Mystic Chronicles Keeps The PSP Going With A Retro Styled RPG

By Ishaan . July 2, 2013 . 12:20pm

As we’ve reported in the past, Natsume are bringing Mystic Chronicles, one of Kemco’s retro-styled RPGs, to the PSP. Now, the game has a release date.


Mystic Chronicles will be available on July 16th for $14.99, and yes, it works on the PlayStation Vita as well. The game’s battle system uses Guardian Beasts, godlike beasts that can be assigned to each character, and you can set their AI to offensive, defensive of healing.


For more information on the story and characters of Mystic Chronicles, check out this earlier report.


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  • Masa

    game looks pretty good but not a fan of these battle systems where you dont see the characters but just commands.

    • d19xx

      Yeah. I’m tired of just having text to describe what’s going on.

      “Enemy fired an arrow!”
      “You’re hit in the knee for critical damage!”
      “No more adventuring for you!”

      • TrevHead

        I’m the other way, side view turn based bores the hell out of me. while the oldschool front view are very fast paced and don’t waste no time.

        It wasn’t so bad when in the PS1 era when spells effects had the wow factor but nowadays anything that slows down the pacing is just an annoyance (outside say boss fights and rarely used special moves)

        Just a slash across the screen, a number and skipable text is all I need.

      • disgaea36

        yeah I used to be like that too I hate FPRPGS like dragon quest and such. But Now I love them. Even tho much doesn’t go on in the battle its still fun and Like @trev said they are fast paced. Plus I’ve come to the conclusion that first person rpgs seem to have some of the best story plots out there just saying. At least now they have started to upgrade it a little so it’s not just a picture of a monster they move and such now lol I know not a huge difference but it’s a plus.

    • Warboss Aohd

      same, Phantasy Star worked as it showed the attacks.

      I really just don’t like First Person views.

  • Neophoton

    Not fond of the 1st person battle system for these games, but I like the Guardian Beasts feature. I might give it a spin.

  • TheExile285

    Natsume should localize Demon Gaze next

  • TrevHead

    After playing just console JRPGs and only recently getting into handhelds it’s really nice to play JRPGs with this battle system. I find the slower paced traditional side view FF battle systems to be mostly boring nowadays I’ve lost count of the number of turn based FF styles JRPGs I’ve quit half way (inc Lunar SSS, Lost Oddyssey)

    I’m rather bogged down with JRPGs atm but I’ll be sure to buy this and Class of Heroes 2 at some point.

  • “Dragon spat Dragon Breath!”

    You don’t say.

  • Foofin Around

    I’ve actually been playing this game on my iPod lately (had to finish CrimsonHeart first). I’m honestly not that big of a fan for first person RPGs, but I find that I really enjoy it in this game. The characters and beasts all have fairly interesting personalities and characteristics, so I like to kinda make up animations in my head for all of them.

    For example, when Light attacks, I’ll picture his body using Lightning’s attack animation from FF13. Or if Retea id attacked, I picture her sliding back like “White” Weiss from the RWBY trailer. It’s pretty fun matching different characteristics from characters I’ve already seen to these new characters.

    As for gameplay, this RPG is really solid. That is to say, this game is definitely one of Kemco’s better games. One of the things I like about this game is the ease with which you can upgrade weapons. A lot of games make it difficult to get the right materials for higher level weapons, but it’s actually easier and preferable to collect materials in this game. Seriously, you don’t have to worry about saving materials; you’ll replenish them real quick, and the better weapons are well worth the cost (buying new weapons is extremely expensive, and I don’t really advise doing it).

    As far as actual battle controls, it’s also pretty interesting to see how the characters and beasts act in battle. You have your character attacks, as well as combo attacks depending on the bond you have formed between different characters. You also have to constantly think about the weapons and tools (ie potions, etc) that you have equipped for battles.

    The real customization comes with the beasts, though. They each have attacks that they automatically know. Some beasts have regular attacks, some healing skills only, some defense only skills, and then some have status attacks. You can then customize each beast to focus on attacking, defending or healing. After that, you can choose whether the beast acts before or after the character who controls said beast.

    And remember how I talked about upgrading weapons? Yeah, it’s a good idea to have weapons and other equips set aside for your beasts. They give your beasts completely different stat points than the playable characters, and they also give new skills to your beasts. It’s pretty cool trying to mix and match different weapons/equips on the beasts to see what works well with your team’s overall strategy.

    So yeah, I highly recommend this game. It’s got a surprisingly deep battle system for an ios game, and it’s just an overall interesting game. Not groundbreaking, but definitely good. (✿◠‿◠)

  • disgaea36

    True alot of people don’t like this style of play but i think sometimes it works great for the developer. Since it’s a simple mechanism they can focus on other things like the story and character design. Look good will pick up.

  • Monterossa

    ugh… Dragon Quest battle system.

  • Aristides

    Yes! Finally! PSP FTW! W00t! I hope they localize other Kemco games :P (if there are any PSP ones left)

  • sapient

    I bought the ios version for a dollar. I don’t know why they are charging so much for these games when smartphone versions are much cheaper. It was earlier rumored to be close to $7.

  • Eagle7D8

    Does not play on PS Vita. I’m currently trying to get a refund from Sony. Avoid this if you don’t have a PSP.

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