Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’s Asian Version Won’t Have English Text

By Spencer . July 12, 2013 . 12:11am


Back at Taipei Game Show, Sony announced an Asian version of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. This release like Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 before it was supposed to have Chinese and English text with Japanese voiceovers.


The Asian version of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is scheduled for November 21, the same day the game comes out in Japan. Unfortunately, that means the Asian release will not have English text. Siliconera confirmed with Sony Computer Entertainment Asia that the Asian version of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII only has Traditional Chinese and Korean text. Bummer!

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  • Yggdr5

    Where’s the news? It’s just Square Enix being Square Enix again…

    • This is the first time this has happened.

      • landlock

        Isn’t the english in asian versions usually fairly bad anyway?

        • Kaitsu

          Not necessarily bad, but it’s more of the fact that it’s not written out like how it would be spoken if it was in English. But I guess that doesn’t render out the fact that it could be bad.

          • landlock

            Not sure i’d personally wanna play a JRPG that why then if I know it was coming here anyway. The FFXIII storyline is awkward at the best of times. Then there’s a matter of DLC.

            I remember importing Demons Souls from Asia when the European release was unannounced.

        • Duo Maxwell

          I don’t notice any difference between 2 version, aside the voice over.

        • EternaLBleedinG

          The thing here is that the other R3 version of games are usually based on the R1.

        • Zikrayrus “Zikk” Dis Pear

          I played it and there are differences. I think they took the translation from NA?

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • DanteJones

    Damn. No Maaya Sakamoto for me then. :(

  • Chris Yuen

    <-Lives in Singapore, a Asian country (technically, South East Asia). Well damn. Nah, contrary to what some might think, the English text used for R3 copies of games out there are about the same as the R1 editions. There's no fairly bad text or anything like that.

  • SeventhEvening

    Korean this time? Well, alright. Not my first language, but I think I can handle that.

  • XypherCode

    Total bummer. Aside from Japan and some parts in China, almost all South East Asian countries are English speaking countries as well. Not all of ’em can read/understand Chinese and Korean. :|

    • Isaac Newton

      I think they should call it Glorified North Asian Version….

    • EternaLBleedinG

      Well there are at least 2 versions of R3 games, 1 that includes CH/Kor text and the other the Asian version of R1. So we still have to wait if we’ll get the english version and of course the one with eng dub.

  • Isaac Newton

    So Square Enix thinks that Asia is only consist with Chinese Speaking Countries and Korea….

    So Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and etc. are located at…… Antartica!?

    • Is Kanda

      Its their typical marketing strategy so that all other english speaking people will have to purchase the English Dub NA/EU version instead.

      They gave us English text for the Asian ver. in FFXIII n XIII-2 n now they removed it. Something wrong with their head.

      • Isaac Newton

        I think SE needs to hire another translator….

      • Göran Isacson

        Really, the older games DID have english text in the Asian version? Huh, if that’s the case I really wonder why they cut it this time. Trying to cut costs, maybe?

    • Aoshi00

      So the other countries can’t play the US ver w/ Eng text then? Not that many “Asian ver” of games have complete Eng text, especially for JRPGs. Like the Asian ver of Tales and many RPGs are just straight up Japanese, no different from the Jpn ver, they aren’t necessarily localized for the “Asian” countries, it’s just a system compatibility issue (HK has been playing games in Jpn w/ no localization forever). I think S-E wanted to specifically expand the HK & Taiwanese mkt too for such a high profile game w/ so many launch events.

      But yes technically this is more like a Hong Kong/Taiwan/Korean edition (since even China and Singapore use simplified instead of traditional Chinese, but they could still read).

      If people really do not like the Eng dub and prefer the Jpn dub, there’s still the option to import the Jpn ver. Personally I think S-E has given great Eng dub w/ care to their games. I’d be importing the Jpn ver on PS3 and getting the Eng ver on 360 2 months later like I usually do.. For FF12, 13, 13-2, I slightly prefer the Eng dub.

      • Isaac Newton

        I don’t give f*ck about dubs I will just turn on the subtitles anyways. They have a f*ck tons of money to hire a translator. Hell even some fans will translate some games for free. What I’m saying is that Chinese or Korean Language are not the Universal language of Asia a simple translating of text might not hurt a penny or maybe they might predict that FF: LR will have a lower sale(SE’s sales prediction about Tomb Raider).

        • Aoshi00

          Easy. So you cannot simply buy the US version with English audio and text? I’m saying most “asian” version are not really localized for asia at all let alone rpgs, S-E is actually doing this as an exception for 13 to more or less cater to the hk, Taiwan, and Korean mkt. With your attitude, I don’t think they would miss your sale. Again no one is stopping you to buy the US version which is entirely in English if that’s what you need.

          • Isaac Newton

            All of my PS3 games are Asian version…
            All of them have English text options…

            So basically SE is trying to say “Deal with it!” to most Asian buyers that wants the English text option.
            While most Company don’t do that.

          • Aoshi00

            Really, which other Asian version of jrpgs have complete eng text. I thought 13 and 13-2 were a first. I know Tales certainly have no eng.

          • Isaac Newton

            Umm did I say Tales…

          • Aoshi00

            So could you provide any example at all for Asian version of jrpg titles’ having complete English text.S-E was actually the first to do so. so again, you cannot purchase the US English version?

          • EternaLBleedinG

            Is it possible to list rpgs as well? oh well i’ll just list some that i know.
            Dark Souls
            Dragon’s Dogma

          • Isaac Newton

            So in short I don’t have a choice for the Asian version then?

          • Aoshi00

            Yes, almost all Asian version of jrpgs are in Japanese anyway, and u have the us English version, so take your pick? How did you play other jrpgs up to this point.

          • Isaac Newton

            The only matters is for the people who buys the Asian Version that who cannot understand Korea or Chinese.

            Because in my stand point is that they don’t give any love for us in here in South East Asia. The word Asia is a meaningful word for those who live in Asia even for those who don’t understand Korean,Chinese or Japanese.

            Saying things like just buy the US English version is like a slap to my face and some Asian.

          • EternaLBleedinG

            Splintee we’ll just have to wait until the NA version gets released to know if we’ll get the R3 version w/ english dub&text.

          • Isaac Newton

            I hope that they would do it.

          • Aoshi00

            Again asian version is more of a system compatibility issue, that games work in systems for that region, not necessarily localized version. Yes it should’ve been more aptly named Chinese/Korean version. English was actually thrown it as an extra. I seriously don’t understand how you’ve been playing your jrpgs up to this point if u don’t play the Japanese asian version or US eng version.

          • Isaac Newton

            Why are you keep telling me about JRPG this or JRPG that when I don’t say anything about JRPG?

          • Aoshi00

            You are saying S-E is the only company who does not include Eng in the Asian ver, and I’m asking what other companies have complete Eng text for their JRPG titles in the “Asian” version. None. S-E is actually the first and only company that did that starting w/ 13 & 13-2, as a bonus. How do people in Asia play Ni no Kuni, Tales, or FF 7 to 12 for that matter. There were 3 versions, Jpn ver, Asian Jpn ver, and US Eng. Ver. So you have to choose one of the 3 options, the US version is the only one that has English.

    • yeah it is a total bummer. all xiii series i bought and played was the chinese version. it’ll feel weird if somehow i had to finish the light saga with different version from the jap dub that i’ve grown accustomed to. i dont mind the english dub but i have my own preference

      • Isaac Newton

        Dubs are tolerable but text are not….

  • rpgmaniac

    hahahahaha… even better now this sh1t will sell even more less copies because after that not only the old-school fans r going to avoid this crap but the hardcore JRPG fans also who skip JRPGs w/o dual audio :P
    SE believe me u won’t like the sales at all this game is doomed to fail.

  • kroufonz

    so that’s why it has same release date with japan?!.
    the past FF asian version with jp voice + eng sub are released either after/ closer to western release.

    still wait for a bit maybe the western release have dual audio or there is another version for asia later.

    • rpgmaniac

      Do u seriously believe that the western version will have dual audio? come on man stop being delusional we r talking for SE here the company who u know replace even the main Japanese song from FFXIII with one from Leona Lewis yeah we talk about “those” guys here..

  • DrakeClawfang

    SE wants to bury LR so hard that they can use its failure to justify never letting Toriyama direct again.

  • Jaeger Knighty

    I lost the story like halfway through anyway.

  • Alex Loh

    Although chinese is my main language,I have to say, only chinese and korean text only in Asian version is totally worst decision. SE always having this kind of things happened. This is madness.

  • Masa

    so people who played the first two games in Japanese now has to listen to the boring robotic English voice of Light, awesome……..

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      The asian version has japanese audio…it just doesn’t have English text.

      • WhyWai

        I think he meant we who bought Asia version to play in Jap dub Eng sub can no longer do so…

    • Isaac Newton

      I think you miss the point

  • Alexander Marquis Starkey

    I don’t see what you dual audio complainers are bitching about. The article clearly says the Asian version will have Japanese voice overs with Chinese and Korean text. It doesn’t say anything about Dual Audio for western versions.

    • EternaLBleedinG

      Umm we already know that R1 won’t get dual audio. People are complaining because:
      1. It’s pointless to get the asian version because it lacks english text.
      2. We still don’t know if we’ll get the Asian version with english dub&text.

  • Kai2591

    …but then again I don’t play FF13s lol.

    …but what about future FFs like FF15??! *gasp*!

  • Oltheros

    Wow…and here I was really looking forward to hearing Maaya Sakamoto as Lightning.

    Poor move, Sqex. Won’t be getting any money from me.

  • baha

    Well, it was never the Asian version that had the english text/japanese dub thing going, that’D always been the hong kong version which releases a bit later

  • epy

    Well… dammit…

  • Zikrayrus “Zikk” Dis Pear

    Whelp, looks like I have to go R1 now.

    And I was so hoping to continue playing with the magnificent Japanese dub English sub. But hey, I think the VAs are pretty good in English too. So I’ll be fine~

  • rurifan

    So much for Square Enix being the progressive good guys providing a subtitled-japanese option. :( I forgave their games for many flaws just to support them by importing the chinese versions of FF13/FF13-2.

    But not anymore, I guess.

  • LightningFarron19

    Sorry to hear this, but I don’t really understand much of the problem (due to me living in the United States).

    However, I do know one thing:

    -The music composers that made the soundtrack for Final Fantasy XIII are back.

    -In terms of gameplay, the temporal aspect of the game – the 13 day doomsday clock- is a determining factor. All gameplay elements are linked to this concept. The “Active Time Battle” system is now faster and more action-oriented.

    -The developers are aware that the time limit can be stressful for players, but, they say that there are ways to maximize the clock up to 13 days instead of the original 7 days. Some quests have strict time limit. This is to motivate players to do their best.

    -A source of inspiration for the game was the movie “In Time”.

    -There is no other sequel to after this. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will complete the “XIII saga”.

    -Caius Ballad will return.

    -Kitase and Toriyama are interested in making other outfits from previous Final Fantasy characters for Lightning.

    -Trophies are easier to obtain in this game.


    • ShadowDivz


      People go overseas for jobs or whatever reason. So let’s say your dad lived in china for his job and you can barely read chinese, you wouldn’t have to worry about importing because the game has english text.

      But since it DOESNT have english text that’s not the case.

      • Kelohmello

        Why should a company include an extra language in their game for the sake of accommodating a very miniscule minority of people that haven’t even learned the language of the country they’re living in? That’s impossibly stupid, a waste of money and time, and it defies sensible logic.

        • ShadowDivz

          Okay then you tell me why some games released in china have english text or Sometimes even japanese text.

  • Lyh Scully

    Well im sad about this ive gotten acustumed to japanese voices sure i could import the jap version , still i really liked the option. :(

    • Irina Zanza Baptista

      Yep, I refuse to play this with English voices after hearing the original dub with english subs! (I imported it thanks to you! :D)
      Didn’t like what I saw of the new game until now, anyway… But I’d play it just to know how it all ends!
      Anyway, if I know right, there are TWO Asian versions of FFXIII and FFXIII-2. The one with English subs is the Hong Kong version that released after the english version. I’ll wait a bit more before I panic about this.

  • barkhov

    BAM! English Text DLC for SGD 9.99

  • As about Japanese version? It’s not have a English text too? And not have a English voiceovers?

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      it seems like no region will have both English and Japanese audio. There will be no place (as of now) that will have Japanese audio with English text either.
      I think this is the answer you were looking for, right?

      • Well. I will to get a Japanese version of this game. And I will English voiceovers at least. :)

        • MrSirFeatherFang

          wait the Japanese version won’t have English audio either

  • Ewwwy

    Damn, the final fantasy 13-1 i played had Jap dub and eng sub, it was a dream.

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