Falcom President Gives Us A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Trails In The Flash

By Sato . June 16, 2013 . 4:30pm


In a recent post on the Japanese PlayStation blog, called Play.Community, fans were treated to an exclusive behind-the-scenes video that was personally recorded by Falcom President Toshihiro Kondo, showing their latest developments on The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash, including a sneak peek at an in-game scene they just finished touching up.



The video starts out with a greeting from Kondo, as he explains that he personally recorded the clip using a private video camera to give fans a little look at the studio. He also mentions that he might show some material that normally shouldn’t be shown, but to look forward to it anyways.


According to Kondo, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash is currently in its final stage of development. It is said to have an enormous amount of events, and the above images shows sound programmers working on implementing voices to the scenes, along with a look at some character model touch-up work being done on the beer addict instructor Sara Valestin.


Around the 1:30 mark of the video, Kondo gives us a sneak peek at an event scene from The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash, that is just fresh out of the developmental oven. It shows Rean Schwarzer leading his classmates to what appears to be their first major fight. Sara instructs Rean and the rest of Group A to follow her, and Group B to go with Major Neithardt, who reminds them to stay on their toes, as their situation is no longer training but a real combat.


The video is the first part of Kondo’s “Trails of Production” video series, which Kondo will continue to update for fans until the release of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash, which is slated for September 26 on PlayStation 3 and Vita.

  • Really cool. Thanks for showing us. Your pc are really big XD

  • Suriel Cruz

    I REALLY WANT THIS GAME SO MUCH THAT I BARELY DON’T CARE ABOUT THIS… (That’s a lie! I really care about this.)

  • Muddied_Waters

    I really want to play this…though I’m guessing you’d get more out of it having played Sora and Zero/Ao, so I’ve started to import the JP versions. I’ll still lay down some monies for whenever TitS 2 comes out though, XSeed! Y’hear?!

  • Ferrick

    not sure if title is on purpose or not but its puntastic XD

    • fireemblembeast

      What about it is so punny?

      • s07195

        ‘Behind the scenes’ with ‘Flash’, probably. :P

        • fireemblembeast

          ^_^; er…haha

  • Mar Mar

    Hahaha the president himself is teasing us XD

    But their office is so clean and organized. I recall seeing videos similar to this … uhh.. messy office.

    3 months left ><

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    Game is looking great, all we need is a Western pick up. Only bother is the game is not done yet and the main menu has DLC Shop on it.

  • Slayven19

    LOL that fan, must be really hot in there. Its a wonder that no one else has one if he does.
    This is looking very good and I may import regardless of not knowing japanese.

  • Tre W

    I’ve always been meaning to give these games a shot. But even with this game, the main thing seems to be that you really should play the other 5-6+ games in the series first.

    …Or is that wrong? Is this new game in the series “stand-alone” enough, such that I could play it and enjoy for what it is?

  • MoriyaMug

    You people need to stop calling it that. It has no official English title. :P

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