Dragunov And Hwoarang Join The Fray In Tekken Revolution

By Sunjun . July 12, 2013 . 3:20pm


Namco Bandai is bringing an update to their free-to-play fighting game Tekken Revolution on July 16th. Among the highlights are Sergei Dragunov and Hwoarang, who will be available as playable characters.


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One of the new elements in Tekken Revolution is the ability to upgrade your characters by improving their strength, endurance, and vigor. With the upcoming update, you’ll be able to reset their stats and gain back your points and money. If you feel the character upgrading is a cheap gimmick, you’ll be able to fight online without the stats in place, too.



Along with those additions, there are the new, obligatory DLC costumes, including school uniforms and swimsuits. Also available will be special effects to make your fighting look fancier:



In addition, there will be a new mode called Warm-Up Space in which you can train to your heart’s extent without spending time or coins. The Arcade Mode will also come in two new difficulty settings, Hard and Very Hard, which multiply the number of money and gift points you earn by 1.5 and 2, respectively.


Lastly, for people who have already put a lot of hours into the game, the rank cap will be raised from 15-dan to 19-dan, and the level cap will be raised from 50 to 60.


Tekken Revolution is available now for the PS3 in Japan, North America, and Europe.


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  • Solomon_Kano

    Still waiting on Yoshi, Harada!

    • Sentsuizan_93

      Hell yeah! I want Yoshimitsu confirmed too man ^_^

    • Provided that the game catches on enough, I think everybody’s bound to end up there one way or another. There’s already data and assets from TTT2, for one thing; and TR seems to be based on those (if somewhat watered-down). The only question is when and at what price each character would pop up.

      • All characters are free, unless you’re talking about how many Gift Points will we be needing to unlock them.

        • They’re unlocks now? I thought I heard before that characters would come in paid bundles. Did Namco change the plan?

          • Elvick

            They haven’t been so far, maybe that’s a future plan?

            But yeah, so far they’ve just unlocked via gift points that you earn from the game.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Well, they’ve already passed 1 million downloads, so we should be on our way to that point. When is really what I want to know. They’ve stated adding characters more frequently (2 new ones this week after 2 last week, I think), so I just hope we’ll see Yoshi sooner rather than later.

        As for price, free. Unless you’re referring to how many Gift Points, which is anyone’s guess.

    • Yoshi AND Nina. Two of the always-present members of the Tekken franchise. They will return. It will happen. Bet on it.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Funnily enough, Paul’s the only one of that number to appear thus far. You’d think they’d have been in before some of the others.

        • Yep! So far, that’s true. Which is why I am saying that those two are overdue for an appearance!

  • But the question is, will this update be worldwide? Wait, July 16th? That’s the usual time when PSN updates in The Americas! Yes…

  • Demeanor

    Interesting additions, but I still consider VERY lame the fact that you get random bonus chars and it takes gazillions of Gift points to unlock them, what if I was an Alisa player and was cursed with Bryan and Steve? They should let players decide which chars to get when they hoard enough GPs. Training room is very welcome for everyone I’m sure, and raising the Arcade diff for better rewards is a very good move, the difficulty is abysmal atm.
    I’ve just returned from a very satisfying ranked session of TTT2 (Jun + Lili), can’t wait for them to put Jun in revolution too. ^ ^

    • Andrey Coutinho

      I AM an Alisa players and I AM cursed with Leo, Bryan, Steve and Xiaoyu. It’s very sad.

  • Tee Niitris

    I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve been playing this quite honestly, stat bonuses notwithstanding. Any added content is good.

    And I love that all characters are free, although you randomly unlock them… I’ve always preferred “classic-styled” Tekken gameplay over what they have now.

    • Well, they got rid of the Bound system, so this game is as “Classic-style” as we will get.

    • Elvick

      I’d probably toss a buck to unlock a character of my choosing. Since I’d like to reward the game for being pretty sweet and free, but I don’t like to pay for the ‘facebooky’ time things.

      Guess I’ll buy some TTT2 DLC instead to support Tekken in general.

    • AkuLord3

      …Tekken Revolution as “Classic Styled” Tekken? yeah sure maybe its been a while since you played if you think that

      • Tee Niitris

        Maybe I should’ve been a bit more clear.

        I meant more like 5/5DR and less like 6/Tag2 (I wasn’t referring to 2/3 if that’s what you thought).

        And Revolution is different from both with those Super Arts and being able to walk back and stuff.

  • Arz

    Fuck,I still haven’t even unlock Jin.AND HOW THE FUCK DO I UNLCOK HIM

    • Nitraion

      If we can trade i trade or give you jin…. i want xiao yu or alisa D:

  • Nitraion

    Damn i love using hworang but i want to unlock xiao yu first!! D:
    Dammit i wish i can choose who i unlock i don’t want to play as jin or bryan or steve…. ><

  • Elvick

    Come on, friggin’ sausage fest up in there.

    Need more female characters.

    At least add Yoshimitsu. That’s a dude who I’d love to see.

  • Gilgamesh2025


  • Shizumasa

    If I read correctly, with the update we can fight matches without the upgrade system? Finally, I hated that mechanic along with Critical Arts.

    • Spectacularity

      Agreed. I don’t think any fighting game (where balance is important) should have a upgrade system. -_-

  • Ronldbx6

    Great, here come the Hwoarang string infinites! -_-

  • Spectacularity

    A training mode…. A tekken newbie like myself will love that ^~^
    I’m a bit confused on how characters are unlocked though.

    • Shizumasa

      Characters are unlocked by earning gift points.

      Everyday you log in you get 100 gift points and fighting matches online or arcade mode also reward you with gift points.

      • Spectacularity

        I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

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