A Closer Look At The Miqo’te Costume In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

By Ishaan . July 17, 2013 . 10:45pm

As previously reported, one of Lightning’s outfits in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is based on the Miqo’te race from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. We’ve only seen the costume in magazines up until now, but today, Square Enix shared a clearer image and screenshot via the game’s official website:



As detailed last night, putting the costume on will give Lightning a battle victory pose and sound effects from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Meanwhile, the Cloud Strife outfit based on Final Fantasy VII will do the same. We expect the same will be true of the Yuna costume from Final Fantasy X that Square Enix teased, too.


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  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I knew I could count on Ishaan for this kind of stuff! huhehehe

    cause he’s a cat too!
    Glad it’s in the game and not some preorder DLC (still unsure if I can buy this at launch).

  • Raltrios

    Damn, Lightning! I didn’t know sultry poses were in your personality!

    • psycho_bandaid

      Thousands of years can change a person. I have noticed when folks hit about 70 years in age or so they stop giving a fuck and just do what they feel like. Even as a goddess Lightning may have been in this mode for several millennia!

  • Suriel Cruz

    Lightning is that You?… What did they did to You?… Dx

    • MogCakes
      • This is now the official Miqo’te theme video XD

    • O_O Master Clueless

      Damn Square must be desperate Lightning used to be a respectful, just the mission done character I agree but, but hey they do have the right to experiment.

  • Nanaki

    I approve.
    Does this alter her personality in battle as well? I’m curious.

  • Go2hell66


  • Nightmesh

    I wonder what XIII’s Lightning thinks of XIII-3 Lightning. I think she’d punch her.

  • AoNoise

    I find this degrading…

    I never liked Lightning that much but it’s always sad seeing a character being a victim of fanservice.

    • epy

      This. I love me some fanservice and I don’t really like Lightning that much but wasn’t she supposed to be this cool, dignified heroine? It’s X-2 all over again… NO! THAT’S NOT YUNA!!!

      • This.


      • psycho_bandaid

        Only difference for me is I didn’t like the characters from XIII at all, so this doesn’t sting like X-2. This is actually pretty funny to me.

    • Randy Marsh

      Try to understand this, this pose is the Miqo’te’s actual victory pose in A Realm Reborn. Each FF cameo costume will make them do the character’s victory pose from their original game. Prime example, look at the Cloud costume.

      • Izzy

        Right, but the camera is clearly focusing on her boobs. That is unnecessary.

        • Randy Marsh

          Welcome to the sexalious victory pose of the Miqo’te female in ARR, complete with boob zoom!

      • AoNoise

        Try to understand this: What need is there for a cameo costume and pose? Scratch that… what need is there for the costumes? What need is there for this GAME, even?

        This and FFXIII-2 are hollow stories built with no relationship to the characters and universe created in the original FFXIII, but they find fun in desecrating EVERYTHING the first game was. L’cie? Fal’cie? Snow’s and Serah’s relation? Lightning a serious, independent woman?

        PFFFFFF, funk that.

        • Randy Marsh

          Whoa whoa pal, I was just informing you of reason for the pose. No need to go all grumpy goose on me, relax guy.

          • AoNoise

            Oh, by all means don’t let it get to you. I’m a grumpy person in general and everything related to this… thing only aggravates me.

            I banter on the game. An apology is due if I antagonized you with my grumpiness.

            Unlimited Grumpy Works.

          • Warboss Aohd

            i ‘ave found a mine similar ta mine.

    • supervamp

      So her character is suddenly nothing because she’s a in a fanservicey outfit?

    • Surgeon of Death

      It’s sad seeing a FF game the victim of Toriyama. His characters are all sub par, the games are linear as heck, and he is always trying to appeal to today’s trend of Japanese woman portrayed in anime and whatnot. He must think it’s fun turning the women into pinup girls. Hope he gets fired because he must enjoy killing the series.

    • Lightning needs the gift from the goddess to stop degrading:

  • Randy Marsh

    Oh sorry Lightning, naughty thoughts.

  • Kyle Fedora

    “Will you like my games now, nyaa~?”

  • Raze

    Nyahahaha….Dat pose…Naughty indeed…

  • Soyeon

    still can’t believe this game is actually happening.

  • Jordan Coleman

    Just slutting her up aren’t we now. Kind of sucks, because this character was anything but.

    • Antixono

      lol,this was intended to be a pun right?

  • randominternetperson

    Now we just need a miku costume right???

  • AkuLord3

    Seriously even if i don’t care for the game or don’t mind cute/sexy costumes…but is the most news for this game just going be this…cuz wow

  • Tristan Diaz

    My gosh.

    • XD

    • Alexander Aubert

      yes hope, you must not

    • Bobby Jennings


  • artemis81

    Finally, the post we’ve all been waiting for.

  • I wished I liked her so I could get something out of this.
    …I never asked for this.

  • Noor Mahmoud

    You guys are taking this the wrong way. The costumes each deliver unique abilities. Obviously one of the specialties of the Miqo’te is sex appeal.

    • Eric

      I think that would be a really cool actually. It makes me think of Jessica’s sex appeal abilities in Dragon Quest 8. I doubt it, but I think it would be neat.

  • The official portrait is even more hilarious close up. She has such a blank look on her face while making that pose. lol

  • delmar

    So I’m pretty biased about the FXIII story..and sequels in this particular franchise ( I really don’t feel that any of the sequels/expansions were necessary or even helpful in the story telling to the main entries due to how sequels have been treated by Square) . This entry thus far doesn’t really help my opinion. The whole of XIII has been kind of a mish-mash of ideas that don’t really flow very well. Mainly when it comes to the suspension of disbelief of the characters actions. Light is a very particular character which can be described as strong willed, confident, brave, rash, and independent of other’s influences. She starts off being completely independent of what the fal’cie wanted yet now she is more than willing to be a servant of what the gods will despite how they have ruined her life….
    My second gripe is about character design which has to do with Light’s character. Sexy half naked Lighting doesn’t fit. Period. If this arc was about Fang then yes, or characters like Rikku, Tifa, or even Rydia I would say majority of those costumes would have fit, Light, no.
    Lastly when it comes to character design you can’t copy and paste very distinct character designs on other characters, it’s the taboo. By doing it kinda ruins the very particular feel and association that character had. Square- you are trying to hard to sell this game, which is a bad sign. Yet don’t get me wrong I love referencing to previous titles yet there is a way to do it. An example would be if they wanted to use FFVII instead of Cloud just use a generic SOLDIER costume, or if they use IX use one of the Alexandrian solider’s costumes. But it’s too late for that.
    I miss Sakaguchi.

    • I don’t play for the story. I just stick around for the battle mechanics. I have a lot more fun that way.

  • Enma_Kozato

    I would have preferred the highlander or elezen outfit in regards to a 14 costume cameo.

  • harmonyworld

    geez, now she’s a porn star….
    wtf did they do to her

  • Freya2012

    Lightning’s beauty is her elegance, not her boobs…

    • heartless141

      this, this, and so much this.

    • Kevadu

      Lightning had elegance at some point?

    • AndyLC

      yeah, not boobs

      but armpits

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      Wait?! she has tits?!

  • Robgoro

    So is this going to be the fan-service laden, Final Fantasy X-2 of the Fabula Nova Crysalis (ugh) series, because…yikes.

    • Robgoro

      It seems like they have more of an interest in turning lightning into a poster child for the game than they do, you know, making the game.

      • saxophone15

        Eh…I don’t really think it’s anything to get worked up about.

        • Robgoro

          It is certainly not worth getting worked up over. I’m simply catching FFX-2 level fan service vibes from this whole “costume/class” change mechanic.

          • That’s not really an issue specific to this game or X-2 though. Female characters in a lot of Japanese games, even Final Fantasy games, do tend to be sexied up somewhat to appease their predominately male audience. Even Samus, a character who many have claimed is a badass and a role-model for female gamers, was first revealed wearing a bikini. Whenever you die in Super Metroid, you get a glimpse of her in her underwear. Pretty much your reward for beating most Metroid games in a certain amount of time is a shot of her in some pose or wearing some kind of sexy outfit.

            Final Fantasy isn’t innocent of this either. FFXII had you playing as a half-naked bunny woman wearing high heals with an exposed ass. Ashe, a figure of royalty, had somewhat skimpy looking clothing too. In fact, try walking with female characters in that game compared to male characters and see just how different they look when they’re walking.

            So, I don’t know. I guess I just don’t see what the big deal is. If they can’t do a little fanservice with this game, then they’re going to have to completely get rid of it in future games as well, something that is never going to happen. It’s not like Lightning is going to start moaning every 5 seconds or anything.

          • Robgoro

            My claims were within the bounds of Final Fantasy, and in the world of Final Fantasy, X-2 is easily and without a doubt the most fan-service laden game in the series set aside, if only, by the fact that it is completely aware of the fact that it is doing so.

            Fran wasn’t advertised to for the purpose of fan service, nor was Ashe. Inventiveness in character design and any gender-related issues the series brings up as a whole does not excuse a simple observation that, wow, this game seems particularly fan-service-y – especially because they’re advertising that part of it exhaustively.

            It’s not a “big deal,” but it’s definitely the strongest impression that I’m getting from the little news that has leaked about Lightning Returns. They even devoted a whole game to a sole character, renaming the entire three-game series the “Lightning Saga,” abandoning Fabula Nova Crysalis because it didn’t catch on. She’s a face that sells, not a character with (even an illusion of) depth – and I wouldn’t hold your breath for the moaning. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoWWCtACy-w

            I’m looking forward to playing it if only because it seems…off-beat for SE, and off-beat and charming is what they USED to do best.

    • natchu96

      Complete with in-combat class switching via changing clothes in broad daylight!

    • It’s just one costume. I don’t care for some of the sexier ones myself, but there are apparently a ton of costumes in the game, so I don’t think a sexy costume or two is going to completely destroy Lightning as a character.

      • Robgoro

        I can’t say that I thought Lightning was really that compelling of a character. She definitely has a characteristic appearance, but, other than that, I always thought her personality was right on par with “abysmal”

  • Lightning Returns alright……… as a Miqo’te lol



  • Isaac Newton

    This costume is not good for LIGHT!


  • Inb4 Unecessary Viera Costume.

    Pre-order the DLC now and get 6 different shades of colors for your bunny-riffic needs!

    • How much lol?

    • psycho_bandaid

      I think Lightning’s personality would make a decent match for the Viera, actually. They were a rather somber group if I recall.

    • AndyLC

      I’d rather see Lightning in the traditional garb of the Seeq, nyeh.

  • Monterossa

    Toriyama is the guy who knows how to make games for the fans. Nomura in the other hand, always make games for himself. No wonder why Japanese (and Asian) people want Lightning Returns more than FFXV.

    • They probably want Lightning Returns more because Lightning Returns has an actual release date, while FFXV, even after getting a name change, still doesn’t have a release date.

    • Detrimont

      but toriyama is directing LR, and Nomura usually just does character designs

    • DrakeClawfang

      And yet ironically it’s the KH series that has become a huge hit and FF15 that is anticipated, while the FF13 trilogy is going downhill. Not to mention all the self-fanservice Toriyama is giving himself sexualizing Lightning.

      • And also needing past icons such as Cloud to boost it’s popularity.

        • DrakeClawfang

          oh that’s part of the self-fanservice. Toriyama worked on FF7 and FFX and loves them, ergo Light gets to cosplay as Yuna and Cloud

    • Spider-Man

      Maybe in bizzaro world.

    • Kaihedgie

      Pretty sure Toriyama isn’t the one overseeing production of any of the video games whatsoever. All he does is the art.

  • I gotta say, as much as I don’t care for the FFXIII story or universe or the fact that Lightning’s breasts got bigger in-between games (I’m not making that up, the developers confirmed it), I might still play this. I liked FFXIII and XIII-2 not because of their stories but because of their battle systems. What intrigues me about Lightning Returns is that this game is going to have an open world and revamped battle system. Let’s face it, considering how the events of the games before this unfolded, this really is a convoluted mess of a plot and not something I can get invested in. But video games may be the one medium where I can forgive a bad story if the game itself is engaging enough.

    I’m not going to deny that there are issues with trying to have too much fanservice or that the FFXIII games don’t have their game design flaws, but enjoying this series is my guilty pleasure, just like I enjoy some games that have been critically panned. Sometimes a game is fun just because it speaks to you personally, not because of metacritic or even fanservice draws like these costumes.

  • Donatetimo

    This could work lol.

  • AndyLC

    Too bad she didn’t get the FFXIV Highlander outfit (and saucy pose)!

  • Alexander Aubert

    is this a new character? i’ve never seen her before

  • James Williams

    So much general negativity for an optional outfit to help tie-in another FF game.

  • Syed Sameer Rahman

    Interesting….will she claw at opponents to attack?

  • Warboss Aohd

    not remotely fittin’

    Edit: Must……..resist………orky rant.

  • Spider-Man

    *Licks lips*

    Not gonna buy unless I find a used copy, but still, nice.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Lightning is making all it’s fans happy with that cleave lol.^_^

  • Herok♞

    Its funny how people get bent out of shape over 1 of 100s of costumes, like OMG they ruined Lightning by giving her an optional costume I don’t have to use, because FF14 did a cross over where people get her FF13 costume. The clothes she wears doesn’t make the character and if you really think they do then you still have the option to use her Original Costume from 13 or another one that you like. So there is once again no need to be complaining about this.

    • Aoshi00

      Totally.. Also I’ve always wondered what Fang had gotten a peek of when lighting showed her her lcie brand, now I know :) quite looking forward this game and both cloud and cat costumes

    • Antixono

      Ikr,people complain about these stuff all the time.If you don’t too see it/want it in the game then just play in the regular costume.Personally,I love me some fanservice.

  • omeganeko

    Haha in the first picture it’s like she is trying to hypnotize us into buying the game.

  • Ni

    this is so out of character. but i don’t care is just a costume. if it’s pre-order exclusive i’ll not getting any of these costumes.


  • IM

    I can excuse the costume. But not America’s Next Top Model’s “Every black girl from the hood pose”. Miss J does not approve.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Lightning looks purrfect

  • karasuKumo

    My mind’s telling me no, but my body, my body is telling me yes.

  • Antixono

    Ahh,cat-girls how wonderful……

  • monkey king

    Dead expression, weird posture; she looks awkward as hell in the first picture.

  • Luke Blackwood

    Like I’ve read about this before: Hooker side quest confirmed.

  • artemisthemp

    Lightning save the world with her Body :)

  • BenderIsGreat

    When is she getting the Gogo rainbow burka? Or the S&M outfit Paine wears? Or better yet, Kimahri’s loincloth and crossbelts?

  • Tincho D

    Now i want to play FFXI again.

    Mithras > Miqo’tes

    • kool_cid414

      I disagree but to each their own<—- is a male miqote in game

  • Guest

    I totally like this costume, it doesn’t seem like major fanservice or anything, but it’s still fanservice. As much as I like fanservice in the form of DOA and such, sometimes simpler things work a lot better.

  • Sergio Briceño

    Bought XIII and played it for 20 minutes. Skipper XIII-2. Getting XIII-3 and staring at the screen for hours… :3

  • DCBlackbird

    a weird mixture of surprise and arousement

    • 古戸ヱリカ


  • kool_cid414

    Their seems to be a weapon based off of FFXIV as well called the lominsan cutlass and lominsan escutcheon. Those who don’t know, Limsa Lominsa is one of the major City-States in FFXIV. Link here:http://lightningreturns.com/gameplay/slaughterhouse

  • Kevin Lor

    Now who’s ready to cosplay this? muahaha

  • SpectralRaiden

    I don’t mind the costumes, but this one is very uncharacteristic of Lightning demeanor. Even though she’s a woman, I’m not so used to thinking of her as feminine. As long as the outfit serves it’s purpose though I don’t really give a damn:-P

  • ShadowDivz

    I love how everyone is like “OMG THEY ARE DEGRADING LIGHTNING”
    And im willing to bet when those same people are gonna be alone in whatever room they have their console in they are gonna be all:

    *battle won*
    *lightning sexy pose*
    “Oh yes lightning….oh yes….”


    • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

      I had rather play my eroges thank you.

      • ShadowDivz


        • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

          Nope, Hibiki works or Moonstone Cherry.

    • Pekola

      dafuq. wat even. omg.

  • l777l

    It’s a very winning pose.

  • Blur Will

    With cloud’s face , she looks like gay

  • Pekola

    This little stunt better boost the sales >L

  • Setsu Oh

    i was wondering about buying it but now it has become ridicoulous and so out of character i wont .
    thanks square for sparing me 60bucks!!

  • Bigabu Beaze

    Her boobs like smaller.

  • popober

    Her expressions says it all: “Shit.”

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