Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Adds Jacky Bryant From Virtua Fighter

By Spencer . May 21, 2013 . 9:59pm

imageTeam Ninja made more characters for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. When the game was revealed Momoji from the Ninja Gaiden series was confirmed to be in the game. Famitsu announced Ein from the Dead or Alive series and Jacky Bryant from Virtua Fighter will also be in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.


In Japan, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate will be released on September 5 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • CptPokerface

    Nice, I know a lot of people were holding out for Ein, so this little bit of news is sure to please a lot of people.

  • Kenneth Richardson

    Sweet! Momiji and Jacky confirmed, and I’m pretty sure that was Leon shown at the end of Momiji’s trailer. That’s at least three new fighters. I also hope they bring Ein back.

    • This article just confirmed Ein. You did read it, right?

      • Kenneth Richardson

        I must have overlooked those three letters. Anyways, that makes four. Some would say that’s enough new fighters to warrant a repurchase.

        • zaidandzhadow

          Please don’t say that Eileen is my and many fav character so we have to get her i would be a little sad if with al the hype she doesn’t make the final cut

        • Zurashii

          Don’t worry about a repurchase, they will have it as DLC for people who has owned the original. Just like how Capcom did it for Street Fighter Arcade Edition.

  • TrannyMagic

    I hope they don’t just add more VF characters and Leon and Momiji… to me Momiji is a mix of Kasumi/Ryu… like how Xiba in SCV felt (for me) like a mix of Mina/Killik :// I definitely wanted more VF characters but now that we’re actually getting one I feel like they’re just filling in slots with VF characters to make a bigger roster when they could be adding their own characters with different fighting styles but I’ll just wait and see.

  • Hours

    Jacky is cool, but I hope that’s it for Virtua Fighter characters. Four guest characters is pushing the limits IMO.

    Bring on the brand new DoA characters now. I want some fresh meat!

    • they could add Rachel from Ninja Gaiden like they did momiji but i have no idea what fighting style she would use or how she would fight

  • The first thing that popped into my head was “YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.” Jacky lol, what a character.

  • doubleO7

    Still keeping my fingers crossed for Ryo Hazuki, although I suppose his moveset would be nearly identical to Akira’s, wouldn’t it? At the very least Akira should get Ryo’s trademark brown jacket w/ jeans as a new costume.

    • Guest

      I dunno how true this image is but it’s neat regardless.

      edit:huh, disquis isn’t letting me post images…could someone delete this posts then?

    • Tee Niitris

      Sega actually did that with Virtua Fighter 4. Sega always wanted to put him in Virtua Fighter, but felt he was too similar to Akira. In VF4, Akira could be fought using Ryo’s outfit and name.

      This might be the same reason he’s not in DoA5.

  • Linhua

    … DAMN IT Eileen they skipped you again… T^T

    • zaidandzhadow

      hey friend please help me get TN on the nerves by posting to their Tweeter account or FB account post requesting Eileen as i’ve seen how much they base their decisions about what’s posted there and they have done everything that people keeps spamming in the FB page

      • Linhua

        … o.o … m-my you’re… you’re pretty serious, aren’t you…

        … well… okay… i’ve never done this before… nor have I used the Facial Book or that Twitcher… but if you’re sure… then I guess i’ll give it a try…

        … for Eileen.

        • zaidandzhadow

          let give it our effort
          thumbs up

  • Nitraion

    I want eileen and aoi also chara customize… :p

  • TheExile285

    I’m a little miffed that TN didn’t add any of this in DoA+

    I know the game sold poorly but that might have changed if this stuff have been included since they didn’t add that much. I feel kind of burned but I will probably buy this since I was holding out for a DoA on my PS3.

    Also makes Cross Play pointless since most of the (small) PS3 community will flock to this.

    DLC patch would be better than nothing…

    • DOATEC T.V

      Why would they add it to DOA5+. DOA5+ simply served as a on the portable version of DOA5

      • TheExile285

        So more people would have bought it? So all the people who did buy it don’t feel burned because they removed Tag but didn’t add anything of equal value. What is DOA5U? Its not DoA6, its DoA5 + more content.

        I wouldn’t be complaining if they announced this 6 months after it came out but I got the game the day it came out in NA and that was barely 2 months. Please don’t tell me you are trying say that is OK.

        • DOATEC T.V

          Not saying it’s okay, but TN also released a video stating that it would just be a on the go version of DOA5 with no special content or any extra’s. So I didn’t expect much from it to begin with.

    • Slayven19

      Naw that wouldn’t have made me buy the vita version soley because the game is on vita and I don’t want to play fighters on handhelds. The vita version of the game would have tanked no matter what they’d have done, just look at vita sales for any game in the west.

  • 4 VF characters, seriously? Even after the DOA5U additions we’re still missing more than 4 DOA characters, how about putting THEM in instead?

    • Pokahontas McGuigan

      whos missing?

    • Slayven19

      No one of importance is missing bob. Leon and Ein are in the game now so what the hell are you talking about? Unless you mean the worthless bosses like tengu and genma being playable.

  • if anyone, i want Lion from virtua fighter…

    • Francesco D’Arcangeli

      I wanted LAU!
      But even Lion could be nice… but why Jacky? I mean, there’s already Jann Lee for the JKD, and a Bryant is enough!

  • Zhizn Snake

    One more VF character, as I know many people have been hoping for more of them before, makes for too much to be considered “guests” at this point for me. And from what I’ve seen almost every virtua fighter character has fans asking for them to get into DOA… to me it just makes no sense to add any more when the only logical step I can see is to make a full-blown DOA vs VF instead.

    I wish they could have mixed up the guests some more if they wanted to go for this many, rather than just have them all from VF. Someone from Koei or another Tecmo game, maybe.

  • ThomasTruong

    He done handcuffed lighting.

  • KuchikiSentou

    Yosuke-san wants to drive me insane. This is such fantastic news!!

  • Pokahontas McGuigan

    out of all the game crossovers they could have done VF is definitely the lamest.

  • Hmm interesting i was hoping for eileen or Aoi but i’m still glad they added another VF character

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    I…… literally hoping for DOA vs VF in the upcoming future lol.^_^

    what is so different between ein and hayate?

    leon and bayman??

    • zaidandzhadow

      play the game please and stop blabbering

      • ???

        so blindly buy the dlc regardless of how fishy it seems?

        duplicate chars? really? how much will i have slightly different versions of hayate, hayabusa & bayman for ??

        should i remind you that 15 bucks is how much cost a 6yo game with 20ish chars(vf5fsd)??

        will that doppelganger dlc with

        no eileen(lightest build)

        no takaharashi(heaviest)

        no goh ….bring the variety i wanted this game to have??

        i hope they correct their horrible breast physics it rots the game on so many levels! they got it right with razor edge!

        • zaidandzhadow

          I can call mself a DOA pro and believe me while Leon and Bayman have the same martial art they are very different, BUt Ein and Hayate iterations of Hayate have completely diferent gameplay, i mean complete, Ein was Boss since DOA2 so he was almost untouched up to DOA4 and that means a lot,

          I’m ok with you requesting new characters like Eileen the tournament favorite of VF5 and powerhouse of VF5FS

          I’m the first one to ever get disgusted by the boobs or breasts physics since DOA1 because that attract many stupid noobs to the fighting game i like more than anything and the shittiest fanbase for a game ever you should see all the stupid request at DOA facebook page like sexy police women i mean what the hell is wrong with the world these girls are fighters, real hot girls are out THERE, i just hate those losers, sorry

          • Harrison

            True, but lets face it, before this DoA it was always considered a “boobs & bruises” series. Granted that in just about every fighter there is a “sex bomb” character or 2, but this series takes the cake. Side games like the 2 “Dead or Alive Extreme” games don’t exactly help garner it any credibility. One of the reasons I thought that the VF characters were put into this one was so that it’d hopefully be seen as a serious fighter, because lets be honest, the VF series is the 3D fighting games gold standard for a reason. Odd how the thing Itagaki wanted to happen came about AFTER he either left or was thrown out.

            Having written the above, I don’t like the trend I’m seeing in 3D fighters where “guest” characters from other series have to crop up in order to give a reason for people to buy & play the game. To me that sez that the game can’t stand on it’s own without those characters, & it should be able to more then stand on it’s own without them… I don’t care what fighter you refer to.

            Personally I felt that Ein should’ve been left out, he got his memory back. the game would’ve been better served by incorporating Eins moves into Hitomis repertoire Same thing with Gen Fu, he trained Eliot for a reason, that reason being so Eliot can take his place.

    • Harrison

      Ein is basically Hayate when he’d lost his memory. When he was “Ein” his combat style was reminiscent of Hitomis. I’m not too sure on Leons side, I know Baymans is Sambo since he’s Russian… Leon isn’t I don’t think.

      • from memory, he is so much the same thought leon WAS the real name of bayman

  • i would have liked a short and cute character instead of ein like eileen or the big return of raidô….a nice wolf/bass fight could be cool too….

    • Francesco D’Arcangeli

      Hah! Wolf vs. Bass would’ve been great!
      Even Jeffry could be nice… that way we’d have 2 blacks (unless we’re counting Lisa). Or Vanessa (though surely DOA does not run short of babes…)

      • yeah and jeffry is a no bullshit guy so the opposite of that crazy guy

  • Lucian Kara

    Are they serious? We already have a Jeet Kun Do user in Jann Lee. Eileen, Aoi, or Leon would’ve been far batter choices imo.

    • Harrison

      Frankly I’m sick of them putting in ninja characters, 4 is more then enough & now Momiji will make it 5. Yes, I know they’re called “Team Ninja”… but still. Oh well there’s still DoA6 I suppose. I’m glad they put in an MMA character in Mila (a 1st in a fighting game as far as I can tell), I just wish she were more versatile.

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    No! I wanted new female characters!

  • evilmajikman

    Hopefully Rachel will be added in this time.

  • Joseph

    Can someone tell me if this fighting game is any good? I’ve heard great stuff about it but i’m still not sure. My favorite fighting game is the Tekken series.

    • Lucian Kara

      It’s a really good game. It’s not quite as technical as Tekken from the start, but it provides for faster, more interesting matches as well as some killer comebacks. Here’s one of my random low-level(I suck lol) matches, may it enlighten you.

      • Joseph

        @luciankara:disqus and @Neppygear:disqus
        Thanks you guys. Much appreciated :) I just had to know. Is the net-code for multiplayer good?

        • Lucian Kara

          Yeah, I regularly fight a friend that lives in Australia with nearly no lag.

          • Joseph

            Sounds good, Might check this out then

          • Lucian Kara

            More power to you bro.

        • Harrison

          Could be better. I use SCIVs & SCVs code as my standard, & it’s not as good. Hope they improve on it for DoA5U.

          • Lucian Kara

            Odd since I’ve had the opposite problem. I get Lag Spikes all the time on SCV even if I’m playing in the same city with a similar connection as the person.

    • Neppygear

      It’s very different from Tekken, but I don’t think it’s any worse. It’s more focused on being fun than it is being challenging and technical.

    • Harrison

      Have you ever played any game in the VF series? DoAs mechanics were originally based off of it. In fact I tend to refer to DoA as “VF Lite” since the execution of moves tends to be easier then with the VF series. In VF you either do the move or you don’t, since you’ve got to be exact.

      The main weakness with DoA5 is it’s online component. It’s a LITTLE BIT better on 360 then on PS3 side, but that’s not saying much. If you plan on primarily playing it offline you won’t care. My hope is that the online component (netcode) is vastly enhanced for DoA5U.

    • zaidandzhadow

      Back in the PSone days i was a Tekken fan big fan really, then i played DOA2 in the Dreamcast and i’m now a Really big fan of Team Ninja and not even touched a Tekken too much, i’m hungry for DOA, In technical terms It’s a faster game, the counters make you feel like in another fighthing level, as no one would let be punched or kicked until the other fighter finished his her combo.

  • Erwin MadJelly

    I got a feeling it’s gonna be like Ultimate MVC3!! When you bought the first you thought there’s not gonna be a 2nd disc, well tada…. ><

  • Yamaneko22

    Did i just saw David Bowie?

  • Zurashii

    That’s just awesome. If they added a brand new character to this, it would be perfect.

  • katzedan

    For some reason I’m starting to feel like an idiot for getting the first version on the release date :(

    • Linhua

      … you’re not alone… =

      … from the first moment I saw that there were Virtua Fighter characters in the game… a very small part of me had a feeling there would be DLC… because no matter WHO they picked to be in the game… there would be unsatisfied customers (like me and that other fellow down there with that Eileen thing)… and next would sprout those “What if” questions… followed by the final product; THIS. XD

      … I just… never thought the DLC would come in the form of another Disc .-.

      … honestly, I think 4 VF characters is enough before this title suddenly turns into Dead Or Alive X Virtua Fighter… and now, well… you can see what it’s like to have a tag team Virtua Fighter battle with no DOA characters involved. And to add to that bonus… there are just as many guys as there are girls! =D

      .. honestly though, since we have a 5th Wheel Ninja (Momiji)… I want a 5th Wheel Virtua Fighter… T^T … GIVE ME EILEEN.

      …I’M MIGHTING YOU WITH ALL MY BEG… @[email protected]

    • Sakurazaki

      I’m not. I’m sure TN is able to do this because of the first version purchases and the responses/feedback they received from it.

      That’s what my heart would like to think, anyway…

  • Fawk yeh Jacky Bryant! :D

  • Tee Niitris

    Famitsu has pictures and all that good stuff.

    Also, the price in Japan is lower than the average retail release, likely meaning the price will be reduced overseas too (doing otherwise would be foolish).

  • Gilgamesh2025

    Much as I would like to buy DoA5 Ultimate, I already own the original game! -.-”
    I hope Team Ninja will do it like Capcom with RE5 and the Gold Edition of it, so we can later buy the characters, maps and other extras as DLCs.

    • Harrison

      So am I, but I’m starting to doubt it.

      • Gilgamesh2025

        Yeah, me too … -.-”

  • Francesco D’Arcangeli

    Man, if they needed to add another VF character I wish they had added Lau…I was longing for a Lau / Gen Fu tag team (“Grumpy old kung-fu toting seniors”) :D not to mention a Lau / Pai tag (“Eat your heart out, Bass & Tina!”)
    Ok, enough with the chitchat. I’m new to DOA, but wasn’t Ein like Hayate with amnesia? How in heavens can he be playable (ok, maybe he’s not in the storyline, or someone cloned him :D)

  • Teepo 64

    Hopefully a release date will come soon, and a longer trailer for the game. :)

    • Harrison

      I think it might be September or October or a bit later stateside, I know Japan is getting it during the beginning of fall. here in the states we tend to get it after they get their version & Europe & Canada tend to get it after us. TK/TN could surprise us & release it for everyone at the same time, but it’s rare a company does so.

  • now this is awkward, i can’t imagine Jacky to be toned down to an inferior DoA battle system

    • Harrison

      I consider DoAs battle system to be “VF Lite”. One could argue that VFs system being SO technical is far less fun (I consider it to be pulling teeth myself since there is no “close enough”). As with Sarah, Pai & Akira some moves will be lumped into others to make the movesets smaller to fit into DoA5U.

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