Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Gets New Pop Idol Costumes

By Sunjun . July 23, 2013 . 10:30am

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is getting even more new costumes. Tecmo Koei America have announced that the game’s female cast will have “pop idol” outfits that you’ll receive as pre-order bonuses, depending on whether you order at GameStop or Amazon. Additionally, costumes from Dead or Alive 5 can be transferred to the game as well.


As previously detailed, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate will also have a team battle mode. This is titled Team Fight mode, and lets you play either against the computer or another player. Meanwhile, Survival mode has items dropping when you attack your opponent or defeat an enemy. There are nine items in total, and each one has its own benefits, like restoring health and so on.


Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate will be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 3rd in North America.



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  • TheExile285

    People are gonna start complaining about new content in 3…2….

    anyway, I like Ayane’s outfit

    • Sardorim

      I like Ayane’s, Kasumi’s, and Mila’s!

      • Ryuukishi

        I’m actually not nuts about any of these costumes, plus I already have a pretty extensive collection from vanilla DOA5, so I guess I won’t go out of my way to preorder this. I am interested in hearing more about the new swimsuits they recently showed for the Japanese CE though! :)

  • Ryuukishi

    Which retailer gets which costumes?

    • They haven’t announced that as yet.

      • doubleO7

        Gamestop gets Kasumi, Ayane, Lisa, Rachel, Helena, Momiji, Tina and Christie.
        Amazon just gets Mila, Kokoro, LeiFang and Hitomi.
        You might want to add that to the article.

  • ShadowDivz

    God yes.

  • KyoyaHibari

    “Let’s hear it for the boys!” (?) No seriously…where are all the new guys costumes??? lol

    • Just let us create outfits for both genders!

    • artemisthemp

      Didn’t you learn anything from Heichai in swimsuit (TTT2)?

      • Max

        HAHAHA oh God! That was a priceless moment!

      • Juan Andrés Valencia

        Bara fans probably would disagree with you. As horrifying as it is.

        • puchinri

          I’m a bit mixed. I do love me some bara (and I can certainly think of some friends that it’s actually aimed at that love it), but I don’t know how to feel about Heihachi in a swimsuit. It feels like such fan disservice, I don’t want to associate it with bara even though it would/does count.

  • d19xx

    I want Bayman in an idol outfit…

  • Nitraion

    I like ayane,kokoro, hitomi and lei fang in this one…
    but really.. i wish TK focused on new modes or minigame or more chara or more stages rather than new costume…

    • Slayven19

      The game does have new stages and characters.

  • サレム

    More outfits for Hitomi that aren’t jester or steve irwin are always welcome.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Hitomi is adorable as always

  • Tee Niitris

    Kasumi and Ayane together in those outfits remind me of Puffy AmiYumi for some reason. :P

  • Musashi234

    Not going to Lie the costumes in DOA are pretty freaking expensive =/.

    • doubleO7

      All the more reason to preorder and get a bunch for free :P

      • There was only one pack for free, everything else is overpriced

        • doubleO7

          Gamestop is actually getting 2 packs though. Kasumi/Ayane and all the girls in the black leather were seperate packs in Japan.

  • Manny Being Manny

    So wait, do Gamestop and Amazon both have them or do they have different preorder DLC? The wording is confusing and I want to make sure I preorder the idol costumes from right place.

    • doubleO7

      Gamestop gets Kasumi, Ayane, Lisa, Rachel, Helena, Momiji, Tina and Christie.
      Amazon just gets Mila, Kokoro, LeiFang and Hitomi.

    • Max

      No I think each store have different DLC. The question is who has what DLC? but I guess we’ll have to wait for another announcement. Personally I hope Amazon will be the one with the black outfits.

  • LightGenx

    Costumes galore. I want it.

  • Give Rachel her boobs back

  • artemisthemp

    I was on fence regarding Ultimate, but first picture convince me

  • Sesshomaru

    Kasumi has a little hat!!! That makes it awesome!

  • TheHolypopeofgaming

    HOW I DESPISE preorder bonus DLC

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      *sigh* I know, but TN has been doing this since, well at least Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (Collector’s Edition). It hurts even more that Tecmo-Koei games have Online Passes, huh?
      I’ll only preorder if there’s a CE/LE, unless I really want the game.

      • TheHolypopeofgaming

        Online passes are such a pain in the arse too. When I got Ninja Gaiden 3 used……… RAGE! So I got Razor’s Edge new.

        Hopefully with EA doing away with the Passes other will follow suit.

  • Boebie

    The little hat on Kasumi’s costume is adorable.

  • Neppygear

    omfg this is probably the best thing I’ve seen all week I need to have these

  • Linhua

    … damn… I gotta buy all of it.

  • So awesome ^_^

  • puchinri

    My initial thoughts were, “those look tacky.” But I think my problem is, they’re just not as cute as the usual J and K-pop idol fare. Just too generic, they could do way better, but maybe they will in the future~.

  • WhyWai

    much better than swimsuits DLC. at least there are designs in these costumes…

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