Sega Releases A Final Teaser Video For Project 575

By Sunjun . July 16, 2013 . 2:20pm

In just two days, Sega will officially reveal their mysterious Project 575, but for now, they’ve released one more teaser video, which features actual dancing and singing. Accompanying the video is the song “Fly Forward, Class!” composed by the Vocaloid artist Lamaze-P.



Now that we know that the game involves singing and dancing, could the game be a rhythm game like Hatsune Miku Project Diva F, or could it be an idol-raising game like The [email protected]?


The red silhouette is named Azuki, whereas the green silhouette is Maccha. In the previous teaser videos, the girls gave some hints, mentioning a class and practice several times. Also, Maccha mentions demons and evil spirits, which can mean only one thing: Maccha is a chuunibyou!


Project 575 will be officially revealed on Nico Nico Douga on July 18th.

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  • I’d love to see a US developer try this style of teasing/marketing. It would jive so, so, poorly, but I’m sure it’d be absolute comedy

  • ReidHershel

    I am so confused, and interested, wow. If this is a Vocaloid Idol Social JRPG, I’m in.

  • If its a new vocaloid game, please, please let it have yuzuki

    • Kevadu

      Why would you even think it’s a Vocaloid game? We have a bunch of promos with original characters who are clearly *not* Vocaloids, and yet I see all these comments speculating it’s a Vocaloid game…

      The only connection to Vocaloid-anything is that Sega has tapped some popular Ps for doing the music. But Ps are composers…they’re not limited to composing Vocaloid music. In fact a lot of them have launched successful composing careers after their experience doing Vocaloid stuff. It’s not even unusual anymore.

      • Thank you for replying to me and only me about this, and i’ll let you know that my views are my own and if you do not agree with them I dont care much and would like to advise that you go easy on the preparation H treatment

        have a nice day and realize that sometimes people just have unrealistic expectation

        • Kevadu

          I’m not trying to single you out, but I had to respond to somebody and I didn’t feel like spamming the same comment over and over.

          And it’s not even that I don’t agree with your views (actually, I like Yuzuki Yukari too, though not as much as IA…), I just honestly don’t understand how somebody could watch these promos and think this is a Vocaloid game…

  • WyattEpp

    “…a rhythm game like Hatsune Miku Project Diva F, or could it be an idol-raising game like The [email protected]?”

    Split the difference: A Vocaloid raising game.

  • Erikdayo

    So excited for this. If it’s a rhythm game, great. If it’s more on the idol raising side I will also give it a shot, but it’s hard to play those sort of games without a guide. You miss a lot of the cute conversations. :( I’ve played through The [email protected] and The [email protected] 2 a few times each despite not knowing Japanese well at all.

  • And I shall name the Red one Akarin =P

    Can’t wait until we see more on Project 575 =^_^=

  • Elemiel

    Something to do with [email protected] and school. That’s all I could come up with. :|

  • CobbleCake

    575 Productions?

  • Karmistral

    …I find it funny that they’re named after Azuki Beans and Matcha (used for Green Tea stuffs). Which are their respective colors. Wondering what the names of others will be :D

  • Demeanor

    Wow, Maccha’s singing voice is not bad at all! (enough with the ojousama act! Lol XD) Aside from the nice performance and the reveal date there were no new juicy info. Hey, the first verse of the song is the first haiku Azuki presented! XD

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure will be waiting for 18th

  • TheRealMalek

    It really feels like a dance/sing (become your own idol ?) game to me but i could be wrong :p

  • Raze

    Ryhtm game again?


    I can’t wait for it….

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