Phantasy Star Online 2 Is Getting Extreme Quests For High Level Players

By Ishaan . May 11, 2013 . 2:00pm


Phantasy Star Online 2 is getting “Extreme quests” reports the Phantasy Star Blog. These are VR simulations that are meant for advanced players to test their mettle against harsh conditions and are made available at level 50 and higher.


Enemies in Extreme Quests are at least at level 60, and feature combinations of enemies and bosses that you don’t otherwise see in the regular campaign. In order to gain access to these quests, you’ll need an Extreme Pass, with one being issued every 22 hours.


From May 15th to June 12th, the game will also feature a limited time event titled “With Rain and Wind”. This is a quest where you’ll find bosses like Fang Banther and Chrome Dragon, and Frog Rappies will drop the BuRappy Twin Machine Gun.


Additionally, Phantasy Star Online 2’s MAG level cap is now 175.  You can find more details on recent features added to the game at the Phantasy Star Blog.


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  • Any beta news?

    • Crevox

      Are you referring to English beta? No, no news. SEGA delayed the game for an unstated reason and has said nothing since. It took forever for us to get THAT out of them.

      • Dam

      • $36598391

        I really hope that PSO2 is released in NA for both the PC and Vita but I have little to no faith in Sega of America to devote the time they should into the game
        PSO was way behind in terms of content here that Japan had
        Same with PSU
        Both Phantasy Star Portable 1 and 2 had extremely watered down localizations with none of the DLC that Japan got for either title, options to access the download content were completely removed, also both were released while the PSP was very much alive in NA
        Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity was skipped completely
        PSO2 will more then likely be severely behind in content when it gets released over here, I would be very surprised if the Vita version doesn’t get released outside Japan
        Sadly this is the truth that Sega doesn’t care one bit about their
        fan base or their customers outside Japan anymore

        • Crevox

          The portables are somewhat understandable; the DLC simply wouldn’t have a high purchase rate in the US. Ditto for infinity, the game was an “expansion” to PSP2. They can automatically assume PSP2i will sell less than PSP2, and if PSP2 didn’t do well… it brings it to be the first Phantasy Star game to not hit Western shores.

          At this point, in my personal opinion, PSO2 would need some decent marketing to succeed over here. The game definitely has an eastern gameplay style to it that won’t fit well among western gamers. The game kinda demands a fair amount of time from you in a repetitive form of gameplay, something that most people here won’t tolerate. Not to mention, the majority of people that want to play PSO2 or know about it are already on PSO2 JP and playing.. and are highly unlikely to want to start over in the US. Not only does SEGA of America have a bad track record with PSO games online (subscriptions, extremely slow updates, early server takedown, poor customer support, etc) but no one wants to lose all they’ve created and gathered on the other server. Furthermore, if SEGA released PSO2 over here, I would imagine they would aim for a staggered release approach with content, in order to draw out the game’s life and customers so that people will get a steady stream of updates… which will not fly with anyone that has played PSO2 JP or knows what they have. Even the microtransaction system (random card drawing for items) is pretty iffy over here.

          All in all, if they want the game to be released over here and have an honest chance at success, they have to cover a few things:

          1. Current players on the JP server need to be satisfied; promises of better game support for US server (updates and such) and perhaps even character transfers.

          2. They need a good amount of marketing to attract new players.

          3. They need to adjust some microtransaction prices/items/models. Currently, you can’t trade items with other players without paying for premium monthly, and that will NOT fly over here.

          4. Perhaps some experience curve/drop adjustments… the game needs to fit better over here, otherwise people are gonna drop the game quick (and first impressions are everything).

          The game definitely has issues for release over here. We already know they have a fair amount of localization work complete (there was a playable build at some expo, forget which one) but I hope they simply realized that they’re gonna have to put forth some effort if they want the game to succeed over here (and hope they did not just cancel it).

          • Agreed, there are a lot of changes that games usually have to go to be viable here. Like how here Monster Hunter Online play is free while in Japan you need a subscription and probably DQX will do the same. I’m currently playing in the JP servers whenever I need my fix of PSO but would not mind changing to US servers when/if those become available.

            I dont mind the game not being on the same version as in JP, just gives me more time to play what its currently available. Dont need lv 50 quests when I barely get into the game

            I hope if they modify the level curve they dont make it super easy to level or raise the drop rate a lot when they bring it here (unless is for an event). Finding a rare in every run and being whay above level for my current quests just by doing the story ones killed the fun I had in DFO for me.

  • Crevox

    “Additionally, Phantasy Star Online 2’s MAG level cap is now 175.”

    Not until the update, of course.

  • NeoAthanasius

    I’m still hopeful that we will see this in English someday. I hope…

    • Ferrick

      we can only dream mate… Its currently in video game void on SegaNA and no word from them ever since the “delay”

      • Just Tim

        Shall we talk about the fact that AT&T and Comcast have a virtual duopoly in the SF Bay Area, where SEGA’s US HQ is at? It’s a good start.

        • Ferrick

          i don’t think its the problem about the NET broadcasting that caused the delay for PSO2 itself, but SegaNA themselves are the problem

          • ZEROthefirst

            I know SegaNA, screw you guys for even bothering to localize a game. Just get out of here and do nothing for us at all.

          • Ferrick

            … what ?

          • Strid

            That’s pretty much the extent of what they’ve been doing for us for a while now. How is that rock you’ve been under?

    • MyBodyIsReady

      We all are my friend…we all are…

    • Joshua Myers

      I hope as well i had my hype to its peak and now its sorta dead

  • Tyler Beale

    And the release date is when again?

  • Just Tim

    Gah, every time I see a not-yet-released-but-planned-for-US release game, I end up quoting a certain Paula Cole song’s chorus…

    • SirTeffy

      Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

      • Guest

        No, but same album.

      • Just Tim

        I might as well give away the answer…

        “I don’t want to wait for our lives to be over
        I want to know right now
        What will it be?
        I don’t want to wait for our lives to be over
        So will it be ‘yes’ or will it be…

  • Sef

    How about regular quests for westerners.

  • How about releasing this in english?…

  • TheExile285

    Meanwhile in NA….

    • Vesperion

      You’re doing it wrong

      • Kai2591

        I actually checked this article just to see if this image was posted again.
        thanks! lol

      • MiniTaurus

        I always lol whenever see this joke XD

    • ShadowDivz

      Damn you beat me to it.

  • Up top it says USA, but we don’t even have the game yet………… -_-

  • Ben Chau

    A mode that actually rewards skillful players. IN PSO2!? Madness!

  • notforsale

    I hope it isn’t too hard like with inferno difficulty in Diablo 3. I don’t think anybody enjoyed vanilla inferno difficulty…

  • Triplicity

    “Additionally, Phantasy Star Online 2’s MAG level cap is now 175.”

    PFFF I spent such a long time feeding my MAG a ridiculous amount of PA discs and furniture to get it to max level before

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