Sterk From The Atelier Series Cuts Through Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

By Spencer . July 24, 2013 . 12:38am


First introduced in Atelier Rorona, Sterk will represent the Atelier series and Gust in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. He’s a guest character just like Kasumi from Dead or Alive 5 and Momiji from Ninja Gaiden. Tecmo Koei shared more screenshots of the hack and slash game mostly featuring Sterk and Ouryu, a brand new character to the Warriors world.


Warrior Orochi 3 Ultimate is slated for September 26 on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in Japan.


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  • Sardorim

    He does know that Sun Shang Xiang is married… Right?

    • Dynasty Warrior

      Well, I would propose to her, too. She’s the best! So I don’t blame Sterk for trying… ;)

    • Prima


    • Mr_SP

      I don’t think he cares. He wasn’t exactly interested in romancing Meruru. Or Totori.

      • fyi1191

        Not interested in romance until he is able to cut a Universe.

        • Vash bane

          …. he can cut the universe ._. he sounds awesome

      • TheExile285

        aren’t Meruru and Totori like 13 when he meets them?

        Besides, hes only got eyes for Rorona

        • Mr_SP

          And we all know how that turned out.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Well she is…up to a point! Thats when Sterk strikes!

  • Prima

    Dude I so want to play Sterk BUT TO BUY THE GAME OVER AGAIN…

    • Guest

      glad I didn’t buy it yet <3

      • Prima

        When the new one releases you should definitely check it out! I just don’t know if I want to buy it over again since I already took the time to platinum the original. I really want to play Sterk though…however if they add more Atelier Arland series characters I probably will (hoping for Gio, Meruru, and Mimi).

        • Guest

          ok thank you :D

        • Vash bane

          is it hard to plat?
          ive only played some of one and two( only got like 2 or 4 chars to 99)

          also I know this is noob of me but does it play like dw6(last dw game ive played…lol)?

          • Prima

            It’s not hard to plat, it just takes a long time to plat. Going through the entire story, unlocking endings, getting all weapons, wallpapers, costumes, unlocking characters and leveling up characters takes awhile. You don’t have to level them up to level 99 but you have to level up their proficiency to S rank.

            Warriors Orochi 3 gameplay is identical to Dynasty Warriors 7 gameplay. I don’t know if the new one will adjust the gameplay to Dynasty Warriors 8’s gameplay or keep to 7’s.

          • Vash bane

            ah ok thanks for the info im also looking forward to 8(love the new looks everyone sporting)

  • Virevolte

    He will scare his ennemies to death with his slightly umbrageous face.

    • Kevadu

      I never got all the jokes about Sterk’s face. His face looks fine…a tad bishounen, even.

      • Ixbran

        pretty much. Its impossible for me to take the Atelier art style seriously. I mean, you compare his face to that of other characters, like Jia Chong, Zhou tai or Honzo, Sterk is just another anime pretty boy. Nothing about him screams scary, or masculine, at all. I mean just look at him in the one screen shot with Huang Gai.

        Yea, this guy is nothing special when it comes to appearances, at least not “Seriously Scary”. If anything he looks deformed due to his face being a combination of Atelier art style mixed with realism, those giant bug eyes and that wide mouth is just freaky.

        I can only see him being feared due to being considered a freak compared to the rest of the cast.

        • Syn

          lol, I found this comment really funny…literally imagining Honzo looking at him and going “WTF!!! whats wrong with his face??”……though it could also go the other way and characters would see him as being too ummmm pretty??? he looks great to me though, loved that they Kept the Atelier style, adds some difference to game and maintains his difference from the cast as well

      • Yan Zhao

        It wasnt that he was bad looking, it was that hes supposeldy angry and serious looking which scares the kids, lol.

        • DyLaN

          Well, artist usually love them art shift when it comes down to it. *Higurashi*

          Or the angry/serious sprite of him looks (relatively) normal?

  • Ouryu

    Sterk is a badass !

    • Abyan Haidar

      Fix it.. Captain Badass..

  • Nitraion

    Finally sterk dreams comes true…. :’>
    There are kingdom with actual conflicts and war with a true king and princess….(Thought its dynasty not actually called king and princess he was more fit kingdom setting :V)
    But no matter he now actually bent down to report something dangerous now… Congrats sterk…

  • coax

    Meh, I’d rather have Pamela. Plus, she would be a better representation for the series since she’s been in the most games, and the ghost mechanic would be interesting.

  • Sesshomaru


  • Kai2591

    Too handsome for this game lol

  • Vash bane

    never heard of this guy but from the sound of the comments he’s a nice addition :)

  • monkey king

    His name never fails to crack me up.

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