Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Gets Brand New Swimsuit Costumes

By Ishaan . July 22, 2013 . 12:40pm

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is getting its own set of new swimsuit costumes, and these will be included in the collector’s edition of the game in Japan. Tecmo Koei haven’t announced when they will inevitably be made available for download separately.






Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate will be available this September.

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  • Repede91

    Kasumi in a school swimsuit?! Yes,please!

  • Lemon

    Is this like a prelude to DOAX3 or something? Certainly feels that way to me, considering the last few images are on a beach and all lol.

  • sunK1D

    dat Hitomi ponytail..

  • Vesperion

    That color looks so *Bold* on Hitomi

    • Repede91

      I`m getting that vibe from her ponytail more than her outfit.

      • Vesperion

        At first glance I though she was Kasumi

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Some of these aren’t brand new… some of them are from DOAX2 :P
    I just wish the costumes weren’t so expensive all together… but hey they no one is forcing me to buy them! I had great fun with DOA5, but I feel like balance enhancements such as this came a little too soon, though nothing beats the time frame between MvC3 and UMvC3.

    • doubleO7

      I don’t believe they’ve made any new bikinis actually. All the swimsuits in this pack and the previous packs came from DOAX2. The racing outfits are new though.

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        Really now? I haven’t bought any DLC costumes, but of course I wasn’t sure if all of them were actually from DOAX2, I just didn’t feel like looking that up.

  • PlayLife

    New costumes, hairstyles sounds good to me, but what about some new stages.

    • Repede91

      DOA5U will have new stages. In one of thetrailers you can see some stages from DOA3, a stage from NGS2 and a dessert stage.

    • Malon

      5 new stages total, sir.

      • PlayLife

        I know about that, but it still isn’t enough. They could remake the best stages from previous games or even put all the stages from DOA4 in this.
        I think the number of stages in fighting games were always a problem at least for me, they get old quick. I still look for the day when a fighting game will feature 30~50 different stages.

  • TrannyMagic

    Pai looks really well done and loving Christie’s hair.

  • ManagedCorn


  • David García Abril

    So… Finally Team Ninja is gonna give up entirely on the whole “we’re gonna tone down the fan service so we’re taken more seriously and not be accused of being misogynist man children”, huh?

    Oh, well…

    PS: Damn! Helena in that shell bikini!…

    • fairysun

      Helena and Lei Fang !

      Dang !!!

    • doubleO7

      Where have you been? They gave that up LONG before DOA5 even came out last year. All the Japanese DOA fans flipped their lids and demanded that they not tone things down, so Team Ninja listened. Although shades of the “we’re toning it down” thing still made it into the game, afew characters had some surprisingly conservative new costumes, but I see they’re certainly not holding back with this new DLC.

      • David García Abril

        That’s why I say “entirely”.

        In the “vanila” DOA5 it looked like they were at least pretending. Yeah, there were some bikinis, but most costumes were still conservative (by the series standards, that is) for the most part.

        Now, they’re not even trying.

    • abysswalker

      They just said that to put the blame on Itagaki at first and now on the fans because hey! they are giving them what they ask

    • Testsubject909

      You’re late. They gave up a long time ago. Just look at the cover for Dead or Alive 5 regular.

      It just screams fanservice

  • shuyai

    lol How many swimsuit and custom pack does this make? they should just make this a dress up game,. hooray for school mizugi

    • doubleO7

      This would be the fourth.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Is that Pai beside Lisa? Love that hair ;D.

    • doubleO7

      Yep, thats her alternate hair from VF.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Ideally ACTUAL customization would be nice along with some other things, but I’m still really looking forward to Ultimate.

  • MasterScrub

    I’m not the only one who’s hoping they’re gonna ditch the high heels with these, right? Because high heels on a bikini outfit just seems stupid to me.

    • Bigabu Beaze

      High heels are sexy. I hope they keep them.

    • mpgeist

      I wish you could toggle them, or use sneakers as an option. The 3rd swimsuit pack they put out last week actually has the girls in bare feet though.

  • Blesmi

    Hnnng I want DOAX3

    • Testsubject909

      Haven’t had any new fun volleyball games that’s for sure.

  • サレム

    Hitomi with a ponytail catches my attention more than the swimsuits.

    • Testsubject909

      New wallpaper GET!

  • Can never go wrong with swimsuits =^_^=

  • Strain42

    Sooo…when are they gonna just release another Volleyball game? They may as well at this point. At least if I buy that I don’t have to try and trick myself into thinking I’m buying it for non-fanservice reasons.

    • abysswalker

      Well said sir. I’d also rather get the volleyball game than buying the re-release just for the sake of these fabulous new outfits.

      • Strain42

        Yeah, and to be completely honest, I kinda thought DOAX2 was…fun.

        • Testsubject909

          Try some versus volleyball against a friend and put up some battle music.

          Make a competition out of it, it gets pretty damn fun.

    • Testsubject909

      I’d buy DOAX3 for both the fanservice and the game.

      I have no shame in admitting that I purchase things because it appeals to me on a superficial level. But I am not going to deny when a game actually appeals to me as a game either.

  • cloudcaelum

    DOAX3 for PS4 and Xbox One, believe…

    • Testsubject909

      It’d be great if they also expanded more on the Jet Ski game?

      The volleyball portion works great as it is, simple pick up and play good fun and good for competitive fun too…

      Actually it’d be nice if they gave online capability so that I could play some versus volleyball without having to call up a friend.

  • supervamp

    Wow and these don’t suck either, too bad I’ll be too busy getting my ass kicked to care

  • Sardorim

    As much as I enjoy the outfits they push out I do feel bad for the people that want more eye candy on the male characters.

  • Rachel’s assets were destroyed

    • Testsubject909

      Toned down the fanservice means they toned down the breast sizes a bit I think.

      Also is it just me who’s finds their hands slightly unappealing?

  • Max

    Well, they are hard not to look at. I’ll give it that. But can’t they at least tone it down a bit? This game have started being why too much of a guilty pleaser for me. I honestly wonder what will they do more to sexualize their characters.

    I wish they would spend more time on making the story mode much better.

    • David García Abril

      They already tried to do it.

      The fans asked them to tone it up again.

      They complied.

      • Max

        Yes I know that. Regardless I was just expressing my thoughts.

        • David García Abril

          Oh, I see your point and actually agree with it for the most part, even though the fan service doesn’t bother me that much, and some times I even find it appealing (I must confess Kasumi hits pretty much every single geeky woman visual trope I like).

          However, the thing is that, at this point, maybe we should not be asking Team Ninja to tone down the fan service. We should be asking THE FANS not to ask Team Ninja to tone it up.

          And yes, that includes people who ask for a DOAX3… (A ton of “dislikes” hits to this post incoming…)

          • Testsubject909

            I really would enjoy a DOAX3 though. DOAXBV was great fun when I was playing against my friend and I was unsuccessful at finding any other entertaining fast paced easy to pick up and play volleyball game out there.

            Additionally since we kept on changing the soundtrack to the battle music from Nocturne and other heavy metal soundtrack, we’d typically end up skipping all the fanservice cutscenes in favor of trying to beat the other.

            I myself played an offensive game with an all rounder partner with reliable defense and reach while my friend played an iron wall typically waiting for me to fumble which did occur though rather rarely, it would lead to some intense matches.

            And I have purchased other volleyball games to see if any were anywhere near as fun. None of them were.

            So no… I am going to ask a DOAX3 and that’s that. My reasons are of course not pure, I am an open pervert here and of course will be enjoying the fanservice, but I don’t lie when I say there is no game like Dead or Alive Xtreme. And I do say Game, as in, there is no gameplay as enjoyable as Dead or Alive Xtreme within it’s own category of volleyball sports games.

            It’s a small category but… It’s like any other such games you’d get to fill in that spot like a skateboarding game, a snowboarding game, a destruction derby game, a multiplayer couch-co-op/vs FPS game, a racing simulation game, an arcade racing game, etc etc.

            You really want to take a stance against fanservice? Try aiming for games like Dream C Club or something… To which I personally have no personal problem with. It caters to a fanbase of it’s own and I live and let live.


            Dream C Club in case you don’t know what it is.

          • Max

            Its not that it bothers as much is it’s about right and wrong. Because it’s appealing to me alright. And dear god. they look so amazing in these pictures especially Tina and Helena (I’m sad thou for Christi, she usually looks better)

            But to be honest, in the end it’s sexualiztion, and it’s just wrong on so many levels. Both for men and women. Even thou I’m a fan of DOA ever since the PS2 and Xbox era, but honestly, it’s just wrong.

            I mean just look at the mouse pad thing…that’s just not right nor healthy. Some of them don’t own these stuff out of joke.

            That been said, I actually can’t wait enough for it until this new edition come. It’s a weird, guilty pleaser with me. But when it comes to honesty, I can’t really deny what is wrong and what is right. That’s why even thou I’m not a femints suppurter, but non the less I do understand the rage some people like Anita Sarkeesian feel and I can’t blame them.

          • David García Abril

            I wouldn’t go into talking about “right or wrong”, because that’s WAAAAAAY too far from being clear. Yes, even in this case.

            “Sexualization” in it on itself is not “wrong”. Context matters, and that’s what we must see first (and what Sarkeesian twists or downright ignores all the time, I might add).

            It’s like the portrayal of violence, really. Yes, there are times when it goes too far, but that doesn’t mean it’s gonna have unhealthy effects on us on their own. Just like one doesn’t become a gun nut only for playing too much “Call of Duty”, one doesn’t become a sexist douche only for playing DOA.

            And about the mouse pad things… we must enter the “dark side” of the Otaku culture for explaining that… which is part of a broader picture that includes Japan as society as a whole.

          • Max

            Thou I understand what you mean, but honestly I I”m afraid I must disagree. No, in this case it’s very clear. I guess each to his opinion.

            I know Sarkeesian can not be easily satisfied since she’s a feminist (thou characters like Princess Peach or Zelda DO have their cliches) and that’s why I said I’m not a feminist supporter( I’m not a supporter of anything, no republican or demarcates for example). But still I can’t blame her if we talk about D.O.A or Bayonetta. Because it’s a clear matter and I can’t deny it’s not wrong. Its wrong in many levels. It’s wrong because it degrade men and women, it damage women and even men self-image of their bodies. It causes sexual problems like harassment in public stations just like in Japan, porn addiction or people having affairs outside of their relationships. All this because of the constant sexual imagery that is spread everywhere, 24/7 days a week.

            That’s why I said it’s wrong in many levels, not in just the fear of becoming a sexist-Duke Nukem douche.

            Well, yes it is another topic indeed, but in short that’s the point; it’s tolerating things like sexualization in the media that causes this dark side of that culture.

            But honestly I kinda disagree a bit in the issue of violence in video games. Personally, I think playing too much video games can have it’s effects. Regardless if it’s a good or a bad effect, big or small. Just playing Call of Duty online and hear those kids/teens screaming and cursing is enough cause for concern in my opinion. And believe me I’m so not “over-protective” type o person, I play sometimes zombies with my sister’s kids. But imagery has it’s power so we can’t deny it. English for example isn’t my first language, but I mostly learned it from my consistent absorption in a young age of English media like movies, cartoons or video games (and I owe it to the Metal Gear and the Broken Sword games thanks to their long dialogue) I know a teacher who couldn’t see for a while because his eyes where so overwhelmed by too much reading. Things can have effects if done repeatedly. Slowly, but surly.

            That’s honestly opinion. And I’m so sorry for the long post but I tried my best to make as short as possible.

          • David García Abril

            Oh, don’t apologize for the long post. When an opinion is given with respect, respect in return is what it deserves, even if you disagree. :)

            Now, this is indeed a very complex topic, but I’ll do my best:

            All of the issues you mentioned: damage of self-image, porn addiction, having affairs, etc… aren’t created by over exposure to sexualization in media. Some of them existed long before media even existed (and no, media haven’t made them significantly worse).

            You can argue they contribute, or that they don’t help in fixing them when they happen, but they are far from being a direct cause. In other words, you could take away all the sexualization in the world and those problems wouldn’t still go away, nor even get reduced that much.

            Problems of self-image is a symptom of low self-esteem, but it’s not the cause. Many women who get boob jobs (for example) keep having emotional problems afterwards.

            Porn addiction is, again, a symptom of something greater, not a reason. A person gets addicted of porn when s/he has poor relationships, not the other way around.

            And having affairs… Well, that’s probably the most clear example of a problem that existed long before media even existed.

            The same with the “dark side” of Japan.Things like harassment in trains have their roots in the fact that Japan has been a patriarchal society for MILENIA, and it wasn’t until roughly the 60s when they started to be more progressive (kinda). Something that I’ve heard for quite a lot of Japanese people is that women are more independent than ever, and many men were so fed with this more and more outdated traditional male values that they don’t know how to deal with them anymore. Many of them fall into the “dark” otaku culture because of that, not the other way around. There are plenty of people who have the same problems and deal with them with other things apart from media… some of which are WAY more unhealthy than watching porn 24/7.

            In a few words: Media never creates society. Society creates media.

            I think that the problem lays somewhere else: education.

            In the last few decades we’ve had a growing problem in developed countries of parents that neglect their duties as educators of their children, and often leave then in front of the TV, the console, the PC or the Smartphone as if they were babysitters, which is something that they’re not.

            Many people didn’t have parents at their sides often enough to tell them that there’s nothing wrong with not having a DD cup or a six pack (although the latter is a very healthy thing to have). Nor that violence might be fun on fiction, but in reality is awful.

            As a matter of fact, even when media does teach us something positive, to really sink it in we need someone in the real world to tell us: “Yeap. That was a good thing for you to learn”.

            Sadly, that’s not the case as often as it should be, so we have a lot of people who grow up receiving mixed messages that they don’t know how to process.

            However, media is more easy target (ironically, even for media itself), hence all these debates we have so often.

            Well, I think I ranted long enough, so I’ll leave it here for now. :P

            Oh, and PS, you can make a very strong case of Bayonetta NOT being a sexual fantasy. Here’s an example:


            Personally, I see the character as satire of video game sexualization. But that’s a different story.

          • Max

            Well thank you, that’s very kind of you. I’m humbled by your manners : )

            Yes, I completely agree with you, even if we throw them away we still won’t get rid of these problems because they have existed long before and there is more causes to these problems than just pure media sexualization. There is no doubt about that. But there is not doubt as well that it is ONE OF THE REASONS for this problem. They can and can’t be a direct cause, depending on the person or the society who’s being exposed to it. It won’t remove these problems, but it will certainly help decrees it without a doubt. Like you said,these issues won’t go away, they have been here long ago, but none the less they only help increase and contribute to these problems even more than before. Fire can be caused by wood or gas for example, these are different causes indeed,
            but they still contribute to the same problem. So why should leave it be?

            Yes, lack of education has very important role and it is one of the causes of many problems. But again, poor education is only one of the
            reasons as well, not the main reason.

            When I said 24/7 a day, I meant that we are unwillingly exposed to sexual imagery everywhere every time, it might not have been the main reason of someone’s porn problem or anorexic’s problem , but it defiantly doesn’t help them to try to get better when they exposed to it everywhere. And yes I know that’s why we have rehab but what about after they get out? It’s not helping.

            With all respect, this my honest opinion regarding the manner. And I’m sorry again for the long post.

          • Max

            And regarding the Bayonetta part:

            Well, over thinker is the right description for him, with all respect to him. For the Lollipop part for example, well, yeah, it’s not as big as the other lollipops, but isn’t’ she still suck it slowly?

            Yes. Does she not take her time sucking it…in a suggestive way?

            Yes. So then how can he say there is no sexuality in it? Her clothes aren’t appropriate,
            she sometimes strip herself, she talk nighty ALL THE TIME, she walks in a seductive manner and pose in every sexual pose in every possible moment. Anyone who thinks otherwise is honestly just lying to himself. Even I admit she’s pretty to look at, so don’t tell me (not you exactly) she isn’t sexualized. And the same thing goes to the dancing part he mentioned; “yes she’s dancing more than striping, and even when she does dance like a strip club girl, she’s not dancing for a crowd in a club for money…”

            well, dancing in a strip club or not, she’s still portrayed sexually in every possible moment in the game.

            And honestly he doesn’t build a strong case because some of materials that he used for comparison like Sophitia’s artwork and comparing her arm with Bayonetta’s isn’t right because yes her arm looks skinny…too skinny to the point that it’s obvious it’s just a sketch, not the official look of how her model looks like in the game because I’m sure some people in Namco know she holds up a sword and a shield and that need strength. And comparing Ivy personality with Bayo isn’t fair honestly because Bayo doesn’t have a personality, she’s just shallow most of the time. The game’s story comes with plot holes and weak characters development (and sadly it’s the same with other games from PlatinumGames like Vanquish and Metal Gear Revengeance) Luka felt really pointless, same with Cerizta.

            And the way they introduced the story didn’t feel right. I honestly didn’t know Bayo had a
            mother, I thought the woman who used to sing to her in the flashback scene was just herself. Or the scene where her mother was accused and banished and whatever, I thought that was also Bayo and Balder, not Bayo’s mom and Balder. I
            only learned about her mom the moment I went in to the gallery section of the game, I was really shocked how they didn’t’ made it clear.

            And believe me I’m
            not slow at picking stuff up in stories I’m actually really good at it but this
            game just had weak writing and directing.

            And again I apologize for the long post or if I upset you for what I said about Bayonetta. I actually love the game and finished it and and appreciate their hard work. But it’s because I like so much it upset me to see the flaws it have. I hope the next game will be better, she’ll be the main reason for me to buy the Wii U along with other games.

  • Nitraion

    TK never light if comes down to fans service are they? ==”
    Helena swimsuit….. *drool*
    Love leifang,kokoro pai and hitomi hair…
    If only DOA have customize option like VF or tekken…

  • brian

    No screenshots of Hitomi?

  • Crimson_Cloud

    How much cash I spent on swimsuits I could have bought few classic titles on psn. ;_;

    • Testsubject909

      I spent no cash on their DLC. Didn’t feel like it was worth it and for something superfluous like that. Either wait until a price drop, until a sale, until a bundle with all DLC on disc, or until your interest has shifted to another game and you have no regrets of not buying said unimportant DLC.

      Edit: PS. Though if the desire comes, there’s really nothing to prevent you from using your money as you please. Just learn to prioritize exactly what you want.

      • Crimson_Cloud

        Smart man. I actually just got two sets but it wasn’t worth it on the long run. My buddy downstairs took the better of me but it won’t happen again. I hope….
        True, if one person can just hold in the interest does jump on something else in a few days. Self control is all you need.

  • wahyudil

    ugh … I want this in the Wii U … I can’t buy any more console …

  • artemisthemp

    Who is the nr. 3 girl on left?

    • Max

      The one with the red bikini and have white hair? That’s Christie if not mistaken. She does looks a bit different for some reason, especially her hair.

  • Darkbeat

    I wish they took a cue from Dynasty Warriors on the costume front with more silly outfits. Like uniforms of various kind, for instance. I dig the race queen outfits though.

  • Gilgamesh2025

    H-Helena!!!O ┐O

  • Matthew Haycock

    Really like Christies hair-style there

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