Fairy Fencer F Will Be Bursting With Cinematic Special Attacks

By Sato . June 7, 2013 . 5:34pm

We recently showed new screenshots for Fairy Fencer F, courtesy of Compile Heart, which revealed a new Fencer named Harler, a mad scientist who appears to dress sloppily and yet still attractive. The latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation gives us a peek at the game’s battle system.


Enemies will have HP bars above their heads. This will help you decide on whether you should take on enemies one at a time or try to go for multiple kills at once.


The Tension Gauge can be seen as a purple half-circle bar around the character icon to the right of the screen. The character’s Tension will be affected by actions such as defeating enemies or taking damage. When the gauge is higher, the character’s attack increases. When it is lower, their defense becomes lower.


On the lower-right part of the screen, is a command wheel. There are several basic commands such as Skill, Item, Switch, Fight, and Defend. However, there are two mystery commands called “Serious” and “Fairize”, which Compile Heart will be revealing in the near future.


In addition to the basic battle commands, Dengeki PlayStation also reports that each character will have their own highly destructive special attacks that will often be able to take out enemies in one blow. These special attacks will have their own cinematic scenes without any icons or indicators getting in the way of all the flashy explosions and effects.


Fairy Fencer F is slated for release on September 19 for PlayStation 3.


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  • I’m really looking forward to this, already grabbed the preorder for the Limited Edition

  • DesmaX

    Special attacks in CH games are so boring, I just end up skiping them . But hp bars of enemies on screen is a nice feature

    • Radiosity

      Yeah, hopefully there’ll be a skip function for these attacks. Given they ended up patching in a skip function for the God-awfully slow combat in the original Neptune I can’t imagine they’ll forget to include one here.

  • ARMs7777

    argh i was hoping they didn’t go the hyper dimension route with the supers. They are simply way too powerful, kills all fun and challenge out of the game.

    This news killed the hype i had for this game.

    • DesmaX

      They’re kinda of a must on V, since bosses regenerate health

      • ARMs7777

        No they are not. The healing usually isn’t overwhelming to the point that you can’t out damage the healing. Bosses dies pretty much instantly the moment you build 1 or 2 super guages.

        Only the optional super enimies has enough healing power to overwhelm your normal damage if you choose to do the challenges on the chapter the job is introduced to get that 40/40 nepstation score.

        • DesmaX

          Did we play the same game?

          Or maybe you actually bothered doing all those quests?

        • Tiredman

          Its all dependent on how much time you spend leveling. If you take the content as it comes instead of doing every single side quest in every single chapter, then you won’t outstrip the bosses and normal monsters. Take them on at the level they are made for and you will find yourself losing 2/3 of your hp per hit, and killing the boss will take you a while, long enough for you to have to rez multiple people.

      • Flandre Scarlet

        I don’t know jack about FFF’s systems, nor will I pretend I do, but V’s EXE attacks were outright broken. It was really not uncommon to one or two shot bosses with some of them, especially Noire’s level 1.

        It was also very much possible to outdamage most bosses’s healing if you knew what you were doing, which in this case is spamming rush attacks all day erry day until guard break. Even if you didn’t outdamage healing, any combination of 2 EXEs during guard break was enough to destroy any boss, period, unless you were just severely underleveled/geared.

        From the point I got the EXE gauge to beating Rei in the True End, every boss went down to an EXE attack, sometimes without even bothering to break guard. It was laughable.

    • Landale

      In addition to all the other stuff Luna’s brought up about Neptunia’s supers, using them also cuts you off from being able to utilize all of your attacks until you build the gauge back up. And, as noted above Fairy Fencer F’s gauges determine a characters offensive and defensive capabilities, use the specials at a bad time and you’ll be turning your characters into sitting ducks swinging wet noodles more than likely.

      • ARMs7777

        I’ll still be reading about this game. But for now my hype for it isn’t that high. Maybe they will balance the system out but in neptunia your defenses didn’t seem to matter at some point cause bosses was gonna kil you in 1 hit anyways so all you did was just spam revive until you had the supers to kill them. Its not like you were in any danger of a game over even if your underleveled. since a cross formation pretty much guarentteed that the boss can’t wipe you out in one shot. Revive is super cheap to get in hyper dimension.

    • just only use them when you need to

  • Kotorin

    That UI looks pretty cool

    • what’s UI stand for btw?

      • Chris Yuen

        User Interface.

        • oh. so anything you can manipulate is a UI? like any game or toy?

          • User Interface is for games

          • oh ok, sorry

          • Don’t need to be sorry just had a question

          • Radiosity

            Actually it applies to any interface that allows for interaction, like the one I’m using in Windows or my Browser, not just for games :)

          • I was keeping it simple for him

  • Landale

    I look at Fang’s hair, I see the mention of a Tension Gauge, and I’m reminded of poor old Lucius and his antenna. And as I noted once in the past Alyn kinda looks like Rizelea. I wonder if he’s going to get crap for his hair style as well now. >_>

  • Now this sounds really cool. My hype meter is rising =^_^=

  • Linhua

    … can’t wait to call that mode ‘Cereal’ when I start playing.

    … courtesy of Neptuna.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    This looks pretty cool so far. Now I really want to see this in action.

  • if it comes over to the US I’ll try it. Just hope the story line is serious. Or at least only a half comedy.

  • Anon-non

    Definitely prettier than the Neptunia series. Keen!

  • DyLaN

    I like over the top flashy attack :D And since we got almost all of the CH title I have confidence tht we will be getting this too.

  • SoundMatch

    Please localize, please please please please, 2013 is the year of localisations right?

  • Kai2591

    Please have actual town explorations~

    • zazza345

      Not going to happen. CH’s most important goal is to never go over budget.

      • Kai2591

        Then this might not be the game for me ;_;

        But lets wait and see what the whole game will actually be like.

  • Anonymous

    The UI sort of reminds me of Persona 3/4, That is just me though
    I hope FFF gets localized along with Rinne Utopia

    • DyLaN

      I’m sry to break it to you, but NISA don’t do VN. They said this themself in the SRD thread in NISA forum.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, It could an exception, Like, You know, Compile Heart, Or someone else(hopefully) does it, I liked the anime alot

  • zazza345

    Just to add a few things, the magazine hinted “something” may happen after the Tension Gauge passes a certain level (some people believe, but it’s all speculation, that is tied to the special attacks).

    Also, the magazine briefly mentioned the growth system, saying raising level isn’t going to give you more skills/magic, only parameter boosts. The key to get more skills or magic seems linked to grow the fairies that reside inside the Fury of each character, but no details were given.

  • there’s just a lot of comedic rpgs and parody rpgs these days. Almost every Gust or Compile Heart game is one. I hope this one is a nice mix of suspense with some comedy sprinkled thru out.

  • Win Moe Aung

    NISA, please bring this game to us.

  • Warboss Aohd

    if i can rename him, da Mad scientist will be called Dr. Insano.

    • Landale

      I can’t recall a Compile Heart game that let you rename characters. Also, about the mad scientist; “He” is a she.

      • Warboss Aohd

        Da name Dr. Insano seemz gender neutral.

        • Landale

          Dr. Insano, yes. “if i can rename him”, not so much.

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