Darkstalkers Were Just Resurrected, But They Are Resting In The Grave For Now

By Spencer . July 22, 2013 . 3:23am


During Capcom’s fighting game panels, Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono usually tells attendees “Darkstalkers are not dead” and ask fans to raise their hands holding money for a new Darkstalkers game. This started back at Comic-Con 2011 and at New York Comic-Con 2012 there was even a teaser with Demitri and Lord Raptor.


Capcom didn’t pull the “Darkstalkers are not dead” line this year and Darkstalkers Resurrection was not a strong seller. Speaking with Siliconera, Matt Dahlgren, fighting game manager at Capcom, said “Darkstalkers Resurrection did not perform as well as we would have liked to perform. You never know what the future may hold, but Street Fighter is definitely not dead.”


We pressed and asked about the trailer as well as a rumor about a new Darstalkers game using the Street Fighter fighting game engine. “There is nothing Darkstalkers on the immediate horizon for sure,” Dahlgren commented.

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  • Jezzy

    Profound sadness.

  • Tonton Ramos

    So the next Darkstalker game will be on the next gen consoles then…

  • endril

    A bloo bloo bloo, we re-released a nine year old game for the fourth time and it didn’t sell a billion copies

    • Monterossa

      Plus, it doesn’t even have a disc version.

      • D-Rev

        Outside of Japan it didn’t

    • Crimson_Cloud

      Reminds me of what Hideo Kojima said about Zone of Enders 3. The HD edition didn’t sell like his precious Metal Gear to make a sequel. Greedy punks…

      • Pockystix

        I honestly can’t fathom the mentality behind this.

        “Want a new game? well, we’re going to sink a bunch of time and money upgrading the old game, so that you can buy it again. Then we’ll maybe think about making a new one. . . but only if this one sells even more!”

        seriously, how is it any safer to port games that most don’t want to buy again, as apposed to making a sequel or new IP? Sure, one might be a bigger risk in terms of cost, but burning your bridges with these backwards practices isn’t helping you, or your consumers.

      • LaserVision

        Apparently putting your staff on projects that might allow your company to pay livable five figure salaries and possible medical benefits makes you a greedy punk.

    • LaserVision

      Nine years ago? DS3 came out nearly 15 years ago… where it probably also failed to meet expectations. It wasn’t a greatest hits title despite the lower threshold back then. Not only that, this was pre-Soul Calibur, pre- Dead or Alive, and pre-Arc Systems Works.

      But hey why aim to make millions (or billions) when you can make thousands right? Why shouldn’t they release a sequel to a game that got outsold by “Fighting Force” for the PS1?

  • Pockystix

    Capcom and their overly high expectations = less fun for their fans


  • Chrystofax

    Well you know maybe people don’t want a rerelease hmm?

  • Go2hell66

    yea we all knew knew this was gonna happen

    but its okay everyone, guilty gear is coming

    • Göran Isacson

      This is true. It may not have the characters from Darkstalkers that we know and love, but it’s pretty much the next best thing anyway.

  • Serpenter Rex

    Thats fine. I’d have loved a new dark stalkers – If only capcom would sell the IP to someone with more capable hands. My money is resting in my wallet. Todays capcom don’t deserve a single penny for all the things they’ve pulled lately.

    • RitterKarll17

      If you want to stay it with quirks maybe Arksys?

      • abysswalker

        That would be INTERESTING to say the least

    • Pockystix

      I dunno about giving away their IPs

      just look at RE raccoon city, DMC, and now Lost Planet 3 (given to the team that brought us the ‘gem’ Legendary)

      if anything, they can’t even pick people to make their games for them. . .

  • WhyWai

    a new title definitely more interesting than a SD re-release.

  • Pyrofrost

    So, Capcom is being Capcom as usual. At least they’re predictable.

    • MrJechgo

      That Ducktales Remastered and new Strider game did came out of left field though…

    • Luis Edgar Flores Gutierrez

      They are a Japanese company. Japanese ALWAYS want that for everything.

  • You mean people weren’t interested in buying a 16 year old game for the hundredth time? That’s a shock!

  • Koji Kabuto

    so, what were they where expecting? Resurrection is just an old game ( and it doesn´t even have all the characters) with an ugly filter and they dare to sell it for 15 euros.

    That´s really wrong

  • Weird Al Yankovic

    Knew this for some time, ever since they first started talking about Resurrection not doing as well as they wanted after the first month or so it came out. Then SF4xSFxT…er, I mean Ultra was announced and I knew that ended all hope of a true Darkstalkers sequel, or anything else that doesn’t have something they can just re-use and re-sell.

    I kinda figured that they wouldn’t care if most of us would have Darkstalkers games for every console it’s been out on since the initial release, from the original Playstation to the PSP already and base everything on a re-re-re-re re-re-re-re-re-release (c-c-c-combo breaker!!!). CAPCOM: “Buy the same game from us 5 times or we won’t make sequels!”

  • MrJechgo

    What were they expecting? Darkstalkers isn’t as popular as SF, downloadable fighting games aren’t as popular as they were before and Resurrection was using the arcade version of DS3, which had much less features than its console version, not to mention that the games are pretty dated.
    What they should have done, or what they should do, is simple: Make a freaking DS4:
    – All 18 characters returning
    – 6 new characters, including Adult Anita
    – Intros, endings, rival cutscenes
    – Training, challenges, survival, gallery, etc
    – Online multiplayer with a truckload of options
    THAT would have sold better, come on now…

    • metaxzero

      It would sell better, but would it sell enough to justify the money sunk into it? A whole new release would have higher sales expectations than some re-release.

    • TheHolypopeofgaming

      Get mugen and make it yourself?

      • abysswalker

        What would be the point in that? Have an indie version that looks as dated as the collection just released? Broken mechanics and lots of bugs? And then a thousand clones with different names and their character of choice from other saga?

        Thanks but no thanks.

    • Folk Hellfang

      Couldn’t agree more. Pin the hopes and dreams of the fans on a poor digital offering, and then basically blame us again for not moving ahead. I can actually see the day coming where I will be so disinterested with Capcom that horrible stories like this won’t matter to me anymore.

      • theSN3S

        But I have to say that it is our fault, the fans. Yeah, it was a re-release and blah blah blah. From the getco, I pretty much knew that it was to test the waters for current popularity and how a future 4th installment game could sell. We, the fanbase, pretty much threw it right back in the grave and shoveled the dirt right back on it. Whoever thought differently, I don’t see how. I supported it because I love the series no matter what and how it was released.

        • Folk Hellfang

          Man, talk about salt in the wound! I stand by my months old thought. I bought it, you bought it, we told all our friends to buy it, we did our part. If it had been the definitive version, it would have spilled over and done what we had all hoped it would do. But in this climate of hyper critical gamers, any mistakes mean complaining and that was that.
          Thanks for reminding me how much Capcom… Lol have a good one!

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      And more platforms

      • MrJechgo

        That’s pretty much a given these days, so I didn’t bother adding that. But yeah, releasing the game on PS3, X360, Wii U, 3DS, Vita, PC, PS4 and XBOX One would be the best way to get multiple gamers.

    • supersonicspear64

      They wanted an accurate arcade port of DS3 which is exactly what IG did, and they did it well. Historically, the Darkstalkers series has never sold well in America. Why do you think that a new game out of nowhere will sell? Because you’d buy it? Because you know people who would?

      I forgot, you’re king fucking economy guy and you know everything about how businesses work. Never mind basing their decisions on the history of the series, I guess that’s just way too out there for people to understand.

      • mirumu

        If people wanted an accurate arcade port then what stopped them from buying Resurrection? In what ways did Resurrection make any more business sense than MrJechgo’s idea?

        I wouldn’t claim a true DS4 would have sold enough to justify the cost for Capcom either, but it would have sold a lot more copies in the wider market at least. The idea that people actually wanted Resurrection is ridiculous. It’s underwhelming sales speak for themselves.

        • supersonicspear64

          (Capcom wanted an arcade accurate port)

          • mirumu

            Ah right, so in that case it wasn’t really market driven.

    • Oniros

      Don’t do this to yourself man, it will never happen. ;_;

  • Lynx

    …….What does Street Fighter have to do with Darkstalkers? Seriously? Just Capcom being Capcom I guess.

    • Kris

      Well, Darkstalkers is historically the testing ground for mechanics that get applied to the Street Fighter series… XD

      • MoriyaMug

        DS is where Capcom sends its developers, to work all that nasty creativity out of their system, before making them go to the SF salt mines.

        • That comment made my day sir.

        • Oniros

          Spot on.

    • Vesperion

      Actually i believe Darkstalkers is built off the SF Alpha engine. And Ono loves DS. He talks about wanting to make a new one all the time.

      • Lynx


        I know that. I was referring to how you can rarely get something Capcom related without them HAVING to bring up Street Fighter, especially when it’s a different fighting game series they have that bares only the basic connections.

        • Vesperion

          You think it’s weird that Capcom compared how well one fighting game series was doing to another?


          • Lynx

            I don’t see BanNam comparing Extreme Vs to Soul Calibur. So yeah, I do have an issue with it. Let alone the fact they really haven’t done much with DS, unlike SF.

          • Vesperion

            Well being at panel where they reveal the new update to Street Fighter i don’t see why it’s even wrong to give a update on DS status let alone compare them

            Capcom: DS didn’t sell well, so not much we can do about it. SF on the other hand is doing ok.

            I’m pretty sure it went something like that.

            oh and DS and SF have more in common then Vs and Soul Caliber

  • Longsun_Zhao

    Oh wow, a huge corporation who’s suffered from a long string of recent disappointing releases decided not to sink millions of dollars into a 15 year old franchise that has proven it isn’t big enough to sustain even a re-release. Yeah, that’s SO unreasonable of them.

    Really people, Capcom is not evil. They can only put out so many games, of course they’re only going to go with what they know will sell. Go buy Darkstalkers Resurrection and enjoy it. It’s not like a DS4 would be better than DS3 anyway, that game is perfection.

    • Vesperion

      ^ This to the 8th power

      I know we want a new a new Darkstalkers, but everyone seems to forget it’s a business. I picked it up, but i didn’t think it would sell well at all. It looked like Capcom was taking a chance releasing this after how the last few Fighting game re-releases didn’t sell well.

      How could a DS4 even get approved after we just seen how DSR sold? As much as i want new game i do remember how they just got hit with a bunch of losses.

      God help Lost Planet 3

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        People tend to forget that in Video game businesses money isnt end all be all because that is how they fund more video games. So you actually need to make things people will want so you can make what you want. A large majority of companies forgot this last gen

    • LuciferD666

      Oh? So where is Megaman then?That’s way past 15 years.And fans have begged for a new game in this generation. But Capcom still blames the fans for MMLegends 3.All the while releasing other titles simultaneous to it’s announcement and expecting full attention singularly for Legends3..

      .I’m sure if they advertised in DSR’s marketing that the game is the only chance for a DS4,more people would have bought it.But what company ever wants to publicly reveal POSSIBLE production of a game?

      Disappointing releases isn’t the consumers problem,it’s the developers. We don’t make the game. We just buy it. We have no control over marketing schemes,how well the game is produced etc.We can only judge it’s overall success with our money.

      The fact that you use the word “evil”. is irrelevant..Just seems like a malicious word you used to describe the obvious and understandable reaction to Capcoms recent actions.

      • Kaihedgie

        Mega Man was run into the ground by fans who kept asking for too much. Too many games released on a yearly basis.

        • Crimson Tiger

          Asking for to much? Its rock’s 25th anniversary and the newest thing we get is a street fighter update. I dont believe that “Please Capcom a new game.” Is an outrageous request.

          • Kaihedgie

            I’m referring to all of the games that were released up until MML3.

            Check the release dates of at least three games in a row on any series, or hell, just look at how many sub-series this franchise was splintered into just to keep it going. The only three series that went uninterrupted in this were the Zero, Battle Network and Star Force series and the former two were being released side-by-side.

  • Ooh Bee

    So no new Darkstalkers just because no one wanted to play the old ones for the millionth time? GG Capcom.

    It’s funny ’cause if they actually released a new Darkstalkers, it’d sell like crazy.

    • Longsun_Zhao

      No, it wouldn’t.

    • metaxzero

      Your delusion is insane.

    • Neophoton

      I wouldn’t say it’d sell like crazy, but I’d gauge it’d do better than this collection port. People these days aren’t going to want to play old 2D games, they’d rather play something that is new.

    • Kaihedgie

      It would not. If people weren’t interested in the old Darkstalkers, chances are high they wouldn’t be interested now.

      • Ooh Bee

        Keep believing that. What part of “these games have been released a million times” don’t you understand? No one wants to buy or play these same old Darkstalkers AGAIN. Capcom did this same crap for SF and MVC, now it’s Darkstalkers’ turn. It’ll come eventually.

        • Kaihedgie

          DS wasn’t re-released a million times. The game has only seen all of three compilation releases, which includes Resurrection and one of which the States never even got. There were also only two re-releases of the second game

  • Spider-Man

    After MvC3 and SFxT, I don’t trust them with fighters anymore.

    • Astrotrain


      • FFmax

        Why are there downvotes for this comment? Lol.

  • zferolie

    Give the game to Lab Zero(the Makers of Skullgirls), and I guarantee that it will be better then any of Capcoms last games.

    Though I think they need a bigger team if they want to work on Skullgirls AND Darkstalkers

  • Shane Guidaboni

    A really old fighting game that not many people played in the firs tplace didn’t sell that well? You don’t say. Maybe you should have just made Darkstalkers 4 in the first place instead of doing this to try and gauge interest.

    I didn’t buy this, because I would rather have bought Darkstalkers 4.

    • Vesperion

      You’re right, but i thought the point of this game was to gauge the interest of people. A new DS means a higher budget with even HIGHER sales expectations. Outside of the more well known characters like Morrigan and felicia the series is pretty obscure.

      I hate buying re-releases as much as the next guy, but it wasn’t a $40 re-release. it was a $15 game that has been cheaper and even bundled with Puzzle fighter on the ps3 for $10! That’s 3 games in one.

      But hey Capcom already told us what this was before the game even came out. If we don’t buy it, then how can we be mad?

    • Longsun_Zhao

      You didn’t buy Resurrection and you’re complaining that they won’t make DS4? What planet you from?

      • Shane Guidaboni

        One where I would hope a company wouldn’t make their fans buy a game that’s already been out for years in order to make a new one in the franchise.

        • Kaihedgie

          Not everyone in the world played Darkstalkers, you know, especially the original arcade versions.

        • Zarathos No Daimaōh

          “a game that’s already been out for years”

          Really ? When was the last and even first time you could officially play something like Darkstalkers online or in hd ? Notice the “officially” part .

          Before that it was a bunch of below arcade versions , only the saturn version reproduced perfectly the arcade then with the memory cartridge . The rest being psx , ps2 ports , or ps2 ports compilation .

          When have you ever played a proper version of Darkstalkers on consoles ? Chance of that were ery slim , and yet the public didnt come for the psn/xbl release .

          • Shane Guidaboni

            Darkstalkers 3 for PS1 is considered one of the best ports of the game.

          • Zarathos No Daimaōh

            It’s isnt on the level with the saturn version and nowhere close to the arcade , so nope . It just have lesser qualities + extras

          • Shane Guidaboni

            Okay. I don’t really want to argue about it.

          • Zarathos No Daimaōh

            as you wish . I’ll just reiterate the original point i made anyway . We didnt have the mint arcade version for those games in the past be it on psp , ps1 or ps2 , or even saturn . For once we did and more , that’s all .
            Peace . It was hardly re-released often like street fighter and available at its best , so i doubt it’s the reason it’s ignored

  • Neophoton

    I didn’t buy it because there’s only so many times you can repackage a collection port. I already bought it on PS2 and PSP. Can’t really justify buying it again. If it was actually something new, I would’ve bought it instead of wasting money on the same three games repackaged for the umpteenth time.

  • Crevox

    “Everyone buy it!”

    “Ooh too bad, did not sell enough, try again next time”

    For the record, I bought it

  • Ni

    Well this made me a sad panda since DS iis my favourite Fighter

    If was the Darkstalker collection on the ps2 that was Japan exclusive I think that would sell better.
    And seriously. What were they expecting? Vampire isn’t as well known as Street Fighter. They might be expecting a miracle for this re-release sell alot of copies

    Darkstalkers Resurrection did not perform as well as we would have liked to perform. You never know what the future may hold, but Street Fighter is definitely not dead.

    are you serious? comparing SF to DS?

    • MrJechgo

      What’s wrong with this statement is that DS never saw an equivalent game as SF4. They’re almost comparing the PS3 to the Atari by saying that.
      If DS4 was released at the same time as SF4, then that statement would have held true, if it was the case…

  • d19xx


    • Pyrofrost

      Your lovely comment has been immortalized to my FaceBook! ^_^

    • Pyrofrost

      Also, what exactly is happening to Chun Li in that pic. It would have to be a hentai for a girl to be making a face like that. I WANT LINKZ NAO!

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        From what I know
        artist: KAKUGARI Kyoudai
        extra info
        circle: Niku Ringo

        • Pyrofrost

          Sankyu~ ^^

      • Vesperion

        Pretty sure it’s from that one Doujin with her and C.Viper and……some stuff happening

        • DyLaN

          Hawt yuri? =)

  • AzureRyuujin

    Maybe it would have sold better if, y’know, they hadn’t saturated the market with other collections first. Sorry, but it seems rather plausible.

  • Nanaki

    Should we begin turning away from Marvel vs Capcom and Darkstalkers in hopes of being pulled into the Street Fighter bandwagon?

    Capcom is sending a pretty clear picture through my mind of what they find to be priority for their market.

  • SirRichard

    Of course it didn’t sell to expectations, Capcom alone have released how many fighting games this generation? And so many of them were released mere months apart, all in the same span of 1-2 years. Throw on top of that the efforts from other companies, and it’s no wonder Darkstalkers drowned.

    But no, it’s the series’ fault alone, so now it’s laid to rest once more.

    • Slayven19


  • GuyAlpha

    Good, I don’t want another Darkstalkers. Vampire Savior is perfection in my eyes. That game took a lot of talent to make and that talent that left Capcom a long time ago. Darkstalkers is a tricky game to try to gauge how many people will like it. Unlike Street Fighter, there aren’t that many casuals that will buy it out of pure nostalgia or because it’s a new game, but at the same time you see many people on the internet who say that they love the game.

  • Ridho Siregar

    Sometimes I just hope what is happening to Index Corp also happened to Capcom, so then they must sell their franchises with the deleopment teams along with it. Those franchises may finally grow better with the better company managing it.

    EDIT: I’m saying this with the recognition of several still-good-Capcom-franchises. Just say, like, Ace Attorney series. But come on, everybody know about their abandoned ones and their monotone-to-getting-worse-ones.

  • XiaomuArisu

    I had DS for the psp.
    Which is already a collection,just better.
    Why should I buy a bad PS3 collection Capcom?

    • MrJechgo

      People do favor online play these days. Your PSP version can’t do online multiplayer unless you add a software on your PS3 that allows it to. Local multiplayer is pretty much dated these days.
      I’m not saying that your version is the worst, but players keep tipping the scale in favor of online instead of features.

      • XiaomuArisu

        Well thats true but I wasnt really askingXD
        Capcom was lazy with this.They could do much better and now “Darkstalker are resting”

  • fairysun

    This is a niche game. You can not compare the success with total sales of CoD.

  • BlueTree

    “Better to ask forgiveness than beg for permission” is something that Capcom just can’t do given their current approach to development. It’s pretty frustrating watching this company try to buffer success into all of their decisions, and therefore make no decision that will satisfy. They’ve trapped themselves, more or less.

  • Kaihedgie

    It’s amazing how people will upvote any comment that is against Capcom for anything.

    Whine at Capcom for re-releasing arcade versions of an old but relatively niche franchise to see if people are actually interested in the series (not just fans but the general public) instead of wasting money on an entirely new game that won’t sell well based on obscurity. Talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. If you don’t take action, you don’t get anything. Nothing comes for free or whining a lot.

    Show, don’t tell. All they did was see if there could be money made out of this franchise but all people did was whine and moan about having no new
    game. All the fans “showed” was that they didn’t want to pay for a new game and people in general didn’t really care for Darkstalkers either. I can’t really blame Capcom for trying, anyway, but fans need to get a clue. Games aren’t made on a dime, let alone for free.

    • BlueTree

      I don’t think people should have to be obligated to by something they weren’t interested in in the first place. If Capcom’s litmus test for “Let’s make a new game in a franchise” is to see what will make them the most money based on a survey of interest, I do feel it’s fair for people to call them out on that. As far as releasing a game because they want to because they feel it’s still a quality product, that’s an entirely different story… but Capcom came at this venture pretty limp wristed, and if you want guaranteed money, I can think of a bunch of reasons people wouldn’t have bought Vampire in the United States. Darkstalkers has never been a huge thing here in the United States, and because Capcom isn’t willing to foster that with something new, what were they expecting to get with the old stuff they released?

      I don’t think most people have very much useful critical insight into what Capcom does, but people aren’t obligated to buy before they state some dissatisfaction. I had originally defended the Vampire Resurrection release as being good for the people who stayed dedicated and that it was still a good game, but I’m more than willing to slam Capcom for making its success their sole factor for not releasing a new game entirely.

      If they’re just gonna come at this franchise with a half-hearted, weak effort that is this stupid business acumen of theirs, I think it opens the floodgate for dissatisfaction. Even if I agree that a lot of those upvotes/negative comments are often not well thought out, Capcom needs to understand that business entails risk, and trying to mitigate that risk with these kind of efforts is what is telling about their failures and the bloated nature of their current status as a company.

      • Kaihedgie

        They tried to foster, tried to support, tried to promote, but no one answered the call.

        And if I recall correctly, people have been wanting to play Darkstalkers online for a while. But surprise surprise, when it actually does happen, when you actually get you what you people ask for, you find some way to whine about it and then it doesn’t get the success it needed. So pray tell, how is Capcom suppose to do a better job of generating interest in a niche series by providing them with arcade-perfect ports with online functionality to either get fans back into the groove or generate interest from newcomers? Whining about and wishing for things to happen doesn’t work, especially in the business world. If you want something, you need to pony up and if you don’t do that, well, that’s too bad.

        Ultra Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter X Tekken, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, these are all things people wanted, whether it was a new game or an update and then you all whined when it actually happened. Constantly biting the hand that feeds. Over and over and over again.

        • BlueTree

          Don’t even know how you quantify “people wanted”… what people specifically are you talking about? I think Capcom is putting just a bit too much importance on their insular competitive and fan communities when it comes to actually making games, because the people they have to be marketing to are the people who weren’t necessarily going to be interested in the first place. Make games where both of those people can sort of meet in the middle.

          I mean, you’re saying all this stuff about what doesn’t work in the business world… but there’s a difference going on between making good games and conducting good business. It’s why we see internal strife between creators and the people pushing papers. There’s clearly better ways to conduct this business than with hollow statements about support and “we tried to market” and whatever.

          No use being frustrated now, Capcom and all parties involved got what they put in, more or less. Where the blame falls is an empty statement.

    • LuciferD666

      First and foremost. Don’t look at votes and numbers. Read the comments(which I’m giving the benefit of the doubt that you sure did).I read yours unconditionally to your “votes”. That doesn’t really matter.

      People are sharing their common opinions through votes. It also shows agreement instead of every person posting the same comment with different wording as another Since you expressed dislike in the “bashing on Capcom” comments. Would it be better to see more of them?

  • MasterScrub

    Okay so lemme try and understand this. They released the version of DS3 to appeal to the VERY SMALL GROUP OF PEOPLE that still play the Arcade version

    and then are surprised when no one buys it

    Wow that’s a real shocker right there.

    • Kaihedgie

      They released DS3 for everyone, not just a few people

      • MasterScrub

        I worded it weird because I’m half asleep. I meant the version without the full cast.

        • GuyAlpha

          No one really cares that Donovan and the others aren’t playable. Heck, the version with all of the characters is the worst one.

          • zferolie

            Well maybe then they should have released the one with the full cast, and then tweeked and balanced it so it was exactly like the Arcade one. At least then they could claim it is something people never bought before.

          • BlueTree

            Well, that’s actually creatively bankrupt and dishonest. Especially considering there’s already Chaos Tower.

          • zferolie

            Well didn’t GUyalpha say that was the worst one? I was saying take that and re balance it.

            I would have preferred a brand new game done by Lab Zero or Way Forward. CLassic hand drawn sprites with great gameplay. That could have sold for a lot.

          • BlueTree

            He’s speaking from a competitive standpoint, but I can’t think of a good reason that players should necessarily care about that aspect of a game alone when it comes to video games. I’m saying that if people just want a version of Vampire that has all of the characters, then they probably should just make a new game in the series rather than try to retool a previous version which would have results that would probably be limited or potentially glitchy.

            I agree that Capcom should not just re-tool an old version, but it’s not necessarily just because someone feels “The Balance” would be off. I think creatively and quality wise, it would show that Capcom isn’t willing to do an actual new game, and I’m not willing to, at this point, settle for hand-me-downs unless I was buying pre-existing hand-me-downs.

            It’s why I’d buy Street Fighter Alpha 2, but I wouldn’t buy “Street Fighter Alpha 2, by the way here’s the cast of A3 and some tweaks.” Those games have come and gone and I think they were effective, I don’t want to have to bite on a new title that’s just a zombified version of something I loved. Do something new, but do it for a reason that makes sense.

          • zferolie

            I agree fully. I guess I was just trying to find a middle ground.

            But yeah, I think Capcom wanted to “please” the fans by giving us a darkstalker game, but they didn’t want to make a new one or never wanted to, so they did this, knowing it probably wouldn’t sell enough that the top brass wanted to have before greenlighting a new one.

            I understand that companies don’t want/can’t take huge risks any more… but I still get disappointed.

    • MrJechgo

      I understand your opinion.

      They should have gone with the PSP, Saturn or Dreamcast version instead, because one of them, despite having new features and characters, was very close to “arcade perfection”. I just can’t recall which one…

  • Grape Monet

    Maybe if another publisher stepped in to fund Darkstalkers 4…

  • Göran Isacson

    Weellp. I bought the new version and I did have fun, but I saw this coming ever since they said their first sales were dissapointing. An obscure series that never saw many sales being dependent on a rerelease of old games that many already own was a far too long a shot to work, I guess…

  • Astrotrain

    I’m glad about this. I’d like to see a new Darkstalkers game but I don’t like how Capcom is making their fighting games today, including SFIV.

  • I like many of the folks detracting in the comments are probably some of the same folks who were asking for a new Darkstalkers game. I still plan on getting the HD release of the games, and I’m still not going to give up hope on another Darkstalkers game coming out.

  • Jon McGuire

    Fuck this company. After all the years spent holding the franchise hostage and teasing us a new game? This is what we get?

    Why does anyone bother to like Capcom anymore?

    • LuciferD666

      I dun’t know. I just don’t. But I like your wording. Holding franchises hostage is the best way someones worded it yet.

    • Ben Sylvia

      Because of all the butt kissers who have a fetish for either Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and whatever other game series Crapcom actually cares about.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Heaven forbid someone like one of the franchises Capcom hasn’t killed.

        You’re upset because of how they treat some franchise you like, so the people who aren’t upset are butt kissers?

    • Brandonmkii

      Honestly? They still make games I enjoy.

    • LaserVision

      I haven’t purchased anything from Capcom for quite some time. But I haven’t felt the need throw a tantrum about it like everyone has done here.

    • AnimusVox

      Huh…ya know something, I don’t own a single Capcom game for this gen out of the 100+ PS3 games I already own.

  • Fidelis

    “Street Fighter is certainly not dead”

    Oh good glad to see them confirm that,everyone was pretty worried

  • DriftSlave

    The lack of promotion and word of mouth wasn’t going to move the units they wanted, there is only so much Nostalgia can do for a niche franchise such as DS. As much as everyone(including Ono) wanted to make a new DS game, it only can happen if it’s lucrative, Capcom re-released DS to test this and it wasn’t favorable.

    Imagine the hate people will have if they did the same thing with Rival Schools/Project Justice…Zaki, you dead forever homegirl….

  • Phantom R

    Now I’m sad.

  • 60hz

    cognitive dissonance at it’s finest

  • FFmax

    It didn’t meet expectations? How much did this freaking sell?

    • ZenTzen

      it was in the top 10 on psn, thats all we really know

    • MrJechgo

      First week or month, it ranked 7th.

  • petran79

    Street Fighter was dead too….till 2008 that is….Had Capcom released 3S:OE prior to SFIV it would fare even worse than DS:R

    DS needs a similar game to SFIV. Even at the expense of the gameplay

    • MrJechgo

      How would 3D graphics hamper a new DS gameplay-wise anyway?
      Technology does allow games to mimic the series’s wackiness nowaday.
      Beside, Morrigan, Felicia and Hsien-Ko made the jump to 3D in UMvC3 (Morrigan in TvC before that)… and nothing is wrong with them gameplay-wise, except some balance issues with Morrigan, but her moveset has been adequately transition from 2D to 3D.

  • Zonder88

    Because Capcom seriously thought a rehash of an almost two decade old game is what people wanted and used it to measure interest. It totally wasnt a cheap mean to milk money for as little work as possible, threatening fans to buy this old game thats available for free on GGPO, in order for DS4 to be green lit, nah it cant be.

    • ZenTzen

      lets not forget the fact those games were already avaylable on psn and live as well

      • Slayven19

        They didn’t have online though, online makes a difference.

        • Ben Sylvia

          Screw online.

      • BlueTree

        They weren’t arcade perfect, were missing frames, etc.

  • Juliano C

    as expected from crapcom ヽ(´ー`)┌

  • neo_firenze

    These are straight ports of OLD games (Vampire Hunter was released in 1995, Savior in 1997), and they’re really not that fresh and interesting to a lot of people after all these years. And I say that as a massive fan of 90s
    fighting games who still enjoys playing the classics, but I completely
    understand that simply plopping out a straight port of games over a
    decade and a half old with some mediocre “HD” filters isn’t gonna cut it for many people.

    Especially when those games HAVE been ported many times before, making it pretty likely that people who really enjoy the series already have a very similar version. Savior got excellent ports on the Saturn and PS2, a very solid PSX port, and remixed releases on DC and PSP. And whether you approve of it or not, it’s silly not to recognize that the games have also been emulated perfectly for well over a decade. People who like Vampire Savior already have a way to play Vampire Savior.

    And ALL of the previous console ports had arguably superior features by including the entire series cast playable in the Savior engine (in the PS2 compilation’s case, they included the original arcade Savior/Hunter 2/Savior 2 variants, as well as an unlockable “megamix” with all characters). Complain about balance all you want, they easily could have just made it an option to play with the original arcade Savior cast only, or with all characters.

    • Kaihedgie

      You do realize Resurrection only features the original arcade versions, right? All those fancy features you enjoyed were only in the console ports

      • neo_firenze

        Yeah, I realize they were only the original arcade versions. And I think that’s pretty lame, considering that every other past port went above and beyond and included extras. And I completely get why re-re-re-releasing 16/18 year old niche games with minimal enhancement and removal of console-exclusive features that every other port contained didn’t sell well.

        For my money, the PS2 compilation is the best. Arcade perfect ports of ALL of the arcade releases: Vampire, Vampire Hunter, Savior, Savior 2, and Hunter 2. Plus an unlockable mode with all characters playable in the Savior engine. I did import the JPN disc version of Vampire Resurrection, but I’ll continue to view the PS2 compilation as my favorite release of the series.

  • SoundMatch

    Can someone please tell me why people still have faith in Capcom?

    • AverageGamers

      Because the company hasn’t gone bankrupt yet…

    • Kaihedgie

      Can someone tell me why people who hate Capcom still continue to invest in giving them attention?

  • AverageGamers

    I was actually interested in Resurrection, but trust me, NONE of the game store I regularly visit sold it (need to buy retail cause I don’t use Xbox Live). I’ve been put on reservation for that game for months now, and no sign of it that I’ve already forgotten about it.
    So I think the problem with the sales got to do with marketing as well, I’m not sure Capcom actually want to sell it o_o

    • revenent hell

      You could try amazon, playasia or ebay even.
      There are alternative to being put on a waiting list

  • mirumu

    I bought Darkstalkers Resurrection. Just like I bought Darkstalkers Chronicle on PSP, Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service on Dreamcast, Darkstalkers 1 & 3 on PS1, and Night Warriors on Saturn. I used to play games from this series in the arcades years ago too.

    It’s near impossible not to question Capcom’s business acumen if they expected Darkstalkers Resurrection to sell any better than it did. Seriously. What part of releasing a shoddy port of old games re-released many times before in superior form sounded like a good idea exactly?

    • GuyAlpha

      The Re-releases aren’t the problem. People have been buying SF2 for years all the way to SF2 HD Remix and that game sold well. Apparently, millions of DS fans didn’t flock at the chance to play their games online using what is currently the best netcode for 2D fighting games. DS really isn’t that popular outside a vocal minority.

      • mirumu

        SF2 HD Remix was a far superior port, and came out in 2008 just as HD gaming was starting to gain traction. That’s not really the same situation.

        Five years later Darkstalkers Resurrection looks substantially worse than SF2 HD Remix, worse than the Dreamcast version of DS even, and has less content than any Darkstalkers game released since the PS1 days. Sure, the netcode is good, but the FGC haven’t exactly been short of games to play lately so why pick Darkstalkers? This was never going to sell well irrespective of the franchise.

        • GuyAlpha

          How exactly does it look worse? It’s two of the original arcade games with online.

          • mirumu

            Have you played it? Unlike SF2 HD Remix, Darkstalkers Resurrection isn’t actually HD at all. Nothing has been redrawn. It’s just the SD version upscaled and filtered. Many of the filters just mangle the art and make it look worse than the original versions. Even with the filters turned off the game isn’t anywhere near as sharp as the originals. The only aspect of the game that’s actually an upgrade is the online.

      • Kelohmello

        I’ve been playing my games online using what is currently the best netcode for 2D fighting games for years. Giving me a port to HD consoles with a crappy filter didn’t suddenly make that possible, it had already been possible.

        • GuyAlpha

          Yeah, but the chance to show support for a new game suddenly became possible.

          • Kelohmello

            Darkstalkers fans don’t even make up enough to make this sell well in the first place. It’s an old series with no new game in over a decade, Capcom knows this. And a terrible re-release certainly isn’t helping. The game looks old and plays old and while to me that’s not a bad thing, to generate new interest in the series, which is something they NEED to do for their very aged series, they need something better than what they gave.

          • GuyAlpha

            “Darkstalkers fans don’t even make up enough to make this sell well in the first place”

            That’s what I’ve been trying to say. Releasing a DS game randomly for the fans is financial suicide. Not to mention that the game was planned for next gen consoles, so that would have a ton of money wasted if it didn’t sell.

          • Kelohmello

            You’re also saying that a re-release isn’t the problem. I’m saying it is. It’s a poor re-release for as series so old that most people don’t know of it, and this random HD port of an old game is a stupid way to gauge interest.

          • GuyAlpha

            It’s just the company being careful so they don’t waste money making a game that they really don’t want to make in the first place. Know what happened the last time they just made a game that they assumed people would want? SFxT. Okay, I’m done with this.

          • Kelohmello

            So instead of spending money on something that makes sense they spend money on something pointless they should have known wouldn’t sell in the first place. Solid logic.

  • Kevi Johnson-el

    I know this is a long shot and I don’t think will happen but I think it would be nice if Sony funded a new darkstalkers similar to how M$ is doing with DR3 and nintendo with Bayo 2 it could have a decent budget an could be a good for Capcom to get there feet wet with Next Gen hardware for a fighter at least.

    • revenent hell

      Sony would have to have an interest in the game, as in they would have to think they could make a killing in sales of consoles by financing it.. Personally unless it sold units (which I really don’t see it doing) I don’t think MS, Nintendo or Sony would want a part of it.

      Honestly would you go out of your war to buy a ps4 just for the game? How a bout an Xbox One? How a bout even a Wii U? Solely for a DS game.

      If people are honest with themselves probably not to many would go out of their way for it like that. Don’t get me wrong im sure some people would by a console solely for the game but I cant believe it would be a very high number of folks doing so.

      Bayonetta and Dead Rising can sell consoles….. Dark Stalkers I don’t quite think could sell as many as what the other two can and even they might not make things move as those companies would like them to. Consoles are to expensive for the average person to be going out and buying them all day one for a singular game.

  • This is a shame, they got the internet excited for nothing

  • Ben Sylvia

    Oh well that’s good, a few more years before they screw it up.
    A few more years to prepare our minds for steroid ripped BB Hood and Felicia.

    Edit: OH THANK THE NINE that Street Fighter isn’t dead, I just don’t know what I would do if they decided to stop caring about it. I sure hope Resident Evil isn’t dead either. /sarcasm

  • revenent hell

    Even though people might not agree I really think they should do a Darkstalkers RPG instead of a fighting game.
    The story and charecters are diverse and interesting enough that I kind of think it would probably sell better than a fighting game.
    Though that’s highly unlikely to happen since they doont have any plans for the franchise for the near future.

  • benhofb

    What the hell happened to that 3D teaser vid they shared a couple months (or was it a year or something) back? Ugh. This sucks. Darkstalkers was by far one of my favorite fighting games.

  • LegoBaka

    Kudos to Capcom for making the series continuation reliant on people like me having to rebuy a game they already own.


  • Andrew A

    I don’t think current Capcom could have made a capable Darkstalkers game without completely nickle and diming the whole experience so honestly I think its better this way in the long run.

  • Lester Paredes

    Damnit Capcom! No one wanted the re-release of an old arcade game! I wanted new Darkstalkers. It didn’t have to be massive. So sad.

  • Atmey

    Where is that Darkstalkers 3d leak at?
    That is something I would buy.

  • Loghorn

    I know most people are upset about this, but there’s something that you must understand. It’s not so easy to make fighting games nowadays (let alone other genres of games) when development costs of making games for current consoles like PS3 & 360 are very big (& not to mention that the development costs will possibly increase even more with Wii U, PS4, & Xbox One).

    We’re no longer in 1972 to 2006 (from the Atari/Odyssey/Coleco Telstar era to the Dreamcast/Gamecube/Xbox/PS2 era) where development costs on making games for home gaming consoles were very low & where publishers/developers can easily take risks due to low development costs throughout those consoles mentioned above (Wii’s development costs are low as well, but we’re not getting into that, as it’s a SD console & not a HD console like the Wii U is).

    The main reason why Street Fighter has gone HD with the entire SFIV series (as well as with the Marvel Vs. Capcom series with MvC 3/UMvC 3) is because that there’s more of a fanbase for SF & MvC around the world in general to warrant the costs of development for those games than there is for Vampire/Darkstalkers.

    It would be financially suicide to have a brand new Vampire/Darkstalkers game, especially when there’s such a smaller fanbase for it outside of Japan. Millions of copies of Vampire 4/Darkstalkers 4 would have to sell on PS3/360 (or even on Wii U/PS4/Xbox One if they do so in the future) in order for Capcom to break even or to turn a profit off of, & it’s very risky in general.

  • Chee Yang

    Dear Capcom,

    Because the fans wanted a new installment and not just a HD update. Sure if they released a new Darkstalkers people would buy it. Hell, people were ready to buy a new Mega Man Legends, but instead Capcom invests into games like the Lost Planet franchise and Dark Void.

    I don’t know if Lost Planet and Dark Void are good because I haven’t played them, but these games don’t have the buzz as much as say, Darkstalkers, MegaMan Legends.

    SF4 is doing good because they released it, they didn’t postpone it or cancel it, they just released it. Once it was out, fans were circling it like hungry vultures over a dead corpse.

  • xxx128

    Perfect!! They would have screwed it up anyway.

  • 에밀리 :3

    Welp, More street Fighter 4s I guess.

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