Tales of Xillia Limited Edition Announced For U.S. [Update]

By Ishaan . May 30, 2013 . 10:20am

Namco Bandai have announced a limited edition for Tales of Xillia which will be available at all U.S. and Canadian retailers for $60. The limited edition was introduced in light of the strong response to the Tales of Xillia collector’s edition, Namco say.


The limited edition of Tales of Xillia will come with the game, exclusive collectable character profile booklet, music CD and two DLC costumes. It will be limited to the game’s first-print run.


If you’ve already pre-ordered the game, you will be automatically upgraded to the limited edition of Tales of Xillia. The game will be released on August 6th in North America.


Update: We’ve gotten clarification regarding the contents of the collector’s and limited edition of the game. From a Namco Bandai e-mail sent to Siliconera:


“The costumes, character profile booklet and music cd are exclusive to the Limited Edition, while the Milla Maxwell figure, art book and music selection CD are exclusive to the Collector’s Edition.”


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  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Ooh this is pretty damn good

  • epy

    To think Tales is getting a limited edition physical release in the US. It would have been unthinkable a couple of years ago. We’ve come so far… *sniff*

    • ShadowDivz

      I know…. Hold me.
      The tears just won’t stop. T_T

      • Rob Hestar

        Is that dlc costumes in your pants or are you just happy too see me?

        • ShadowDivz

          A little bit of both. xD

    • Dillon Rider

      i know right, just think of what the future can hold as a tales fan. think of all the tales games we wont have to miss out on now.

  • They have not posted these on gamestop yet. I wonder if they will or not.

  • I wonder if they’ll be bringing the [email protected] costumes over

    • Radiosity

      I rarely used them. Largely thanks to costume-specific BGM being forced on that you can’t turn off except by removing the costume. If you’ve got another costume with a BGM in the first party slot then it’ll override the BGM of character costumes further down the list, but that’s a clunky fix at best.

    • Anime10121

      They did for Graces F, so I’m sure they will for Xillia too :)

      • Arrei

        Uh, last I checked, they didn’t.

        • Anime10121

          I think I may have been thinking about the school uniform DLC, it also changed the battle songs if I remember right. But hey, it’s been a while since I’ve played Graces F so I may be mixing up my memories.

    • Spirit Macardi

      I’m hoping for the Star Driver costumes, considering they screwed us out of the Code Geass outfits for Graces.

      • phangtom

        Can’t really say they screwed us over. It’s probably because of licensing issues. Just because their JPN branch has rights to it, it does not mean the NA/EU also hold the license to them as well.

        • Spirit Macardi

          Actually they do. Bandai Entertainment owns the rights to Code Geass in the US. In other words the door was wide open, and they still passed it by.

    • fireemblembeast

      I’ll be mad if they do, because I’m ordering the Asia version and getting a JP PSN card just to get those specific costumes I know they won’t give us. I’m really only getting the western release to support it and to understand the story (and the milla figurine). There’s gonna be a lot of going back and forth, lol. Anyways, I really doubt it.

      • dotzeno

        I have a BLAS copy of Xillia and I can’t confirm if the dlc corresponds to the Asia or Japanese region. I can tell you that my BLAS copy works with the Hong Kong PSN.

        • fireemblembeast

          I’ve asked around. People say both would work.

          • dotzeno

            Just following up. Did it work? Curious about this since some games lock the dlc to the corresponding region specific profile (injustice). I would be angry about this if my Hong Kong account wasn’t my main.

          • fireemblembeast

            Oh, um, sorry, I haven’t gotten the game yet, but I plan to next week or the week after, when I finish school. >_< But I've asked multiple people on gamefaqs and they told me it worked for them, so…I mean I can try it out when I get it and tell you but I'm almost sure it works.

          • fireemblembeast

            Okay, I played it today and japanese dlc works with no problems. :3 I had to make a HK psn account for the first print dlc that came with it and I used my JP account for all the other stuff, and it’s all perfect. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference

      • doubleO7

        Well, Namco Bandai owns [email protected] right? Its not too much of a stretch to think we’ll see those in the english version. The licensed anime costumes are a lot less likely.

        • Alexander Marquis Starkey

          Idolmaster mights probably are at microsoft in the west, but we just don’t know.

          • doubleO7

            Why would Microsoft have it over here? The only connection between them and this series is that the first game was Xbox exclusive in Japan. But that has nothing to do with the those of us in the West.

  • Ava1on

    This new stuff better also be in the figure edition.

    • Magicks

      You mean the DLC? I hope so too; it would be strange if they made us buy two different editions in order to get everything. :T

      • Ava1on

        With they way DLC is handled nowadays, you may not be far off (which is unacceptable).

      • Well the DLC is going to be seperate, the collectors edition doesn’t have any DLC either

        • When I preordered the figure edition they automatically added a couple of DLC costumes to the order for 0.00. :)

          • Oh ya? wow nice

            I was about to order it from the Namco Store too ^ ^

          • So i preordered the collectors edition from the Namco Store, where will it show the DLC costumes?

            Thanks ^ ^

          • For me it showed up in the final basket and on the confirmation email. They were different costumes from those above, though, presumably because the two versions have different bonuses. :)

          • Darn, they just canceled my order

    • ShadowDivz

      is the figure edition coming to canada?

    • JamesMarrshal

      So any confirmation as to the differences between CE and LE? Because buying both would suck…

      • Ladius

        CE has a larger artbook and the Milla action figure, which in turn means a larger box.

    • Aqua King

      I don’t understand why this DLC is not in the collector’s edition as well :/ I hate when games do this (or release different pre-order bonus’s depending on which retail you pre-order from) I am also confused as to why this limited edition appears to have a complete music CD while the more expensive collectors edition has a ‘music selection’ CD.

      • Alexander Marquis Starkey

        Well the DLC was a preorder bonus so if you preordered the collectors edition, your getting it anyway.

  • DesmaX

    Hope they’ll put Interstitial World in that OST

    • Tyler Beale

      The World Map theme, I take it? My pick would be the OP edit of progress. That is, if they’re even putting it in the US version to begin with.

      (Hey, I know you…..I think…)

      • DesmaX

        None of these Pre-order Soundtrack discs gives the opening theme. Probably because it’s way too expensive to license them to give them for free

        Interstitial World is the Last Dungeon theme:

        • Tyler Beale

          I’ll listen to it only when I get the game and get there.

        • I bought the soundtrack , it’s in my room somewhere

  • brwcrw

    Is this character profile booklet the same as the 100 page art book listed in the CE?

    • Javen

      I’m assuming it is equivalent to the European day one edition, if so the art book is 52 pages

  • Javen

    Didn’t feel the need to pre-order since I wasn’t gonna get the limited edition, but im glad its coming to north america, time to pre-order

  • Spirit Macardi

    Wow, Namco did something cool!

    I guess there really is a first time for everything.

  • AkuLord3

    Still want to get a chance for the CE one but if not i’ll get the LE…either way Namco you done GEWD~

  • YoshEE

    So will the Collector’s Edition have the DLC too? Sorry I am kind of confused on that part only.

    • Well they didn’t specify it exactly just said if you bought the game

      • YoshEE

        Ah ok, thanks for the info.

    • Pyrotek85

      Was wondering the same thing. Don’t know about other retailers but Amazon usually emails codes like that when they’re shipping.

      • YoshEE

        I always pro-order thing from GameStop and never pre-order in Amazon lol.

        • Pyrotek85

          I’ve used them before as well, don’t recall anything that had DLC before though, so I’m unsure how they handle it.

          • YoshEE

            Yup, I am gonna wait and see if their website will include them.

  • HerosLight

    I am DEFINITELY getting this edition. JUST for the DLC and the Battle Theme that is forced for Jude when wearing Cless’s outfit.

  • Anime10121

    Still no art book like our European brothers get with their LE:(
    Oh well I’ll gladly take any extras they give me, especially since they’re free. I love the Tales series so it was preordered already any way :P

  • Mike Pureka

    Yes! The Stahn costume! Do want!

  • Suriel Cruz

    Tales of Xillia music cd and art book?… I need to pre-order this!

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    The only thing that was stopping me from pre-ordering the collector’s edition was the Milla figure (it’s not something I really care about). If that so called character profile booklet is anything close to the art book from the collector’s edition, then I’ll jump on this (but this is going to be one expensive Aug 6th with this and Dragon’s Crown PS3+Vita versions too).

    My wallet is going to hang me one of these nights… =(

    • Surgeon of Death

      I second this.

    • Magicks

      Note that the profile book is much smaller than the artbook that they’ll be providing for the Collector’s Edition. (I’m guessing something similar to the little artbooks like I got from the FEA release, while the CE of ToX is around 100 pages.) So since you don’t care about the figure, it just comes down to which artbook you want. Source: http://www.ebgames.ca/ps3/games/tales-of-xillia-collectors-edition/316487

      • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

        Yea that’s what I was thinking too. If the CE book ends up being decent, I’ll see if i can find it on eBay or something.

    • $36598391

      The Milla figure is the main reason I’m getting the Collectors Edition

    • Kenneth Richardson

      couldn’t agree more. I simply couldn’t justify a $40 markup for the figurine.

  • $39420547


  • Logan Moll

    Yay, now I can cancel the CE. I don’t want the stupid statue, and this has everything else!

    • Ladius

      The artbook and music CD in this edition are smaller, though.

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Already have “Collector’s Edition” of this game for Pre-Order. No going back.

  • NTaiyokun

    60$. Christ, that’s actually a real steal compared to other limited editions!

  • YoshEE

    So it is separate huh.

  • Testsubject909

    Oh well. Buying the same game twice I guess.

    • YoshEE

      I was thinking the same thing but instead I think of selling the 2nd copy lol.

  • Magicks

    Awwww, so they are separate… Oh well, I’ll just have to deal with it. :/

  • Sentsuizan_93

    I need to have a word with my wallet…

    • Surgeon of Death

      It’s gonna be pissed bro.

  • Letiumtide

    Well, looks like I’ll be getting both editions and leaving my CE sealed. My boyfriend is going to kill me, looks like I should rifle through my games to see if there is anything I can see to put towards it.

    • Firekitty

      : If my boyfriend got pissed at me for spending my own money, he wouldn’t be my boyfriend for long.

      • Letiumtide

        Heh, it’s less about that and more just the pointlessness of buying two copies of one game, but he actually agreed with me that it would be a good idea. So win/win I suppose.

    • Is that… 3D Dot Rydia?

      • Letiumtide

        It is! I make 3D Dot Game Heroes characters as somewhat of a hobby. The Lamia that’s part of the first patch for the game is my work.

        • That’s pretty neat! I’m impressed – the fact that I was instantly able to recognize the figure should say a lot.

  • Asch

    This better be a joke about the collector’s not getting the DLC. The collector’s edition is the definition of LIMITED EDITION. The Day 1 edition is going to be EVERYWHERE on that day and you’re telling me that the people buying the collector’s edition are spending $30+tax just to get a statue that isn’t even the better version of it. I’m hoping we get a little more of an update on this soon.

  • I wonder if Europe will get this?

    • Ladius

      This is the European Day One Edition, Europe was already getting this since the announcement two months ago.

      • Is it? I must of miss the announcement. Thanks *goes off to pre-order*

        I wasn’t sure since none of the retailer sites had mentioned it.

        • Ladius

          Don’t worry, every first print copy of Xillia in Europe will be a Day One edition regardless of where you buy it, there isn’t a non-Day One regular edition :)

          • This was very helpful, I had no idea. Saved me from cancelling my game.co.uk preorder to wait for the D1E:)

  • $36598391

    Guess I gotta get two copies of Xillia now….

  • Tyler Beale

    “The costumes, character profile booklet and music cd are
    exclusive to the Limited Edition, while the Milla Maxwell figure, art
    book and music selection CD are exclusive to the Collector’s Edition.”


    • Surgeon of Death

      What the heck is wrong with Namco? How the hell are the costumes exclusive?

      • Tyler Beale

        So it DID show up after all….

        They’ll probably be up for purchase on PSN (just like the Graces F pre-order costumes). Also, what’s the difference between the music and music “selection” CDs?

        • Nero

          Graces F pre-order costumes never made it to PSN. What are you talking about?


      Hopefully they will include the costumes with the CE, as in-game content is honestly more important to me than an artbook and figure, this coming from a guy who has loads of artbooks and figures.

  • Tyler Beale

    “The costumes, character profile booklet and music cd are
    exclusive to the Limited Edition, while the Milla Maxwell figure, art
    book and music selection CD are exclusive to the Collector’s Edition.”

    ..NOOOO!!!!!! I got the CE….

    • Ladius

      The artbook and CD in the CE are larger versions of the ones in the standard edition, and DLCs should also be included since they’re in the European CE.

  • Arrei

    This guy better damn well be misinformed, how does it make sense to not include the preorder costumes in the collector’s editions? Are we not buying our games on day one as well?

    I’m gonna be rather grouchy until this is cleared up, I reckon. I don’t even want these specific costumes that much, it’s the principle of the matter that bothers me.

    I mean, I like that they’re offering these bonuses for all first-run orders, but not including them in the CE would be quite the grievous error.

    • Ladius

      DLCs should be included for both editions, since that’s the case in Europe.

      • Arrei

        SHOULD be, but not certain. What do you call that “clarification” up there in the article?

        EU orders had the costumes clarified from the start as part of the CE. NA? This is the first time they’ve been mentioned at all, and we get told it’s not in the CE by a POSSIBLY mistaken customer rep. That is not a good omen.

        Edit: And there you have it, said rep’s likely not mistaken. It’s naive to simply assume we get the same deal as EU in a situation like this.

        • Nick does PR/communication on a ton of Namco games. I doubt he’s mistaken.

          • Covnam

            Would it be possible to reach out to him and clarify on the track lists for the two cds? Even just a number or saying whether or not all the LE tracks are on the CE disc or if they’re completely different would be nice.

            I presume that anything found in the booklet is also going to be in the artbook, so for those interested in the physical goods, that’d be some nice clarification to have.

        • Ladius

          Not really naive since everything else about the two editions is apparently the same, aside from the Day OneLimited name change.

          Also, I didn’t try to pass my opinion as facts (hence the “should”), even though I still think it’s a bit strange for them to make this choice about DLC availability.

          • Arrei

            I didn’t say you were passing it as fact, I said you were assuming. And it very much is naive when we had a clarification right up there, contrary to your assumption, and when Bamco’s US branch could barely be bothered to do anything for the series until the EU branch got involved too. Is it still possible it’s a mistake and the costumes are in fact included with the US CE? Of course. But it’s dangerous to automatically assume as such given that we are being told the exact opposite right now.

  • Guest

    So the artbook doesn’t come with the limited edition? That sucks.

    • Ladius

      The day one edition has a character profile artbook, the CE with the action figure has a larger artbook.

  • ReidHershel

    GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, I want the special CD and Artbook, but I don’t want to drop an extra 40 dollars, WHY LIFE WHY?!!?!?!

  • Ladius

    It’s really great to see Namco making such an effort to promote Tales in the west, it’s incredible to see how much they’ve improved since three years ago.

    -A regular edition with extras that easily trump some limited editions.
    -A gorgeous limited edition with an action figure.
    -Lots of marketing, with Baba visiting pretty much every anime convention in the west and organizing social network inititatives.
    -Tales support on Facebook and Twitter.
    -European release with five languages and no delay compared to the American edition.

    I can only hope the fans will support them as much as they deserve, since that will probably determine the series’ future in the west.

  • pimpalicious

    Nice, I liked those other bonuses(booklet and soundtrack) but didn’t want the figure.

  • Joe

    The “clarification” still leaves me confused. What’s the difference between the LE’s booklet and CE’s artbook? What’s the difference between the LE’s “Music CD” and CE’s “Music Selection CD”? And why doesn’t the more expensive CE come with DLC costumes?????

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      The DLC costumes were a preorder bonus. They will get them, but for those who get the Limited Edition, they can get them during it’s run if they weren’t able to preorder. The Collector’s Edition will be getting the DLC, since they preordered the collector’s edition.

      • Nero

        But, the update states that the DLC costumes are exclusive to the Limited Editions only.

  • yo1234

    I want it! but UC schools are so expensive… i can’t keep buying every LE that comes out.

  • VietKnight

    Looks like I got to reserve a 2nd copy of the game, sigh.

  • well i signed up on amazon to see if I can score one since its not available to pre order yet and Gamestop is sold out as far as I know I even called the store closest to my home.

  • Hours

    If the DLC costumes don’t come with the US Collector’s edition, then that is just ridiculous. I sincerely hope that the Namco rep was just misinformed.

    • YoshEE

      Hope so but if it is past a week or so then it is separate edition.

  • psycho_bandaid

    I think I will stick with what I got. Really cool though that they auto update these preorders. I hope this does well for bamco and we see more games going forward.

  • Raltrios

    After all the trouble I went to to get the Collector’s Edition pre-ordered, it won’t have the DLC costumes with it? I don’t mind missing out on the Profile book when I’ll be getting the artbook, but not giving those costumes to people who are shelling out over $100 is more than a little disappointing…

    Granted, I did order the thing when these costumes weren’t even confirmed, but still. Feels like I’m getting a little gypped. I’m not buying both versions, that’s for sure. I still need to actually buy a PS3 before my game arrives…

    • Ladius

      Things aren’t so clear at the moment, keep in mind that DLCs weren’t included in the European CE promo image despite being automatically added on the site’s checkout. Also, CEs have larger artbooks.

      • Raltrios

        Yeah, I’m thinking I should call in to EB Games after a few days and find out if the DLC’s were added to my own order…

  • JustThisOne

    It’s a ton of stuff – and that’s great, but it kinda sucks I have to choose between the two. They’re just both so tempting. *___*

  • Why do I feel like I’ve been doubled played. I first pre-ordered ToX standard and then they pop out the Collector’s Edition and I haven’t seen any *pre-order bonus* around stores. Now your telling me the standard is getting the costumes?

  • Jrpgfanatic

    Just when you think Namco Bandai are doing something special for fans by offering a Collector’s Edition, they turn around and tell them to buy two versions if they want the full set of swag. Unbelievable, way to ruin a whole lot of good will.

    • Ladius

      If there’s something utterly unbelievable, it’s the way Tales fans jump at every opportunity to attack Namco despite its effort to promote the series in ways most other big publishers won’t even dream of.

      They’re upgrading the standard retail edition of Xillia to a limited edition with extras other publishers would charge you 10 or 20 more dollars, and the only thing some people seem to focus on are two costumes that weren’t even announced for the US before today and could very well still be included in the CEs (that’s the case in Europe, despite their absence on the European CE’s promo image).

      Also, everything aside from said DLCs (and again, that could change) is already included in the CE in better ways, like the bigger artbook.

      • Jrpgfanatic

        Oh I think it’s great that they’re offering this, but I’m paying $100 for a collector’s edition and expected it to be the definitive version. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m fairly certain that it’s still speculation at this point that the art book and CD are slimmed down versions of the ones in the CE, they very well could be different. It’s been confirmed that the costumes are LE only in NA, and chances are high that the DLC costumes won’t be available for purchase like the Graces preorder costumes, so I get to buy a second copy or miss out on them because they’re too cheap to include a code in the CE.

        • Ferrick

          well you are paying an extra 40 bucks for the artbook and the figurine

      • Odd, I don’t remember mine being upgraded… based Europe I guess :/
        Also, it’s a shame we don’t get the steelbook case either :<

        • Ladius

          Everyone in the west is getting their regular editions upgraded, in the States it’s called Limited Edition while in Europe it’s the Day One edition :) Since this upgrade covers all the first print, you’re fine regardless of where you preordered Xillia.

          • Ah yeah, I had read someone else’s comments on that matter afterwards. Thanks for kindly posting it again to me though, your intention to be of help is nevertheless much appreciated good Sir! :)

            Or madam. Please excuse my tendency to assume genders when speaking online ._.

  • Warboss Aohd

    Limited Edition, got it.

  • Margaret Chan

    Question: If we have the CE preordered, do we get LE too? Does this extend to Amazon orders?

    • YoshEE

      No, it is separate edition.

      • Margaret Chan

        Well then color me just a little upset that even though I AM preordering the $100 set that it’s not getting some of the items that LE/Day 1 bonus gets just for being something that is preordered

  • Ultimaniacx4

    Has it been confirmed yet if the original Japanese voices are going to be in it? I really hope they are.

    • Dat Walrus


    • fireemblembeast

      Where have you been for the past 5 months?

      • Ultimaniacx4

        Listen, the world is a big place with a lot of people under different circumstances. Not everyone is going to be in a position where they can always keep up with things that interest them. Now I politely ask that you either answer my harmless question or ignore me and not be a douche.

        • fireemblembeast

          I didn’t answer because someone else already did. And I only replied that way because so many people have asked this question, this same question, every time anything is posted about Xillia on this website, that it’s getting annoying and I thought someone who agrees with me might get a laugh out of a reply other than the straightforward “no”. Literally, this question is asked over and over, and I speak for many people when I say that they roll their eyes at the question being asked at this news post just because Xillia was in the title.

    • Haseyo

      Learn Japanese and play the Japanese version if you’re that pressed about it.

      • Ultimaniacx4

        I am currently trying to learn Japanese but that’s a lot easier and more quickly said that done. Convoluted JRPG stories are not something that can be easily understood at my level before the English version is released. Thank you for not answering my question by the way.

    • Personally, I don’t see why people get so mad over this question for the Tales series, it’s always like this. Don’t let it get to you, yo.

      As for an answer, I guess it’s quite obvious from the reaction you see in this fanbase even on Siliconera – people really don’t give a crap about having a dual audio option on this series. I can’t say I agree with the majority of said fans, but I do see their point.

      Quick summary: You won’t be seeing Japanese dubs in a Tales series overseas. Ever. Full stop.

      —Lots of ranting below which may be relevant—

      Some people seem to argue such that “people won’t use the English dubs because of some reason“. Implying that it’s unfair on the hard work put into those dubs, to which I’m not going to disagree on, mind you. But I don’t see how not including Japanese dubs is being fair to the dubs made in Japan, though…

      Also, the way I see it is probably not that fair either, but it makes sense to me in a logical way: If the majority use Japanese dubs because they “want to” then who’s to stop them from what they enjoy? Why do you have to force them to use English dubs?

      Others say the English dubs are “too good to ignore”. Yes, I really enjoyed the English dubs in Graces f, but what stopped me from playing Abyss was due to the abysmal dubbing. It’s really just an opinion in the end, so why they don’t think adding dual audio to appeal to everyone is beyond me.

      All in all, I think the fanbase is just full of really unfair people who don’t think dual audio is a good compromise for both parties. I still don’t see why they’re so abhorrent to such an idea.

      Personally, I’m in the same position as you; I’m trying to improve my Japanese slowly but surely, seeing as my listening skills are much stronger than reading, it’d be nice to have dual audio in more of my JRPGs so I could learn from hearing the dialogue while I read subtitles… Again, understandably, some people never think about such things because it doesn’t involve them… but that’s just not cool man, it’s not fair to people like us, even if we’re in the minority. It’s like how so many people say “Oh, just import your games Europe, no one cares anyway!” when I beg for a European release some games… Just a “tad bit” unfair, I’d say… ;~;

      Surely it can’t be hard to make a dual audio option, guys? If someone has a fair and really compelling reason as to why it’s a bad idea, then please by all means, discuss it in a civilized way and lay out your points logically. I’d be really interested to read it in a few hours time :)

      • Ultimaniacx4

        Thank you very much for the straight answer. That’s super disappointing, especially since Star Ocean 4 on the ps3 spoiled us with dual audio. I would probably enjoy a game like this in any language but it’s a little sad that people get mad at other people for having a preference…

  • fireemblembeast

    If I wasn’t already getting the asia version that has those costumes, I’d switch my order for the CE to this. Whatever, I like that milla figure, so I get the best of both worlds by buying both!

  • jfinley88

    Now I’m gonna have to preorder and pay off a regular edition soon since the Splinter Cell CE comes out the following week… Namco Y U trying to take all my monies!!

  • Haseyo

    Looks like Limited wins for me. I always love costumes more than figurines.

  • That little symbol in the Limited Edition logo looks weirdly like a Star of David.

    Tales of Israelia?

  • Kioku



  • kaizin

    this this is just wow i cant stop the tears T-T. We have come a long way and we are finally at this point this will do.

  • katzedan

    someone knows some place where I can order this?

    I know I live in a terrible country for import games, but Gamestop wants me to pay U$60+ of shipping, and Amazon wants 40-45% more taxes than the customs of my country demand.

    So because of this I wanto to avoid them! >_>

    • SerendipityX

      Try newegg.com? Though I don’t know if thier international shipping is any better than Gamestop.

      • katzedan

        thanks for the answers.
        I didn’t knew these stores so they are new to me!

        Unfortunately Newegg don’t ship to my Country :(
        But the VGP ships and it’s cheap too, so I’ll probably stick with them :)

        thanks again for the help :D

    • Raoni Marques

      By your name, I think you are brazilian like me. I pre-ordered Muramasa Rebirth on Video Games Plus. It’s a canadian store, and I paid 20 bucks for shipping with a tracking code. I still didn’t get the game, since it’s only coming out by the end of june, but it seems to be a good store.

      • Ladius

        Videogameplus is really good, you can also ask for a courier.

        • Raoni Marques

          Nice, didn’t know that. It’s my first purchase on the site, but I’ve heard great things, and I’m sure I’m pre-ordering Dragon’s Crown as soon as I recieve my Muramasa.

  • scratchbach

    I’ve got the collector’s edition preordered, but I kind of want those costumes. At least the Milla statue is still cool!

  • I feel you love Bandai I FEEL it

  • Nero

    So, should I keep my CE pre-ordered, or get the Limited Edition. Kinda ticked off that CE orders won’t get the DLC…

    • YoshEE

      Well if you like the Milla figure then keep the CE, but if you don’t want it and just want the dlc then go for LE.

      • Nero

        I might keep my preorder for the CE for now. Namco might decide to give the DLC to people with CEs. I’m still going to put some money down on the Limited Edition encase though.

        • YoshEE

          I did the same, but I might or give away the other copy to my friend.

  • Jesse Torres

    Dang it, i want the collectors edition, unfortunately out of all the gamestops in my city NONE of them have it, why must this item be so limited?
    Is there any word if namco will release another wave of the Collectors Edition?
    Does anybody want to give it to me? I will buy it of-course.

    • YoshEE

      If I remember someone say newegg website have the CE still. But idk you can check it out.

      • Jesse Torres

        Is it a safe and reliable site?

        • YoshEE

          That idk of. I think you should ask someone who know them.

  • Triplicity
  • Andrew Winn

    there’s 3 things wrong with that image of the limited edition first off it does not come with the DLC costume code and second the front cover of the image of the character profile Booklet is wrong 3rd the Music CD is in the case with the game not on it’s own as shown in the picture

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