You Have The Power To Change Fairy Fencer F’s Dungeons

By Spencer . July 25, 2013 . 1:42am


Fairy Fencer F has dungeons to explore, monsters to fight, and experience points to earn like any other RPG. One twist in Fairy Fencer F is you can affect the game’s world by using the Furies (those giant blades) stuck in the ground.


You can use world influence to change dungeon parameters like increasing the amount of experience points you earn or increasing item drops. Not all of the effects are good, though. The world influence system can also decrease the amount of experience you earn and alter battle commands so you can’t use magic. Basically, any effect that can be a positive like doubling damage can apply to enemies or your party.



Looks like Compile Heart added an element of strategy so players maximize each of their dungeon crawls. Fairy Fencer F is slated for release on September 19.

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  • Kotorin

    Can I turn all monsters into Dogoos?

    • Landale

      If this is as much like Victory’s Scout system as it seems, it’s very likely. I know you could end up turning some enemies into Shampurus in Victory

  • Malon

    The game looks sooooooooo refreshing, can’t wait to hear about is localization… IF THERE’S ONE ??

    NISA, I’m counting on you.

    • Malon

      Why downvoting ? :(

      • DyLaN

        Probably because certain ppl are tired of seeing the “will it got localize” comment or just a NISA hater.

        • Landale

          Probably the NISA thing. I know I’ve seen at least one person on the site who goes kinda nuts at the thought of NISA localizing things because of past censorship and that absolutely EVERYTHING isn’t voiced.

          • Flandre Scarlet

            You’ll have to forgive me for expecting NISA to be held to the same standards as every other localization company.

            And if you think it’s just because of past censorship and their pitiful dub jobs, you should crawl out of that rock you’re living under and pay attention more.

            Bring on the angry NISA fanboys, though. This site is the only place that still has them. Even their own forums are starting to worry about future releases.

          • DyLaN

            And you think ppl will be more forgiving since NISA usually does dual audio where other localization company hardly does it :/ Maybe their budget went into getting the Japanese dub license…..

            But whtever, haters gonna hate. *shrugs*

          • chibidw

            I somehow doubt it’s the fact that they’re “fanboys” that are causing your downvotes, so much as the overly hostile, trollish attitude in your post along with the “bring on the angry NISA fanboys” chest-thumping – you Gorilla.

          • Landale

            My rock is quite comfy thank you. Gives me a good look at this site, and those two details seem to be the main things I ever see brought up. Feel free to enlighten me though.
            As for being held to the same standards? There needs to BE standards first. I don’t ever see consistent expectations from localization companies.

            chibidw, that behavior’s not helping.

          • Tyler Beale

            Censorship? Explain that, as one of the Time and Eternity DLCs has a Gallery pic of you (Drake) touching Towa’s ass…

          • Landale

            Something in Mugen Souls. I don’t remember exactly what, but basically it had nothing to do with the main game and if they had left it in it supposedly would’ve had a difficult time getting a western release. I think it had something to do with Welsh or Sharuru.

      • Kai2591

        Some people just want to watch the world BURN.

        (Hell, even this comment of yours got downvoted; annoying innit? Don’t worry, I upvoted, thereby restoring balance to the world ;)

  • Raze

    I thought It will be like Legend of Mana where you make the dungeon/city using an item….

    And It’s not eh?
    It’s just changing drop rate and exp…

  • Learii

    NISA will localization this game right?

    • DyLaN

      Its pretty much the type of game tht NISA would localise. So the possibility is quite high.

      • Landale

        Them or Aksys, considering so far this feels, to me at least, to not only have the obvious Neptunia similarities, but Agarest as well.
        Regardless, Compile Heart’s been pretty good about getting western releases for their games so unless they suddenly show off something really questionable it’s very likely that they’ll get someone to do it.

        • It’ll be NISA. It’s too similar to the Neptunia games to let it slip by them lol

          • Landale

            So far, it’s similar in look to Neptunia given the artist. However, the plot itself feels more like what they did with Agarest what with the battle between gods and people dealing with their artifacts. Aside from Pipin, this seems to be taking itself a bit more seriously, though also more obviously cliched, than the Neptunia series.

          • Anime10121

            Buttttt, the battle system, is also reminiscent of Neptunia, even going so far as to be called an “evolution” to Neptunia. I prefer NisA, but hey, if Aksys can give it more En voice acting, by all means Aksys GET!!!

  • Landale

    It might just be me misunderstanding Google’s translation, or the translation just being wrong in general, but it seemed to indicate that you could also stack effects, which is what really seems to set this apart from Victory’s Scout system. So, for example, you could weaken the enemies while boosting their experience or drop rates for farming, or weaken yourself while buffing them if you want a challenge.

    There was one other update to the game on their site beyond this, just going to go ahead and repost it here as it’s buried in the OT by now.

    The blonde seen last week in a magazine screenshot is Shalman. His Fury is Ryushin, a mech. Shalman is apparently very poetic, and fights for justice and world peace. Ryushin has, obviously enough, a very robotic and serious personality and is somewhat pedantic. I’m not seeing Ryushin’s weapon form at the moment though given Shalman’s theme, and the currently missing typical weapon style, I’m going to guess probably a smaller sword type than Alyn.

    • DyLaN

      Scout system?

      Why is there a mecha fairy in a fantasy world XD Though the furies are pretty magitek ady.

      Shalman reminds me of the blond dude frm Guided Fate Paradox. He sure doesn’t look the part of his description lol.

      • Landale

        In Neptunia Victory you would send scouts into dungeons and they would come back after a bit. They’d raise or lower the experience, money, or item gains for that dungeon for a little while, change some of the enemy types, come back with items or money, or find new dungeons and scouts. You couldn’t stack changes though, so you couldn’t have enemies with increased drops and experience.

        This, however, seems to let you stack effects instead of the other perks.

      • Landale

        Could just be me having played a lot of stuff like Shining Force, but robots in fantasy worlds don’t even register as questionable. As for Shalman, how does he not look the part? Looks like your typical peace and justice freak to me.

        Also is it just me or are we still missing some character types? Seems like the site’s got slots for two more characters. A sadist and a love freak maybe?

        • DyLaN

          True. Thinking back, Tales have their share of robot enemies.

          Doesn’t look hot blooded enough. Usually those JUSTICE type are shonen heroes :P Still, he looks the part of those Law types.

  • Sim

    Not really feeling it yet.. tho i have pre order it already.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    This seems similar to the scout system in Neptunia Victory in how experience points earned are either increased or decreased. But it also seems to have a bit of Mugen Souls thrown in in how Battle commands could be sealed like no magic or item use. Interesting…..

  • DyLaN

    Translated new characters profile frm main site. Credits goes to zazza345:

    Shalman (Takuya Eguchi)
    “My dream is to attain world peace. I’ll devote [myself] so that this world will be covered with pure white snow”

    A Fencer following justice that is collecting Furies, he wishes for world peace, and he’s trying to prevent Furies from falling into the wrong hands.
    Delicate, looking like a poet, he talks about beautiful things.
    To make a good example, he is refined in everything he says.
    For this reason, he doesn’t get along well with Fang?

    Ryushin (Daiki Nakamura)
    “Acknowledged, target threat level assessement recognized. Activating Battle Mode.”

    Shalman’s Fairy partner.
    A robot type Fairy with a serious and straight-laced personality.
    Somewhat thickheaded and unable to adapt to the situation.

    Also there another mechanic tht haven’t been reported: God Reproduct. Long story short, you can choose which God you want to release by unlocking the seals on the furies.

    • zazza345

      God Reproduct is also tied to the World Influence as the Furies stuck in the ground are the ones that need to be unsealed.

  • Cool, just like the system in Neptune. =^_^=


  • I like this unique feature they’re adding

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    If that’s a picture of the “dungeon”, I can see this is Agarest 2 all over again.

    • s07195

      Thought that was the world map.

  • Joshua Myers

    Cant wait for it

  • DriftSlave

    Scout System….fuck….

  • KuroNathan

    This reminds me of a fairly mediocre game on the DS where you played as a princess of a kingdom. It was a pretty standard in terms of RPGs except for the part where you can flex your princess powers and change the contents of dungeons such as increasing drop rate and manipulating the type of enemies that spawn inside.

  • Schwer_Muta

    This game seems to be shaping up okay. I’ll be quite happy if Compile Heart delivers on this, Neptunia mk2 is the only game I’ve really liked from them. (Yet to play Neptunia victory, though)

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