Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Won’t Let You Use MP To Heal

By Sato . July 22, 2013 . 2:10pm

In past Final Fantasy titles, the Cure spell has always been a magic or ability that recovers health in exchange for a short amount of MP. In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Cure and other spells will be a little different than before.


“In this game, Cure isn’t a regular ability, but a part of the GP effects. It will require the use of GP in order to heal yourself,” design director Yuji Abe tells Dengeki Online.


As previously detailed, GP in Lightning Returns stands for “Glory Points”. Abe describes GP as “convenience points,” which allow you to do various things like teleporting to specific areas on the field or stopping time in the game. And now, it’s also used to heal yourself when you’re hurting.


“It will also include Raise, which is used whenever you get knocked out,” Abe continues. “So, this time around, in order to heal yourself, you’ll either have to use GP or items such as potions. There will be different situations where you might have to consider saving your GP for stopping time instead of healing.”


“You’ll gain GP at the end of battles, so to a degree, you’ll be able to go around fighting to recover your health. Stronger enemies will give you more GP, so it might be a good idea to take on a stronger enemy to cast a Curaga when your HP is looking low. Command-based battle systems allow you to use them as much as you’d like, but this time it may feel a little more restricted.”


In Lightning Returns, the general flow of the game will start your day out in the ark where Hope is located. By 6 a.m. you’ll be forced back to the ark, where you’ll get to give your accumulated Radiant Points to the Tree of Life, in order to prolong the planet’s life span. The Radiant Points can be acquired by completing quests. Some quests will give you more and others, less. You’ll be able to expand the planet’s life through the tree by up to 13 days at a time.


Finally, Abe concludes with the following message for fans regarding the final adjustment stage of the game’s development:


“This time around, weapons and equipment will be a crucial element, so we are currently adjusting their parameters and values. We’re thinking about topics such as how to make players purchase and change (weapons and equipment) more frequently, and about the balance of abilities, which we’re constantly adjusting. We’ve been going back and forth in order to not have things appear too boring or too flashy. We’re doing our best to adjust it so it can correspond to various play styles, so please look forward to it.”


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be available in North America on February 11th, 2014, and in Europe on February 14th, 2014.


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  • ChiffonCake

    This actually sounds pretty interesting, and hopefully will be useful in adding strategic depth to the game.

  • RoxasTheUnknown1

    Not against it at all but a more logical reason for changing how cure works would’ve been nice.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Because in action games healing is for the weak. Of course, Lightning is anything but weak!

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      You can’t have an RPG without healing! It would be like Call of Duty without dogs!

    • MikeTxn

      He speaks the truth. No matter how bad your injuries are, with enough willpower YOU CAN OVERCOME EVERYTHING!!!

      • revenent hell

        Not true.

        You can pretend you don’t have a broken bone all you want but once the marrow starts flowing in the blood stream it can cause an embolism, heart failure or brain damage.

        You cant really overcome death or brain damage no matter how strong your will is.

        • Alestaos

          Wolverine says otherwise. And Jean Grey has died and survived more times than you can count so in fantasy i think some rules can be broken. (Sorry for comic book nerdish xD)

          • revenent hell

            Or if they fail it ends up being in an alternate world :D I love the comics myself.

            But for this game a person is still going to need to heal and I don’t think some others are actually thinking about what happens if they don’t.
            There’s only so much damage a character can take before you see that game over screen, and hereit is the sole one character available. Will power doesn’t matter if your running low on HP and end up running in to an enemy and getting one shot because your HP wasn’t full..

            Getting KO’d by this method will inevitably become irritating and frustrating. Using these Glory Points in place of magic almost smacks of silly since as of now those GP seem like they will be used for a lot of things and wasting them on a heal might not be a wise move, they really should have just kept magic as magic…

            Realistically no ones going to want to run around with low HP (well unless there’s a benefit to doing so, I swear for some FF games I rarely healed my characters since skills would activate often with low HP) but here there has yet to be said if there’s any benefit to walking around half dead.
            The concepts just seem far to irritating to deal with to not heal yourself…. Sure you can restart the game if you die but how often is that going to happen before it becomes frustrating and un fun to play?
            People need to consider these things.

          • Slayven19

            They probably don’t start you that far if you die. If you lose to a boss it’ll probably be like FFXIII were you can restart again where you died.

    • revenent hell

      I think people are forgetting your a party of ONE in this game. Being able to heal yourself before you take on a badass enemy is kind of mandatory unless you wan to see a game over screen.
      You don’t have party members to cover your butt if you are running low on life. While some may not worry about this I don’t really care for the idea of running around with a few HP and end up meeting a Marlboro….

      • Hinataharem

        Party of one? More like army of one

        • revenent hell

          Yeah, No.

          Its a party of one because frankly nothing has been shown where she even remotely makes me think “Army of One”, skill names aside, I haven’t seen epic or badassness anywhere for this game yet so im sticking to “party of one” until they can prove otherwise.

          • Hinataharem

            Yes, I was making a bad joke using the “Army of One” skill

          • Blob

            Noooo, your joke was fine. Leave the angry man to be angry

  • malek86

    Interesting idea (I believe there are already a few games that did something similar), but it must be balanced well, or it’s gonna be a problem…

    “Stronger enemies will give you more GP, so it might be a good idea to take on a stronger enemy to cast a Curaga when your HP is looking low.”

    If I’m low on health, the last thing I want to do is take on a strong enemy.

    • Noor Mahmoud

      But that is a challenging aspect that will bring much needed tension to the game. I, for one, welcome it.

    • glenngunnerzero

      Well if that monster/enemy uses a lot of Lightning Spells and you can Negate Lightning Spells then it probably isn’t as much of an issue.

    • d19xx

      Funny how that works. It’s almost trollish in nature…

    • fyi1191

      “You’ll gain GP at the end of battles, ..”

      What if our HP is as low as 1, and with no money / pots / GP. Are we’re screwed if that scenario happens?

      • Quacker

        well its not like these games were all that hard, even 13-2 on hard mode was relatively easy. i’m sure they thought of something like restarting from the start of the day or something.

        • Dawn of the First Day: 72 hours remaining


        • Ehren Rivers

          XIII-2 has no hard mode, only normal and easy.

          According to their last statement on the subject, the development team plans to have people have to start over from New Game+ if they get a Game Over. This would carry over your base stats and “some of your items”, but you would have to start from the beginning of the game again. It’s unknown how much of that system remains in place, of course, but that was their plan.

      • Virevolte

        Go back to the Ark to end the day.

  • Smooosh

    Hmmh, sounds interesting. I’m definitely looking forward to test this game myself.

    I liked XIII despite its linearity, I don’t always need open worlds to explore. Characters were likable for me as well, although some of them were quite flat and the story or world as whole was really interesting imo. Confusing but interesting nonetheless, lol.
    XIII-2 was solid too, but I thought it was WAY to easy. I mean, the first one wasn’t all that hard either if you don’t just mash the attack-command, but there were at least SOME challenging parts. I don’t think I had any problems in XIII-2 at all, except for maybe that one (SPOILER?)x2hpdhephCie’thAtTheBeachYouNeededForAnAchievement5feoirferf(/SPOILER?)

    Hope this one will be a bit more challenging.

    • deadMastershiro

      Thank you

    • Blob

      Well it seems to have everything I like about both games:
      The good main characters of XIII (Seriously, I HATED both Serah and Noel), but the open-ness of XIII-2. If they get the balance right this game will be awesome.

      Now here’s hoping they make the story more coherent than XIII-2. That one was just plain annoying.

  • Ace


    • Virevolte

      One vote up, one vote down. Pretty interresting outcome for such a neutral comment.

      • Blob

        I dislike your comment to create yet more neutrality. Nothing personal.

        • Virevolte

          Let’s bring balance to the world.

  • So Lightning is basically a vampire now, too?


    • LightGenx

      I knew it. Girl just won’t die.

    • LightGenx

      I knew it. Girl just won’t die.

    • I think of her more of a Frankenstein Monster.

  • katzedan

    well, I just hope the potions this time isn’t so bad healers like they were on the others FFXIII >_>

    if I recall right, it heal only 150HP or 5% in the HP total.
    I’ll not mind this if they bring back the Hi and X potion… maybe xD

    • Blob

      If you had curasa then it was much better. You could heal well over 2000 per use late game. Were you using lightning as your main medic? O_O

  • abysswalker

    I utterly hated how weapons & equipment were handled on both previous entries. If they really fix that and give you that sense of empowerment when you get a new sword/shield/armor/etc after beating a tough boss I might as well give it a chance.

    I’d even overlook the fact that 90% of the enemies are recycled (again)

    • mike

      i have seen more new ones than recycled really

  • shuyai

    “so it might be a good idea to take on a stronger enemy to cast a Curaga when your HP is looking low”

    yep make total sense, i also tend to take on the boss when i am low on health

  • revenent hell

    Seriously at this point they should just take out “Final Fantasy” from the tittle since nothing in this game even remotely resembles anything Final Fantasy like. Does it even have chocobo’s anymore? /hate end….for the moment

    To many things rely on these “Glory Points” I can definitely see now how certain things might not even be bothered with because of this.

    I’ll probably just item horde, that is if the option is there, and use them rather than the “magic”. It seems to me like “stopping time” and “teleporting” are probably going to be slightly more important factors than healing myself with magic over items. Using these “Glory Points” wisely is probably going to be a battle in itself and as of yet we don’t know what other things may also rely on these points……..

  • Ben Sylvia

    Makes sense, since battles are apparently real time, if you get good enough you can just dodge most attacks, and the ones that hit you you could just cast cure if it was like past games.

    On that note, I hope in KH3 Cure doesn’t use the ENTIRE MP meter. Half maybe, but the whole thing is just annoying. Really didn’t like the Magic system in KH2. Wasn’t very useful until a goodways into the game.

  • Alestaos

    Besides this her costumes will help atleast negate most damage i believe. Either way this does look fun. But i would of tied cure to a secret hard to get costume if there against it that much

  • new_tradition

    Ahhhhhh, the more I here, the more I want the game. Originally, I just wanted it to finish the story, but it honestly sounds really fun.

  • Sardorim

    So, when are we getting more screens of adult Hope and any sight of Vanille?

  • Vash bane

    ah so we can get back our days. that was the one thing that had me worried

  • I guess this is what folks call being “edgy.” If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But, that’s just me.

  • Not sure if I like but not sure if I dislike either, guess we’ll see.

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    One more nail in the coffin that alienates FFXIII having any semblance of what it means to bare the FF name.
    R.I.P. D&D

    • neocatzon

      Isn’t FF always try to differ from each other? Technically only recurring name, monster, and races makes them similar.

      • AndyLC

        It’s kind of insane that some folks are badmouthing S-E for ‘rehashes’ and ‘lack of innovation’

        But when they keep on creating new worlds and characters and game mechanics, the other half goes “OMG JUST REMAKE EFF EFF(insert fan favorite number) ALREADY SQUARE U ARE DED!!”

      • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

        FF was founded on D&D, the original and subsequent games were all based heavily on D&D. All the FF’s that people loved and say were great had the most D&D ties. These newer ones that are not received as well all have ventured away from the roots. Change is good, D&D has changed too, but to remove most of what makes a game a FF, and it is no longer FF. For without D&D behind it, it is not FF. FF13 was fun, but did not feel like a FF at all. What SE should have done is make it a new IP. SE hasn’t made a good new RPG IP in a long time and is riding on the coattails of a once great name. They did in the past on GBA, and SNES by slapping the name FF on a game that was not FF and sold it as one.
        Final Fantasy Adventure, in Japan was Secret of Mana.
        Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, had nothing to do with FF either in Japan.

    • ShinGundam

      “R.I.P. D&D”
      And nothing of value lost.

  • KuroNathan

    When I see the new Lightning costumes and the word glory a different image comes to mind…

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