Capcom Responds To Questions About An Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Update

By Spencer . July 21, 2013 . 12:13am


Capcom is still supporting Street Fighter IV by rebalancing the game and adding new characters. Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition was supposed to be the final version of the game, but in response to fans Capcom is making Ultra Street Fighter IV. This version will have five new characters, new modes, and a balance update. The amount of content in Ultra is more than Arcade Edition, explained Matt Dahlgren, Senior Product Manager on Capcom’s fighting games.


After Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono crowned the first Mr. and Ms. Street Fighter during the Street Fighter Comic-Con panel, there was a short Q&A session. One fan asked if Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 would get a balance update like Ultra Street Fighter IV.


"We know there are a lot of people requesting an update of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. After watching the finals from EVO, we do think the game has things here and there that can be balanced better," said Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono. "In terms of content, we don’t have ideas on how we can make the game better. If we keep hearing you maybe we can do something."


During an interview, Siliconera also asked Dahlgren if Capcom would make an update to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. "It’s still thriving. If you looked at the finals from EVO those were extremely exciting and we are very happy with how that’s going. With that said, we’ve also said we are not working on an update to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Our focus is still on Street Fighter," Dahlgren replied.

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  • Go2hell66

    please don’t nerf zero !!!!

    • Unemployment Master

      I really don’t know if this is sarcasm or sarcasm.

      • Highasthesky

        I’d say neither, Zero IMHO needs a buff. With Phoenix.W,Rocket racoon, and Hsien ko running marvel weaker characters like Wesker and Vergil need buffing, Zero included =/

        • Vesperion

          Vergil needs to be better?

          Now THAT sounds like sarcasm

          • Highasthesky

            In it’s most blatant form.

        • Go2hell66

          vergil doesn’t need buffing, they just need to nerf his xfactor damage and speed a bit and make it so that people are forced to do swordloops for big damage then players will actually need a decent level of execution to use him, i rather like how he plays i hope they don’t mess around with him too much either

        • DriftSlave

          Buff Satan/Vergil? go die in a fire….

  • DriftSlave

    They should leave Marvel Alone at this point and let people figure out how to deal with the current problems, Morri/Doom is strong, Zero is really good, but those match ups are not impossible.

    • endril

      I don’t really agree, because there’s something like 19 characters who are barely ever used.

      • urbanscholar

        Totally agree with this

      • darkfox1

        Ghost Rider :(

  • Vesperion

    Whenever i see Strider in a thumbnail i squeal like a fangirl….

    • Me too! I bet that’s why it’s there. Lolol

  • Misty Dawson

    Doom missiles need to disappear on hit. Vergil and Zero need to be nerfed in certain ways. Hsienko needs to be viable. Like seriously. SheHulk needs to be speedy again. She should NOT be Hulk slow because she is just not The Hulk.

  • AaqibRawat

    its a cash cow. i could defo see it get updated.
    People need keep asking.

    • Joshelplex

      Disney/Marvel has to actually give them the okay though, It’s probably not up to Capcom.

  • evilmajikman

    Jill really needs to be buffed. Like holy cow her and Hsien Ko are good for nothing.

    • dragoon_slayer12

      I have them in my “serious team” (with Arthur, it’s my thrashing, all out assault team), and they do me just fine.

      • KingofSarus

        That’s because you do not face real players. lmao

      • Cellsai

        Have you won any tournaments with that team?

        • dragoon_slayer12

          Don’t compete. I didn’t say they were broken, just saying there good enough for me to get serious. They are fast, frantic hitters and they do me just fine. ^_^ just surprised they’re considered weak.

          • Cellsai

            Hsien Ko and Arthur are the opposite of frantic hitters :/
            At the risk of sounding terribly elitist, without entering tournaments in a highly competitive game like MvC3 you’re really not in a position to judge if a character needs buffs or not.

          • dragoon_slayer12

            Not the way I use Hsien Ko. Arthur is my meticulous hitter, so I am very precise with how I use him, and Hsien Ko is great as a support when in the middle of a combo. Hsien Ko, I’ve learned to switch up and mix her moves and combos enough that I can trap somebody into a bloody death. I can’t get into details, but they haven’t done me wrong yet. ^_^

            Edit: and I’ve never mentioned whether they need alterations.Once again, just stated they do me just fine. Personally, iI think it’s pathetic people need a game to be “balanced” after completion,iit’s more of how to make it work in your benefit. I’ve been playing fighters since SNES II, and if I can’t play with a character, I suck with him, if somebody is just naturally strong than another, it’s a matter of strategy to take advantage of the situation (regardlessof use or against). Dan, one of the worse characters ever, cam be a beast if you know how to use him right. But once again, tthat’s just me, I can deal with what I’m dealt. I’ll deal with the flaming with that last remark, but as long as a game is enjoyable and isn’t broken, why unnecessarily fix it. “Akuma cam hit harder but dies faster, Zangief is the strongest defense and offense and is a pain to fight”, boo hoo, learn how to counter and take advantage of the situation. Trial and error, not get the game “remade”. And yes, I’m being an ass for last sentence.

          • AncientSpark

            Basically, what you’re saying is that your “comfort” factor is strong enough to make up for a weak character. Which is true. People can still play weak characters in a competitive environment and do well. That doesn’t mean that the game isn’t unbalanced though. And if the game is unbalanced, the game maker is responsible, whether intentionally or not, and it’s their responsibility to decide whether the game should be salvaged or not based on the community demand.

            It’s hardly pathetic to let the company know that “THIS IS A PROBLEM”. You say that a game isn’t “broken” if the tier differences aren’t too severe and, you’d be right if you were talking about a game where this actually applied, like, say, KOF XIII. But this is Marvel. It is a very broken game. You keep saying stuff like “But I can play this character in this context well”, but, in the end, can you actually argue about how each matchup goes? Can you argue about strengths IN DETAIL rather than obvious ideas like “this character is fast, this character is slow”, etc.?

            People have tried Hsien-ko, a lot. They even have an “optimum” strategy for her (the golden super->assist abuse). Jill might not have gotten much discovery due to the nature of her release, but there has been enough of her for people to try her out. You try to act like you’re hot stuff by saying “people, learn a counter, etc.”, but aren’t you forgetting that people have been doing this since release? Yes, tech for characters can be discovered to the point where a character can suddenly be good (like Morrigan), but, Marvel is already old enough that, barring glitches, most of the technology has already been discovered.

            Seriously, quit acting like you’re on moral/skilled high ground by telling people to shape up. You sound supremely cringe-worthy.

          • bill butt

            what is SNES II?

          • Strid

            “At the risk of sounding terribly elitist, without entering tournaments
            in a highly competitive game like MvC3 you’re really not in a position
            to judge if a character needs buffs or not.”

            That’s not elitist at all, but it is stupid.

          • A shame that this is the standard. And yes, im not a competitive player, I just play locally “for fun” but then again people who play for fun aren’t “Really enjoying the game” by “tournament player’s standards” im sure.

            I’ll just leave this here:


  • Just Tim

    Not making an update for UMvC3 reads to me like, “Capcom isn’t interested in making guaranteed money via potential Marvel Zombies DLC for Halloween, especially when certain endings imply it, and not to mention Nemesis and Frank’s respective inclusions in UMvC3.”

    Guys, remember the time when leaker Lupinko went necro for Hsien-ko back in Vanilla, to the point he called her “mai waifu”?

  • Guest

    Please add Megaman X and Samanosuke… oh wait you can’t… I’m sorry to bother you…

  • Judgephoenix

    Hmm they probably have to go through some Red tape with Marvel/Disney to mess with the game. Collaboration games are sometimes a pain.

    • Someone who actually understands these situations. Kudos.

  • dragoon_slayer12

    Instead of wasting time “rebalancing” and adding content to current games, why don’t they just use all that fan feedback for THE NEXT INSTALLMENT. Arcade Edition and Ultimate MVC are supposed to be the definitive versions, and while “still flawed” (games felt fine to me, but whatever), it’s supposed to mean best and LAST version. so with that in mind, whatever feedback you get should go into the next chapters. I think everybody could agree that a Street Fighter V and/or MvC 4 announcement is is more exciting than a $15 “patch” will some extras.

    • Haseyo

      Believe it or not, that’s not completely true. The casual folks might just want a new game, but many of the hardcore FGC guys and gals don’t want a new game. That’s an entire new system they have to learn, whole new set of moves to adjust to, etc etc.

      They just want their current stuff to be more balanced so they can win more without doing more.

      • dragoon_slayer12

        New installment doesn’t have to have radical changes. from super street fighterII to III, the only chchanges and additions were 1 super attack to use and the parry system. Older characters are the same as ever, while there was a new cast and story to experience. That can be applied to SFV, as for MvC, I think it’s should go back to playing like 2. Despite owning and (somewhat) enjoying Ultimate MvC on Vita, I am very disappointed in it (and the original version), it’s button configuration is WAY too dumbed down, and is WAY too “accessible”. I know they need to make it so newcomers cam just jump in, but regardless of experience, anybody can enjoy a fighter as long as the opponent isn’t thrashing them in an unbelievable manner (like an Evo champion Vs a 2 year old thrashing).

        • Vesperion

          What’s the point in making a new game if there are no radical changes? It just gives more for people to complain about. Why even make a new game when SF4, is doing fine.

          Marvel hasn’t had a real patch since the first month when PW turnabout invincibility assist was removed, yet it’s still more played then SFxT with it’s numerous updates.

          Bottom line…….some games need it, some games don’t. Me? I would love to see some marvel patches. Chun-Li for top tier!

          • dragoon_slayer12

            Since the very first sequel, radical changes were never needed to expand on a series or gameplay. For fighting games, the only need for a sequel is to add new characters, expand whatever shitty story, and improve/add gameplay. All in which Capcom has done with “patches” as the reason/excuse. Think about how much the most hard-core player of IV and MvC3 has spent for “the sake of patches” (which should be free). IV, $60, Super, $40, Arcade, $15, now Ultimate, $15. That’s $70 in “patches”, $10 more than what SF V would’ve cost. That’s a grand total of $130, excluding DLC and collectors editions. And Capcom official reason for these updates are to respond to issues fans requested be addressed. So instead of just fixing the problems, the add a few thing extra and expect everybody to be pleased with it. As I stated in another response, Super is the only one I’d call acceptable as they added so much in one shot, but Ultimate and Arcade is proverbial rape. Ultimate MvC added enough characters to warrant the purchase, and a lot of them were by request or were cut due to time constraints. But it released 6 months later…. A delay would’ve justified that, but in this day and age, DLC is an acceptable alternative (although the banged for the buck is somewhat justifiable). But the most important fact is, IT RELEASED 6 MONTHS LATER, at least IV was out for 1+ year before super was announced. Ultimate was announce 3 months later (do you not remember the outrage?). And in all honesty, if Capcom added 10-15 more characters to the Ultimate expansion, waited to this year to release it, I doubt anybody would complained if Capcom called it 4, as long as they patched MvC3.

            Edit: it could also be cuz I’m old fashion (despite being 25). Before this Internet connect gaming generation, if there was a problem, you either wait for a re-release or the sequel. People now a days are spoiled by instant gratification and demand things gets handled immediately. This effects development time as well. Think about it, IV released 4 years ago. People are still playing a 4 year old game. In that time, V, even VI could’ve released. But because they are busy addressing US, they can’t tackle the next installment and ADD and IMPROVE the current issues into a NEW STORY with an EXPANDED ROSTER. it’s a double edged katana, but it’s seems people only care about that fact that it can still cut

        • Cellsai

          Saying there wasn’t a massive radical change in gameplay between SSF2 and SF3 is complete insanity.

      • Just Tim

        Please, as if the hardcore FGC guys complain about a new version of Street Fighter Alpha/II/III/IV.

        They just switch characters altogether or stick with flowchart characters.

    • Brion Valkerion

      Let me just point out that people still play older games for a reason.

      You and the rest of the casuals may “want” a new entry to the series, and of course most people playing competitively (the whole reason updates get made now a days) But 1. It takes a lot longer to make a whole new game, engine, and presentation. 2. It takes way more money.

      If SF4 and MvC3 did not have so much life in them left, then yeah make a new one, but theres still so many people playing that its a pretty dumb move to just ignore the fact that they struck gold with these two games, which making a new game so soon would do.

      All that said, just because they are not actively making a SF5 or new MvC does not mean they are thinking about it. Kinda like when the randoms went nuts when Ono said he does not have the RnD/budget at the moment for SF5. Well clearly, since hes working on USF4. But do you really think Capcom will just sit on the series next gen and not do anything? Of course not, SF5 will come next gen, and if Marvel is a good company with their IP all of a sudden (because they suck now and always have) they will allow Capcom to do a MvC4 or Marvel Super Heroes 2 or something.

      Just be patent, the new consoles are around the corner, and a crap ton of new games. “we’ll get there”

      • dragoon_slayer12

        See, if they were just patching the games up, I’d be fine. That’s the point of patches. Fans find bugs, think it’s unbalanced, if the company wants to keep their customers and fan base please, patch it up. But their using “patches” as the lure to make more money and adding content (that majority of the time, nobody asked for) to justify “stealing” money from us. No, we are not forced to buy the content, but for the hard-core players (the ones with enough time and dedication to notice the game is “unbalanced”), they pretty much HAVE to buy it in order to be pleased. All honesty, if all they did was patch the games, there’d be no reason for the Super/Arcade/Ultimate. Super is the only acceptable one (to me) as it added SO MUCH in comparison to Arcade and (so far) Ultimate combined. I mean, come on, the gameis 4+ years old, with all the content tthey’ve added they’ve could’ve made a V and add a new story to it. IV had a decent roster as is, and I felt the game was complete enough that they didn’t have to add anything else to it (other than patches if need be)Capcom is just trying to milk the community dry.

        • Brandonmkii

          People ask for more content ALL THE TIME. You’re insane.

          • dragoon_slayer12

            Show me something where people asked for guy, Cody, evil Ryu, Oni, Elena, poison, etc. I said majority. The few features people requested could’ve been an easy $2 dlc, or included with the “bug fixing” patched, free of charge. Super added what, 10+ characters, yeah, cool and all, but how many of them were requested? And why couldn’t Oni and Evil Ryu be included? Arcade and Ultimate could’ve been one $15 expansion, and even still, could’ve fast been included into Super. OR, all the expansions could’ve been combined and expanded on with V. My over all point is that Capcom is taking advantage of “fan feedback” as “patches w/benefits”.

            Edit: even to look at it as a beneficial thing/dlc, Capcom should very have made the patches free, and all the content dlc, so people with/content with IV can get their game patched, and if they don’t want all the extra stuff, they don’t have to. Capcom is “FORCING” people to pay for patches, THAT’S my issue

          • Cellsai

            They didn’t include Oni,E. Ryu, Yun and Yang in Super because they weren’t made yet :/

            Super was supposed to be the end of the SF4 series, but then people continued to be interested in the game so they made more characters. People were happy with more characters. This is not rocket science.

            Next they released the version 2012 patch for free a year later.

            Why didn’t v2012 have Hugo, Elena, Poison and Rolento in it? They weren’t made yet either.

            SF4 continues to be massively popular after making SFxT and they now had the above 4 characters which are mostly compatible with SF4, so Capcom adds them to the game along with a massive balance and gameplay patch.

            I do feel Ultimate’s price is a little high considering the amount of work that’s already completed on the new additions, but I’m still happy to pay it because of the amount of gameplay I’ve gotten out of SF4 thus far.

          • dragoon_slayer12

            And that’s my point. They could’ve waited a bit longer to add them rather than tie them to a “patch”. Same with the Ultimate additions. If the Ultimate characters are a result of SFxT, okay, but don’t tie them to a patch. A patch is a patch, dlc is dlc. They are calling these dlc “patches with extras”. As I mentioned before, all the extra content should be dlc only use able with new patch, and patches should be available to all, regardless of version. Although people mite not agree with what I say, Capcom is taking advantage of the situation, regardless of the content justifying the cost. People ask for patches, they/we should get just that. If Capcom wants to make dlc, nobody’s stopping them, as there are plenty of people who may want it, but to tie them together is just wrong. Hypothetically speaking, if I was one who wanted balance and what not, but am content with IV’s offerings, I shouldn’t be forced to buy Super, Arcade, or Ultimate to get what I feel fixes a game.

          • Cellsai

            Ahh, no I actually understand what you mean here and that’s a good point. Make the patches freely available to everyone, but make the characters and other extra stuff paid DLC.

            Yeah, I can totally get behind that.

          • Do patches count as content too?

            Adding new content is just a common practice to extend the game’s life cycle. Unless a company is actually adding a character or content that you voted for or demand, whether you ask for it or not is irrelevant. In reality, asking for patches and fixes is what game devs listen to the most. Hence why Capcom has been getting such bad rep. They think patches = content, and consequentially, so do their “fans.” EA has been the dickhead of the gaming industry, but at least THEY don’t make you buy patches for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 or Battlefield 3.

            It’s your wallet that asks for more content when it comes to companies like Capcom.

    • Sadly people still think they’re obligated to buy a patch when it can easily be implemented into the games for free. Look at NetherRealms. Even in Injustice, they work on patches and fixes the moment they were addressed. As soon as people talked about the Batgirl loops, NR fixed that shit in no time. I’m all for buying new content when I feel like it, but a patch is not “content,” it’s a maintenance.

      • DriftSlave

        You also realize that patches cost money too and not every company has those dev. members on deck to go out and make a balance patch when people demand it. To be fair the only thing people want gone are the TAC infinities…but even that seems unlikely.

        • Yes, patches do cost money. But then, why is Capcom asking for more profit out of these patches when they’re already making a killing out of fighting games and all their other products that have sold when companies like EA can use that same profit to patch their games for free? Chances are NetherRealms is backed by Warner Bros. to pay for these funds and there’s no sign of them getting screwed by this process yet. There’s no consistency. Who cares if patches costs money? Your sales and DLC alone can contribute to investing in them. You can still give consumers an upgrade and use the money you got from that upgrade and patch it from there. It doesn’t mean that you have to f*ck your consumers for the third time. If you’re not doing that, it’s either because you refuse to, you can’t pay for patches (hinting your lack of budget and sales), or because you’re a company like Capcom.

          You know the TAC infinite is not the only glitch. There are more glitches out there and as long as UMvC3 is still played, there will be more coming. Regardless, a patch is only unlikely because Capcom just doesn’t want to do…right after Ono says “yes, the game does have problems.”

          • DriftSlave

            TAC infinities are the major concern within the competitive community, the reason why most people are lax about them is because we have grown to accept them as part of the game like Snapback infinities in MVC2.

            Capcom isn’t running a charity, thats something you have to understand, they want people to buy their product and they also need a valid reason to continue spending money on a product that is “complete”. From a money standpoint it makes more sense to make a expansion to SFIV than it is to make a patch for UMVC3. You call it milking, others call it getting what they wanted for months…perhaps even years. Again you say “who cares if they cost money” $20+K for a patch(to Sony/MS) is alot of money ontop of the money it cost Capcom to pay it’s dev. team to make the patch in the first place. They are spending money and not getting shit in return for that patch.

            Capcom is not obligated to do shit after a game is released, the fact that they are asking fans input goes beyond the call of duty for these developers yet most of you take advantage of that and demand for things like more characters and patches for FREE. I hope you realize how stupid that sounds….

          • Cellsai

            TAC Infinites really aren’t that much of a problem. It’s often easier to just kill a character with a normal ToD combo. TACs do have the benefit of generating massive amounts of meter, but I don’t actually think they’re massively in the lead on the list of things people want fixed.

          • DriftSlave

            I beg to differ.


            The community almost anonymously want to either remove TAC or nerf it to remove the infinities. There are other problems but most people want TAC fixed.

          • dragoon_slayer12

            Your right, Capcom, nor any other company, is not obligated to make patches post games. But if they want to keep their customers happy, it’s a MORAL OBLIGATION. the whole money aspect, that’s what dlc is for. My over all issue with how Capcom handles the “patches” is that they make the “exclusive” to its new “expansion” (which is nothing more than dlc). A patch is a patch dlc is dlc. Patch is maintenance, dlc is bonus/extras. To make the patch only accessible only through BUYING dlc is wrong, and should be considered unethical. Users that want the patch so get it through an update, and if they want what the dlc offers, that’s their choice.

          • DriftSlave

            Again, NRS who is constantly patching Injustice is doing that because their dev. team is still together, hell they are still making DLC for the game as we speak of course they will patch the game. Give Injustice a year like MK9 and Marvel, I bet you they will stop patching that shit.

            Capcom will only lose money from patching UMVC3, as a whole what % of fans do you think actually care about a 2 year old game getting patched? Not enough to warrant Capcom spending money needlessly, even if it’s to keep those who still play it happy. If acquiring the licenses for Marvel characters was as easy as people made it out to be, we would be seeing a Ultra styled update for UMVC3 but that is one of the many curses about crossovers.

            Moral codes only get in the way of money and business, I know I may sound evil like MS or some shit but it is what it is. I’m not letting my personal feelings get in the way of why a company does what it does.

  • Ni

    make Ms. Marvel a DLC character!!!
    aah.. i can dream

  • HappyOnion

    im hoping they focus more on bringing the weaker characters up than nerfing the top characters grateful hat theyre even considering it thou

  • Bunzi

    you could also bring Jon Talbain to the fore like you guys have promised twice now.

  • Setsu Oh

    he talked about new money they are recieving… could it be umvc 3 is still selling? thx to evo and such?? it is a pretty popular game and the hype is contagious…..i would like more characters better animations for felicia….and a story mode. but i suppose it isn t xmas yet…

    • Ben Sylvia

      Heh, story mode in a Capcom fightning game.

      I think you mean it isn’t the second coming of Christ yet.

      • Setsu Oh

        i liked the endings of sfz 2 & sf3’s rivalries so far. i want more: the intro is awesome.

  • Dimitri Lousteau

    Put new characters that were cards like Mega Man X,Juggernaut and Cyclops etc.

  • TheExile285

    “”In terms of content, we don’t have ideas on how we can make the game better.”

    Seriously Capcom? How about adding new characters?

  • AverageGamers

    I personally felt the original MvC 3 was better than the Ultimate one, so I actually am glad they aren’t considering making another ‘patch’ for it…
    Oh, and I’m also considering not getting the Ultra SSFIV as well, 5 new characters seems to small for a new game for me, but let’s see how my mood affects my purchase next year…
    I wonder if they ever think about adding new characters for SFxTK, y’know to show everyone that they can add new ones without the need to put them on-disc before-hand? I think it will be a nice treat for fans…
    On a side note, that shot with Ono as Chun-Li is so creepy for me T_T

    • dragoon_slayer12

      If they’d released it for portable (vita/3ds,dont matter), I’d bite (SSFIV3D was good). Since I haven’t own IV since it’s 1st release (played every “expansion” though), the thought is there to buy this. But I won’t, I’d probably beat the game with every character and not touch it for months like I did with IV/IV3D.

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    So is this where everybody requests for their team member to get more buffs and nerf Wesker?

    • Jonathan Tse

      it’s more Vergil now, but the principle is the same.

  • Göran Isacson

    Yeah, most likely not going to happen what with how Capcom would have to get the cooperation of Marvel/disney as well, and that is… unlikely to go smooth. big egos everywhere, big money that needs to be split and so on. Sad, but true.

  • Oswald Mathews

    they should fix fuc+++ng WESKER, VERGIL DANTE AND ZERO you just cant win when they make you a combo ¬¬
    morrigan should have eternal slumber, lilith should be in the game too, MS. MARVEL please!

  • Kevin Kumar

    I want to see a balance update but also mainly a dlc costume for magneto please

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