The Tragic Past Of Drakengard 3 Heroine Zero

By Sato . June 21, 2013 . 12:25pm

We know that Drakengard 3’s protagonist, Zero, tends to be rather promiscuous. She has male allies called “Apostles” who assist her on the battlefield… and in bed. However, we don’t know much about her past and how she turned out to be the way she is. To address this, Square Enix have started a series of mini-novels that depict Zero’s tragic past, and explain how transformed into the twisted character she is in Drakengard 3.


Here’s a summary of the first story surrounding Zero’s past.


Zero — The Rain of the End and the Flower of the Beginning


The story starts out with Zero stating her dislike for rainy days because they’re always the worst days. As she sat there and thought about it, she began to laugh mindlessly,  asking herself, “So, sunny days aren’t the worst either?”


Then, in the midst of the sound of rain, a voice called out to her. “What’s… wrong? You’re crying,” the voice said, to which Zero responded by telling the blind girl that she was fine, and was merely laughing. It is said that this girl had lost her vision due to being struck in the eyes with a needle, and her palms and feet were burnt countless times by a hot iron during torture from the feudal lord. Her loss was perhaps a result of an attempt of revolt on the part of her friends against the lord.


Zero felt it was foolish. Not just the idea of a revolt, but how they were caught before they could even  gather their weapons. This happened due to an information leak from one of their so-called friends. According to Zero, there are no humans that won’t betray you.


Unlike the others, however, Zero was not tortured. This was because she didn’t have a single friend to put together such an outrageous plan in the first place. Instead of having her bones broken or fingernails torn out, she was merely struck by a whip.


She no longer felt the burning pain on her back from all the whipping. She no longer had any senses and could no longer feel the coldness of the rain hitting her back. It was a strange feeling of knowing that she was going to die soon, as she said to herself, “What a lousy life…” and burst into laughter. There wasn’t something she would consider a ‘best day,’ as each day was worse, whether it was rainy or sunny. Her entire life was a ‘worst day’ from the start. Zero then explains that her oldest memory is the voice of her mother shouting and the countless beatings that followed. She never ate until her stomach was full, so she had to learn how to steal food before she could even learn to speak properly.


Although Zero was brought up in such a manner, she didn’t blame her mother or consider her a bad woman. This is because the only children with warm meals and beds were the lucky ones from noble families. Otherwise, children born to other families were nothing but a nuisance. Zero believes that her mother raised her the same way she was raised before her.


When Zero became of age, her mother began to sell her, as a way to ‘comfort’ men. Going to brothels was a common occurrence for her, where there were many others similar to her mother, along with other young girls that were close to Zero’s age. Of all the young girls, there was one in particular that became good friends with Zero. This young girl called Zero by the name of ‘Light Pink’ because of her eye color. That is how Zero learned about the color of her eyes, as she had never even looked at herself in a mirror, nor had she ever been curious to know what she looked like.


Zero called her new friend ‘Bluish-Purple’ for the same reason. These were the names they gave each other.


One day, Bluish-Purple said, “Let’s steal some money and run away,” which Zero agreed to, as she felt she could do anything with her new friend. After taking the money and making a run from the town, they crossed a bridge where a man was waiting with a horse. This familiar man was a customer who was infatuated with Bluish-Purple.


“Don’t take it the wrong way, Light Pink,” Bluish-Purple said with her usual smile. Then, the two made a run for it, while Zero was arrested. Despite this, she didn’t hold a grudge against Bluish-Purple, but against herself for being naive enough to trust another person. It was at this point, that Zero had decided she would do better at her next opportunity, which was just a few months away.


When the decisive day finally arrived, Zero managed to take the money and run, much more easily than Bluish-Purple had managed.


In order to keep herself safe from pursuers, she decided to kill the people at the brothel, which was easier than she had expected. Next, in order to prevent any further pursuers, she went on a murderous rampage and eliminated all of the hired soldiers that were half asleep and drunk at the bar. She managed to gather as much money she could hold, and left town before sunrise.


Things didn’t go according to plan, however, as Zero was immediately captured shortly after leaving town. This time, it was by a group of bandits. They took all of her money and were about to sell her off, but she managed to find a way to escape. By now, Zero had decided that it would be better for her to not have any money, as she would no longer have anything worth losing. From this point on, she had also decided that she’d no longer rely on a man or anyone else to protect her—it would only lead to betrayal. She had decided that she would protect herself with her very own hands and trust no one but herself.


“I don’t have a name. I don’t have anything. Without money, I have no house. Not a single family member or lover, nothing. It’s almost amazing. I only have this life, but soon I will no longer have that, either.” She was the remaining zero. This was the start of Zero’s sorrowful journey.


Drakengard 3  is slated for release sometime this year for PlayStation 3.


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  • Ferrick

    wow o.o, gotta hand it to them for making such amazingly dark backstories

    • AnimusVox

      Which makes me a little sad that Cavia doesn’t get enough credit.

  • Tooru

    Man, that’s some great backstory right there. I really hope this ends up coming to the West.

  • Keima88

    Thanks for the summary/translation.

    I got sucked right into the story.

  • kool_cid414

    *cries* I never played a drakengard game before it might be time to start.

    • Warboss Aohd

      Oh Man, dis iz nothin’ compared ta da first game’z characterz.

  • ChiffonCake

    That sounds really interesting. I’m hoping for a western release too.

  • DanteJones

    That’s an awesome backstory. …though am I messed up for thinking it would have started off with her tripping over a rock in the family garden?

  • Seasqwaa

    I’m a little scared…. that she seems completely dead on the inside. Hollow even. Doesn’t (often) make for an amazing story. Of course, I have faith, and I KNOW they can work with it. And make it super awesome in the best worst way. But… she just doesn’t feel much. I like feelings.

    • puchinri

      I actually feel like it’s the opposite. I take her as someone who feels fortunate/not entirely worse off and is a realist (which is refreshing) and as someone who’s trying to deaden herself to cope, but isn’t one of those obnoxious people that’s “given up on life” or necessarily “given up on humanity.”

      • Seasqwaa

        I suppose that is true. Looking back at it now… she definitely DOES have character. It would seem there is a bit of inner conflict too, as with bluish-purple; she took it against herself when she was left. Aye… I guess I can see it now. I just feel like it would be nice to see a side of her before she had hardened herself. Certainly though, this sounds to be a whole lot better than that ‘given up’ completely kind of nature, or perhaps…. holding a grudge on all humanity.

        • puchinri

          I was also thinking that it would be nice to have seen a bit more of a less hardened Zero, but I am also kind of pleased with how this was presented. It’ll be interesting to see if we get Zero hardening further or opening up as the game progresses or in one of the endings.

  • Tom

    I really-really like it! The day this game was announced it was sold for me but this makes that feeling stronger. I feel the connection to Kainé from Nier. Maybe the person who wrote the text adventure stories in Nier is the same who wrote this. Really hope it’s going to get a western release!

    • Aoshi00

      I think it’s indeed penned by the same novelist Eishima Jun. She also wrote the short stories in the Nier artbook (of course ideas from Yokoo Tarou) and the FF13 Episode Zero & 13-2 (Fragments Before/After) novels.

      On the Jpn website (Drag-on Dragoon 3), you could hear a piece of beautiful music, sounds like remixed from the original Drakengard :) S-E better publish this game in the West themselves..

  • puchinri

    That’s a pretty interesting backstory. It’s on the borderline or dark/gritty for the sake of it, and on the cusp of being Berserk-dark (hellish, but not just “rahhh! fake!maturity!11!!).

    Zero sounds very . . .I can’t think of the word, but I appreciate that they made her someone who’s vindicative and pessimistic without blaming others necessarily. I don’t think that particular angle is used enough (or very well when done); it’s also almost optimistic the way she tries again before resettling herself. I feel like there’s a small but noticable development there, kind of subtle.

    Also, I didn’t think they’d leave out sexuality entirely, so I’m glad that while they still went with selling folks, they didn’t go for any of that typical “she’s a female character, so obviously there’s rape in her backstory to make it tragic” bullcrap. (It’s not something I expect from the writers in this case though, and this feels like affirmation for how I feel other things will go.)

    • MrTyrant

      I agree with the rape part. That its always used to bring more “darky backstories” and a lot bulls*** to make the character feels “deep” so a woman can never have ambitions or hate something if we don’t add tragic past that involve rape.

      • puchinri

        Yeah, especially on the no ambition part or just to make the character hate something/anything.

    • LightZero

      I suppose but I don’t know if being pimped out by her own mother is any better than being rape.

      • Luke Blackwood

        It doesn’t seem to impact her as much as being raped usually impacts. In fact, she appears to take it sort of naturally.
        She even made friends with other girls being pimped out by their own mothers ;)

        • Bur

          Yeah. Her trauma revolves around betrayal, or, rather, what she percieves as betrayal (because no matter what we think her mother using her as income is just Tuesday to Zero), not being prostituted. It makes for a nice change to see the sex aspect of her backstory not being there for extra drama. It’s just… kinda there. Like a bruise would be.

          • puchinri


      • puchinri

        It isn’t. But it’s the context of the stereotypical rape story versus how this went. (Which also doesn’t seem to be played as straight/common.)

    • z_merquise

      Glad to know someone also thought of Berserk while reading Zero’s story.

      It also had this dark and tragic story in a fantasy settings, with the character who’s in a very hopeless situation yet still fight/struggle and live for another day. Much like Guts and other characters from Berserk.

      • puchinri

        Indeed. Zero reminds me a ton of Guts; they’re both characters that are reasonably jaded, but it’s obvious that there’s this hope (and sensibility) to them. I really like it.

  • Ninastars

    I hope someone’s going to make a fan translation of the game since even if it doesn’t get a release here I’m so importing it from Japan.

    Just like Nier the story sounds tragic and the characters broken people but in a way that’s sympathetic and relatable in all it’s grimness.

  • Brimfyre

    I wonder if I need to play the first 2 to understand this one.

    • Ninastars

      As far as I know it’s going to be independent story-wise.

  • Luis Camargo

    Someone please localize this game. Loved Nier so much that I bought both Drakengard games. I need this one too.

  • MrTyrant

    I don’t like the part of “I won’t trust anyone and I don’t need it” edgyness. Aside from that I like her background and It fit “Drakengard” perfectly. I remember Cain being very violent too with a difficult personality.

    • Ninastars

      It’s less of edginess and more of apathy. She doesn’t seem like the brooding kind of a character.

  • mojack411

    Well done, well done. I feel like this would be a game I play just for the story.

  • Now I want to play this. Should I play the other games of the series or can I understand this game without them?

    • Kerokero

      Drakengard 1 gameplay wise was god awful, I tried playing the older ones recently for this game and I just couldn’t do it with the first. Haven’t played 2 but if you’re like me, you’d want to play in order.

      I dunno if you need to play the others for this one, but I think I’m just gonna do it anyway.

      • I would love to get the other games but I don’t have much money I can use freely :/

        • Cerzel

          The gameplay for Drakengard is just plain bad. I’d advise you to go look up TheDarkId’s playthroughs on LPArchive instead.

    • doubleO7

      As far as I know, they stories aren’t closely connected, if at all. You should be fine without having played the others. Though it wouldn’t hurt, assuming there are minor references to the other games.

  • Damn… That was dark.
    I hope this game gets a release in the west.

  • “she’d no longer rely on a man or anyone else to protect her—it would only lead to betrayal.”

    So those four guys are mere cannon fodders and disposable sex slave to her (make sense considering how she was treated like a pesty punching bag).

  • Tales_of_Master

    Please SE for the love of god bring this game to the west. The first two games might’ve been nothing special gameplay-wise, but their stories and the Drakengard universe in general was so enjoyably dark that it reminded me of games like Shadow Hearts and SMT. I really hope SE decides to bring this over without any modifications this time around.

    • revenent hell

      We got the first two games I dont see why we wouldnt get this one to

      • Ninastars

        Not to mention Nier ended up a cult classic and widely loved in some circles. That’d be an incentive to bring this over.

      • Testsubject909

        We got them. With censorship and cuts if I recall.

        • revenent hell

          Sadly/annoyingly that happens to a lot of games. Which ive always been against. I detest censorship

          But then its almost pointless to speak against it. You say “Thats not fair they cut out this or that” and people just complain your a pervert and the game is fine as is…

          The only time people care about it seems to be when its a game THEY personally like otherwise most dont care …. and this is a totally different rant all together so im going to stop.

        • Teh Blasterz

          I don’t know why, but something tells me that if the game gets localized by Square Enix or another company, it likely won’t suffer from the same butchering Drakengard 1 did. The main reason? Connectivity. Back when Drakengard 1 was released, practically no one covered its Japanese release, and only the western release was covered, which meant that most people likely had no idea it was censored, and that the localizers likely felt they could get away with it because of that.

          These days are different now with sites like this. Most people who are aware of or want Drakengard 3 are well aware of the more adult topics the game will likely cover. Any localizer who isn’t stupid would or should take note of that. If they were to censor the game, they would likely suffer from severe backlash from the fans, and with a game series as niche as this, they probably can’t afford to piss them off. It helps that we do have other game series willing to feature or explore adult topics these days as well, such as the Witcher series (remember King Foltest and his daughter, who was born from incest?), so they may be more willing to do the same with a Western release of Drakengard 3, since they may feel safe in good company.

      • Solomon_Kano

        We got a lot of things back then that we wouldn’t get today.

        Also, remember that Square Enix weren’t even the ones who brought us the second game, it was Ubisoft who picked it up for localization. If they didn’t want to bring Drakengard 2, that doesn’t really tell us that they’d jump at Drakengard 3.

        • revenent hell

          I forgot this about this.
          But regardless of SE I kind of think the game will be released here anyways

  • Zypharium

    Kainé, is it you? I just thought the backstory of Zero resembles you a lot. I really, really like strong-willed women, they are the best, so please Square Enix, don’t interfere in the development and keep your hands off this game with your so-called “great management ideas”. You always love to kill off my beloved franchises. You already annihilated Final Fantasy and other good franchises, I hope your stomach is now full.

    Also, it is really annoying, when the only purpose of the female characters, is to be rescued by the strong, cool and handsome male protagonist. Women can quite good fight for themselves, without relying on anyone and being humiliated by someone.

    If Drakengard 3 is as good as Nier, then I will once again not leave my house for several days, because I got so hooked up, and completed all four endings in one go. I could not stop the tears as I was watching the last few seconds of the last ending. I would totally AND gladly pay over 100€ for the sequel of Nier, it is just that much worth for me. Please, Cavia do something, I want to play a game with a stunning story, the gameplay is not really important for me, since I like to read and dive into the story.

    • Lynx

      Wasn’t Kaine’s character design originally an unused Drakengard design anyway? At least, that’s what I remember hearing when NIER first came out. Don’t know if its true or not.

    • Brian Jaymz Rand

      Kainé is technically a hermaphrodite. Not entirely sure that “strong-willed woman” really applies here.

      • Zypharium

        You see, I couldn’t care less. I like Kainé the way she is, she does not behave in the least like a male in my opinion, so the fact that she has a Jonny is totally negligible. She was female in the real world, if I recall right, but through a bug her data got damaged, and now she is a hermaphrodite. I guess, I would not sleep with her, but as a character I like her very much.

    • Rolling Guy

      How about strong willed women saving women? Also, I want my NieR 2. P:

  • revenent hell

    If their aim was to make people care about the charecter they succeeded in a sense, perhaps I read to much but this type of story is fairly common to get people to relate and feel empathy/pity for a character.

    I doubt she treats her playthings as she was treated but I assume she dosent think much of them either….
    I really want to play this game ><

  • Lemon

    I’m actually more interested in One’s story, or more specifically how she met her partner Nero. Because that first manga chapter about them totally caught me off-guard and now I’m very curious.

  • Curan_Altea

    Beautiful and interesting…. I’m starting to really like this character.
    Can’t wait to hear more.

  • Teh Blasterz

    If you want to increase the chances of this game being localized, do what Yoko Taro (the director and writer for the game) said to do on his twitter account, and get as many people as possible to contact Square Enix USA about the game. Hey, it worked for Bravely Default!

  • MrJechgo

    Trippy O_o

  • Warboss Aohd

    Mork Almighty…….

  • Jose Mota

    Is Cavia working on this? Because that back story is Cavia tier.

  • Aoshi00

    Great backstory, hope there’s a release date soon, maybe before lightning returns. I hope it’d be as dark as Drakengard and as moving as Nier.. Can’t wait to hear the soundtrack

  • Testsubject909

    Sounds rather well written and everything sounds pretty reasonable and logical, from the most likely shell shocked mother who passed on similar traits down the line (you can do some research on shell shock or the more commonly utilized term nowadays “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” and see how that affects parenting and the children of such people) from the influences of her environment and her upbringing everything we read in this little backstory all gels well.

    And her promiscuity makes sense with her being physically sold at an early age, I won’t go into deep details on this because… Kind of not a safe subject, but anyone can do a quick search on the effects of abuse to one’s sexual desires or sexual growth and sexual awareness and whatnot. We also don’t seem to have any information on whether or not she portrayed the act as being raped or cared for it, which if it’s the latter it may become tricky to categorize this as rape from her viewpoint which means that the trauma some people might imagine would be either very different or non-existent. Especially considering how she behaves towards being betrayed by Bluish-Purple.

    Sounds like she was raised at the worst of time and this makes me curious about the world around her quite honestly. Was she simply extremely unlucky at birth or is she simply born at the worst of time when revolt from the populace is an imminent threat to the higher born and that debauchery, poverty and death plagues the land?

    Also explains well the Apostles in some way, especially if she, to be specific here, uses them. Like tools, for physical satisfaction and whatnot… But we’ve only got her backstory and probably not in full… How did she get her apostles and why?

    • ShadowDivz

      I wouldn’t feel comfortable searching that stuff up. Fbi might think im doing it.
      But now that you’ve brought it up im curious about it. But i don’t see myself asking my librarian about that kinda stuff.
      What to do,what to do…

  • Sergio Briceño

    I didn’t get most of it. If these short stories are half as good as Lost Odissey’s dreams, then they will be a good read.

    • Aoshi00

      The short stories in Nier were very emotional too and reminded me of Lost Odyssey as well, both made me shed tears.. I don’t think many games suddenly throw players into straight novel segments, complemented by an amazing soundtrack.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Those Thousand Years of Dreams segments were so amazing.

  • E_O

    This was teen-fanfiction-tier writing/backstory.

  • Damarius Wingfield

    EYE fetish?

  • Alexander Aubert

    do i need to play drakengard 1 and 2 to play this game? or not?

    • Tim Lewis

      Hard to say when we dont know too much about it. But I would imagine it would help, but not entirely nessesary, as it wasnt entirely nessesary to play 1 before u played 2.

    • Ladius

      No, as of now it seems to have its own setting and cast of characters.

    • neocatzon

      So far, I don’t find any connection to those two.

  • MFP

    So…. Zero has the flower in her eyes because she was looking at the “strange flower” too deep while she was about to die?? (based on the last page of novel)

  • Tim Lewis

    Thats pretty tragic, but then again, I would expect nothing less from Cavia.

  • SoundMatch

    HOLY CRAP I THOUGHT THIS WAS CANCELLED! I’ll see you in TGS you lovely devil!

    • AnimusVox

      Haha I think all the info about FXV and KH3 kinda pushed this one into the sidelines for a moment.

      • Brian Jaymz Rand

        Not really. Drakengard is more of a niche series. It doesn’t have the mainstream appeal that the other games that were announced at E3 did. Add to this the fact that Drakengard 3 is being released on PS3, not PS4 (when E3 was mostly focused on next-gen stuff, though maybe we’ll get a port).

  • The back story sounds good. Feel like Berserk.

  • interesting, now we just need to know why her eye’s a flower.

    • AnimusVox

      I’m curious about that too, but maybe it’ll say too much about the story?

      I’m curious about her sister too. Which they didnt mention in her back story, and that makes me wonder if they are even sisters.

      • wkm6322

        i dont tink they are related at all. in most asia, it is normal for one to call someone title that is usually commonly use only for family in the west.

        for one, its usual to call someone older than u using title such as uncle for example, it would be rude in most asia if u call someone twice ur age by his/her name for example.

        two, if u belong to a group lets say martial arts organization for example, and there are one master, and 5 disciple , the disciple will be treated as siblings, and will call and refer each other sister, brother. so the 3rd disciple would call the 1st and 2nd older sister or older brother.

        so i think zero and her sisters are sisters because they belong in a Intoners group of something.

        it may be strange for a westerner to see people that not related to call each other titles that usually for family, but in asia, this is a common practice.

    • Mr_SP

      I was thinking it’s like an eye-patch… but livelier?

  • Trevor Nicolaysen

    Doesn’t this completely contradict the first information released?

    I don’t like it. Aside from the massacre part, the concept is too real. It seems like a first world person’s privilege of disbelief in the magnitude of tragedy in the world being used as amusement. I guess it depends on their representation, but in general, wtf?

    • Ni

      If we compare this with the characters of the others Drakangard games this is just the tip of the Iceberg my friend

    • Lazulis

      Cavia likes their dark stories. Though most of these are usually expanded in side content like Nier having to prostitute himself to pay for his sister’s medicine.

      • Trevor Nicolaysen

        Nier seemed like the exception as far as representing the sick as bad rather than glorifying it. I could be wrong though. I didn’t play a whole lot of Drakkengard one or two.

      • Mr_SP

        Wait, does that mean that Daddy Nier also prostituted himself?

        • Lazulis

          Nah, it was only Brother Nier. Bro Nier wasn’t as physically strong as Papa Nier so he couldn’t do as much grunt work Papa Nier did iirc. Pre time skip Bro Nier was pretty scrawny.

  • With a backstory like this, it really makes me love Zero even more. I am excite. Hurry and come to the West please =^_^=

  • Ni

    YEAH!! That’s is what I was expecting for a Drankengard game

  • Go2hell66

    Yup backstory just sold me on this game

  • AnimusVox

    I never realized how amazing Zero’s eyelashes are. I can’t….stop…looking at them… @[email protected]

  • Lazulis

    I love Cavia stories. Too bad the Nier guide never got released in English. I can’t be appropriately sad if I can’t read the runes

  • ShadowDivz

    Man that’s alot of text at 3am in the morning….
    Good thing i can’t sleep because of the heat and need something to do!

    Edit: Jesus christ that was dark! And so sad that i ALMOST felt a tear run. No girl should have to sell herself at a young age. I mean… the innocence of childhood…just…. bought away so some fat ass can get his rocks off.

  • Chris Cruz

    Shits gonna get downright bloody again..

  • Cerzel

    ☑ Children being killed and tortured
    ☑ Rape and child prostitution


  • Solomon_Kano

    Mm. Just what I’ve come to hope for from Drakengard. Didn’t disappoint.

  • Aisha Lee

    I learned something when reading this backstory. She isn’t named Zero because of the things she departed from. No she named Zero for the amount of f*cks she has given during her journey.

  • Kuro Kairi

    Even before this little summary just from all the little info we got on the game I had a feeling that this is the game of the year for me. And it just keeps getting better!

    This is the kind of writing that captures my attention to the fullest.
    Its interesting and full of potential on so many levels!
    It doesn’t sound cliche like some stories that add grim rapey backgrounds just for drama and without substance.
    This is a proper dark backstory, it doesn’t even strike me as overly dark for the sake of dark.
    Just something that happened in our worlds history and might even happen today.
    I’m only sad that its coming out at ps3’s life end, so noone is going to play it(who isn’t a fan).

  • Göran Isacson

    Once upon a time there was an ugly clam. He was so ugly, that everybody died. THE END :D!

    And just like that story, this one didn’t help my misanthropic heart at all D: DRAKENGARD EVERYBODY!

  • firstarioch

    Rape , incest , brothels , strange characters and dragons . Morbid to the core .
    Welocme back Cavia . You have been missed …god I love your games .

    • ShadowDivz


      • Kairo Fujima

        Drakengard 1 reference.

        • ShadowDivz

          Ahh. Thank you.

  • Hyli

    Uh oh. Feels like I’m Ms. Unpopular opinion here. I didn’t like it. Sure it fit really well in the Drakengard universe, like homg. But…I also kinda felt like it was trying a bit too hard? When I finished reading it, all I could come up with as a reaction was “meh.” when i assume i was supposed to have at least some sort of emotions? Maybe I’ve been reading too many tragic backstories lately.

    • Well, it is a summary, so who knows which and how much details were left out in the process.

      • Hyli

        This is true. I guess I’ll be keeping an eye out for new info.

    • alixraen

      I agree with you, I didn’t care much for it either, but it’s just a summary, so we should save the final judgment for later.

      • Hyli

        My friend said the same thing when I told him, haha. I’m not gonna completely rule it out just yet, not on so little information.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Now I want to red the actual mini novels instead of a summary~. =/

  • fayt255

    Looks like Drakengard 3 is going to be just as messed up as the other games. Such good times.

  • kaizin

    wow that backstory was amazing gives you that dark feeling in your chest about zero’s life I really want to read more of her back story an hope this comes to the west~

  • Masa

    wait a second, the makers of this game is the team who made NIER?

    Will be buying day one!
    Most people think i’m crazy when i say its my fave game this gen. :(

  • Vash bane

    oh damn O_O
    that’s some back story there
    now I hope they explain the eye xP

  • izanagi

    wait a second isn’t the other character called “one” her sister?

  • Vash bane

    this back story is dark….NOW this is a drakengard game

  • Victoria [Rokuso3]

    I really enjoyed this, thanks for the translation/summary!! I’d love to see the summary of the 2nd one, too

  • artemisthemp

    Poor Zero :(
    Hope Drakengard 3 is been release in the west, so I can play it.

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