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. The game will cost 7,480 yen on PS3 and 6,480 yen on Vita.

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  • Tre W

    I’ll always love how the Masou Kishin games always have full-size models and a bit more tactical approach (re: you MUST watch your back in these games).

    After not getting any new content in this sub-series for almost a decade (beyond appearances in the OG series that just revisited the old story), it’s kind of funny we’re getting quite a bit now.

    • Koji Kabuto

      That´s because there was a dispute regarding the rights of the characters. Banpresto owned just Masaki, Ryune and Shuu and the rest belonged to Winkysoft.

      Now that the issue is solved they are free to continue with this saga.

      • Tre W


        Over at SRW Genesis, the main thing I heard was that Terada wanted to give the Masoukishin storyline a “rest” after @Gaiden (or that he was tired of Masaki’s bunch upstaging his @ Originals in popularity, if you subscribe to the more “sinister” reasoning).

        If so, then the supposed “dispute” was just another fan generated thing, much like with the whole “Huckebein” thing…

        • Sardorim

          Never forget the Huckebein series.

  • Almost no graphical improvement over Masoukishin 2 at all. Animations are also still relatively stiff, although improving slowly but surely. Still good, will probably get for Vita since Masoukishin always felt like a game for short bursts. Also really looking forward to all the new awesome CG artworks~! I love OG’s character designs~

    • Sardorim

      Is a shame but it’s an easy cash in for them and this isn’t a mainline game for them but just a side story to it. That and a remake of the old Elemental stuff from years ago, I guess….

      • LynxAmali

        -Is a shame but it’s an easy cash in for them and this isn’t a mainline game for them but just a side story to it.


        MK’s always been lesser known and liked, yes, but it has WAY more depth than the mainline OG games in terms of plot, setting and lore. If anything, the OG games themselves are sidestories to the Masoukishin story.

    • WingsOfEternity

      I never understood why the Masoukishin series have to use that kind of animation. Like I understand they wanted a slightly more realistic approach, with the 3D terrain, and how the player has to watch the direction your mech is facing and whatnot, but can’t they update it to look more like OG3’s style?

      • i guess masou kishin team is simply not that skilled, doing 3d renders actually costs much much less and takes less efforts and skill than doing gorgeous 2d like talented srt og team does.
        i turned down this spin off series couple of times already, it seems kinda boring and bland imho, might give it another try with 3rd installment

  • Is this the same series as those old Lord of Elemental games?

    • Yes, it’s a sequel to that.

      • Thanks for clearing things up. I remember those games being out in the 90s, which is why I was surprised.

  • Sardorim

    So there are two versions of the Valsion R in this, huh? Original and Inspector version?

    And why no Xenia cut in?!

  • Happy Gamer

    I used to follow and play SRW religiously until Alpha 2. Han’t played much since. But this ignites me once again!

  • I will definitely import this game, but I wonder if the DLC Code for the Valsione R is for the PS3 version or the Vita version. However, I do hope the game gets a localized version in the near future. Guess it’s Operation Hotblood and our duty to convince Namco Bandai that we want some Super Robot epicness on this side of the planet.

  • MrTyrant
    • Xenia forever the best Masoukishin girl~ <3

    • Sardorim

      It was such a huge shame that she was teased in 2nd OGs but than she never returned to your party. It just isn’t the same without Xenia.

  • bassgs435

    Delicious Neo Granzon…

    on the enemy side with Shu with his troll smirk going against masaki , of course

    • Sardorim

      Shuu always finds a chance to troll Masaki.

  • bassgs435

    screw SMTIV , Bioshock and every other game . SRW GOTC (GAME OF THE CENTURY) , year of Luigi? after SRW UX , SRW OE and Pride of Justice , I redub the year as the year of SRW
    *total fanboy fangasm rant , plz ignore , kthx*

    • If Namco Bandai also announces a western localization for the OG games then we can truly call this the year of mecha awesomeness.

      • Carabutifarra

        It’s not necesary, the games are right where they are ;)

        • Well, if it’s possible to achieve, then why not ;). Why should the Super Robot Wars Original Generation series have to stay in Japan only? Lots of potential SRPG fans and mecha fans are missing out on something grand. It’s been 6 years since OG 1 and 2 for the GBA, so I’d look forward to a return of the “Super Robot Parade”.

      • Alexander Marquis Starkey

        Actually, the localizations were by Atlus.

        • For the GBA ones and Endless Frontier, mind you. However, I’m 75% certain that at this moment Namco Bandai has the localization rights of the Super Robot Wars Original Generation franchise. So if we’ll get a OG game localized in the future, it will likely be done by Namco Bandai.

          • I need to find me more games like Endless Frontier. Played all the DS dragon quests, and numerous other rpg’s, and Endless Saga is still my favorite rpg on the system. I just love the over the top fighting animations.

          • Alexander Marquis Starkey

            Project x Zone. It’s made by the same dev team that made Endless Frontier.

          • Already pre-ordered =P

  • Exkaiser

    Gid looks kinda like Daniel Craig, doesn’t he?

    I’m okay with this!

    • MrTyrant

      Actually I think he is an spy from our world wasn’t he? or maybe it’s was his mech and style that made me think that he was a James bond kind of character, maybe a reference.

      Don’t know that guy nationality. Most Masoukishin pilots come from different countries.

  • Janey Cho

    Funny fact is we have a chance for this to come into america since og

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      We didn’t get the first 2 games…

      • Doesn’t have to be an entire problem. Chances are that previous events will be retold or re-explained just like how it’s done in 2nd SRW OG for the PS3. Which makes the game(s) practically newcomer friendly – which makes sense since the previous Masou Kishin games were either on the DS or PSP.

  • Janey Cho

    I hope they finally explain Asakim Dowin

  • Janey Cho


  • s07195

    Wait a minute… by Masou Kishin 2, wasn’t Valsione already upgraded to Valsione R? Then why is the product code for a downgrade?

  • Kevin Schwarz

    Okay, another SRW game we won’t see over here. So to this bassgs435 think about it again before saying screw you, to all those awesome games WE CAN ACTUALLY play.

    • 1. You can import the games. 2. Together with Operation Hotblood we can make a difference! If we make our voices heard and convince Namco Bandai we really want some super robot epicness at this side of the pilot, we may increase our chances of getting SRW OG games in the west in the near/far future.

      • Kevin Schwarz

        1. Sure you can import, it costs 300% its price. if you don’t speak japanese then it’s useless, don’t you think? 3. Yeah, I am sad just like you, probably, because like OG2, we won’t get it over here. The SRW fanbase is big over here, but not big enough to make it out of the niche circle…so the chances for Bandai to bring it over are very, very slim. Too bad because these are solid-fun games.

        • 1. That’s too much of a hyperbolic exaggeration. I have seen the prices, and it’s quite around this mentioned price – on AmiAmi it’s 12% off its original one.
          2. Ideally, I want the game in English because I want to enjoy the story and love to know what kind of hotblooded speeches they are delivering. Sure, there’s is a strong base and even potentially a larger one for SRW here, and sure it’s niche (just like Tales Of, Persona, Fire Emblem, Disgaea), but it’s not obscurely-niche.
          If chances are slim, they can only be upped and that’s our job to do. We have to support Operation Hotblood, spread the word, raise awareness about this amazing franchise and convince Namco Bandai that we want those PS3 and Vita Super Robot Wars Original Generation games here.

          • Kevin Schwarz

            Sure, and what’s the point of playing a game if you don’t understand what’s going on? Just to watch the animations? Just to see robots fighting? Don’t answer, I understand where you stand. The problem is, I, like most people I know, don’t play a game just to see how nice it looks.

            It would be nice to have it over here, but I don’t see that happen, given the fact that the first and second Masou Kishin games didn’t make it either.

          • Unless, of course, previous events get told in Masou Kishin 3 just like in 2nd SRW OG (that game has an event theatre that recaps events from previous OG games).
            Kevin, I understand you, though it’s funny because a lot of SRW fans just play it because of the gameplay and how awesome it looks and such. They will likely use Akurasu to understand the menu and such. That’s just the normal habit to do when it comes to Japanese import games.
            I’ll import them eventually due to already being familiar with previous SRW games, so it’s no big deal, though not knowing what’s going on always rubs me the wrong me, especially when it’s a OG game.
            Nonetheless, whether the chances are slim or not, I’ll keep fighting and spreading awareness about the Super Robot Taisen OG games because we truly need some (robot/strategy) epicness here on this side of the planet.

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