Makai Kingdom Overlords Invade Disgaea D2

By Spencer . July 10, 2013 . 1:49am


Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness is just starting to ramp up with downloadable content and that means Laharl will run into characters from other Nippon Ichi titles. Lord Zetta, the most badass freaking overlord that sometimes appears as a floating book, can join you party in Disgaea D2 via downloadable content.


dlc_character_board_wave3_zetta_pop01 dlc_character_board_wave3_zetta_pop02


Pram and Alex from Makai Kingdom are also available as DLC. Each character costs 300 yen ($3) and if you get all three characters in a set you’ll get a Disgaea D2 wallpaper as a bonus too.


dlc_character_board_wave3_pram_pop00 dlc_character_board_wave3_pram_pop01 dlc_character_board_wave3_pram_pop02


dlc_character_board_wave3_alexander_pop00 dlc_character_board_wave3_alexander_pop02 dlc_character_board_wave3_alexander_pop01

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  • Oh hell. Alexander, huh?

    Pram and Zetta are shoe-ins typically but I don’t think I’ve seen Alex in a single game past his original. This should be good.


    It is.

  • Pinkemon

    Oh yeah, a good reminder that I still need to play Makai kingdom. Don’t really know any of those peeps outside of their cameo appearances. (And then I started looking for the psp port I swore I’d read about and Tvtropes said there were no plans for a western release. ;_;)

  • Been quite a long time eh, asshat? >:)

  • Skode

    Always nice to see a new face because at the end of the day there is gonna be a time in the near future when were gonna get bored of having to pay hard cash for the likes of Pram and Rozalin with each and every Disgaea game.

    Saying that i wouldnt complain if Marjoly was brought back… she was a mainstay of every Disgaea game for me till they decided to stop featuring her for whatever reason in Disgaea 4

  • Asshat!! Peta!!

    Please NIS, announce you´re bringing Makai Kingdom for the PSP over to the West and that your announcing a La Pucelle Tactics 2 for PS4 so we can get some Prier in FullHD :)

    And I´m curious, since Laharl and CO have been so frequent visitors in the other games shouldn´t they know who most of these characters are?

    Painly last and unknown, will there be a giant DLC pack after all DLC is released as it was with Disgaea 3? In that case I think I´ll wait untill all DLC is released :p

    • Mr_SP

      Actually, Peta is already in the game. Zetta, Pram and As… er, Alex are the DLC.

      • Cool. But then there is a bit of a problem. Peta is making her “debut” in the wrong game…

        Now where is the PSP version of Makai Kingdom NISA!!! I want to see Peta in her actual debut!

  • cloudcaelum

    Good news.

    And i miss Makai Kingdom mounts.

  • That last guy. He’s such an ass…

  • Ardus

    Ah my favourite god of destruction

  • komiko12

    Marjoly, Priere and Gig for the next set pls.

  • Raharu95

    Well this is a pleasant Surprise~ I have not played Makai Kingdom. Can’t wait to see what Alex is capable of.

    Thought there is something that bothers me? should not Zetta still be a book? then again, 10 years after the original disgaea should be enough for his true ending occur.

  • Spirit Macardi

    Well this is quite a problem… Who’s going to voice Zetta in English? After all, Crispin Freeman is union now.

    Trying to replace him is next to impossible, since he has one of the most distinct, iconic voices out there.

    • TheSwordUser

      In Disgaea 4, he’s been voiced by Patrick Seitz. I imagine it will stay that way.

      • Spirit Macardi

        Him and Seitz do have a similar range, so that can work. They’re not exact, but as long as there aren’t too many lines then it may not show through the cracks.

  • Dashiell A.T., esq.

    *adds Makai to list of games I should play someday*

  • ivanchu77

    Awww, no Salome :(

  • Kitestwinblades

    One badass Freakin’ Overlord!
    Non-Book form Zetta and Pram? SOLD

  • BenderIsGreat


    Best floating book ever….

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