A Closer Look At The Tales of Symphonia Chronicles HD Limited Edition

By Spencer . June 1, 2013 . 1:32pm


While we were at Tales Festival, Namco Bandai gave us a couple of images for Tales of Symphonia Chronicles. This PlayStation 3 compilation includes Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World remastered with HD graphics. Namco Bandai also added cut-in illustrations to Tales of Symphonia.


Tales of Symphonia Chronicles is slated for release in the West in 2014. Japan will get the HD remasters on October 10 and Namco Bandai put together a collector’s edition on LalaBit Market.




The 9,980 yen ($99) package includes the PlayStation 3 game, five figurines, a Tales of Symphonia novel light novel, the first print 10th Anniversary Greeting card with a message from the artists plus a PS3 custom theme, and a box designed by Ufotable. We’ll have a report on what it’s like to be inside Tales Festival later on.


TOS画面1 TOS画面2  TOS-R画面1 TOS-R画面2

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  • Learned my lesson from Xillia, will preorder day one

    • The Watcher

      i learned my lesson with P4 premium edition.

  • Rob Hestar

    If this CE comes to america I will buy day 1 just like the Xilla CE..make it happen captain!

  • Reki Honoo

    I hope we get the same thing over here preorder wise.

    • ronin4life

      Me too.

      Might buy it if it does… though since I have played both these games(symphonia twice) and have no working ps3, I probably won’t…

    • Keko

      I don’t think they’ll bother translating that Light Novel, though.

      • Yah probably not

      • FlamingFirewire

        I come from the future… and they did!

    • Kevadu

      I would so buy it if they did…but I’m not counting on it. Especially that novel.

  • RichyGaming

    Can I get a like?

    • Chris Yuen


      • RichyGaming


        • Chris Yuen

          Do you like…come back here every few hours or so just to update how many likes you received? Yesterday it was two, now it’s five. What’s next? Six? That’s…pathetic.

          • RichyGaming

            No, I don’t come in every few hours. I still have a life. But I do update it when I have nothing to do! And (Oh I dunno, -looks how many there is now- what do you think?) yes, six is next.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Please take posts like this elsewhere in the future. We aren’t a popularity contest.

          • RichyGaming

            Sure thing.

  • JamesMarrshal

    Please let us get the same thing!!

  • Cruxis

    So it’s real. Great news! I really hope the west gets the same CE, I’d love to have that. I also hope that the game comes out in the west in time for Summer 2014, because I always replay ToS in the summer.

  • Prinnydoom

    After looking at the this…..i dont think i can wait a year. Might just do what i did with graces and import it.

  • fireemblembeast

    Come on, Namdai, make Noishe playable! XD

    • CirnoLakes


  • Tales_of_Master

    We came a long way since the days when I had to import all my of Tales games. I’m still thankful for the old days because I had some of my best gaming experiences getting through Tales of Rebirth and Tales of Destiny R.

    It gave me a huge incentive to start learning Japanese, and I definitely don’t regret the hours I spent flipping through a dictionary in order to find the correct password to operate that damned elevator in TOR XD

    All in all I’m really glad to see more Tales games reaching the US, and I hope that people who’re looking for a great JRPG experience pay more attention to the series and support it.

    • Ric Vazquez

      I support this!

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    I know that Ufotable has been the animation studio that Namco has been going to for the recent “Tales of” titles, but I wonder why they didn’t go with Production I.G. for the box design, since they originally did the first Symphonia game (not sure about the second) as well as the OVA series.

    But whatever, that’s a nice looking collector’s edition that I’m pretty sure we won’t be getting here… =/

    • GH56734

      Ufotable did the Symphonia OAVs as well, I’m sure.
      And the old box art (and the new one too) wasn’t designed by the anime studio I.G., but rather by Kosuke Fujishima, the character designer since the first game in the series, Phantasia. The one behind this package design should be Mutsumi Inomata (I can tell since they worked together on the character designs for Xillia 1)

  • Randy Marsh

    I see a difference from the original Symphonia and the HD version, but KoR looks hardly any different. Sadly it is the Kingdom Hearts collection all over again, putting all the effort in the first game and half effort into the second game on the collection. Then again these are first images, so it can change….er hopefully.

    But this collection, it shall be mine in October!

    • DesmaX

      They’re probably only putting it there to be able to release this in disc in the West (If I remember correctly, publishers can’t publish only one HD Remaster on disc in the west. 2 minimum).

      • James Williams

        I think that only applies to america, in the UK there all on one disk e.g Sly/Jak collections.

        • DesmaX

          Yeah, those are 3 HD Remasters on the Disc

        • Solomon_Kano

          He means there needs to be more than one game for it to get a disc release. So Jak and Sly had 3 games and got a disc release, but they wouldn’t have gotten a disc release if it were just Jak 1 or Sly 1 in HD.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Really? The only stipulation I’ve seen stated was that a game needs to have Trophies. That (and the issue with Ad-Hoc Party) is what stopped us from seeing Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD.

        If there can’t be only a single game for it to get a disc release though, that’s interesting. Who said that?

        • DesmaX

          Not sure where I did hear, but I’m pretty sure that’s why Okami HD didn’t get a DIsc release in the West (It did get a Disc version in Japan).

          But maybe it’s more like common sense. I mean, I don’t think people would buy one HD Remaster on disc. They’d rather buy on PSN

          • Solomon_Kano

            I’d imagine it has more to do with pricing. I don’t think anybody would be opposed to buying an HD Remaster on disc if it was gonna cost the same digitally anyway. Okami HD was only $20 after all, and you can get disc based stuff used or on sale. So I don’t think anybody would be opposed to that, even for a single game.

            Maybe the publishers don’t feel like it’s worth paying for the physical stuff for a re-release of a single game?

          • DesmaX

            That could be it too. I mean, packaging is kinda expensive (Especially the Blu-Ray discs. Bet they’re quite pricy for a US$20 game), and HD Remastering doesn’t seems that Hard (Remember that KH 1.5 HD Remix was “made” by 2 people), might just throw another game there to make it more expensive

            And I wonder if shops would be happy to stock US$20 games too…

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, shops probably wouldn’t be feeling carrying titles so cheap anyway. How’s Gamestop gonna win one over on you if they shave $5 off of $20? They might as well let you buy it new lol.

          • Firekitty

            Perish the thought!

          • $36598391

            I would have bought the Resident Evil 4/Code Veronica X HD Collection on bluray if NA had gotten it

          • DesmaX

            Those 2 games doesn’t have a platinum… And I’m pretty sure Disc releases need to have full Trophy sets in the West

            And those are 2 games, not a problem. I’m talking about selling only one remastered game on Disc

    • Firekitty

      Given that this was JUST announced, and they’ve got a few months before they have to start pressing disks, I’d assume that the remastering for both games isn’t done yet.

      Try to be less critical.

      • Randy Marsh

        Hahaha, being less critical? Oh good joke, good joke.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          There is a bigger jump to be made from an early GC game til today and a mid-life Wii game. :P

          • Firekitty

            Also a good point.

  • Spirit Macardi

    If nothing else I want that Emil figure! He’s my favorite character in the entire Tales franchise.

  • That looks sweet. I want it.

  • Pockystix

    Is it two separate disks? ‘cus I kinda want to burn the DotNW in a bonfire.

    *edit* I take it this is a really love it or hate it affair,considering my likes and dislikes so far. I dunno whether to be impressed or depressed with some of the fans.

    • Emiko

      I’m so glad someone else feels the same way I do. Thank you.

      DotNW was an absolute insult to Tales of Symphonia.

    • Kevadu

      I seriously doubt it’s on two discs. There’s plenty of space on a blu-ray for both games so why would they bother?

    • Alexander Aubert

      why people hate DotNW so much? I only play a few hours, so i don’t know why

      • DesmaX

        Probably because it isn’t a mothership title (And non-mothership titles… Are not as good).

        But I didn’t really played it, so I dunno. It seems like it’s a love/hate kind of game

      • Chris Yuen

        Apparently Western fans hated it, Japanese fans loved it. I had a smile on my face when I watched the Tales Festival stream…at that moment when the trailer for ToS transited to DotNW and hearing all those fangirls/boys screaming.

      • SBKJAZZ

        – Didn’t have a proper overworld
        – Original Symphonia characters were at fixed levels
        – Essentially you only had two “full” characters
        – Monsters could not be controlled
        – Only Colette and Kratos kept their original VA, everyone else was changed (though this obviously applies only to the NA release)
        – Story was kinda EHH
        – Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality

        At least Tenebrae was awesome.

        • NTaiyokun

          For me, it took forever to get used to the battle system, as well as targeting.

        • LynxAmali

          I don’t even think Colette had her original VA, actually. That could just be me misremembering though.

          – Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality

          It’s been a while since I played either or but did that go against what Symphonia said? If not, I have no issue with it. It’s a standard trope.

          • X_Bacon

            Being clichéd isn’t much of a problem (we’re talking about Tales series here), but the number of times it’s said… ugh…

          • Bec66

            Went against Symphonia’s theme?
            Isn’t Symphonia’s theme about racism and freewill, that’s certainly the impression I got from the game at least.
            So how does “Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality go against that? All it means is you need courage to make your hopes and dreams come true.

          • LynxAmali

            Read my post again.

            -It’s been a while since I played either or but did that go against what Symphonia said?

            I never said it did or didn’t. I was asking if it did.

        • Bec66

          And yet I still don’t get the hate for it sure it had some problems but people treat the game like its superman64 or something.

      • piichan

        I’ve played TOS numerous times to say that DotNW doesn’t live up to it. I’m only a few hours in it but the characters just don’t hold the same charm as the 1st cast. It doesn’t help that the main guy is such a whimp so it feels off when he switches to badass mode.

      • DyLaN

        The way I see it, its kinda like the reception of FF13 series ie exaggerating its faults.

      • gk2012

        You mean your version of DotNW doesn’t have all those 5 minute flashbacks of something that happened 5 minutes ago, every 5 minutes?

        • XiaomuArisu

          Oh I remember!
          You said:
          “You mean your version of DotNW doesn’t have all those 5 minute flashbacks of something that happened 5 minutes ago, every 5 minutes?”
          I almost forgot you said:
          “You mean your version of DotNW doesn’t have all those 5 minute flashbacks of something that happened 5 minutes ago, every 5 minutes?”
          Without this helpfull flashback I would forget that you said:
          “You mean your version of DotNW doesn’t have all those 5 minute flashbacks of something that happened 5 minutes ago, every 5 minutes?”

      • Pockystix

        not really hate, more as I expected a sequel and got fanfiction. . .

        not to mention; somehow the AI in battles got a lot worse. I did several tests and found that the AI in ToS did a much better job of reserving MP, not getting killed in battle, and overall doing a much better job of keeping enemies occupied. Lloyd in DotNW was either never using his TP, or wasting it all on regular enemies. . . it was asinine.

      • Spirit Macardi

        It’s honestly my favorite game in the series. Admittedly this is something that won’t apply to everyone, but I just related to Emil so much. Plus I thought he was one of Johnny Yong Bosch’s best voice roles ever, since he really demonstrated his range by shifting between his Renton Thurston voice for normal Emil and his Lelouch vi Britannia voice for Ratatosk Emil.

        • XiaomuArisu

          Not being mean but try playing Graces or Vesperia.
          They´re so much better

          • Spirit Macardi

            I have played Graces. I still prefer Symphonia 2, but again it’s mainly because I related with Emil a lot. I can forgive a lot in a game if the characters feel real to me.

            I mean, from a technical standpoint Graces is far superior, and I did enjoy that game quite a bit. I just find that Symphonia 2 is the one I have the fondest feelings toward.

          • XiaomuArisu

            Emil was a little to cliche for my taste…
            Gets a superpowered-evil-side which kicks ass but his normal self is afraid of saying “thanks”and has always flashbacks.
            I think the flashbacks killed me.They overdid it with flashbacks.
            The original cast was just a hollow shell of there former self…
            Sadly this games disapointed me,compared to the first.

          • Spirit Macardi

            Fair enough, but I still personally enjoyed it.

            I also think it’s far more deconstructive than people give it credit for. It showed that the two worlds being rejoined didn’t magically fix everything, and in fact caused more problems. It also threw a wrench into the whole “Yugi/Yami” relationship concept by having the dark half be openly hostile toward the normal one.

            Plus it fixed up some inconsistencies that resulted from Symphonia 1 being a prequel to Phantasia. Like how the world tree is dead in Phantasia when a new one was born at the end of Symphonia.

            I’m not presenting these as facts or saying you should like it too, I’m just saying why I thought it was good.

          • XiaomuArisu

            yeah.Even after the two world became one its not perfect.Its good that they included that because Phantasia showed us that the racism still exists.
            About the Tree its not a inconsistence.The World Tree died in Phantasia because humans sucked it dry with Technology,like the manacannon.

          • Spirit Macardi

            Yes, although the tree is supposed to be an infinite source of Mana, and its life is tied directly to the planet according to Symphonia. Symphonia 2 added the caveat though that Ratatosk would slowly transfer the tree’s energy to the planet, allowing the world to live on even after the tree withers.

    • KingRuff

      After reading this I seriously hope it’s only one. I can just imagine the look on people’s face after they say they want to destroy DotNW, only to find that they would have to destroy Symphonia as well. Burn your childhood all of you! It pleases me so.

      • Pockystix

        honestly, this is like telling me to burn LoTR along with some of it’s slash Fan Fiction. . . I just don’t get the mindset.

        But hey, you liked it. Be my guest; just know that the game wasn’t really a childhood memory for me lol

  • kaizin

    good news hope we get the collectors edition or something close enough.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Those in-battle menus look hideous where they are, specially the first one. It’s like it’s really trying to be noticed in the widescreen setting.

  • Masengan

    I hope we get the PS2 version of Tales of Symphonia, I mean it SHOULD be a no brainer.

    • Alexander Aubert

      don’t worry it is the PS2 version

      • AuraGuyChris

        Which means they won’t bother voicing the Mystic Artes.
        Which means it’ll be a Japanese-only voiced game.
        Which would mean, if given the chance to voice the few lines, they’d have to re-voice all of the first game with the second game’s VAs in case there are a few exclusive lines found in the PS2 version.
        Or they could pull off a Phantom Brave by just voicing those lines with the new VAs.

      • Masengan

        Imagine if they give it us with the JP dub? I would love that because ToS2 VA was a disappointment.

  • If this Limited Edition doesn’t make it over, then I’m gonna have to import =^_^=

    • CirnoLakes

      I’m going to do it either way.

      I’m going to be keeping an eye on Play-Asia for the day this shows up.

    • Wappuli

      Figures maybe, but I wouldn’t count on that light novel.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • Hypetrain boarded!!! *Tosses wallet and hopes it’s super effective*

  • Ben Sylvia

    I wish this was also for Vita.

    Oh well, guess I’ll bust out the old Gamecube disks and replay it.

  • Nyandroid

    Really want that little Tenebrae figure. May have to splurge if we get this particular edition. ~>w>

  • Mr_SP

    I’d buy that.

    But then they’d only release 10,000 units and I’d never get any!! Again!

  • Wappuli

    Just like for both Xillias, a cheaper Famitsu DX pack was also confirmed (7,890 yen)
    Only 4 posters has been revealed of its contents for now, but in Xillias cases they didn’t have those mini figures but instead a plushie, so maybe it’s the same for this.
    Was there any other mascot character that could fit the role other than Corrine or Tenebrae?

  • artemisthemp

    Hope Namco bring that Limited Edition to EU

  • wahyudil

    I never finished this 2nd game in Wii … but why no Wii U version ??

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Well NBGI have noticed their Tales games selling better on PS systems than any other systems. It can’t find the article, but Siliconera did cover that. It was around when Xillia was being released in Japan. That’s why Xillia and Xillia 2 were PS3 exclusives…

      • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

        No that is not the reason.

        The reason is because the PS3 is the top console right now in Japan and where most their audience is.

        It has nothing to do with Tales selling best on PS3.

        Takes if Symphonia on GameCube is til the best selling Tales game in the west.

  • Ni

    I boot up my ps2 version since I can’t wait that much (still going to buy this one just to use my arcade stick :3). Kicking ass with Raine and Kratos again just for the lulz. And I really got really surprised that they announced the Western version on the same day of the japanese one. NBGI are starting to make the Tales series relevant on the west (well a lot of people are moving from FF to Tales lately)
    Would be awesome If they make the monster capture sysem like Naridan X for DotNW.

  • pimpalicious

    Looks great, all this talk makes me want to play Symphonia again but I’ll wait for the HD release. Also, I never got to play DotNW so I’ll get to see if it’s as bad as I’ve heard.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Will get this just for Symphonia.
    Damn,I love that game!

  • Gilgamesh2025

    I’ve played ToS countless times, so I’m not prepared to buy it again, even when it gets HD remastered and more extras! So, for those who still plan to get it: Have fun!

    • CirnoLakes

      With games, my thoughts are always just the opposite.

      If there’s a game I love and have played countless times. Even if I’m not particularly planning to play it again, I’m more likely to purchase it. Because I know that the game is one I love and is worth my money. I like to monetarily support games in which have made me happy. Because I feel that it gives incentive for games I love to continue existing. The more I love a game, the more I want to buy it. Regardless of whether I already own or have played it.

      It should be noted, by the way, that Tales of Symphonia is a game I have played countless times, but not a game I am done playing. I still go back and play Tales of Symphonia to this day even though I’ve spent countless hours playing the games. So this HD version will just be a way for me to discover this game yet again.

  • Rogerrmark

    Sheena is the best summoner EVER.


    • RichyGaming

      Ehh…… o_o

  • Firekitty

    Dual audio?

    You promised, Baba. Give me a reason to get excited about the Tales series again. I’ll even meet you halfway and buy an English copy of Xillia if you can prove that you weren’t just lying to drum up some goodwill.

    • CirnoLakes

      I don’t remember Baba promising anything about dual audio.

      I remember a Kotaku article where Jason Schreier claimed that Hideo Baba was at least interested and open to the idea.

      If there’s any updated information where he confirmed he would give the West dual audio, I’d love to hear it. Or rather I’d love to be linked to the sources. This is big news, if true.

  • megacool

    WII U DAMN IT!!! Both games originaly came on nintendo consoles just 1 came on ps2

  • megacool


  • Master Blaster

    I will only buy this game if they add new features other than improved graphics. HD is nice and all but this is a great oppurtunity to add new enemies, sidequests and techniques. However, the most important thing is to fix that horrendous camera in the multiplayer battles that zooms in on player 1. I know a lot of people here were traumatised by that camera when they were kids!

  • Master Blaster

    looks good though

  • Master Blaster

    I hope they fix the camera in multiplayer battle and add new techniques/enemies. If they do those two things I’ll be happy and but it :)

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